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The death of arcade bars?

By thinkpol

1 year ago

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    “Will most "barcade" pinball locations survive until the COVID-19 pandemic is over?”

    • YES, they will still be here in some form 90 votes
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    #149 1 year ago
    Quoted from alexanr1:

    It will all magically disappear as soon as the election is over....

    god I love this website

    #150 1 year ago

    my friends and I have a women's pinball group and we negotiated to take over the local arcade this Wednesday night. It will be just us, wearing masks, sanitizing between games, staying distant.
    Whatever we can do to keep any cash flow at these places...
    you can also buy from them online. Much of it's for Ottawa-local people as it includes perogies and beer, but also shirts can be mailed if you want to support them!
    (we'll be taking home lots of their perogies)

    the other major arcade spot in the city (Neighborhood Pub) isn't reopening at all in the meanwhile, due to Covid risk.

    And for reference we're a city of 1 million people, we had 19 new cases of Covid registered today, and that's a HUGE INCREASE for us as we only had 3 new cases on Sunday.
    Ontario has a population of almost 15 million and registered 99 new cases yesterday and was another day of zero deaths. (factoring that up to a USA's population, that'd be like 2200 new case in a day!)

    #154 1 year ago
    Quoted from Betelgeuse:

    I predict a lot of pins with moisture damage, bleached artwork and rust around the lockdown bar and flipper button area after this. I have already seen a couple of games damaged by sanitizers.

    these can maybe help: https://www.playfield-protectors.com/25/Button-Protectors

    #171 1 year ago
    Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

    Cali is burning down.

    did they forget to rake the forests again?

    #191 1 year ago

    holy shit, disaster capitalism: "Eight of the biggest food and beverage companies pay out USD $18 billion to shareholders as new epicentres of hunger emerge across the globe"

    #201 1 year ago
    Quoted from Lamberger:

    but I prepared myself for certain situations

    WTF does this have to do with anything? The article is about hunger/starvation on a global scale, and you want to chime that you'll be fine because you have resources?

    #202 1 year ago
    Quoted from Lamberger:

    Without investors, the hole system would collapse...and alot more people would be starving, way more.

    "If we change anything it will be way worse" is a very comforting thing to tell ourselves in the face of contemporary horrors, sure. But I'm not sure defending people making millions and billions right now really need to be defended. They're doing fine.

    #204 1 year ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Once a vaccine is produced things will go back to normal and then there will be NEW pinball establishments that rise from the ashes.

    Stern, Spooky, AP and now DR are making and delivering games again. CGC and JJP are next. Doom and gloom will be replaced with excitement again.

    I really really really hope so!
    By the sounds of it, it sounds like the manufacturers are now all doing OK and have no shortage of orders. It will just take the logistics of the "public sphere" to change for public pinball to be a thing again.
    (although I had no idea Deeproot was delivery games! I'll have to go check the DR thread about that)

    Spend local when you can, whatever money we can get to small businesses will help minimize the bloodbath...

    #207 1 year ago
    Quoted from Trogdor:

    And yet when those companies lose millions and billions because of faulty governmental policies, I’m sure you’re first in line to help bail them out?..

    yes, taxpayers have bailed them out time and time again, and fed them billions of subsidies. You don't need to use loaded phrases like "faulty government policies". Businesses would love to have all regulations cut and not have to worry about standards or safety.
    This is way off topic, happy to take to PM if you want to continue though. <3

    #208 1 year ago
    Quoted from gambit3113:

    Will those of us watching the barcades go down dare get into that pool after this clears up? Nothing has ever illustrated the fragility of simple business economics in my lifetime. Ugh.

    obviously there were WAY LESS out there back in 2008, but did lots of arcades shutter in that recession? I wasn't following the industry back then.

    #227 1 year ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    I’m giving DR credit only because they say September AND I actually counted about 25 cars in the parking lot yesterday

    Maybe they are noodling and doodling with Jpop? Lol

    I have zero stakes in the Deeproot thing, but damn do I want them to just put up or shut up...
    The Predator saga ended in flames.
    There is hope still that with Big Lebowski they will finally rectify past wrongs.
    JJP strugged and persevered. American Pinball and Spooky are working hard and moving units.
    Heck, even Thunderbirds came and went!
    but here we are so many years later waiting for a new JPop game.

    #242 1 year ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Who wants to invest in a brewery/pin cade with me?
    Beer and wine license only

    if we can put it close to the Texas / Ontario border I'm in.

    #250 1 year ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Don't we have a Canadian/Texas pipeline? I think we do. Can run the beer through the pipes when the oil and gas is shut down?
    I would think Canada would be a no brainer for you. Beergut is in MN and close by.
    I really do think it could be a great business opportunity that is fun.
    It's not like buying Apple stock and watching it double since April but its a heck of a lot more fun.

    In Ottawa we have this amazing place called House of Targ and my friends operate the machines there. http://www.houseoftarg.com/
    The operators got invited by local brewery Big Rig (named after Ottawa Senators defenceman Chris Phillips) to put machines in their brewery ( https://pinballmap.com/ottawa/?by_location_id=13666 ) which resulted in a very cool lineup: Addams Fam, Getaway, Maiden, IM, Jurassic Park Pro, Bridge of Pinbot 2.0, and Tron

    so then Big Rig starts making beer for Targ: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDmYGDmhKcx/
    and now during the pandemic Big Rig is hosting a Targ pop-up market as a place to sell their perogies: https://twitter.com/HouseofTarg/status/1297085985239506949

    Cool to see 3 businesses help each other out and keep the cash flowing during these pandemic times.

    #251 1 year ago

    on the "getting money to businesses" front, reminder you can buy a Targ t-shirt designed by Dirty Donny here: http://www.houseoftarg.com/targmart
    (if they don't ship to your country DM me and I'll assist)

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