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#6098 2 years ago

Just a personal comment on TPL. I Sooo wanted one Years ago and I can not imagine the heartache monetarily and mentally this business has caused but I must say seeing it now at Expo again seemed like a purposeful punch in the face to the Many buyers and lost soles they left behind. Just poor business. Add to that, unlike past shows I was absolutely amazing that the lonely old TBL machine in the back row Rarely had a sole looking at it. The interest and trust in this product and company appears to have vanished like the dollars many invested. Looking it over on only the second day of the show it was falling apart! No joke, pop pumpers glued on and fell off, wear at Every hole, and just hanging in there. It's a prototype but seriously, if your going to make yet another attempt to pilfer the US buyers for goodness sake bring your A game. Or at least a working one. At the Return of Lebowski price point there is No way they are going to reform a line for this title with JJP hitting Mega home runs and API right behind them. Just an opinion and observation, I sincerely hope for all your game or cash appears some day.........

#6162 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Only way I would order would be through Cointaker or whoever is distributing. So if Cointaker places an order and pays for 100 games or whatever, then on-sells, it might work out.
Still dont understand why DP didnt just swallow their pride and pay whatever ARA wanted just to release the next batch of games. Then terminate the deal, then find another contractor. So clearly DP had no $$ left to even pay for the next batch.

Totally agree with you there. This just seems like a well orchestrated ponzi deal. There using one New credit card to pay for the other past due. Pain or not, why Wouldn't they just take the New suckers (I mean buyers) money and pay ARA and have them on the road next week? No parts, no pain, and a flock of supporters Instantly! Then go and build the New buyer machines with..... Oh never mind they would need to come up with another credit card of investors to build those. Circle of life I guess.

3 weeks later
#6471 1 year ago
Quoted from Bearcat:

So based on reports from this last weekend, Xytech Lebowski's are officially happening?

Technically Nothing is official until products are rolling out but it does appear they have a plan to make that officially happen again!

#6482 1 year ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

and as they opened the coindoor of the prototype, it was very parse assembled.
Hope they can increase the quality.
But for me the Dialed In was much more fun then the TBL

Yes but Dialed In has Red and Ted, TBL has the DUDE! lol Would have Loved to see JJP snake this title but the theme is Priceless and a cult favorite!! While nobody loves to see the words Made in China, can we think of many if any Electronic products that are not made there and preferred over any other country? As I type this on my iPhone.....

1 month later
#6564 1 year ago
Quoted from Laseriffic:

We have 8 TBL toppers left in stock. We were never able to figure out how to get a 12V source from the game to power it up. We tried different ideas and the only way to do it is with wall power, sooo here is a Christmas deal to move these remaining toppers.
$125.00 + shipping You can order direct from me at laseriffic@att.net and let me know what length power cord you will need for it. I will not make any more.

Email sent. Please tell me I didn’t miss out on the Dudley offer.

1 month later
#6615 1 year ago
Quoted from Frogman:

I can see how it would be incredibly difficult to attend a show AND write one of those extensive emails. Never picked up a great sense of urgency over at DP. Would love one of those machines someday...

Seems like an email like that would be pretty easy? More like a text. “Still no games, and we have no longer have your money”. Lol

1 week later
#6628 1 year ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:

Here's my NSNL. The plan was for TBL to be my first pin. My AFMr LE should be delivered next week and it'll be my first pin.
Will TBL be my second?
Or my third?
Or my _______?

You may want to consider adding an Addition to your house basement. TBL may be your 103rd at the rate this business is going.

#6640 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

200 Pins were paid for by early achievers. They were like usd 8000 incl tax. So where are the millions Lebowski ?? Still a big chunk of money, don’t forget to deduct the tax, not millions for sure.
They never said all the money is gone. They said not enough money was left to built all the 150 left early achiever units. That is something else as all gone. If it was all gone tbl2.0 wouldn’t be happening right now. This is also why they are talking about new sales to get new cash in the house to make it tick. Some will call it a Ponzi scheme but here it is implemented to get everybody their tbl.

Ok his statement was off saying Millions but 1.6 MILLION is Still pretty close in comparison no? 200x8000. Still a Hell of a Lot of money for 50 games made. That would come out to $32,000 per game and one Hell of a Party! lol As for no time to send a letter or email while sick. If you have nothing to say why bother I guess. No games, no money, please keep sending in your orders! Got it!

#6665 1 year ago
Quoted from TRAMD:

I sort of wish Rensh was making TBL.

I sort of wish Anyone was making it!! lol I really want this game, dream theme for sure!

#6676 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I give him credit for being creative and smart but I think it foolish for anyone to take him up on the deal for the reasons you mentioned. Correct me if I'm wrong but last I saw, TBL's were selling in the 12-15000 range. And isn't pricing for a new TBL, if they ever get made, at $10,000?
Do I have those numbers correct or have things changed?

Not sure I would call the inquiry foolish nor anyone interested in the trade. He was offering unobtainium toward unobtainium. Plus it was never listed as a straight up sale. Your numbers are correct on both and who knows, Maybe some day Someone will complete this dream theme but for now getting one may require some creative bait which is what the classified used. And for the record it worked and I played it! Awesome game!!! The only foolish deal in pinball is the one you never try!

#6683 1 year ago
Quoted from whitey:

I have Faith !! And when my game arrives it's going in the living room!!!
Just for a night

lol. Don't go near those candles!! Lets hope it stays up there as long as the tree!

#6709 1 year ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

Yes - now. at this moment. totally agree. However the whole goal of all this optimism in this thread and the work DP is apparently doing will result in that figment of imagination becoming a reality. It wont have to, as you say, "flood the globe" all it has to do is become real, become available to purchase and legitimately ship to anyone who wants one. That might be 100 people that might be 1000, numbers and geography are irrelevant. The point of my question is what happens when/if the Chinese remake becomes a reality? Anyone who thinks the handful of originals don't take a dip are fooling themselves.

Totally off sir. Example. Show me an original BBB for under 20k and I’ll buy it! Hell, offer me a BBB remake for under 3 times sale price and I’ll buy that. New does not always make old worthless in all cases. Your logic is Heavily ASSumed.

3 weeks later
#6783 1 year ago
Quoted from Nilroc:

Is there going to be a factory tour for EA's?

It would be more of a pub crawl to show where most of your money went... Make this darn game already Pretty Please!

1 week later
#6810 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Been a long time since any new code has been seen for Dutch-TBL. It was last mentioned in late 2017 with a comment that existing owners would see it soon. Is China-TBL holding revisions to old code hostage, like that rat Larry Sellers did?

Ok, not intentionally trying to make fun but DP has made a LOT of promises. You didn't actually expect them to uphold that one did you?? They are still (Working!?!) on promises made 5 years ago. lol

#6821 1 year ago
Quoted from whitey:

Should I get ready to lay the rug down for delivery???

Only if you plan to piss on it like DP did with the deposit money..... To the previous poster, there were a rare few on location Until the owner found out rightfully what they were going to be worth so they disappeared quickly. Of the 50 (ish) out there many have found their way to premium collectors with guarded care. IF they ever make these (or someone qualified to do it) they will be a home run on theme alone.

#6826 1 year ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Per Dutch Pinball's last update on 2/13 (6+ weeks ago):
"Although things seem to take forever we finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Xytech has finished Engineering Sample (ES) number 4 of the pilot builds and it will be send out to us next week, just after Chinese New Year. ... We will come with a new update after we have received and reviewed game number 4 from Xytech."

Trust that there were not enough Second round deposits for him to hide to long. He will be back up soon with a new pep speech to keep the deposits flowing.

1 week later
#6869 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Are these machines (that are possibly getting built), for the people who have already paid in full and are in line for...well, forever, or are they getting passed over for new sales? No one has asked and they have not bothered to mention anything on how they will make it into people who have had their hard earned money in for years.

I thought they said several times that they need to sell New buyer money to finance Old buyer purchases later. Could be wrong but that seemed to be the current business model and direction. Sadly there aren't many options available other than to Hope this plan works better then the Other plan.

1 week later
#6943 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

Definitely. I agree that Barry and Jaap aren't in hiding. They just need to be more proactive on frequent communication and status of the game.

Why hide they haven't done anything. No Really, they have done NOTHING on this game! lol

#6947 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

I like the capital letters. You must be very sure of your case. Care to share the intel you have to support this claim?? Really curious to hear who founded DP, designed TBL, made all building instructions, etc.
Apparently not Barry and Jaap ......

The only thing I am sure of is the Hundreds of buyers that never received a game! So, I claim that no matter who designed, programmed, or Other doesn't really matter if they didn't Deliver the game does it?

#6953 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

You said they did NOTHING. The above is different.
However, again false talking about hundreds. They did deliver 50 pcs. And these hundreds are in fact approx 140 early achievers who paid and in are in like me. There are more who ordered games but they haven’t been asked to pay a dime so they have not gotten a game but also lost NOTHING.
Glad to see that such well informed people like you keep stirring the pot with nothing to tell and I bet no skin in the game.
Look, I am the last to state that DP is without errors. They have made mistakes for sure and it is in the end their sole responsibility. But stop throwing these wild unfounded accusations.

Ok, first off I do apologize if my statement was assumed directed towards the designers or anyone that created this awesome machine. More a distaste for the way the Company has executed so poorly and disregarded all of the people (Yes, including Me) that invested in it. Aside from the absolutely mindless way this company was run I want this title more than Most anything out or to be released. It is so very frustrating that all that comes from this company are false hopes and imaginary promises. I did manage to cancel my order got lucky but yes I got back in line with Hopes they can Find a way to make this a real reality. At present, it appears fruitless unless they can pull off a miracle. Hats off to what was created by the ones that did there part, now it just needs to find its way to the people and believers.

1 month later
#7276 1 year ago

I personally still don't buy the relationship and company folded because ARA wanted another 1K per machine. Even IF that was the case I will Bet there isn't a Single EA buyer or New buyer for that matter that wouldn't pay that bump or at the very least split that fee to Get A Game! 1K is allot of money but if at Any time DP presented this oversight or communication to its buyers I Bet if it was True few would say no thanks I would rather have nothing.... That whole Story just smells worse than DP's business plan and ethics. EA buyers want a stratagy, call their BS bluff. Have everyone sign a volunteer list to send ARA a 1K bump to release their games. ALL must be in or sell the other hold out positions with the bump. I'll take one if someone refuses to sign. Trust that this 1K lost relationship story was BS from the day DP spewed it!

#7280 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I'm sure the truth is somewhere buried in that muddy picture.
The 1k comment seems like a no brainer for someone who has a game sitting in a box stranded.. but if you are DP and facing that new cost not just on the 40games, but all games going forward.. you can understand their position where the game just doesn't become viable for the project. You have to understand DP was facing not just shipping 40 games, but the full run, and a decision there could have sank the future, even if those 40 games were released. So from a customer view, it's 'duh!', but from someone looking beyond those 40games, the view could be different.
The amount in dispute seemed like it was the new cost per game PLUS other things that DP felt they weren't responsible for. So the amount due isn't just 40k, but other amounts too (my interpretation). So, it's likely the full amount in dispute would have to be addressed, not just a new price on 40 games.
It seemed all along that there was disagreement on what was billable, who was responsible for what work, and what prices were set or not. While DP had a dream on the line... ARA seems to have had lots of real money on the line. I still struggle to believe they went full Gangster on DP and were just trying to squeeze them. Doesn't seem in character for a standing business who has much more work to do outside of pinball.

I agree with your comments however understand I wasn't simply talking about making whole the few EA units sitting on the floor. My point was IF this was the truth and as Claimed Barry and Jepp only want whats right for everyone they would eat some crow and simply say we will pay (clients agreed) that added cost we combined overlooked in the production cycle. With new sales being 10k or even 11k this so called raise in price would go away quickly. Plus, why would ARA prefer to go to court just to get nothing from these guys as they have Clearly lost every dollar investors sent. With the plate of crow ARA is whole, EA clients are whole, and new buyers can flood the bank with new funds. All for a simple we screwed up heres your money. My Bet is DP didn't pay them ANY of the money for the first shipment and that money (bar, cars, or otherwise) is long gone. Hell, I'll pay 2k over to call their BS bluff. It's business. ARA wants to be paid for services rendered. Problem is the guys they dealt with have No clue how to run a business and always count on tomorrow to find the money again.

#7283 1 year ago
Quoted from brainmegaphone:

How do you know this? What is this statement based on? Companies operate under litigation all the time. The only thing that stops them is an injunction and no one (even DP) claims one of those exists.

Perfect point. Both have everything to loose by litigation. While painful they both win as do EA buyers with a mutual agreement and not a door that is closed.

#7330 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

IP on the software developed by DP. TBL hardware is useless without the software ....

And the software has proven Useless in the hands of DP.

1 month later
#7790 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Why the negative approach?? You could also see it as an attempt to have enough funds to fight of ARA.
But apparently everything DP does is explained negative

Wow you will defend then to the end which has long passed. This is a last minute money grab face facts. The fact that they have even ONE game available for sale should go to ONE EA buyer to at least get them one point of karma but no they opt for lunch money. Same goes for the parts. They should offer these to the 40ish that got this game as their future for support/parts will be Dismal! We get it you have a vested or personal relationship with DP, sadly you are the only one that still see's them as innocent and worthy of pity. The EA buyers have a different feeling.

#7792 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Does this ES machine have Kahlua printed on the playfield with a post it notes covering? I agree machine should be sent to their oldest EA (by payment date).

Agreed. Or just to punch them deservedly so in the Nards Every EA buyer should crazy bid 100k on this machine and let them wait for payment forever! Let them list if for 5 years or do the right thing!

#7804 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Before it blows up- yes highdef has posted a fake reply- will report back IF & when I get a reply

I actually found the reply funny and Sadly believable!

#7814 1 year ago

Unreal, the only move they have left is a cardboard sign and a local off ramp to get a last few nickels of free life support. Sad and absolutely No sense how to run a business.

#7837 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

Cleaning out my old closest, found this.
What an innocent age that was (and a really cool party!)

Hope you drank 10k worth of beer!

1 week later
#7881 1 year ago
Quoted from QuickSilverShelb:

I have something to confess and a couple of questions:
1- I still have a $1,000 deposit sitting with Nitro Pinball out of Vancouver for a Big Lebowski game. I realize that things are super rocky but I've still got 1%-5 % hope that it still might happen. Yes, I know I'm an idiot but what the hell, it still might come through, right?
2 - If there are 50 games sitting at ARA then why doesn't Dutch just settle with ARA? They can be suborn and get nothing or they can settle and get what.... 50 games x $6,000 +/- so that 's $300,000 or so?
3 - Dutch is severely underfunded or out of money, correct? Why can't they find some financial support to see this through? A bank, an investor, their mom? I mean really, what would it take to get the train back on the tracks. A million? 1.5 million?
This whole thing appears to be pretty "small time". Not "small time' to those who have lost thousands. That is significant to those that paid damn good money for something that was promised but they never received.
I mean it's small time in terms of the actual money needed to make this project happen and deliver it to the honest/enthusiastic customers out there.
Yep, I just don't understand it all. Maybe Dutch just needs to reach out to the right people who offer them a life line and "just let go".
Barry, Japp....... sometimes it's right there, under you nose......

I think the biggest issue with your math on #2 is Even if they stole them from the plant there are MANY in line that paid in full or close to it so even releasing 50 would still yield them 0$ to build more and even less to pay the final bill due to ARA. You ask "what would it take to get it on the tracks?" A real team of people that know how to actually run a Business. Thats the step they missed all along!

#7941 1 year ago
Quoted from RTR:

The Secret Seattle Seven (4 guys who actually donated about $300) is a joke. DP now panhandling for money is a disgrace and more.
Also - I Highly doubt Highdef got a refund. I PM'd him a couple of times for details/insight. He has now inactivated his account.

Completely agree! This is the last money grab to see if there are just a Few dollars left on the tree to scam. IF they wanted to be true and honest (yeah) gentleman as a few here like to say they should start a GoFundme starting with an apology and the fund drive solely to Refund the EA buyers of their criminal neglect and stupidity. All proceeds to the many we conned no matter what value is raised. I would Absolutely contribute to That fundme! That would be an honest stand up move. Granted that will Never happen...

#7948 1 year ago

Why not play the same game as its a free world. One of the EA forgotten should start a GoFundme page to gather funds to hire the Best lawyer in the land (preferrably one of OJ's team) to sue DP for the millions stolen for it's victims. See if there is an option to tie the page to their fund page for funzies.

#7951 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Just a pitty that initiatives like this are so critized as the founders have clearly no personal gain. Just trying something to favour us EA.

Seriously?? They are doing this for the EA with no personal gain.... Really? Are you related to them or as I suspect Really deep into that personal friendship. Nothing they have done to Date is for the EA buyers. Nothing!

#8027 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I’d definitely buy TBL if I could drive into a warehouse, pay and pick up an actual game. Can’t see this happening unfortunately. In a perfect world, DP sell the game to someone capable of actually making it.

That would be the Ultimate wish if they did it Long ago. Today that wish and buyer would come with a parade of EA buyers that got screwed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars that rightfully would not let that stand. The failure and scam of DP will sadly forever haunt this amazing title.

#8116 1 year ago

While taking this topic private won’t be a favorite for some that is actually a smart play as any hope of figuring out a lawsuit type attach would be best done outside of DP’s eyes and a few of their defending BFF’s that lurk on this thread. The best attack is a surprise attack. I sincerely hope the EA’s can formulate some type of plan to recover Some lose and put this comical group of Madolph shills to the ground for good.

#8123 1 year ago
Quoted from el_duderino:

I provided my EA number when I first joined forum and I thought this one was supposed to be for EA's only. I am NOT going to share my email with you from DP with my serial number. It's the only proof of purchase I have from DP. I don't know any of you, so how could I trust that you're not going to steal my purchase info and steal my place in line. If there is public news it should come from DP and be shared for all and not in some private forum. If you want a list of EA's either get it from the list started here or get an email list directly from DP.

Don’t think you have to worry about anyone stealing your place in line as the line is now gone and the parks closed.

#8146 1 year ago

Off base and miracle type curiosity. IF a miracle happened and DP won the lawsuit AND they won a lottery to pay for and release the 40 games hostage would the EA’s have an issue accepting a game with the now obsolete internals and boards? Seems like they abandoned the old setup for a reason but I am only Assuming that! Personally I would take anything they had but the question is still valid.

#8168 1 year ago
Quoted from foxtj24:

I do not understand why anyone is not willing to share the info. So here it is.

The broken silence and letter looks like a fear seeing groups uniting to end this long playing shell game. Basically back off and trust us again and please don't take legal action or contact anyone. Anyone surprised that they decided to start communicating when EA's decided to take strategy conversation off line.....

#8171 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Seeing your name reminds me.
I will take a set of the bowling ball pinball mod you have on your site

Thanks! I have never hidden the fact that TBL is without Question my dream theme and holly grail no doubt which is why we even made a mod for it. It is disheartening to see this title possibly forever lost to poor business decisions. This title (to me) is the best cult classic to ever come out. (or almost come out)

#8174 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

I’m serious! I will take a set!

Anytime several sets and colors in stock. Visit www.TheModCouplePinball.com and I can have them out next day.

#8177 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Says out of stock?

I just checked and the website says 9 sets in stock. Just PM me what colors you prefer!

#8180 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Paid! Can I have a set 1 blue & 1 Red.

Done and done. Thanks for your order and interest! Will have them out tomorrow!

#8184 1 year ago
Quoted from Nikonokin:

"And this is a compelling story!"
IF this works out, will be the most compelling pinball story ever. Also most ironic, as all the problems we have are basically what the movie is about.

Sorry had to read back a bit but You sir took the ultimate roller coaster on this one so a salute to you. As number #52 you were literally an Inch from the exit. I am NOT making fun just totally understand your frustration a bit clearer. Dam. Sucks for all but you sir took the ultimate slap. I wish for all this amazing theme gets somehow across the finish line.

#8188 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Fact: A friend of mine JUST got a refund from them. I wonder why them and where that money came from, if they’re still saying “no refunds”. Hmm.

Why do you and others taunt EA buyers with this crap? If you want to Help them get their money back and Help by telling them how to do it JUST Do IT. Otherwise what do you gain by bragging about this secret refund process?? Just seems dicky.

#8201 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Dude, are you for real? I’m not taunting anyone. I don’t brag. There’s no secret. I told my story of the refund. I badgered then until they said “OK”. You know what my friend did? Badgered them until they said “OK”. We didn’t do anything special, didn’t expect it, were shocked when it happened, and are now relieved.
All I’ve done is wonder out loud why some get refunds while they send out emails that say “no refunds”.

Reminding everyone You and your friend got all your money back even now isn't Bragging to a forum full of onlookers that see the fate of doom looming regarding their investment? I must have missed your detailed formula for how this is done though I have seen many ask. Nobody wants to feel like a sucker but Surely nobody wants to be continuously reminded! Post a Step by step 1-10 who, when, how often, with contact info, which companies, license holders, etc step by step how you came out whole and I suspect you will have one of the Highest upvoted posts of this thread. You got your money what do you have to loose? I wasn't trying to poke you and kotos to you for figuring out a back door to make yourself solvent again but this thing is crashing and any lifeline would prove valuable even if for only a few. Trust that the captain won't be staying on that ship when it goes Bloop.

1 week later
#8260 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Thanks yelobird. My TBL Bowling balls arrived. Very cool

Glad to see they arrived safely and Thank You for your support and interest in our products!

1 week later
#8275 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Yup. I know DP has planned to do a code update if shipping restarts with some polishing and final wizzard mode. Barry already prepared animations for this which will have to be put in the code. If shipping restarts Koen will be hired on a temp base to do this.
But, focus is on hardware production first.

Not sure how this makes sense? Why are future customers more important the Existing customers? So if they get hammered in court for poorly running there company they wont complete what they started? Why should lucky buyers that paid good money for a product have to see what the future holds for them to complete their product as promoted? Seems like they have had Years to at least finish what little they can to make a few people/supporters happy no?

#8278 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Don’t see how you can bash DP for this.. I’m still waiting on my GBLE Update from STERN! TBL is already more complete than a Stern game on release.

Honestly did not intend to bash just seemed wrong to claim or state that they intended to finish it when they get what they want. Yes Stern is slow but at least the buyer received the product as purchased. Many would agree DP has not made that commitment.

1 week later
#8312 1 year ago
Quoted from Brijam:

Pure speculation, loaded with assumptions:
ARA and DP settle out of court in November, with DP agreeing to give ARA a fixed payment on all future TBLs, say it works out to $500 per machine. ARA bows out of pinballl production forever and agrees to say something nice, once, about DP and forever remain silent about DP. DP releases a similar statement and can never say anything negative about ARA.
DP takes deposits for new machines, but money is held in escrow by a third party that releases monthly public stats on money received, held and paid out. Escrow money is released to Xytech /only/ if enough funds are raised to produce enough pins for Xytech to be satisfied to begin, say 50 orders for new pins. If enough funds for Xytech to make 50 pins are not raised by March of 2019, money is released back to the new customers and DP is done - ARA can auction off their 40 TBLs.
Xytech begins manufacturing in March 2019, first deliveries in July 2019 to new customers only. $500 per machine is held in escrow for ARA, and $500 per machine in escrow as a reserve to make prior buyers whole.
ARA holds their approximately 40 TBLs as collateral until 40 Xytech TBLs are sold and ARA has received $20,000, then begins releasing them to TBL for shipment in batches of ten as the $500 per machine squares up with ARA’s originally contracted price. Meaning if ARA’s build cost was $5000 per TBL, DP would receive the first ten machines after ARA receives $70,000, or 140 pins were sold. All ARA TBL’s go to customers who originally made deposits.
Using the escrow funds, every 10 that DP sells, Xytech receives funds from the escrow account and builds a game for people who have already purchased one. The escrow account remains in force until all old customers receive machines and ARA is made whole for all 40 TBLs. After this DP still continues to pay ARA $500 per TBL sold forever but no longer has to deal with an escrow account.
This scenario sucks for customers who already paid DP money (big time), sucks for DP, and sucks for ARA, but it gets ARA paid eventually with little risk to them, gets TBL’s made, reduces risk to all parties, nearly eliminates legal costs, and eventually makes everyone whole.
The numbers would have to be adjusted to fit reality, but I would jump at this deal if presented to me no matter whom I was (ARA, DP, Xytech, customer).

Since we are making assumptions my theory will certainly (rightfully) be hated by most. DP should bow down to ARA and acknowledge they no nothing about business and take whatever percentage or offer they give to fulfill the original contract. (Here’s the hate part) To get the engines back online, take on 50 New buyers with ALL money going into ARA escrow at 10k per game and sell the existing goods. Take the say 50% profit from the the release of those games to fulfill the outstanding obligations to EA buyers and move forward with countless addition TBL’s which will flow again like a faucet wonce the industry sees progress again. If DP makes a buck or two time will tell but that should be the Last concern after this debacle.

2 months later
#8463 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Don’t know why I bite Tom..
back to private thread... care to join me

While sad for the buyers of that club I am Very happy I do Not belong to that private thread!!! I suspect it doesn't have a happy ending.

3 weeks later
#8479 10 months ago

While few Big Lebowski's made it to lucky owners they still deserve so love and support. We were contacted by a collector to create and Improve a common issue of the lower playfield pins cracking due to a weak design and plastic not correct for the application. So we took on the challenge and redesigned the part using a proper high impact Nylon and significantly increased the support. The support now fully covers the full rear of the pin and all other elements including the holes are beefed up! Air brushed detail to complete the stock look and we have Working bowling alleys again!! Sold individually for replacement or as a complete set. Not sure how long or how many we will make but a back up plan is always nice. Plus the Pins really bring the alley together nicely!! We are Honored to be part of your Amazing collections. The Dude Abides! Available NOW from our website store!


Thanks for your support and interest
The Mod Couple

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg
#8483 10 months ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

sounds like something broke on the game in question or pitched weird. the ball should not make any contact with the pins on a fully functioning game.

Do explain? There were 3 broken pins in the game I repaired. The ball does hit the pins and that force pushes the plunger up into the coil which pulls it up. Would be curious how you think the pins get triggered to go up without contact from the steel ball? Not a huge market just thought we would offer the replacement upgraded solution to any other TBL owners that might wish to have a back up plan.

#8495 10 months ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

I made some balls for the side plate , as decoration. Pretty much the same that are offered for sale on pinside .
As a DP team member I did not find it appropriate to sell things to folks who are waiting still on their games.

Just a Guess but I think the wait for paying clients to get a game from DP is Long over.... wish I was wrong but seems obvious at this point. Just trying to support what would have been one of the best game themes ever created and do what little we can to help keep the Few lucky enough to protect these pieces for others to enjoy.

#8497 10 months ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Sure, a good thing. Carry on I say for the Lucky few
6 weeks max , judges verdict will be out, and then its no longer an assumption of what when or what.
Haters will hate, lovers will love .

Who is Hating?? I make parts for a game I Wish I had. What part of my effort did you see as hate. umphhhh

#8502 10 months ago
Quoted from adol75:

What if ARA gets all the rights back, the license deal, the stock and can actually resume production ? The machine works, the code is good, it's far more advanced than all the JPop stuff and totally ready for mass production. So the R&D costs can be kept to minimal and investment can be made towards selling units. 100 prepaid isn't that much compared to the current sales potential of this machine so it could be absorbed as a loss by ARA.
I don't know how it works in The Netherlands but in France for exemple a bankrupt business can be bought for 1€, debt can be negociated as long as jobs are kept and that a valid business plan is presented to the judges.
Anyways 6 weeks from now, is almost tomorrow, so I'll definitely keep an eye on that lawsuit and cross all that crosses.

Absorb an 850,000 loss before starting? Don't think they would consider that business plan.

#8504 10 months ago
Quoted from adol75:

850.000 includes the profit margin, the real cost to absorb is the production cost since buyers expect a machine not a refund. It seems that some machines were boxed and ready to ship, something like 30 to 40 of them. Also from what I understand not all the 100 people paid a full price some made a partial deposit.
So that number could be much lower, maybe in the 400,000, which is realistic compared to the R&D costs attached to designing a new pinball from scratch.

Seems like a loosing debate but I do not follow your logic. The money is gone so the 100 machines Paid and Owed will need to come out of someones pocket. There is no profit in an IOU.

#8511 10 months ago
Quoted from Aladdin:

Just curious, are there really 40 machines in a warehouse? If so, what will happen to them?

I think every imaginative senario was covered in the 171 pages of this thread. None great for EA's

1 month later
#8554 8 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

so sounds like the court said "I'm going to hold off on a final verdict to give you guys one last chance to figure something out and I really want you to do so", if they have not been able to come to an agreement before now, not sure how they now will, but, I guess you never know. If they can't someone is going to lose, so hopefully they will be motivated with the clock ticking to find a win-win.
Hopefully whatever the outcome leads to these machines getting made.

Come on Josh! You got pull. Doesn't API want a home run with some baggage? You guys would hit this out of the Park!!! Granted you can't really do worse then DP lol.

#8558 8 months ago
Quoted from rosh:

We are open to talking with anyone who wants to get a game built, but often the logistics and economics don't make sense. Often the amount of engineering required to get a game to production is far greater than folks think and games are not nearly as ready to be manufactured as the creator believes. The level of detail and precision is far greater than most imagine and was a bit of an eye opener for me having gone from custom game making to commercial (I think Scott D would say the same). This engineering and software development effort can translate to a game not being worth what the creator thinks, especially if they want us to fund it and take all the risk. Now TBL is likely further along in that regard than most projects, but, hard to know for sure, given the twisting, turning path it has been on, and what work ARA did and who owns that, etc.
Regardless, I'm not sure anyone would have a serious conversation with Jaap and Barry until the legal process runs its course. I'm a big fan of the movie and impressed with what they have done, and would be happy to work with them (and Koen) if that was to come about. But as a betting man, I would not be putting money on us doing it.

Sooo what you're saying as for forum rumor is that API is considering it? Lol Just kidding but you guys really would have hit this out of the park and beyond.

1 week later
#8607 8 months ago

Nice. This and the Amazon commercial were my favorite super bowl hits.

1 month later
#8655 7 months ago
Quoted from NPO:

Dont be so sure. Have you seen what people here are willing to pay sight unseen for a game? Dude, people were paying above NIB for TNA to be the "guy on the street with the new oooo shiney toy before anyone else had it"......

Agreed. IF this whimsical Kanada tale is real I am offering 15k for any TBL NIB that any early adopter wants to sell on receipt. This game Will hold value for a Long time no question.

#8660 7 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Guys why pay $15,000?? If they fire up the line at ARA again you will be able to buy a TBL for 10k + shipping

I am speculating but I suspect (assume) IF any of this rumor is true the games being released are the games that were held captive at ARA to pay the delinquent bill the DP clan left them with. Just a guess but would make sense as we have not heard anything from the court case since. Sadly if that was the case I doubt the EA buyers would be the direction they would go as DP already burned that money long ago. Not a happy assumption just a guess.

#8726 7 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

over 100 unread posts on this thread and looks like I didn't miss anything....

I think the crow is safe...

1 month later
#8794 5 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Thanks Bryan.

For further explanation and pictures, here's a link to my Pinside post.

I would like to say that looks horrible in hopes you would sell it to me but just can't. Amazing skill on that one congrats love it!!

3 weeks later
#8803 4 months ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:

An update from Barry and Jaap would be appreciated.

Good luck with that. An update would be a Completely new trend from that group

#8823 4 months ago
Quoted from brainmegaphone:

I haven’t read the license agreement and I’m not sure if you have but I’m willing to bet reselling games manufactured under license that was paid for (if it was paid for) doesn’t violate Universal’s rights. It would be no different than me reselling the GB machine I have in my basement.
Remember your contract is with DP. How that gets to you to a claim against ARA or Universal isn’t clear to me...
When you say “go after that breach” in your second sentence what breach are you referring to?
To put it more simply - if you pay your local grocery store $5 for milk to be delivered and they take your money you can’t sue the dairy farmer... even if the farmer is physically holding your milk. Your complaint is with the person who took your money and failed to deliver.

And at this point you would have better luck getting a TBL from a dairy farmer than DP! Lol

#8842 4 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

Written to be funny, but the next update will include at least 5 of the following:
We did our best, it was all ARA's fault, things were out of our control, we did nothing wrong, we disagree with the judge's decision, we had a good plan, we are sorry that ARA did this to you, we have no money and that is ARA's fault also, we are pursuing other avenues, blah blah.

Sadly funny but more than likely fact.

1 week later
#8862 4 months ago
Quoted from Cobray:

Can Chicago Gaming pick up this license and make it? Serious question. Seems like it would sell well. I'd buy 2.

They would also inherit millions in Lost EA dept before building the first game. Sadly I doubt that they would be interested in that business plan.

#8871 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I dunno...if the assets get fire-saled as part of liquidation, one of those assets would be the IP in the game design and software.
Seems to me someone could buy those assets without acquiring the whole company, it's debt, etc.

Not saying thats not feasible I would just personally Hate to be the company that buys those rights knowing there are So many EA buyers that got robbed on this theme. Seems like the bad press alone would sink their efforts. Just look at the bad blood for Deeproot hiring you know who and they even agreed to make those buyer whole! While I would Love to get this title I doubt anyone would take the baggage these guys created. Sad.

1 month later
#8956 3 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Why would DP be allowed to sell games before paying off ARA? That's the rub... ARA needs to be paid. Why would ARA settle for anything less up front? They already have the judgement, they already have the goods. A settlement from DP just is a quicker path to get real money instead of having to deal with further bankruptcy and liquidation problems. So incentive to give up some $ to get it done and over. Not incentive to fund an underwater operation.
ARA is just one of the creditors against DP. Barry wants to paint it as 'light at the end of the tunnel' - but fails to address the #1 problem. WHERES THE MONEY LEWBOWSKI?
Sure selling the 40 games to new money is an asset he would have to lure in an investor... but they need the money up front. Nothing has really changed here... except the potential to get the ARA monkey off their back. With that main creditor off their back... maybe someone is crazy enough to lend them money.. and fund a new batch of games via the china builder. But again.. all that takes money.
Before: DP needed money to pay off ARA to free up the games and reach a settlement to move onto the future
Now: DP needed money to pay off ARA to free up the games and reach a settlement to move onto the future

Depending on what Paying off ARA means the only painful (to EA buyers) is to tell ARA we have 40 12k deposit buyers with funds in an escrow account through Coin Taker for 480K. Use that to hopefully pay the dept and Pray there is enough to continue this whimsical adventure of how Not to do business.

#8966 3 months ago

Taking the reply for what it’s worth my favorite part is the start with Lebowski and many more beautiful games after. Yeah right at this stage your still even imagining More titles let alone buyers?!? Lol.

#8968 3 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

You are rediculously hard to follow... you switch back and forth between scenarios mid thought.
"funding won't get off the ground" -- then follow up with "once ARA has been paid in full". These are not sequential thoughts!
You're suggesting ARA will let the assets go, so they can be sold, before ARA actually gets paid. Why would they do that? They already have a judgement against DP - DP has almost no assets themselves and are underwater. Anything leaving ARA without being paid up front is basically asking to go further in the hole to DP. Your whole 'joint account' theory still hinges on the idea DP is stable enough to not just take more liability and fold up.
Pretty sure by now ARA knows exactly what they can and can't do with the assets... with DP alive or liquidated. You and I do not.

But that was my point earlier. If ARA has Any chance of getting a dollar out if this Ponzi scheme they will need to get creative. With Coin Taker as the middle broker holding ALL funds they could allow them to sell all 40 making payment Only to ARA directly. As I said while a crap deal to EA buyers that could net 480K plus to at least make them close to whole and DP could never finance another party with those funds. Guessing anyway. They would sell easy. Sadly the only win would be to ARA and Coin Taker.

#9261 3 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

What was the asking price for them from the distributors? If they sold out that fast they were under priced...

From distributor not plural 12,500

#9263 3 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

Wow, I didn't look at it like that, now I am so happy.

Ok kind of curious...... So does this action constitute the crow finally being eaten?? lol Pics please.

2 weeks later
#9525 78 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

They have accountants?

Of coarse they do! Well know high dollar ones!

DB083D48-1A23-495B-BBF9-24F8A93F32A6 (resized).jpeg
#9752 74 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

No, they ran out of money before... which is why they couldn’t pay ara for less than 1/3 of the games they had already collected money for. The dispute about a new price is just Barry fog IMO. Ara held the games they had because DP already owed them big I bet.
As for why DP was dry...Don’t forget they went in and redesigned the hardware.... after collecting money... and did all the work to make the prototypes into actually producible games. All that took time and money. Plus of course paying themselves during that time too.. while they were woefully behind schedule.
Completely blowing your schedule sinks most new products because the spending doesn’t stop... and you have no revenue coming in to stop the hole from getting deeper.

May be completely wrong but didn't they also mid stream fund the DP Bride of Pinbot kits with Lebowski money hoping to double down on red and buy more time?

#9913 70 days ago
Quoted from Pinball-Wiz:

They are making more machines and have planned on making more for about 6 months while all this was being negotiated. I can't reveal my source. Believe me if you want. I believe my source.
They are not telling the buyers of these machines being released because, just like DP was, it's pure deceit to influence the overpriced market based on limited #'s and perception that no more machines will be produced.
Those that are excited to get in at $12.5 now better sell fast.. once the other 200 plus machines get rolling who knows where the price will be then. More machines out there also equals less spare parts if/when machines break, etc.

200 plus more machines?? Hey I'm a dreamer and even like an occasional fantasy flick but lets try to keep this realistic. I VERY much hope they can pull off additional supply but we might want to manage expectations on the scale of this dream.

#10091 64 days ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Surreptitious photo just obtained of EA plaque storage.[quoted image]

Ok thats some Funny ass sh?t right there lol. Thanks.

2 weeks later
#10342 50 days ago

Somewhere in this thread (before the price debate) someone mentioned DP used WMS type flipper mechs but did not use EOS switches? I played one of these and noticed on a VUK shot to the flipper it would fall. Is there a setting or adjustment to Hold the flipper? Also whats up with the flipper lock up feature and can that be disabled?

#10360 49 days ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

Really? This will never happen

Agreed. At that point they would be better off selling off all the parts to the 90ish owners and Returning that money to the EA group to move on from this Long company investment.

#10409 43 days ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

Disclaimer - I have NO horse in this race. Never put a deposit on TBL, don't have any personal friends who were EAs, nor will I be buying one. The theme just never interested me.

That's NOT what Barry said (and yes, I listened to the entire interview). He said that after building approximately 500 games, that's the point at which all EAs would have their games.
The intent is to sell some games, then deliver a smaller fraction of EA games. He needs to do this for cash flow purposes. This cycle will continue and as he gets further along, the number of games sold vs. games delivered to EAs will decrease.
So, along the way of building 500 games, ~315 or so will be sold and ~185 EA machines will be delivered. (numbers approximated)

So he just has to find 315 12.5k additional deposit early achievers. Easy piesy!

#10521 42 days ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I found time to listen to the whole two hour podcast (which was evidently recorded several weeks ago, as DP was still in the process of picking up the parts). If you’re interested in hearing Barry present the plan going forward, jump to 1:29.

Key points on Barry's plan to get TBL back into production:

The parts are now in a storage facility
DP is in the process of leasing a new production facility
Have nearly full parts for 25-50 games, lots of partial parts beyond that
Not concerned about sourcing parts for future games (including potentially from ARA, which did the sheet metal parts)
Early production will most/all be sold to new buyers to generate funds, then DP will start interspersing production of games for EAs alongside production for new sales
DP will need to make 400-500 games total in order to get games to all EAs (meaning sale of 265-365 games to new buyers funds production of 135 games for EAs)
Barry is confident there’s a market for 500 more TBLs at $12.5k
No statement on when production will start, Barry hopes "very soon"
Initially, game will be built by Barry, Gus (sp?), and a few volunteers
Production will slowly ramp up, DP will then hire people
Barry says DP has funding in place to see project through, is “sure they can pull it off”
Target is to have all EAs receive games by end of 2020 (requiring avg 8 games/week)
Will sell exclusively through Cointaker in US, through DP in Europe and rest of world
DP is considering adding a cheaper “Pro” model at some point, no decision made
“No preorders this time”

Other items of interest:

Barry's apology and commitment to get the EAs their games is at 1:57
Per Barry, 55 games were initially shipped to EAs, 135 EAs are still owed games
Barry couldn’t bring himself to admit that it was a lie to say ARA wasn’t shipping games due to board problems (he repeatedly called it an “excuse”)
Barry does not get into the details of why DP lost the court case, or what specifically the ruling was going to be (understandable, settlements often limit the parties from talking about the case)
In general, Barry did not have a tremendous amount to say about DP's past history, mainly agreeing or disagreeing with the interviewers statements of fact. He did seem to want to say something about the soundtrack issues (all but forgotten given subsequent events, but an early point where DP seemed to be misleading its customers while leaning on Roger Sharpe's image), but subject was dropped. Barry seemed more animated about the path forward, which I suppose is a good thing.

Wow thanks for taking the time to detail the notes and share. For really such an amazing game its sad this ran so far off coarse. Love to believe Barry does want to see the right thing done even at a fail similar to how Gene basically went down with the ship on BBB but I guess time will tell. Unless its solely a pride thing image a crazy senario.....
Barry ships ALL parts to a company like American Pinball who have proven they Can pull off a task with quality and support. (you'll hate this suggestion..) All EA's are asked to pay an additional 2-3k (inflation) and AP builds 2 EA games using the parts pile of 50 noted and 2 to fresh 12,500 buyers. As they would only be a contract builder they keep the 3k per game and apply X percentage of the fresh new 12,5 buyer purchases toward bigger piles of parts. Barry only gets paid after this rinse/repeat cycle is done and AP and Barry split profits after the EA list is done. All crazy but a company like AP (just an example) has the line, skill, team to pull it off AND all money is now on US soil which would build a bit more trust in buyers. Crazy wishful rant....

#10692 35 days ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Wait, what? You lost me here!

I think he was having a play on words with Barry’s (I mean pinballslaves) post. On the plus side at least the silence from DP has partially broken and some form of updates are happening again. Not sure how but I do Hope some of these games can roll again. Just not on the Shabbos!

#10705 35 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

Just for the record, I am not Barry.

My apology I wrongfully assumed your roughly 300 posts on the DP subject and location might assume you had some connection. My bad sorry.

#10710 35 days ago

As it appears only crazy plans were considered why not a plan "C".

As EA's already Paid for the parts he has, why not ask (beg) the EA's to pay only the inflation rate of $4k to put their games together and ship them? As he has the parts already it seems like that 4k for 50 games (assuming his mortgage isn't due) would be roughly 200k to buy more parts and rinse/repeat.

#10771 34 days ago
Quoted from spfxted:

[quoted image]

For clarity he didn't say it wouldn't be a double pay EA.

#10779 33 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

True... but what makes you think that's the ratio? You must realise there are others our there who still trust Barry... they just don't see the point in voicing their opinions here... I, however, find it entertaining for some reason...

You are clearly his biggest fan (or relative). Nothing wrong with believing.

#10785 31 days ago
Quoted from estrader:

Where’s the money pinballslave?

Lol to funny. With all the new plans I want to know where plan A (-1) went. they present game, pay for game, build game, ship game. That was at the time the honest plan. (Years ago)

#10787 31 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

I don't know exactly... lawyers fees, payment for the first 95 games plus the 1/2 million euros worth of parts, setting up the Chinese production, promotional events, licencing... and some bottles of Kahlua I guess...

I think you meant to type 40 games. The second batch was paid for again with New money. He was broke long before that.

#10813 29 days ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

So there are 67 weeks between now and the end of 2020. We know the Dutch take an exorbitant amount of vacation so let’s say 60 weeks. He’s got parts to make 200 games supposedly. That’s 3.3 games per week starting next week to meet the goal. That number per week obviously goes up every week. It’s taken Spooky 5 years to ramp up to 10-15 per week.
Can someone explain a viable path forward? Seriously. Not even talking about money. Just simple logistics.

Easy math. He only has parts to make 25-40 games so the pixies and elves will sneak in at night to make the remaining parts and games. Pinball is Easy (money). lol

#10818 29 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

How do you know I'm not Barry??

I feel pretty confident that I... er, I mean Barry, is being very overly optimistic in his estimate of how long this is going to take!
Now... back to building these damn games!

Curious nothing more. In many of your posts you use the words certain, confident, I hear etc. do you actually have a verification you could share with the group or are you simply a wishful consumer with a commitment to sharing optimism? As this basically a How To not run a business story your optimism is interesting or fueled by something you feel is not worthy of sharing to the other investors.

#10841 28 days ago
Quoted from Tomass:

Did the supplier sell Bill peanut butter that John had already paid for?

OK that there is F'n funny. Thank you for that!!!

#10863 27 days ago
Quoted from Pinball-Wiz:

Guys can be leveraged and playing games with banks to look like they are rich, for example.

Are you referring to Barry, and "Banks" as a metaphor for EA's? Sorry just seemed like a wide open door there. lol

#10871 26 days ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

It is interesting to speculate where TBL prices are and heading.
TBL’s have primarily been resold for $15k - $22k. Prices peaked this summer with a $25k sale. Now that an endless supply is promised by DP at $12.5k, one would have to be pretty desperate to pay $21k for one. There may not be any more games made, but the possibility of this has paralyzed the market for them imo. People will likely stand by.
People that want them for $12.5k will buy them once available. If DP builds it, consider it sold. Guaranteed demand for your product. The only reason that this is true, is the mistaken belief by most that the game may be worth $21k to someone else because of past sale. That is the rub, unless there is a large group of unknowing saps willing to buy the game for $21k, the games cannot be easily sold and flippers will be stuck with their game unsold.
When hype passes and those wanting to resell will lower asking price to what the market will bear. I thing $12k - $15k range is tolerable and that is where actual sales will take place. Because remember, as good as the game is - it is subject to breaking unique parts that are limited to not available. You can play a broken TBL, but if the rug doesn’t work and the bowling alley has issues and you’ve paid $12.5k, you’ll feel ripped off, even at that purchase price.
Barry might be able to build 50 more games with existing inventory before being shut down, but eventually the factory will close (it has to open first), and 140 EA’s will still be without their games. All this effort to build games and no realistic way to get a single EA their games. Ok let’s say 5 of the 50 games built go to an EA, because DP makes it happen to keep the natives contained. So a few folks receive a game, but you’d have to agree that would only be slightly better than none.

Very logical view with the exception of the statement “Barry Promised”, that seems like a tough pill to swallow. Does seem like time will tell if this story has another chapter or a scary ending. As for pricing my total Guess is that the market like Barry are Hoping 50 of the 140 EA buyers will take the bait on paying again which would total up their purchase investment at 12.5 + 8.5 for 21k. My guess is that’s why the market is Assuming the value in this range. I will say it really is an Amazing game and can only hope this finds a new path to get it to market for all. Especially those that already trusted and bet on it happening.

#10875 26 days ago
Quoted from estrader:

How many more people are going to buy without the code updates? If Barry builds more it waters down the rarity effect and without code updates the game is not complete so asking people to pay 12.5 for a game that all of a sudden isnt rare without code updates is a tough sell.
Is not like Dutch pinball is stern or jersey jack where you know code updates are coming and these more proven companies will get the code updates complete(unless you’re a ghostbusters or potc owner).

What code are you looking for honestly asking. After the last posted update the game seems rather complete to me granted I’m not a great player. Is a mode missing or are you wishing for added video content?

#10886 26 days ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

That’s actually not a terrible idea. But would only work if I could get 75+ tickets sold. I like the idea though. Might see what the interest would be in that.

Only 75 tickets? If you only want 7500 for the game I am your buyer for All 75 tickets! lol Best to the family and worst case you still have an awesome game.

#10888 26 days ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

250 a ticket x75 is 18750 or so.
I’m not sure of the legality of doing a raffle for the game would be my concern.
I do like the idea though.

Sorry he mentioned $100 a ticket x 250 so I got excited. lol

2 weeks later
#10978 10 days ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

How do I help DP avoid questions? I just save the answers for the Private EA group thread.

As I didn’t follow along early are you an EA finally getting your product or a new cash buyer? Congrats on the game.

#11049 7 days ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Sincerely congrats. Seeing that game at any cost cross your threshold of rugs had to be a happy happy day. If you would share, as a double payer did your game come with your long overdue plaque and any input on the bonus special accessory prizes he was pitching? Do hope you enjoy some closure, really is a special game with a Crazy story and history.

#11058 6 days ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Those 4 games had to have been partially assembled by ARA, no way Barry is cranking out a game every 2 days.. I hope for the best for the sake of EA’s but I think we should keep expectations realistic as we go forward.

The first picture showing These games are going to the next EA's prepaid on the list will be a more impressive statement honestly. At double pay per game, I would work 24/7 to make 21K per game!

#11061 6 days ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Barry has other people working on different assemblies- then they all come together.. he may even take his work home with him
Imagine...wiring up a bowling Mech whilst watching an episode of Friends..

Sadly I think Friends was still on the air when he received payment from the EA buyers. lol Might not be as entertaining now...

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