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The Crazy Mansion by the Pinball Amigos

By pinballrockstar

2 years ago

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    #4151 1 year ago

    The assholes at customs got us by the balls again,but hey...whatever right?

    image (resized).jpg
    #4152 1 year ago

    I added the board to the wall of misfortune and-we-are-moving on!

    image (resized).jpg
    #4153 1 year ago

    I bought 2 extra 1616’s so i can fry another one and still move on
    Note the 150 extra rgb lights!! Boom!!
    4E4B181B-1DCD-42A3-AFE6-F48F58DE0D82 (resized).jpeg

    #4154 1 year ago

    Past week we had one step backwards...my son had 2 out of 3 fans in his computer broken so we gave 3 of our crazy mansion fans to him.
    The new ones are underway from china

    3BFA262E-3356-4182-B64C-2075D228D8D3 (resized).jpegEF443636-BB5A-4492-B0C6-160FC22A9ACD (resized).jpeg
    #4155 1 year ago

    Sad sight though...

    3F709F62-0C9B-4995-96E6-496B446DF505 (resized).jpeg
    #4156 1 year ago

    Oh,Mic and i went to the monsterjam with our boys last weekend...my favorite is zombie and mic is going for the all time fav!

    50028CD1-1F7B-4F8F-81C8-4D691FBF7876 (resized).jpeg5E2E2F6A-4FC6-4AC7-9C50-8A86D2D77C5B (resized).jpeg
    #4157 1 year ago

    The entire stadium was sitting in the shade and we and a bunch of dudes were sitting front row in the freakin sun.
    We had to search for lesser seats in the shade cuz we was gettin fried man!

    68F55133-E4BC-4D3C-8552-30F8D72E26BF (resized).jpegF6740C4C-AD74-4254-855A-534E1D486BBE (resized).jpeg
    #4158 1 year ago

    Luckily we brought sun block...

    4C2CBE74-4268-43FB-9909-C0925748C2F5 (resized).jpeg
    #4159 1 year ago

    So over to the mansion news!
    Yours truly has been cutting tongue depressors all week

    7CAE1467-7982-4387-B67E-90B911ABE370 (resized).jpeg98D46FEC-2F9E-4867-8728-3924C2A866CA (resized).jpegD5ECDA98-8E85-414E-8AA9-4631E4C7FE64 (resized).jpeg
    #4160 1 year ago

    First i cut some overlap roof tiles..

    7D89DFDE-A13B-44D3-8E73-923D4E4F5F74 (resized).jpeg
    #4161 1 year ago

    I kinda noticed Mic was fed up with glueing shit,so i put in some extra hours

    FEF4EA23-EA7E-4368-9F9B-DCF96E9B05C4 (resized).jpeg
    #4162 1 year ago

    Man...this is sorta brutal...

    B2490E2B-A239-477D-8908-8AFD0DD85AB3 (resized).jpeg
    #4163 1 year ago

    This stuff ain’t easy...everything is warping like crrrrazy!!

    517A69DB-A17D-4557-B31A-0635E1575DCA (resized).jpeg

    #4164 1 year ago

    Stick! You asshole tiles!!!

    1F105C1F-A501-4500-B8C7-03A9D373641B (resized).jpeg
    #4165 1 year ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    Past week we had one step backwards...my son had 2 out of 3 fans in his computer broken so we gave 3 of our crazy mansion fans to him.
    The new ones are underway from china

    Your a good Dad for doing this, and you and Mic for taking them to MonsterJam!

    #4166 1 year ago
    Quoted from HD_Fatboy:

    Your a good Dad for doing this, and you and Mic for taking them to MonsterJam!

    Yeah,quality time ey!

    #4167 1 year ago

    Breaking news!! Just in!!!

    #4168 1 year ago

    Only yesterday i finished the 2 sides of the left roof...done!

    6E4C8A49-7C36-49B0-8602-D3009C10C24E (resized).jpegA396508B-D729-4A10-86E5-77E94A73BD1E (resized).jpegDC1E4A40-8716-410A-9BE2-58AECBC252AD (resized).jpeg
    #4169 1 year ago

    Look at that sexy roof man...yeah...

    image (resized).jpg
    #4170 1 year ago

    BOOM baby!!!

    image (resized).jpg
    #4171 1 year ago

    Allright...time to do some stuff with our evil eye...Lord Grimm’s eye needs some switches!

    image (resized).jpg
    #4172 1 year ago

    You remember the mech i built from scrap?

    EEB631D2-9C7B-4BE3-ACC9-6E231A22AB78 (resized).jpeg
    #4173 1 year ago

    It needs 2 switches so the machine knows if lord grimm is looking to the right or to the left..

    3FBFA6FB-4080-4F13-BEB0-264291B1EC7D (resized).jpeg
    #4174 1 year ago

    Welded a nice bracket to this healthy switch..

    AF468640-8451-4061-B0D3-B1F62843B26B (resized).jpeg
    #4175 1 year ago

    awesome work on the backbox team Amigo's

    #4176 1 year ago

    Gotta bend this switch and cut off a bit so the “arm” isn’t too long...i need a short path for the switch to activate cause the eye has kind of a tiny movement

    Quoted from swinks:

    awesome work on the backbox team Amigo's

    Thanks bro!
    Good to hear ya!

    33948A26-F60E-4A05-8617-4C88F353A2AC (resized).jpeg
    #4177 1 year ago

    There...switch one is in place!

    EF348590-F65D-4959-9AFE-42844AF63373 (resized).jpeg
    #4178 1 year ago

    I simply welded another switch to the same bracket...i though paid attention to the switches being accessable to replace

    5472E59E-6551-4F19-8847-DEA12D876BF0 (resized).jpeg
    #4179 1 year ago

    Desoldering some old wires now...

    72464144-D9AB-44BA-B585-67C70DE509FC (resized).jpeg
    #4180 1 year ago

    The switches share the same green ground wire and one switch needs a diode...

    33ECD1C2-13A7-4226-A14C-ACB0E1A86F37 (resized).jpeg
    #4181 1 year ago

    Let’s install this evil eye...i better finish the wiring inside the backbox

    6C6BBC68-7E80-4068-9B24-07EE1292655B (resized).jpeg
    #4182 1 year ago

    I already installed the new 1616, so let’s attach wires!!!

    image (resized).jpg
    #4183 1 year ago

    Hahaha...evil eye in place!

    3687723F-23C6-48B6-87E1-C70EDAFBC781 (resized).jpeg
    #4185 1 year ago

    Hey! Mic is here!
    He found some aluminium sheet with an adhesive back?!
    It’s like a big piece of tape we can use that man...

    22F27247-D01C-4CF7-8CB3-17646097E0D0 (resized).jpeg58ACA76F-B22F-4BAB-88AD-08ED07A8EB41 (resized).jpeg
    #4186 1 year ago
    Quoted from Atari_Daze:

    Eye really dig that feature!


    #4187 1 year ago

    Mic is happy with the progress

    0065C400-07A6-4449-BD6D-97077D6C1AD9 (resized).jpeg4DF9C865-40FC-4F5A-9201-232C3E3DC5DC (resized).jpegEE2F4553-7066-4317-AACD-C1BB56E9D0AD (resized).jpeg
    #4188 1 year ago

    Allright...adding the wires for the 2 new switches...

    BB1ADED7-3B67-44AE-AFBB-545B7E0E6A65 (resized).jpeg
    #4189 1 year ago

    The other sides of the wires need to be soldered to the motor and switches

    8E21A333-58A2-4676-B6F0-EFAFDC3EC7FF (resized).jpeg
    #4190 1 year ago

    There...switches are live!

    049CE361-6AA3-49DA-BCAD-C6240C17A935 (resized).jpeg
    #4191 1 year ago

    Meantime in the other corner the airbrush is clogged up

    48FA7E1C-EABC-493F-ADA9-8FE795BCF656 (resized).jpeg9E714333-E269-4DB4-97DC-2DE79C93A694 (resized).jpeg
    #4192 1 year ago

    Mic wants to brush one face white,but he is having a hard time getting his brush to work.

    051D4DAB-C047-452C-92CA-5ECC5E3C9099 (resized).jpeg13574AF0-F1A5-488D-B1C7-22BFC68D306D (resized).jpegA721C605-1CB1-4736-9615-1CF6B34EAF15 (resized).jpeg
    #4193 1 year ago

    2 face

    79114B9A-1835-497A-A6EB-DFCC74E1CBB0 (resized).jpegB017F3F4-5060-44C9-9DD7-F44AA62D3884 (resized).jpeg
    #4194 1 year ago

    Okay...let’s add this gear to the code,i am calling the motor:

    293C5422-C2E9-48A1-9DE0-0B694015E1F9 (resized).jpeg68A32FA6-EFF9-48F6-9682-E5AF35D77A7E (resized).jpeg
    #4195 1 year ago

    Meantime Mic has the brush dialed in

    9AB0F913-92AF-46AF-8C75-73EBDC116794 (resized).jpegD742B925-3110-4F56-B3F7-FBDB52B90525 (resized).jpegE4D1316F-2CBB-4EB9-BEB9-4366AAA079DD (resized).jpeg
    #4196 1 year ago

    Shadows under the eyes...

    6DC71DB4-58A5-4084-96CE-0EDEAFA916AF (resized).jpeg
    #4197 1 year ago

    Man it’s a creep already!

    image (resized).jpg
    #4198 1 year ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    Shadows under the eyes...

    Creepy! I like it.

    #4199 1 year ago
    Quoted from SunKing:

    Creepy! I like it.

    Thanks man!

    image (resized).jpg
    #4200 1 year ago

    Eyelids and mouth too...

    F55B58CD-BDF5-4302-AF2F-B7C699484E12 (resized).jpeg
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