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#630 2 years ago

Picked two of these machines up recently. However one died on me after an hours play and gives me the double D20 blink, U8 bad ram. Haven't swapped the CPU board from the other yet but I will soon enough.

It's such a great game. Love it! Even made me rewatch the DH movie series again after about 20 years.

I love the skyline backbox mod. I found it for 35 bucks from some american seller, but they wanted 37 dollars for shipping overseas. No way. Haven't found it in europe. Will have to check out how an extra spotlight looks. You mean to light up the center PF more?

#633 2 years ago

lol, Skål friend!

#634 2 years ago

Watching Magnum Force for the second time this week. Damn are those traffic cops cool. I wish the world still looked like the 70s, or 80s. lol

Getting the urge to visit San Francisco, anyone want to house a swede or two this summer?

#637 2 years ago
Quoted from LoveNeverDiesGuy:

That pimp kills the hooker after he checked her stash in both places, Classic!

Brutal kill. Better check the snatch bank too.

#641 2 years ago

Had an ok run yesterday. 750 million. No crime waves or any bells and whistles. Jackpots and robber only. Such a good game!

#645 2 years ago

Choked on 1 billion yesterday, was 9 million short. Got nervous.

Tuned in the game perfectly now, adjusted the pf angle, gave the ramps and pf a good wax. It plays beautifully. Man I love this machine. Will never sell it!

4 months later
#703 2 years ago

A twilight zone sold here for 1200 the other week by a company who had had it in their lunch room for years.

A friend bought it, he lived very close by and he just went there with the money and a sack barrow ready and said he was the guy who was gonna pick it up. The add had no phone number included, only email service. The guy stood there with a red face, but hey, he was selling a machine for a company and it needed to go.

Lesson here? Be quick and ice cold.

1 week later
#713 2 years ago

I would do a dark purple or gloss black. I have accented the white inserts with pink leds and a few other controlled lamps with purple. All my GI is cold white so it looks sharp. I like the comic book feel of it.

1 week later
#719 2 years ago

Adjust the wire ramp slightly in so the ball stops against the ramp before falling into the gun. That should be enough to keep it from falling out.

2 months later
#763 1 year ago

You mean the strobe effect that turns on before you make a shot? The strobe effect that is designed to make the game more difficult?

1 month later
#789 1 year ago

It looks great. But that is essentially the most expensive app I’ve seen. It’s basically the software you’re paying for. The hardware is barely 20 bucks from China.

And they charge you over $200 for the complete package. Wow.

Me personally, I don’t like how they protrude from the sides.

I would consider it if the complete package was half that price.

10 months later
#929 10 months ago

I have a Dirty Harry with led lights for the GI.

Are they supposed to strobe really quick during certain times in the game? It stops after hitting a shot. Is it normal behavior or is it normally supposed to just dim the standard bulbs and the leds go crazy from this?

I also experience that the game sometimes doesn't kick out the balls properly during multiball. I don't have any error reports and the game counts the balls fine. Though I have seen that the ball doesn't go all the way in the through sometimes when the ball drains. I need to shake it in position for the game to end. I have tried increasing and decreasing the playfield angle but that doesn't seem to help much.

Besides this the game plays fine.

#931 10 months ago

Ok, so the game is actually dimming the bulbs during this particular sequence?

The strobing is kind of fun. Makes it very difficult to track the ball.

Is there a way to demagnetize them? I will buy new balls otherwise. Thanks!

#933 10 months ago

Ok that makes sense!

Sorry I don't follow, where and how did you install a (metal?) shim? What does it do?

3 weeks later
#943 9 months ago
Quoted from Scoot:

The shim comes either metal or plastic. It makes the ball roll at a slightly steeper angle and since they are new, the ball rolls on them better. I first went with the plastic one as it was cheap, and it worked great. But it will eliminate the clunk you hear when the ball hits the trough. I didn’t like that (yes I’m anal like that) so I bought a metal one off eBay. Super easy to install, just lift the playfield and rest it on a the rails and slide the shim in. You don’t have to even remove the balls. About as easy a fix you can have. Oh, before you put one in, wax the shim first for even better performance.

Forgot to respond. Thanks for the idea. I took a better look at my through and it was pretty dirty further in and wasn't very smooth so I will take it apart and clean it with steel wool.

1 month later
#975 7 months ago

Hi I need some tips with my DH.

Love the game but I can't seem to get the ball through working properly. I've taken it out and cleaned it thoroughly. There are no divots in it. The machine have very little milage.

Even when the through is cleaned the balls don't want to move all the way to the right which in turn confuses the game and cause multiball to behave strange. Sometimes it doesn't launch all balls, and sometimes it does. Any idea how to mitigate it?

I also have trouble adjusting the magnet. I think this is a stupid solution to let the ball "fall" and bounce around from the shooter lane onto the magnet. It rarely catches the ball and when it does it usually still sits there even though I have adjusted it sliiightly raised over the pf. Need to nudge it almost every time.

Any ideas and tricks to all of this would be much appreciated.

2 weeks later
#979 7 months ago
Quoted from Cash_Riprock:

Are the balls magnetized by any chance?
Magnet core should be flush w/of.
Just a couple of thoughts.

Yup, I installed new mechs today and checked the balls. One of them was very magnetized and made all balls sticky in the tray. Swapped it out and no issues with that anymore.

2 weeks later
#991 6 months ago

Had that same issue, my magnet is sliiightly mushroomed so I was tinkering with the leveling and thread position of it, but it turns out it was the balls that got magnetized, some more than others.

Just replace all the balls with new ones when you notice any magnetizing issues.

1 month later
#1016 5 months ago

LED's will always ghost and strobe. Some manufacturers can lessen the effect by installing resistors in the LED's but the only good way to have LED's other than for GI is by installing a LED OCD board.

Personally I never use LED's under the pf.

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