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The Crazy Mansion by the Pinball Amigos

By pinballrockstar

3 years ago

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    #1917 2 years ago

    I started reading the thread this morning! ..38 pages.. someone made fun of themselves as the worst follower on about page 20..well i got ya beat! Haha .great job boys! Love all the whiskey breaks! I'm nervous about that cabinet tho amigos!.(sorry!) I know ya got it in you boys to build one that has interlocking joints! Are you sure this one will hold up to abuse of hauling it around with all that weight in there?! Again, sorry to sound like a downer.. you guys are faakin deadly! Can't wait to see it flippin!

    #1938 2 years ago

    Booooom! Happy Friday y'all!

    #2000 2 years ago

    You havent even mentioned his touring guitarist yet!! she has a great set of .....skills! She can shred! Nita Strauss ! I seen Alice about a year ago and enjoyed the show too! But i diiiid notice a lil bit of lip syncing on some of the songs.. he is almost 70! Oh well, still a great show! &&& faakin deadly u met him !!

    bef499b1fd2ff9926ff430c59a5cbdcd--nita-strauss-guitar-girl (resized).jpg

    #2030 2 years ago

    Was there any doubt!?

    #2093 2 years ago

    What the puck?! Beer and breakfast! Mmmm

    2 weeks later
    #2193 2 years ago


    #2199 2 years ago

    Oh ya ! You were just playing & loving it at the pinball museum u been donating pf's to. Nice score! Can't see much getting built tonite! I will pull out the scotch and have a dram with you boys! Cheers from Canada!

    2 weeks later
    #2357 2 years ago

    Let's be honest... AMIGO'S don't need no stinking instructions!!

    #2373 2 years ago

    They look like microwaved left thumbs! Haha.. dipped in bbq sauce and mayo?! When do we see ol' skully!?

    #2435 2 years ago


    3 weeks later
    #2620 2 years ago
    Quoted from Pintucky:

    But I see I have been down-voted, and it appears 'someone' doesn't seem to get the drift of my dry humor. I am hoping you take this as a fun thing and not a slam at you.

    relax! It's just a downvote! Haha, i was just disagreeing that everyone else isn't familiar with metric. We use the metric system in Canada. (We also had to learn imperial system too) hope that upside down thumb didn't keep you up last nite!(humour!)

    1 week later
    #2705 2 years ago

    Any hawkmoon coin door special joining u boys today!?

    4 weeks later
    #3035 2 years ago

    Wakey wakey... smoke moss and get bakey

    T.F.I.F-Thank-Fuck-Its-Friday (resized).png

    1 month later
    #3528 2 years ago

    Too soon?

    Its-Friday-Ladies (resized).png

    1 month later
    #3783 2 years ago

    Just change the graphite tip on the flux capacitor... hammer that bad boy to 88... and hold on! You'll be flippin in no time! Glad i could help!

    1 month later
    #4329 2 years ago

    Hey amigos..what's up with despicable me pin?! I see it's got the glass off in one of the vids. Do you still play it?! Or is it needing repairs.. jussst wondering! cheers, dion

    2 months later
    #5261 1 year ago

    Alright..EVERYONE out to the back alley for a safety meeting

    2 months later
    #5929 1 year ago

    Fukking brilliant boys!! this calls for a safety meeting

    4 months later
    #7279 1 year ago

    Booom! cheers from a back alley somewhere in Canada love how you bring out the good in this community. Never any fighting or complaining in this thread. Can't wait to see the 'mansion flipping.. what is the plan for the playfield art?! Custom paint by the beard or a printed overlay of some sort?!

    #7298 1 year ago

    Safety meeting first boys!

    2 months later
    #8146 1 year ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    Hey how are you doing little buddy?
    That is so awesome!
    Thanks little friend,it really means a lot to us
    We hope to bring our pin to USA pinball meetings some day,so you can come and play our Crazy Mansion.

    Might as well visit Canada too!

    #8197 1 year ago
    Quoted from rkahr:

    Very nice - the in-game sounds fit well with the videos too!
    -visit http://www.kahr.us to get my daughterboard that helps fix WPC pinball resets or my Pinball 2000 H+V Video Sync Combiner kit

    No product placement unless you're sending the amigo's a bunch to test!

    #8198 1 year ago
    Quoted from HD_Fatboy:

    Is the meeting over yet? Ready to see some building!

    a264b57e6aa7345577bce691f69868c0 (resized).jpg
    #8199 1 year ago

    Fukkin brilliant this week boys wish I lived in your neck of the woods! I'd be just the guy chilling in the alley rolling doobies every time you walked out there!! Hahaha

    4 weeks later
    #8445 11 months ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    How about this guys!
    Feel like fester!![quoted image][quoted image]

    Uncle fester the bearded jester!! Great shirt Mic!!

    #8529 11 months ago

    Quoted from pinballrockstar:I had to beg Big Phil for some money cuz i had no pounds and the guy didn’t take card.

    15 pounds is a steal man...this rocks! [quoted image]

    15pounds of what?!

    #8551 11 months ago

    Did u get on that Alien?! Looked to be playing good. Thoughts on gameplay (its my dream theme!)

    1 month later
    #8969 10 months ago
    Wanna-Go-Smoke-A-Beer-600x626 (resized).png
    1 month later
    #9373 8 months ago

    That right return lane is gonna be trippy when the game is flowing! Awesome work boys..love the modes and can't wait to see it all come together! Lower playfield and the ufo are gonna be sweeeet! And the corrispondong video's are hilarious but match the game play as well! Haha, love it !! Suicidal Tendencies song "institutionalized" could almost work somewhere in there! Maybe a different version slowed down and recorded by the amigo's?! Cheers from an smokey area in canada

    #9397 8 months ago

    Its 7 a.m. over here..my math says they're in the back alley!

    1 week later
    #9542 8 months ago

    Code writing inspirational music!

    #9544 8 months ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    Aah thanks,they have a cool band name btw! Clutch...

    They have some amazing early albums..and the later one's are pirdy damn gooood too!

    1 month later
    #9823 7 months ago

    2020 year of the back alley

    1 month later
    #9992 6 months ago

    Wakey wakey.. let's get bakey.. meet y'all in the alley! Pre-work safety meeting!

    #10049 6 months ago

    Happy birthday brother Bas!

    1 week later
    #10133 6 months ago

    Maybe not typical "lowrider" music.. but you can turn this song up next time you're in the shop block sanding the monte.. lately it reminds me of you brother Bas!! Cheers!

    1 week later
    #10269 5 months ago

    Its literally 4:20 here!! So why not!!

    2 weeks later
    #10385 5 months ago
    images.jpeg (resized).jpg
    #10386 5 months ago

    Mayyyybe They could interact with the player during a video mode of some sort... utilize them with the monitor in the lower playfield to give clues or ask the questions that the player needs to answer correctly. Multiple choice answers picked with the 3 buttons

    2 weeks later
    #10519 4 months ago
    Quoted from Thor-NL:

    What a productive night!
    And .... no alley?

    See post #10493 then apologize immediately!

    #10523 4 months ago

    Cheers from Canada boys!! That mansion rises super smooth now! Noice job!

    #10526 4 months ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    Beard is making a lamp and Dick feels like playing pinball tonight [quoted image]

    It's not that he didn't wanna help.. he was doing his part with the whole social distancing thing!! well played Dick! Well played!!

    1 week later
    #10594 4 months ago

    What are we doing this weekend? Besides hanging around the back alley like jesus waiting for the amigo's to show up!?!

    #10596 4 months ago

    So instead of a midnight madness ..we need a 4:20 mode... puff puff pass!! Gotta help a patient escape the mansion (to meet the amigos out in the alley) as the playfield fills with smoke!!
    il_570xN.1858123869_bmbr (resized).jpg

    #10597 4 months ago
    Quoted from bssbllr:

    ^^^^^^ I’m waiting for you to pass me the “J”

    images.jpeg-1 (resized).jpg
    #10670 3 months ago

    hahaha i love it! Amazing skills to add the upper flipper.. looks like it was meant to be there! Also... Mickey mouse knows what time it is! Damn i sure would like to visit the Dutch pinball museum one day and play that once it's in English! The playfield, dmd animations, & movie clip integration turned out amazing.

    #10731 3 months ago
    Quoted from bssbllr:

    They could probably add like two pieces of a flat metal screwed into the bottom of pf on both sides of the of the rectangle opening if not in the way of other mechanisms. Like right where your blue line is and on the edge of the pf to strengthen it up.

    Or maybe some old daughterboards.. If only we could find someone who is willing to part with a few!

    #10740 3 months ago

    Happy 420 to all of the fellow amigo's!! Some of the coolest pinsiders...

    1 week later
    #10813 3 months ago

    Ola amigos!

    2 weeks later
    #10874 85 days ago

    I see precautionary procedures being taken in the back alley too

    gasmask (resized).jpgglassblowing-bong-1 (resized).jpg
    1 month later
    #11140 46 days ago

    #11189 42 days ago

    Mushrooms and beans at a breakfast buffet is just frikkin weird in any culture! I mean, i eat both. But not for breakfast! Do the mushrooms go on the beans or the other way around

    #11197 37 days ago

    Its 9:00 a.m. here..they're probably out in the alley right now... preppin

    #11198 37 days ago
    Quoted from Mbecker:

    Where’s this all being documented?


    #11248 36 days ago
    Quoted from CLEllison:

    I was sitting here just shaking my head in disgust that you weren't going to have the pf cleared after all that work. SO glad you chose to use a pf protector!

    Chill bro! .. maybe head out to the back alley and have a safety meeting!

    2 weeks later
    #11387 22 days ago

    I can't stop starring! That lower playfield..insane! ramp decal.. insane! ... the color's on the art blades and pf are fukkin perfect! Lookin so gooood!

    1 week later
    #11461 12 days ago

    Have you had any time to start writing the actual code?! Or just waiting for a complete game then start from there!? && dayumm!! Love the progress!! That floor lifts up and down smooth as Tennessee whiskey!

    #11463 11 days ago

    Oh man.. the videos are gonna be fukkin hilarious! Maybe a back alley secret vid ..instead of midnight madness..4:20 reefer madness hahaha..can't wait!

    #11466 10 days ago
    Quoted from Puffdanny:

    That there is genius
    plus it would be a good way for my glass to be incorporated into the game

    Oh yeah!!!! And they have a smoke machine.. pump it through the piece you sent them and fill the playfield!! ERMAGAWWWD

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