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#63 4 years ago

Could anyone shed some light on buying one of these ?shipping? CA tax ? I'd love to jump on board but after my Woz & MMR which understand I'm cool waiting another 6 months for MMR just want the game dialed in etc .I need more info like chrome and the rug ?any help greatly appreciated

1 year later
#1105 3 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Seriously, don't leave us in suspense here!

Just curious? What exactly is the rumor about Pat Lawlor & JJP
Sorry all TBL future owners, I will own one but done with pre orders

#1118 3 years ago

What a beautiful game, I sure hope Cointaker can bring one to Pin a go go in Sacramento !

#1141 3 years ago
Quoted from d0n:

The big lebowski?! What's next... dukes of hazzard or Magnum PI?
I personally cant think of a worse pin theme than the big lebowski. It wasnt even that good of a movie. It'll surely be a dud as a pinball game.

Hmm ? How about Hard Body ?

#1147 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Maybe he could re-theme hardbody into a sweet ass magnum PI, well it's just funny with the dudes line up but that's cool

#1149 3 years ago

I actually laughed more the second time I watched TBL, I used to drink white Russians all the time ! But retired from that

10 months later
#2836 2 years ago

I have to thank cointaker !!! I just put a deposit down which I believe I'm last or 2nd to last of there TBL pins .Dealing with them is a pleasure, I love the movie, I have some nice pins but I'm more excited to get this game than any game ever ! The wife or future x may not like it but it would look great in my remodeled house in the living room ! All by itself, on the rug !

#2843 2 years ago
Quoted from Frogman:

Congrats. When you placed the order did Melissa provide you with an estimated ship date?

April.- may ?,, but I'm fine waiting a few extra months
I'm in good hands, not like my MMR & twisted pins !
Is that clown in jail yet ?

#2881 2 years ago
Quoted from Mike_M:

Off topic I know, but iwhat ever happened with that? Seems like no one wants to address it in MMr threads?

I called CGC, got my game, not sure what happened with Travis, he fucked the white water topper, his stencils suck, thank God I got my MMR which I just sold, I picked up a Mint original waiting on a package deal. Im support Dutch pinball, spooky, gotta back up the new guys,

1 month later
#3672 2 years ago

I picked up one of the last games from cointaker, played it today I'd be really bummed if I didn't get the game .come on guys work it out

1 week later
#3931 2 years ago

Im.glad my deposit is with coin taker, A bride of pinball for 12,500 ? A standard remake of AFM at 6599 ? Theses prices are all over the map, the bubble is gonna burst ! I'm almost completely out of room now ,prices are getting ridiculous. My limit was 10k
On CC, TAF gold HUO, and TBL, that's it !

1 week later
#4445 2 years ago

Rather than me weed through all this Bullshit ?
What are my chances of getting a game after I have given a deposit? It's a gorgeous game, played it , gotta have it

2 weeks later
#4548 2 years ago

It will work out ,Im staying positive !

1 week later
#4578 2 years ago

What a goat Fu@#

#4579 2 years ago

Hey DP, build my TBL and when it's delivered I will give you a deposit for BOP,

This entire thread is like pond water or watching paint dry !

2 months later
#5871 2 years ago

Sounds like an old western
Horse Shit & Gun Smoke

1 month later
#5963 2 years ago

August of 2018 ??? WTF
I thought game was going back into production soon

#5977 2 years ago

I try and stay positive that I will get a Game in the end of this BS, thats starting to diminish

#5996 2 years ago

Ok.so I got a thumbs for not jumping up n down with joy !

When I see a big rig in front of my house , the tailgate dropped and I peak inside and see a box with DP on it !!!! Im throwing a big party .

1 month later
#6108 2 years ago

I will believe it when I,m unboxing her !!

#6118 2 years ago

So they need new buyers ? I have a $1000 deposit which was the 2nd to last game they had left. So where does that leave me ?

2 months later
#6533 1 year ago

Honestly ? What are the odds of this game being built again ? Hate to get excited about getting one, huge fan of the movie and the game is incredible

#6555 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Is Barry still in China!?
Got to be due a Xmas TBL Update!

That would be nice ! Throw me a crumb DP

1 month later
#6602 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

Here is a leaked photo from the Xytech factory in Suzhou:

Maybe she's tired from working on the rail road ?

2 weeks later
#6641 1 year ago

Get well ! Then get building ! Crossing my fingers .

1 week later
#6681 1 year ago

I have Faith !! And when my game arrives it's going in the living room!!!
Just for a night

20171203_093839 (resized).jpg

#6712 1 year ago
Quoted from kklank:

You still got a Christmas tree up. Lol. She must be getting a little crispy by now!

Funny ! That was before Xmas
I figure the TBL is like a baby grand in the corner!

#6719 1 year ago

Question ?? You mean to tell me the entire TBL pinball is built in China ?

#6722 1 year ago

Screenshot_20180214-220306 (resized).png

#6723 1 year ago

Might have to put that 10K towards a Hellcat !

#6731 1 year ago

All joking aside, I gotta say if this is built in China I would wait to see the game and play it.Are Tv,s phones,shoes and almost everything else is made there so we may be surprised. Until I'm in front of the game and playing it I won't go on one guys opinion

#6732 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

I think we all (for the most part) agree that without DP, there would be NO TBL. Yes, there have been a few missteps, but I do give them a lot of credit for their vision, talent, and courage.

#6733 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Do it!!! Waiting for 2019, power increase for sure.

Or a 2018 and 20k off Msrp
707 is plenty of horse power

#6745 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Agreed. I'm just hoping Toxic Orange makes a comeback!! Hellcat, best bang for the buck!!

Grew up a Chevy fan,Z28,s Big blocks,vette,s but always loved the Challenger. Still looks like American Muscle.

If people have deposits and a contract like myself can they raise the price of TBL If so that's bulshit

#6752 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

A buddy of mine has an original Lebowski for sale.
So would I be better off sending in money now and waiting for the cheaper model?

Who says its cheaper ? Just curious
I learned that the cabinet is being upgraded which has no mdf material similar to MMR LE, same playfield, same components,
As a matter of fact some quoted the new game plays like a Stern ?
Did he fly to China and play the game ? After doing more research
I found out they put an original TBL
Next to the new version side by side
And was told no one could tell the difference??? Like I said not long ago,wait until the game is in front if you, play it! And make your own decision. Im in construction and its sad to say alot of the products I purchase here in the States are crap,
No pride of workmanship, just waiting for a pay check,that goes for some of the Clowns delivering games ,no blankets, no straps
Why dont we all hope for the best
If they deliver a cheap product ?
It wont take long for the ship to sink

3 weeks later
#6820 1 year ago

Should I get ready to lay the rug down for delivery???

#6830 1 year ago


#6844 1 year ago

I heard they have 50 games ready to ship ?

1 month later
#7002 1 year ago

I gotta be honest, I've had alot of Smoke blown up my Ass at this point ! IDGAF getting ahold of of my distributor and bailing out.Tired of waiting for anything its Bullshit.

I have to say PPS has it going on,My attack LE is kick ass. (edit). Sorry pinside patrol put me on suspension

#7024 1 year ago

I,m sorry vacations n Holidays ?
What a Stroke fest.Bust out some 55 gallon barrels of Jergens .Would it be a big deal to pist something?

Rick !! Ready for #3

3 months later
#8270 1 year ago

Games fantastic! Still have a deposit with coin taker who are great . But honestly I just don’t see this being done but I won’t pay 20k for any pinball period. I do have a nice collection and love my pins but I can’t throw money away. Congratulations too all TBL owners

6 months later
#8620 8 months ago

Very sad they can’t work things out
Like to see Someone come in and save the day ! But that’s not gonna happen

#8711 8 months ago

Any chance they take the money and get the game back into production?

3 weeks later
#8748 8 months ago

When can I bid on one of those 40 games

#8766 8 months ago

Can somebody bootleg the translite?
Like one to frame

#8781 8 months ago

I still believe that this will be made again it’s just to good not to !

Praying to the pinball gods!

1 week later
#8791 7 months ago

The legal system takes forever! They can stroke it out for years

#8792 7 months ago

It’s like a divorce! Only the Lawyers come out smiling

1 month later
#8853 6 months ago

I would imagine the games would sell for 12k ? Maybe 15k NIB and there’s 60 left or so. They would most likely take highest price and refund deposits ? Or no deposits at all

#8870 6 months ago

I think Donny will come back from the dead before we see more Lawbowski pins being built.

1 month later
#9026 5 months ago

Anyone getting a game and consider selling it ! Let me know

#9100 5 months ago

Even at $12,500 the game might have issues and you own it !

Wait until it’s made again and save $$$
Get parts etc

It’s a pinball !

#9294 4 months ago

That’s rediculous I agree ! Wishing any new pinball getting destroyed!!!whoever are the new buyers there just pinball guys having a chance to buy a game. It’s unfortunate for those who lost but a lesson learned
It’s a gamble putting up money on anything? A start up business, flipping house the list goes on . It’s all good when you pay 6k and sell it for $25k in the box a year later !!! No bad feelings towards any new buyers or Cointaker . They are great people to deal with .Gotta say the story behind all these games is quite amusing

Hopefully I can buy a rug ! Or translite !
Maybe CPR can do a mirrored version

#9398 4 months ago

I’ve Been lucky to own a lot of great pins
Rode my bike from town to town to play as a kid. Still get excited to find a beater and tear it apart. For me TBL is the Game
If I ever do get one it will for awhile be in my living room ! On the rug and never to be sold . Would gladly let other pin lovers play it

Hoping this gets made in numbers and everyone who wants one gets one !
Left of the fireplace is waiting!
4383A889-8E79-4FD3-A0F4-8BD81F7303AE (resized).jpegimage (resized).jpg

#9400 4 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

That room could really use a rug.... you know, to tie it all together.

Well my wife’s little dog pees on the rugs
I threw them all away

That’s some funny shit ! Or is it ?

1 week later
#9455 4 months ago

I think those games sold so quickly is because most buyers are thinking this is there only chance to own this game. I hope this game does get picked up by legit investors and built but honestly
The more time that goes by the harder it will be.

#9462 4 months ago

I feel bad for all that invested money in TBL pin . But very curious where the game’s end up

#9473 4 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

same here...but if you can get one from cointaker is there a reason to turn it down?

No I wouldn’t turn it down.

#9476 4 months ago

At $12,500 and it doesn’t get made again
The game down the road will be 20K
Personally I’d like to own one because I live n breath pinball and love the movie I
Wouldn’t buy any pinball to make money
Or hoping it goes up in value.

#9478 4 months ago

I’ve taken NIB games out of storage for 20 yrs or more and never a problem ?with the exception of battery issues
I doubt a company would hold $500,000
Dollars and let them get F-uped
Then they would get nothing ?

#9485 4 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

The inspection is going to go like this. Opens box. Is there a pinball machine in there? Seals up box.
I am sure DP, ARA, CT have or will make it clear these are AS-IS, with no warranty implied or expressed.

This is a half a million dollar deal
Coin taker is a legit business, there not gonna crate up 40 Munster pros !!!
This isn’t there first BBQ

Anyone that wants to see this game be made again or loves pinball hopes that everything goes well .Having this go bad doesn’t benefit anyone. After going to court I’m guessing a court system is overlooking this with a fine tooth comb

Think about it ? You actually think he’s shooting from the hip with 500K

#9487 4 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Y’all need to chill. Melissa is one of if not the best person in the pinball industry in my eyes and she always looks after others best interests.

Couldn’t have said it better !!!

Thank you

#9491 4 months ago

Do you know if the codes finished?

Oops ! This isn’t a Stern forum

#9495 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Games stored in climate controlled environment- few games already opened and like new

Good news !!!

#9509 4 months ago

Hopefully the $500k can get things settled and somehow this game goes back into production . Be nice too see the EA guys get there games at what the originally we’re going to pay or close to

#9514 4 months ago

If Stern built it sorry but I would pass on it !

#9517 4 months ago

On a Stern platform!!!metal back box
And that Mickey Mouse lockdown to start won’t cut it

I like well built things , Sorry Stern lovers

#9565 4 months ago

Gotta say this TBL thread is quite amusing! It will definitely go down as the most Drama/BS / etc ever in pinball

You could actually make a movie from it

#9578 4 months ago

First hurdle is shipping 40 games

#9599 4 months ago

So 60 games built, 40 coming
Another 100 in parts , build another 100
So 200 games x 10K = 2 mil - the EA games = ??? , need a mil to start up again = a very complicated situation
Looks Grim

#9616 4 months ago

You think CT would release 500 G,s without having games in there
Possession? Or at least in a escrow account.

#9626 4 months ago
Quoted from mavantix:

You think they'll leave the EA plaque under the glass for the new buyer? Imagine how much manpower that would be just to remove.

Why risk damaging the Aprons removing them ?

#9657 4 months ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Did they say this in the Podcast? The Cointaker deal described in this thread was $12.5k for a prebuilt TBL that will ship within a month or two. You’re saying a good chunk of the games they just sold (maybe the great majority) have not been built yet? That would be quite a development.

No no , 40 games that are already built
$12,500 hoping the game gets built
They wouldn’t have sold out

#9658 4 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Money won’t be released from escrow till DHL picks up the game to ship....


That’s the only way it would work

#9698 4 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

I know this is what has been said but it raises a lot of other questions about how they will pay ARA in order to get the games.
I would be getting nervous if I threw $12,500 at this in a panic FOMO buy.[quoted image]

Why get nervous? Have you talked to Cointaker? Probably not, what they told
Everyone who purchased a game is exactly what’s going on . You don’t see 40 dudes getting nervous because there’s nothing to get nervous about

Mellisa is running the show and she knows what she’s doing. CT is legit
I’ve never had an issue with them nor have I ever heard of one. The games will be shipped, and in there new homes soon

Im hoping they go to phase 2 and build more games !

#9704 4 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

The best in the business. Not worried even a little.

Either am I

#9717 4 months ago

Paying 20K for a game or 25k in my mind just puts more demand for this game to be made again. Almost like a strategy

#9725 4 months ago

Its easy to look st something and say
Well ? You should have done this or that ?
Maybe DP or ARA instructed CT to sell these games, sell the next batch, then we will get to EA game buyers ?

Do as instructed or the next guy will
It’s business, I’m sure there were plenty of distributors ready to jump in .It won’t be hard to see who is a collector and a flipper in a few weeks. Time will tell

#9740 4 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

DP continues to shoot from the hip, making dumbass decisions. Selling these games at 12,500 when they were already changing hands at 20k is just more of the Dumb and Dumber show.
So many opportunities to make this work missed. They have succeeded in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Dude ! Your way out of your element

#9743 4 months ago

Everyone needs to chill and play some pinball

#9745 4 months ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

And consume a few beverages!

And smoke a bowl !

#9772 4 months ago

Games are shipping soon
First step to get this going again?

#9774 4 months ago

Why does everyone assume that most of the games will be resold ?

#9795 4 months ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:

The closer we got to the order cutoff, the more expensive the games were. I paid more than $8,500 because chrome trim and rug became options at an extra cost.

The forty sold through CT have chrome trim & rugs

#9806 4 months ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

The rug is crap! Ok to look at, but thin and turns to threads if you put it under the pin.

Ok thats like your opinion man,but it really did tie the room together

#9816 4 months ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.

Thank you ! I think rootsking ? WTF
Needs to smoke a doob or have a beverage man

31DCD147-A242-436F-9838-45FDDDC9B7CC (resized).jpeg
#9924 4 months ago

Ok ? So your source says 200 games but what about the 129 EA that got hosed

40 games is tough to digest to EA guys
But if they build and sell 200 and none to EA guys that’s Rediculous

I think this prediction really sparks a huge lawsuit

Pinball was never like this

#9932 4 months ago

dude ! 161 times

#9938 4 months ago

Great post ! I will pray to the pinball gods that all EA guys eventually get to enjoy
The same moment

#9974 4 months ago

Kinda looking like the titanic when you break down the numbers

#10016 4 months ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:

I'm one of the last EA's on the list. Makes zero sense for me to spend my time and money getting a lawyer involved. The only way I get my TBL is for the money from these 40 to settle debt with ARA along with Barry getting financing to produce the EA machines along side a run of non EA machines.

Every time I’ve i hired an attorney it just cost me more money and frustration

#10032 4 months ago

Sending money to DP ? After you put the Bong down don’t pick up the Crack pipe again !

#10034 4 months ago

Problem with suing someone is you can’t get blood out of a turnip . 129 guys at $2500 each retainer fees to start or more
Which you will never see

These future pinball adventures which want money up front is like going to a casino !!!

If you can’t afford to loose all your money don’t gamble at all

Sad but true, hopefully pinside guys will look out for other guys in the future
And these things won’t happen again

#10041 4 months ago

If DP sold the rights to the game to another investor they wouldn’t automatically assume the debt, in most cases they would be free n clear to build it under another name

#10061 3 months ago

I’m not a flipper but 100K
Every man has got to have his limitations

A5D36E7C-5539-4E7F-959C-63465071A92C (resized).png
#10076 3 months ago

9 days they will be unboxed or on eBay for 100K

#10098 3 months ago

Wouldn’t it be easier to swap the aprons out ?

1 week later
#10247 3 months ago

Has ARA ever built pinballs before?

1 week later
#10428 3 months ago

Sounds like a lot of Horse Shit n Gun Smoke to me

#10488 3 months ago

I paid $12,500 to CT guessing I would never have a chance to buy one. With the game readily available at $12,500 I would think twice . The LE remakes at $4000 less ? It doesn’t add up with toppers etc

I do hope the EA guys get games but they should sell more games and lower the price

#10609 3 months ago

Ok ok, let’s think about this BS for a moment! There are dozens of distributors that would haven taken and sold those games , but from what I’ve been told and not by Melissa is Cointaker had an investment in DP and lost a lot of money
In doing so ? So if they made any money at all which is well deserved good for them ! If they broke even that means they lost money.

#10612 3 months ago

Maybe I worded that wrong my bad,

If you invest money in anything that’s not guaranteed? Win lose or draw you have nobody to blame but yourself!

I know the truth sucks but come on man
Get over it

2 months later
#11214 11 days ago

Curious? How many games are being built a week , do things look better for
EA guys

#11220 10 days ago
Quoted from Coindork:

There is a guy that modded this and customized it to The Big Lebowski Bowl O Rama.

Any idea if he would do this for others ?
Now I’m on the hunt for one of these

#11223 10 days ago
Quoted from ZNET:

Be sure that the image is crisp and that the game is, needless to say, free of hacks. The vinyl-like graphic is durable so that element is usually well-preserved. The original track ball is black.
Many are equipped with dollar acceptors, which adds value. There's an upright cabinet version as well. But, much of the game's charm is its retro sensibility.[quoted image]

If the monitor was out or needed to be replaced can you retro a Lcd screen ?

#11224 10 days ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

Bet he gets a bunch of conversion requests. Wonder how many of us own a Bowl-O-Rama? I do.

Doesn’t look like an easy thing to ship
I reached to Betson see if they have one
Here in the bay area

#11235 9 days ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

All this talk about this bowling game got me interested and bought one yesterday Hope that guy that made The Big Lebowski version sells a kit or something..it’s awesome

That’s what I’m
Hoping for too it’s crazy cool

#11237 9 days ago

Ok !!! I’m in the Bowl O Rama club
A pinsider responded to my wanted ad
and sold me one ,even has dollar bill acceptor. Now if we can just convince the
The creator of the TBL conversion ?

Maybe we can start a list of guys who want this done ?

#11241 9 days ago

Guy who made it is not comfortable selling this, he doesn’t have the rights and doesn’t want any legal problems and I completely understand that and respect his decisions.

Oh well I’m bummed big time ! Was gonna put it the room with the Pinball
But I feel very lucky to enjoy the game
Maybe someone else will do it ?

#11247 9 days ago

Just opens up a door for a talented individual to do it ?

#11250 9 days ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Maybe if you want to convince someone to share gray area content with you, the best route is not to talk about them in the third person on an open forum, but to stick to PM and more private forms of communication. In my experience that’s the way to proceed with these matters.

I like your idea !! So anyone reading this
That’s capable of doing this reach out to me ! Mums the word !

Ok here’s another idea ! Anyone who can do this I will donate money to your favorite charity! Mine happens to be the human society but your choice!
Send me a flash drive and this creativity
Goes to a good cause

#11261 7 days ago

Bowl o Rama has its own thread now !!

#11295 4 days ago

What about the 128 games owed to EA guys ?

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