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The Crazy Mansion by the Pinball Amigos

By pinballrockstar

2 years ago

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    #4351 1 year ago

    Hahaha,Jamie is here,check this out!

    #4352 1 year ago

    Next thing Mic adresses is the roofs for the mansion backbox.
    I am very excited to see them wasted with the dremel and painted/brushed

    C60C28FB-6B3A-4DA1-908D-EBD3DB3C2FE2 (resized).jpeg
    #4353 1 year ago

    Remember the mansion is an abandoned building,so it has to have a lot of wear

    C0DA5281-4F5E-49E6-8882-9D775E6E0E9B (resized).jpegDAF22ACD-A441-4236-BE41-B8ADC7EF4BDF (resized).jpeg
    #4354 1 year ago

    Awesome on the Rubics Cube. I always hade to change the stickers to solve mine.

    #4355 1 year ago

    Allright,just rediscovered our awesome springs supply and adressed one as a linkage...so the eyelids don’t get over stressed!

    03349F45-00EC-4BBD-9D85-7B89D0C55329 (resized).jpeg545E5452-EE4B-4C63-B2E4-6904E48E3341 (resized).jpeg
    #4356 1 year ago
    Quoted from HD_Fatboy:

    Awesome on the Rubics Cube. I always hade to change the stickers to solve mine.

    He’s a great kid with absolute mathmetical talent.
    My father in law was on a quest,determined to solve the rubiks cube...eventually my mother in law took it away from him...it got on her nerves after a year!!
    Borderline divorce hahaha

    #4357 1 year ago

    Fits great,just one hole in the housing is needed to install the servo now...

    3B0CC1A8-9837-4CCF-B1E2-84E2A1C7A069 (resized).jpegAAB7F703-6C1C-4480-BA42-A79AFCF34EE0 (resized).jpeg
    #4358 1 year ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    He’s a great kid with absolute mathmetical talent.
    My father in law was on a quest,determined to solve the rubiks cube...eventually my mother in law took it away from him...it got on her nerves after a year!!
    Borderline divorce hahaha

    That's a good story!

    #4359 1 year ago

    First head is working!

    #4360 1 year ago

    For the eye servo we simply rammed in a nail in the servo arm

    8EAABE80-BCF4-4E51-89E3-F0FA712CFFB8 (resized).jpeg
    #4361 1 year ago

    Drilled a hole in the original roadshow mech

    2A4A8907-9657-4FD4-8EF3-AC35E35A783C (resized).jpeg
    #4362 1 year ago

    And stick it in !

    9A4CBD31-714F-4717-B78F-950BDFF8A4D0 (resized).jpeg
    #4363 1 year ago

    08C6E978-40F9-4A52-84BB-6BE087A99069 (resized).jpeg
    #4364 1 year ago

    Meantime in the alley,Mic is starting to get covered in woodsnow
    This is messy and itchy work man...

    A5CB6F73-C331-47C7-93F9-A15052CDFED7 (resized).jpegA846C331-689A-4A8A-8E06-BCC7AB450C72 (resized).jpegCAEDA77F-E684-4623-A8B7-ACDCB2A48C26 (resized).jpeg
    #4365 1 year ago

    But hey,look at this!
    Plus it is way lighter now after all that grinding

    31C2815A-47BB-4F35-9BF0-A57BD3E17719 (resized).jpeg
    #4366 1 year ago

    Mic immediatly starts on the second roof,he is gonna airbrush the shit out of the roofs tonight,i can tell he wants to crank the airbrush compressor...

    AD289907-8996-4B10-AD7D-DEC72C396C84 (resized).jpeg
    #4367 1 year ago

    Laying down some lines with pencil,this roof gets the dormer you saw earlier and the other doesn’t.
    But the 2.1 speakers will be installed over there so Mic needs to make a cutout

    FAC197B2-C826-42B0-8C96-EF898BE8C7C6 (resized).jpeg
    #4368 1 year ago

    (Loud grinding noises)

    36FCBCCF-AA06-420E-93DA-F4B2F1897D9E (resized).jpeg7472483B-EC61-47E3-BABC-2EAECCF82522 (resized).jpeg
    #4369 1 year ago

    Yeah!!! You can tell it is friday!!! Everything is awesome!!!

    FC9C62C9-CCDF-49DE-97E7-7F9C16B50953 (resized).jpeg
    #4370 1 year ago


    1B86D6E4-C7AF-4E47-907E-E5BA89858A92 (resized).jpegAF2FD9D9-058A-41E4-9D96-6798A15058B4 (resized).jpegB4E6DD64-2BD7-4B8E-8CF7-9628ED147A01 (resized).jpeg
    #4371 1 year ago

    one thing really really sucks...i totally need to do the other head too...these servos are the best choice man...but the other head was a load of work...

    613EEC23-E4DE-4DAA-93E5-793BE9620C2C (resized).png
    #4372 1 year ago

    Screw it,i am taking all thecoils out of the right head and install servos,it is a walk in the park to install these,plus they don’t need switches!?

    8F823D95-31E5-4854-A9B1-5A7106C9ED3D (resized).jpeg
    #4373 1 year ago

    Bierbommetjes time!!!

    063E0DF4-0AAD-4FBF-9021-D8A6C2D4221A (resized).jpeg
    #4374 1 year ago

    I am using the same measurements for the brackets,this thing flies together man...decent!

    090EA6B6-7F60-4048-B0ED-F3901ED1675C (resized).jpeg787BE01F-06E6-40DB-9B84-879B24A332D7 (resized).jpeg
    #4375 1 year ago

    Servos everywhere people!
    I ordered a looooot of servos on Aliexpress...they are real cheap!

    image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
    #4376 1 year ago

    There...the 2 heads are resting for a moment now to let the adhesive cure a little more cuz the male head is not completely dried yet...
    Both roofs are really wasted looking now and ready for the Pinball Mic airbrush department!

    5F04A02C-6E28-46C9-A1A6-077D6CBFD3D9 (resized).jpeg
    #4377 1 year ago

    Airbrush is being prepared...

    7801792D-ACC2-4075-84A0-E6B3EE3225A9 (resized).jpeg
    #4378 1 year ago

    Now something i am really proud of!
    After contacting Jabdoa,my exáct situation-document has been created on MPF!
    I have been writing code all week to make the heads talk...
    When Mic is ready with the roofs and the heads are back in,we might have a little surprise for you guys...

    28FC57A8-F0FE-49A6-9679-71130B28F4DE (resized).jpegimage (resized).jpg
    #4379 1 year ago

    These kind of sequences you need to write...i recorded some voice clips with my Boss multitracker..
    The first clips you record are always super retarded....i don’t have a villain voice...i am such a no voice!
    But there’s vocal effects in these recorders,so i can enrich a voice some...
    Then after adding a voice clip to your mpf library,you need to start synch the audio with the facial movements of the heads...

    40E7B8FA-E321-48BB-83A6-C28467851F2F (resized).jpegimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
    #4380 1 year ago

    Go watch Mic airbrushing,i am synchronizing servos to sound clips!

    EC365E07-57DC-459A-BB4E-3E17D7B87A41 (resized).jpeg
    #4381 1 year ago

    See? Lots going on

    33A1E353-A045-41B2-9060-3B9D50709AC8 (resized).jpegD040852A-A661-4D55-909F-C8C502A59269 (resized).jpegimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
    #4382 1 year ago

    Second roof...first layer!

    image (resized).jpg
    #4383 1 year ago

    Now the brush needs to be cleaned for the new layer...

    2E0BF030-192D-4244-9055-EBA6700EBE93 (resized).jpeg
    #4384 1 year ago

    Bob Ross used to call this “van Dyke brown”.

    A2C79E19-7E77-49BE-A051-E7F9D6B78D29 (resized).jpegAE5706F5-6C37-45B6-B511-35F31B5D4AF4 (resized).jpegBFE17BEB-977A-44DC-A488-4EA87EC46E6C (resized).jpeg
    #4385 1 year ago

    image (resized).jpg
    #4386 1 year ago


    BE537FA1-1228-4FD3-8EC9-CC03C1B31B44 (resized).jpeg
    #4387 1 year ago

    Shhhht....master at work...

    image (resized).jpg
    #4388 1 year ago

    Yeah...getting creepier already bro...

    image (resized).jpg
    #4389 1 year ago

    See the difference in layers?

    0F2EFEE5-03CA-4F5B-AE00-F1239455B382 (resized).jpeg
    #4390 1 year ago

    Testing the color on the mansion,trying to get a feel where we need to be...

    A5DD660C-7820-4EC8-BF3B-44EA6580907E (resized).jpegE7B31748-B384-4DEE-897D-CDF16B166EDE (resized).jpeg
    #4391 1 year ago

    Mic is teaching airbrush skills here...
    But basically i need the roofs so we can place the heads in the mansion and play the servo sequence i wrote..
    It is not perfectly sync but we are just doodling with sound and servos a bit.
    We can polish the head movements..no sweat..

    5895EDBF-C882-4FF3-9733-BD7D4A028B2F (resized).jpeg63861201-C049-4661-B722-ED51EA57915D (resized).jpeg
    #4392 1 year ago

    New black layer...

    F02FC0B6-88A1-4727-892B-16CB6A2507BC (resized).jpeg
    #4393 1 year ago

    88217481-EB50-4C61-B1B0-0040C8AA3A57 (resized).jpeg
    #4394 1 year ago
    image (resized).jpg
    #4395 1 year ago

    Meantime i am gonna show you how the servo programming works!
    You program the parameters of the servos...

    image (resized).jpg
    #4396 1 year ago

    You add the servos to the show player...

    image (resized).jpg
    #4397 1 year ago

    Make a bunch of counters that react to each other and call out a bunch of events when completed...

    image (resized).jpg
    #4398 1 year ago

    Add some sound clips to the sound player...

    image (resized).jpg
    #4399 1 year ago


    2576CA10-E038-4733-B328-EBAAF909E3DF (resized).jpegFDEEDCDE-42DF-49C7-9501-FE51A4486986 (resized).jpegimage (resized).jpg
    #4400 1 year ago

    Great progress today - WooHoo~!!

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