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The Crazy Mansion by the Pinball Amigos

By pinballrockstar

2 years ago

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    #3651 1 year ago
    Quoted from Thor-NL:

    Bit late to the party ...
    Very productive night going on!!
    Looking good as always
    no grinding or welding?

    Night ain’t over yet,i only grind when i am severely hammered

    #3652 1 year ago

    Smooth sailing!
    Soldering like a maniac!

    7A899927-6171-46E0-B9ED-06B1F7064C45 (resized).jpeg

    46F3AA53-099C-47F0-A289-58D855D800DC (resized).jpeg

    image (resized).jpg

    #3653 1 year ago

    Great Mic,looks industrial to me brother!

    66B32953-5296-4AC8-B11F-28EF9BF5649C (resized).jpeg

    #3654 1 year ago


    D5E76BBB-663E-4657-BBDB-406749C0C324 (resized).jpeg

    #3655 1 year ago

    Nice work Mic, creative as ever!

    #3656 1 year ago

    And it works awesome too,can’t wait too marry these parts!

    #3657 1 year ago

    looking great guys, hats off to you guys for the frankenstein creative approach.

    #3658 1 year ago

    Add some electrical ZZzzz...ZZZZ...Zzzzzzz!! To the audio a-la MAry Shelly Frankstein pin, to announce it’s rising


    #3659 1 year ago
    Quoted from swinks:

    looking great guys, hats off to you guys for the frankenstein creative approach.

    Hey Swinks brother!

    Quoted from Thor-NL:

    Add some electrical ZZzzz...ZZZZ...Zzzzzzz!! To the audio a-la MAry Shelly Frankstein pin, to announce it’s rising

    Copyright dude

    #3660 1 year ago

    Not that actual sound-clip but i mentioned as reference that one, .... just sizzling electric
    We don’t what attorney letters, do we

    #3661 1 year ago

    So added some code to the pops!

    A2292AF7-42BC-4CBD-BC3B-B08CEF806D9B (resized).jpeg

    62EE789F-C081-4298-997A-133432489E7A (resized).jpeg

    33D1E674-FCAE-404E-B93D-E7700B31D8D4 (resized).jpeg

    #3663 1 year ago

    B O O M ! !

    #3664 1 year ago

    See you soon friends!
    Have a great weekend!!

    image (resized).jpg

    #3665 1 year ago

    Hawk moon says "High guys,looking fantastic as always" Have a nice weekend!!

    #3666 1 year ago
    Quoted from hawkmoon:

    Hawk moon says "High guys,looking fantastic as always" Have a nice weekend!!

    Hey brother!
    Party on!

    383BD275-796B-464D-ACF9-AD31E81C0D3C (resized).jpeg

    1 week later
    #3667 1 year ago

    Today i am taking my wire stripper from my shop home,i am stripping wires with my teeth for the crazy mansion build and i need to strip another 300 wires or so..
    In my shop i strip 1 wire per day average....
    So yeah...to avoid dental problems...

    A9CAC807-6EE5-43A1-9FC6-5667200E77DC (resized).jpeg

    #3668 1 year ago

    Are those the wire strippers king tut used?

    #3670 1 year ago
    Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

    Are those the wire strippers king tut used?

    Not polite to comment on the appearance of another man's tool!

    #3671 1 year ago
    Quoted from pinballrockstar:

    So yeah...to avoid dental problems...

    Just use Mic's teeth!

    #3672 1 year ago

    The white bags contain snacks!!
    Building, drinking ... snacking, must be Friday-Night

    #3673 1 year ago
    Quoted from Marten:

    Just use Mic's teeth!

    That..is ...actually..A GREAT IDEA!

    image (resized).jpg

    #3674 1 year ago

    First some news!
    Mic made the shirts,we autographed a bunch of em,packed them and sorted out the adresses...
    Man what a logistic nightmare

    CBF53AAB-B5ED-448D-8E9F-500E1139CF81 (resized).jpeg

    96D16F1E-70E9-4C79-BB9A-CB29DFCFDB75 (resized).jpeg

    DF4E5C15-6B19-416A-81F5-7308C326A1BB (resized).jpeg

    EA814635-F6CA-4B81-81CB-15F4F3457612 (resized).jpeg

    51B152D3-5B2F-4C93-876E-294AE9ED61DB (resized).jpeg

    CF6AB7EA-08F6-4497-AFBF-2AA0318D1EAE (resized).jpeg

    image (resized).jpg

    #3675 1 year ago

    watchit (resized).png

    #3676 1 year ago


    #3677 1 year ago

    Anybody looking for a cheap / great condition rescue 911 cab by the way?
    We are looking at our ally parts and it is a shame for it not to be used?

    image (resized).jpg

    image (resized).jpg

    image (resized).jpg

    #3678 1 year ago

    Ok let’s knstall some flipper mechs on the lower playfield!
    What in the hell are these big yellow things?
    The wiring on gottlieb is also very strange,the high voltage seens to go through the switches?

    1F732EC8-AFE2-4B20-9BB3-FD6A1E4137AE (resized).jpeg

    D1B1A239-DB36-46E3-991E-B7547559FB3B (resized).jpeg

    #3679 1 year ago

    I had to relocate this little post,i had 2 complete right mechs and 1 leftie without the flipper connector...so had to mc gyver a little!

    EBE71C4F-8DF3-4A39-8EEA-71D4C99F5EBF (resized).jpeg

    BA41A4B0-8C35-4F0D-B705-90B8A80DB041 (resized).jpeg

    #3680 1 year ago

    Totally gotta figure out where the reverse flippers need to go

    BCB2779A-E339-4501-8D2A-BAE0C1F10369 (resized).png

    #3681 1 year ago

    I am almost sure this is the spot mic!
    Let’s rock!

    1C1EE991-2F49-46A2-B719-7CEAE70954C2 (resized).png

    #3682 1 year ago


    F6E35D6F-F5A8-4F67-B8C5-73840BFC0A98 (resized).jpeg

    #3683 1 year ago

    Let’s mount some mechs!!!

    14F6073F-3AFD-4789-BD43-DA7DE769EAC6 (resized).png

    #3684 1 year ago

    There...let’s wire this stuff!!

    607CBC57-1F3B-4AC6-A37F-D40D937F4EC9 (resized).jpeg

    image (resized).jpg

    5A31038C-8F44-438C-82B6-3F82EB743C9E (resized).jpeg

    #3685 1 year ago

    Let’s hope these gottlieb mechs work dudes,untested stuff

    28A322B7-A927-444B-8B1E-9C926C12AF0A (resized).jpeg

    #3686 1 year ago

    BE4B0E51-725D-412B-92A8-60EC94EF7E3A (resized).jpeg

    #3687 1 year ago

    There...all new and different color wires

    A26538BA-E435-4B50-B028-D56E986273C5 (resized).jpeg

    #3688 1 year ago

    Okay...hmm...we are mounting a second set of flipper buttons for the reverse lower playfield bats,but for now,i am gonna configure them all together

    image (resized).jpg

    #3689 1 year ago

    Mic is thinking about wooden boards layout!
    Great idea!

    0501E38D-15B3-4C77-8129-EB6D89C821A5 (resized).jpeg

    F88DBF88-4F16-4A33-90B5-291E048D3A7A (resized).jpeg

    #3690 1 year ago

    Let’s put this to the test..

    #3691 1 year ago

    Mic says we need a semi circle of targets right here..

    64588A17-8F94-4EDB-9754-DCA69D4B4B22 (resized).jpeg

    68A5C6C1-7596-4D3C-92DE-D21A8E28275F (resized).jpeg

    #3692 1 year ago

    Shiiiit,our playfield is thicker than usual...new problemo!

    0ED48A11-9E66-40FE-8D2F-00EF42313E16 (resized).jpeg

    A90F64AF-FA14-4A20-BB0D-6CDD0CD000DF (resized).jpeg

    #3693 1 year ago

    Okay...a speedbump...a well...let’s cut the brackets and weld em back on..

    BE533B48-D2E0-43B1-9BF8-CBC550EDDE6A (resized).jpeg

    #3694 1 year ago

    Eyeballing this,not being to anal about it

    98019EF0-2B89-4FFA-AB18-79FD97FF49C2 (resized).jpeg

    AA239844-BF35-441F-A9B5-DF63077B6DA0 (resized).jpeg

    #3695 1 year ago

    Welding the brackets back on...

    D139DB01-4BDE-47C3-9AA2-834F3E1C98B9 (resized).jpeg

    C5371F3D-781C-46E2-8176-B319E1164128 (resized).jpeg

    #3696 1 year ago

    There...next week we are gonna mount these switches,time to play pinball!

    D706D226-5464-4ED6-8175-08DC70C9DCE8 (resized).jpeg

    1C7F6A9F-3DD4-4039-8AA5-0F948FDE4A35 (resized).jpeg

    #3697 1 year ago

    Gonna go oldskool tonight people!

    D39A5D73-9F19-4389-9BE7-847A0AAC97A3 (resized).jpeg

    image (resized).jpg

    #3698 1 year ago


    image (resized).jpg

    #3699 1 year ago

    Personally I would have routered the edge of the playfield instead of modifying every target

    #3700 1 year ago

    I was starting to get worried. There hadn't been any grinding or welding in weeks.

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