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By Mato

11 years ago

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#1 11 years ago

Join if you own one or had one.....go ahead punk! make my day!

#2 11 years ago

I have a sample Harry , trying to work out a few little issues , but very clean overall, flame polished ramps, slick black gun handle - 'that punk just stole my car'

#3 11 years ago

You dudes get lost now, ya hear?

#4 11 years ago

I have had 33 machines and DH is still part of my 9 game collection. My machine looks like a HUO and plays fast . DH is so challenging and very rewarding when you make those shots and the theme is one of the best. I picked up this game 9 months ago for a great price and figured to trade or sell it in a couple months. Wrong, I have sold 6 other games instead and Harry is a keeper for sure. I had BSD and sold it to get a grail pin , but I missed it. DH of course is designed by the same guy Barry O. and I like it a little better. This game should be a top 30 pin in my opinion.


#5 11 years ago

DH is a awesome machine, I picked mine up off a guy who had no idea what he had, it had a broken flipper but an easy fix, it was real dirty as well, once I polished it and added led's the machine looked amazing.......best $1500 spent which was a steal in Australia.......I know what your thinking was that 5 bullets or 6.........these machines are pretty hard to come by, love the ramps and gunning for the super jackpot.

dont know if you know but set your time clock and at 12.00am every night you get a mode called MIDNIGHT MADNESS where 4 ball multi starts and all scores are huge.

#6 11 years ago

Just picked up my DH a couple weeks back...gun wasn't working, few optos out, magnet was mushroomed & real dirty...just about have it reassembled & fully functioning...replaced all rubbers, installed LEDs & cleaned it up good...what a great pin!!!

Quoted from Mato:

dont know if you know but set your time clock and at 12.00am every night you get a mode called MIDNIGHT MADNESS where 4 ball multi starts and all scores are huge.

Didn't realize this...do you need to do anything to start the mode or it automatically starts when the internal clock hits midnight?

#7 11 years ago

it starts automatically, if your playing and it hits midnight mode, you drain the ball and then bam it goes off........what the display with all the old school bam, pow, zap wording that comes up, it also lasts a while even if your draining balls........only 5 other pins have this I think.

#8 11 years ago


#9 11 years ago

I know what your thinking was it 5 bullets or 6.......

#10 11 years ago

I set the time on mine 12 hours off so I hit midnight madness when I play around noon. I work from home some days during the week and the pin sits in my office (office fits two - currently SM and DH) - so I make it a point to play at noon just to get some (non-work related) madness in during the day.

#11 11 years ago

I know a great place for hotdogs

#12 11 years ago

I did my PF swap with 12 coats of clear on it. the 3 cliffy protectors at the safehouse, the wherehouse, and the hq are great additions. I like playing my DH over my Tron now. no joke

looks like I owe you one meathead!


#13 11 years ago

I was waiting for the hotdog quote

#14 11 years ago

I have a sample version as well and it has the longest tenure in my lineup.
Anyone know how many sample versions are out in the wild?
"I owe you one meathead."

#15 11 years ago

Damn...misquoted and repeated. Sorry. I should read before posting.

#16 11 years ago

what kind of coating are you using and are you waiting between coats.........

#17 11 years ago

Midnight rampage time........Zap! Pow! Boom!

#18 11 years ago

Some punk stole my car!!

#19 11 years ago

Must be more DH owners out there, its so hard to find

#20 11 years ago

I have a Dirty Harry, how do I join this club?

#21 11 years ago

Bought one last spring . Great game , the more games I put on the machine the more I like it .

One issue, the target near the left ramp needs to be replaced. I have the target and the decal. Looks.like I need to rivet the new target in place. Anyone done this and any rivet recommendations and rivet tool recommendations ? Thanks

#22 11 years ago

if any of you need a new playfield for yours. I have a really nice used one for sale.

#23 11 years ago

just post and you have joined.......how good is the playfield and how much$$$. I have a excellent playfield but know someone who needs a decent one.

#24 11 years ago

it's really nice actually. Send me a PM. I should have pics of it somewhere.

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#25 11 years ago

Neo, will you be doing any work on this one before you sell it?

#26 11 years ago

The targets are very hard to find....Apparently you need a press to put the plastic piece and decal on. Mine has the same problem.

#27 11 years ago

if I do, it will be more

Quoted from EEE:Neo, will you be doing any work on this one before you sell it?

If I do it will be more expensive. As is $200. If you want me to touch it up and clear it. $550.

#28 11 years ago

Love my DH. Though I've dumped more money into it than probably any other game.

Anyone have problems with the ball coming back at you off the right ramp? Seems to get a hop and bobble around. Other times it flies through the ramp fine.

#29 11 years ago

yeah I've hit the ramp that fast that sometimes when it hits the first corner it flies off......super jackpot ramp is all good

#30 11 years ago

a few cracked plastics as well, but we have a guy in Australia that sells the full kits.

#31 11 years ago
Quoted from Mato:

but we have a guy in Australia that sells the full kits.

is there a link to these you might post here?

#32 11 years ago

there is a place called pinballspareparts.com then go to playfield and plastics and there they are.

#33 11 years ago

just played a game of DH for 51 minutes and scored over 3.2 billion.......pity I dint play it at midnight and boost my score with midnight rampage haha........went through 2 wizard modes and made 4 arrests, finally got my name on the machine for arrests!

#34 11 years ago
Quoted from Mato:


doesn't seem to be any place to go from this URL than to arcadespareparts.com

#35 11 years ago

the Aussie website has a lot of plastics available for DH

#36 11 years ago

The problem I'm finding is that the site terminates at the URL you provide. Can't drill down to products.


#37 11 years ago

Interesting I will check it out as I've had no problems with the site.

#38 11 years ago

site works well, maybe shoot them an email

#39 11 years ago

Perhaps you could post a link direct to the DH plastics page?

#40 11 years ago

ok I will added it soon

#41 11 years ago

Is this a pin one to have as only pin at your home?

I see alot of these come up for sell for very decend prices.

#42 11 years ago

I got a chance to put some time in on DH last night at a friend's house... Here's my impression after playing about 20 games..

It's a fun game. The gun/cannon is the best implementation of that feature I've seen. It's better than the ACDC or STTNG or Black Rose cannon because it moves faster and in a non-linear way, and as a result is more challenging. I find DH to be a "shooter's game" (no pun intended LOL) in that it's a good game to practice basic ball control and aiming.. the combo shots are harder to make than you think, and very satisfying when you can hit them. It's a game that will make you a better pinball player.

The game reminds me a lot of Judge Dread. The audio, dotmation, scenes and rulsets are very similar. JD IMO has better flow, DH has more stop-and-go. It also reminds me a bit of STTNG. The game really doesn't have a Barry Oursler feel to it - it feels more like a Steve Ritchie game, especially with the very steep ramps and the classic Steve Ritchie "wall" shot from the upper right flipper. I almost get the feeling that this game was originally designed by Steve, and then Barry Oursler took it over.

I do like the game. It's a fun game to play. It's a game that takes a bit of time to "get to the good part" - it's somewhat linear in nature. Like STTNG, some modes will pre-empt other modes so there's not as much strategy or stacking available unfortunately. So on DH you can score high but you'll be on the machine for a long time. It's one of those games that can be a bit exhausting to play, like Whitewater, if you go very far.

I also think the playfield design and ruleset seems a little dis-jointed. Often times I would have a ball cradled and most of the desirable shots would be from the other flipper. Usually when I'm playing a game, there's at least one lucrative shot available from each flipper but in DH I often found I had the ball on the wrong side of the playfield - it just felt odd. Also, there are a bunch of shots on DH that you might expect to be able to backhand, that you can't. Usually in B/W games the designers are good to make a lot of shots able to be made with either flipper. DH seems to be the exception to this rule.

I like the game. I don't own one, but I wouldn't mind having one. But I think the design is a bit "clunky". I would have tweaked a few of the shots so there were more options; I would have made some things stackable; I would have shown more information on the screen indicating certain rewards and objectives; I would have put in a few more call-outs. But still, quite a fun game. I'm looking to play more of it.

#43 11 years ago

DH has enough info on screen, did they have the writing and voice switched on that explains what is needed? You can backhand the warehouse at will but understand the frustration off not being able to hit the super jackpot straight up. The game has 7 or more different multiballs modes
1. Alctraz
2. Wharehouse
3. Shootout
4. Midnight Madness
5. Wizard mode
6. 2 multiball (can't remember name)
7. Normal 3 ball multi (also can't remember name)

awesome game very fun and fast paced action, very rewarding!!!

#44 11 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

I got a chance to put some time in on DH last night at a friend's house

Good review, and really spot-on. Never really thought of it - but it does feel like a SR game (now I know why I have such an affinity to it besides the theme). I would really like it if it had the one feature found on the flow master's games....the ability to use both flippers to release any hold on the ball. I'm not a fan of stop and go games, and SR tends to allow using both flippers to release most any ball hold. This would help in cases where you have time limits for mode, but the ball is stuck in the safehouse or warehouse (but I think the timer accounts somewhat for this).

The two real backhand shots are the safehouse and warehouse. I've never made a right ramp backhand from a trapped ball, and only a couple times from a moving ball.

The warehouse backhand can yield huge points. In the HQ warehouse mode, being able to repeat the backhand adds another 5 mil to the starting 15 mil score of each shot (I've been able to max at a 55 mil shot before the mode ends). The warehouse hurry up two-ball multiball is another high scoring mode (started as a safehouse mode after bank robber). Once you first hit the warehouse and set the bonus, the other ball is launched. If you are able to get both spaced properly into the warehouse it is possible to backhand both into the warehouse over and over again to collect the (up to 25 mil if you hit the hurry up shot quickly) bonus for each shot. Since there is no time limit on this, its really a matter of how long you can keep both in play and repeat the backhand. If the balls aren't spaced evenly, one won't score the bonus, and it can be tough to get them spaced right to maximize this score.

I find the safehouse shot sucks from both flippers. For some reason I get more rejects from this shot than any other (including right ramp). Fortunately you can typically predict when the ball is ejected as its on the same beat for the mode. Completing the mail-bomb mode really depends on being able to perform consecutive dead-stops as it ejects to the right flipper and send it right back in again.

There generally is a shot available from either flipper if you look to collect badges to light multiball. If the particular mode running doesn't have a shot from the flipper the ball is at (most will have a shot from either unless you've already completed some for a mode), I will shoot for a badge toward multiball. Once you get into the ruleset, it becomes apparent why the modes can't be stacked - and I'm not sure I miss stacking in this game. I do sometimes miss completing some modes as the timer stops if you start a multiball during the mode and then starts again once down to a single ball.

The left ramp shot is typical of SR games (STTNG and SM) where it can't be hit from a lower flipper but is a necessity to hit as part of the ruleset. Once the (left lane, right upper flipper, left ramp) shot is mastered, it too can be hit over and over again (unlike SM or STTNG) and is really rewarding to get a full promotion after consecutive shots.

Quoted from Plungemaster:

Is this a pin one to have as only pin at your home

I have a number of pins in my collection, but the ones that get played most are the two I can fit in my office - currently DH and SM. Of these I play DH most currently...but I tend to obsess on a single game for awhile then more on. I think it would do well as a single pin if you like both the rule set and theme. Game times can be long to get thru the rule set, but also serves as a good game to just bat the ball around for fun.

#45 11 years ago

My biggest problem with DH is that the two most important shots in the game are also the two of the hardest shots. The shots to start main modes should not be so hard. That right ramp shot is hard enough on single ball, but as a jackpot shot on multi-ball it seems disproportionately hard (yet the super jackpot shot with the gun at the start of multi-ball is almost a "gimme" so the scoring seems unbalanced). DH reminds me of JD in the same respect. The shot to start modes on Judge Dredd is a very difficult shot. The end result in both of these games is you end up flailing the ball around more than you do playing actual game modes.

Another interesting thing is, shooting the bullets and a whole sequence of modes related to them. This is another odd game design element. It reminds me of Fish Tales where the shots to light a Fish Tale are dangerous, sucker shots. And then when you score a Tale, the point value is nowhere worth the risk involved. In DH, the bullet shots are sucker shots, yet there's a whole array of awards if you clear them. I would have made another tier of objectives tied to something less dangerous to shot at than standups that are intended to immediately make the ball drain. It's not wise to go for them, so it seems like that entire area of the ruleset is generally avoided and unexplored unless by accident.

#46 11 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

The shots to start main modes should not be so hard.

Agreed...Its a really tight shot off the end of the flipper. My wife tends to use the gun at the beginning of her turn to try to hit it (I tend to select ramp) as she has more problem getting HQ off the flipper than I. More times than not its rejected and bounces into the right out lane. Its one of the reasons I leave ball save on for this game.

#47 11 years ago

Yea, I would have reversed the shots of safehouse and mode start... made the mode start a center shot. And on top of that, having to make the left ramp to re-light a mode start when the shot for mode start is already hard, just seems to make the game unaturally-difficult.

Still a fun game to play. I would like to get more playtime on DH because I think it helps a player focus on certain shot types that make them formidable in competition when consistent.

#48 11 years ago

I find the HQ shot to start the modes pretty easy. Off the tip of the right flipper it is too tight to time right...but the left not so bad. I just catch the ball on the left flipper give it a little bounce back and let it roll up the once engaged engaged left flipper...a quick little back hand and it pops right in.

#49 11 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

having to make the left ramp to re-light a mode start when the shot for mode start is already hard,

You can make either lane (not ramp) to light HQ. They are still tight shots as are most shots in DH

Quoted from PinballHelp:

I think it helps a player focus on certain shot types that make them formidable in competition when consistent

Agreed...I've found new players have a tough time on this game because most shots are tight. Especially with the right flipper...there is slight nuance (especially for a rolling vs held ball) to hit the safehouse vs the left lane vs the HQ. I've hit the left lane over and over again trying to make HQ - but that just lets me practice the left ramp shot more as well as returns the ball to the right flipper to try the HQ shot again.

#50 11 years ago
Quoted from blackjack33:

I just catch the ball on the left flipper give it a little bounce back and let it roll up the once engaged engaged left flipper...a quick little back hand and it pops right in.

I do this frequently by accident. Might actually have to practice it.

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