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By Mato

6 years ago

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#414 3 years ago

Looking to join--looking for a nice one within driving distance of So Cal.

2 weeks later
#416 3 years ago

No worries, a man's got to know his limitations. Found a super nice one--what a sleeper of a game!

#419 3 years ago

Had a really interesting Midnight Madness--actually had it twice. Midnight Madness kicked in just as the last ball drained. The flippers stayed on for a few seconds--so I thought I'd get it anyway. Nope, game shut down and all the balls drained, came back and drained for about 15 seconds while I watched my bad luck go by. I figured I'd try again in 24--bummer. Started another game, and got MM again! Not sure how long after midnight you'll get this mode, but at least the programmer let me have it again after that immediate midnight drain!

1 week later
#420 3 years ago

I'm not sure I'm clear on how to make arrests during Crime Wave. Can someone offer tips? Thanks.

#423 3 years ago

Yikes, I was afraid it was gonna be that...

#425 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yeah it's pretty rough. But don't worry, completing shoot out is even harder

It is so cool to drain and get this bonus mode, until you realize you have to hit all the bullets. At least a couple are not in spots you'd normally aim for. I'll bet I've never hit at least one of those magnum targets, ever...

Still, a cool feature--I always look forward to getting it.

#447 3 years ago

Anyone been able to hit the ramps with the off flipper--is it possible? Left ramp from the right flipper, right (helicopter) ramp from the right flipper.

#449 3 years ago

I answered half my question tonite--hit a super lucky lower R. flipper around the helicopter ramp--so that one is possible.

#471 3 years ago

Thanks for posting the mode rules. Is it possible to beat Crime Wave?

#476 3 years ago

Maybe not the best idea, or maybe a good idea, but an idea for a topper...


#479 3 years ago

You might have something there--arresting them is too hard, bustin' some caps might be easier!

#483 3 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

Hope it doesn't topple over...

I have it nailed down with craft putty and will keep an eye on it!

#488 3 years ago

Finally hit Alcatraz multi ball tonite but was unsure of just exactly what to do. Is there a goal once you get this started--a way to complete the mode?

A note--if you have not added a powered sub yet, get one immediately! One of the best pins for deep and punchy bass I have ever hooked a sub up to!

1 week later
#491 3 years ago

The star of the Dirty Harry club is about to drop out of the top 100. Maybe ratings are not important, but I'd like to see DH on the first page and not in the archive. No way DH does not belong in the middle of any top 100 list. If you haven't yet rated, maybe now would be a good time to do so...

#494 3 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

Games like Cyclone, Xenon and Space Station ahead of DH?... gimme a break

My point exactly--let's rate it like it should be rated.

1 week later
#498 3 years ago

I should have mentioned--if you want your rating to count in the overall score, your ratings setting has to be set to "public". Otherwise, what you think about DH will not be added into the Pinside game ratings.

#501 3 years ago

Made it back to Alcatraz MB last nite--still don't know what I'm supposed to shoot for once I get there--but I hit a ramp (I think) that triggered a jackpot. The resultant LAW rocket hitting the guard tower animation was too cool!

#503 3 years ago

I see your dilemma, that is a nice line up. But, I'm thinking I might let something else go and might just keep DH.

#511 3 years ago

Nice! That was where I was at--either a nice RBION or a DH--whichever one came along first.

1 week later
#512 3 years ago

Thanks to those who reviewed DH or updated their posted review. Callahan has (for now) been saved from the abyss and has even climbed some More work to be done, rate it if you have not and set your ratings to "public" if you want it to count. No stopping 'til we pass Xenon (at least)!

4 weeks later
#518 3 years ago

Yup, this game is way better than most people think it is. Really fun pin.

That reminds me--we are sinking in the ratings again and about to get bumped out of the "Top 100"--so if you have not rated...rate! And, set your ratings to "public" so they will count.

2 weeks later
#543 3 years ago

This just in: Dirty Harry is fading fast at numero 99. Hotdoggin', Alien Star, Demo Man and Big House are all better pins than DH (you could look it up). Rate it!

4 weeks later
#551 3 years ago

I installed an OCD board on the GI circuit and it works great. Backbox now dims and darkens like it should, and I can live with the small amount of remaining insert ghosting. If you want to knock it all down, you could use an OCD board on that circuit as well.

1 week later
#554 2 years ago

You are gonna like it--add a powered sub and you'll be blown away by the bass!

2 weeks later
#564 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

After a little vacation I find myself in the club once again. " I know a great place for some hot dogs".

I'd better check downstairs and see if this has moved...

#566 2 years ago

I checked, and DH is still there (and playing well)! If it wasn't for the drop target on your new one I'd suspect you repossessed it!

#569 2 years ago

That is a nice game--I dropped a few quarters into it myself when I was in town.

1 month later
#575 2 years ago

Going...going...almost gone! DH is number 100 and sinkin' fast. If you have not rated it, now might be a good time (and set your setting to "public" or it will not be counted in the ratings).

2 weeks later
#577 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Strange thing happened last night. I started regular multiball and ended up with four balls in play. Haven't seen that before and not sure the sequence of shots that made it spit that fourth ball out but it kept track and ended multiball when one ball was left. Game works fine. Hmmm..
Also it's been a while since I've seen Magnum multiball. Does anybody know what starts that?

I didn't even know there was a Magnum Multiball...

#579 2 years ago

OK, that one I've seen--just don't know how I started it.

3 weeks later
#593 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

We need to go out and review dirty harry to make it higher in the list where it belongs

I've been harping on this for months, with limited results...

#599 2 years ago

Ummm, that's a lotta pink...

#604 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

So anyone else notice the bug that there's no ball save on the skill shot if you choose the gun

I did not notice that--I'll have to check it out--but I have also been using the ramp shot lately. It seems like the best bang for your buck...if you make the ramp you can double-up on HQ.

edit: The reason I didn't notice it was because I do have ball save with the gun. Code is LA-2.

#611 2 years ago

Thanks for digging that up, TL!

#614 2 years ago

Not sure what is going on--I have LA-2 and the saver works with the gun.

2 months later
#660 2 years ago

Going...going...almost gone--tied for 99. Hard to believe this game isn't better thought of.

1 week later
#667 2 years ago

...it's called reasonable suspicion.

2 months later
#689 2 years ago
Quoted from TractorDoc:

Ill be honest, I did not read all 14 pages (but I had in the past -- just cannot remember) what is the farthest contraband you have reached from the warehouse? Tonight I had my right flipper backhand down and just kept flipping the ball back in -- received a game credit after getting the USS Nimitz and the last one I was hit was some kind of cow (could not read the exact description quick enough). . .
Along the way (maybe not exact order and maybe missing a couple) is C4-Explosive, Copper Pinball, Contraband Amunition, Spying Equipment, Infrared Goggles, Secret Viruses (one of my favorites), Police Scanner, Contraband Ivory, Cuban Cigars, Contraband Guns, Contraband Knives, Stolen Jewelry, Computer Code, Computer Software, Passports, Stolen Painting, Tekken Statues, USS Nimitz, Cow. There were a couple others after the Stolen Painting but it was the first time I saw them and cannot remember everything. . .

That's a lot further than I've ever made it--anyone finished this mode? What else is there to get?

3 weeks later
#706 2 years ago

I think you just made an upgrade.

2 months later
#738 1 year ago

Love Meathead--hopefully he looks a lot better in color than he does in orange...

2 weeks later
#759 1 year ago

Crime Wave, Alcatraz, Scorpio, stolen car and super loops maybe? If you want it on even more then also link it to multiball.

4 months later
#814 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

I just recently experienced the ball falling out of the gun. The fix for me was loosening the screw to the wireform ramp and pushing the wireform “back” (think easterly position). This made the hole smaller for the ball to drop down into and thus killing the momentum of the ball rolling out of the gun.

Good idea!

1 month later
#827 1 year ago

If you have not added a powered sub, try that before going to the hassle of reinventing the speakers. It makes a huge improvement in the sound.

3 weeks later
#847 1 year ago

That looks great, how did you paint the buildings and what did you use?

#853 1 year ago
Quoted from Scoot:

I cleaned my newly purchased Dirty Harry and waxed the playfield, making the game play much faster now. the problem I am now having is that on a clean shot to the right ramp, the ball launches off the ramp exit, over the lane gate and back towards me, missing the jackpot almost every time. I just don't see much for an adjustment since the left ramp comes right over the top of the right ramp. I'm thinking of adding a clear cover over that section of ramp to keep the ball in play, similar to the one on the left ramp. Does anyone have a solution for this? Also wondering what production number my pin is. Is it the last four digits of the S/N #?

I'm pretty sure there is supposed to be a ramp cover on that ramp to prevent this from happening. Problem is the cover has to be adjusted just right for height or the ball will stick between the ramp and the cover (so probably someone took yours off).

3 weeks later
#874 1 year ago

Unless someone has better info I heard it was a cost cutting move. Bummer.

1 week later
#897 1 year ago

Finally completed "Shootout" today right before time ran out. What was interesting was what happened after--all the balls came back into play, but the flippers were still dead. Maybe it is supposed to be like that, or maybe it is a software bug.

4 months later
#951 9 months ago

I put one in for the GI as the backbox light pulsing was driving me nuts. Works great--love it!

5 months later
#1079 4 months ago
Quoted from bssbllr:

Here’s one guys opinion but I’m doing it regardless I believe the harder it plays the more challenging and fun it is.

If you do this mod please post a walk-thru of how you did it.

1 month later
#1110 88 days ago

Well, I finally got that dam*ed WAG off my display--3 arrests! That last shot felt good!

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