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#2047 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Finally making space for Tuesday!

2 words you won't regret hearing, man, for any new TBL coming to anyone's house:
'Surge protection.'

6 months later
#3314 2 years ago

Ya know, I have NO dog in this fight - other than to say this is one massive screwed-up mess.
Such a damn shame.

I just wanted to add the following 'two cents' to the many comments and opinions about this situation:

I worked for 12+ years for a global company, and we had sales staff based in the Netherlands.
Really nice people, wonderful - but my old employer discovered the court and legal system is a total nightmare (compared to our system here in the States). I recall that we spent countless dollars and several expensive corporate lawyers, just trying to get one inept sales person 'let go.' It was basically a 'contract for life' employment system at the time - some quirky crap about BOTH the employer AND the employee had to 'agree' together to the terms of termination, be paid what EACH felt was appropriate for years of service, and the employee could not be 'besmirched.'
I seem to even recall the company had to assist (pay?) to help him find similar new employment. Whatever it all was, my ex-employer was tied up in their courts there for more than FIVE years fighting this.

If anyone here thinks a legal action between DP and ARA will be swiftly settled, with settlement or damages awarded in a timely manner (as us Americans perceive it) or with anything resembling a 'quick process,' then go grab a bag of popcorn. Working this through their legal system could take YEARS.

More insult=more injury.

1 week later
#3510 2 years ago

Mongo -TBL (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#3836 2 years ago

Dutch PB (resized).jpg

#3884 2 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

I got spammed as well with the email. I am not a customer of the game nor have I ever been interested in the game, and I got spammed with it. I have no idea how I ended up on their list.

Oh, those pesky details:

Knowledge = power.

#4008 2 years ago

1m23en (resized).jpg

#4011 2 years ago

DP-Slicker (resized).jpg

#4052 2 years ago
Quoted from PinSinner:

You poor buggers with a finished TBL held hostage in a warehouse somewhere should get together and plan a heist. By the sound of that update, I think that will be the only way you're getting hold of your machine in the next 12-18 months. Seriously.

DP-Slicker (resized).jpg

1 month later
#4823 2 years ago

Gettin' ready for more news...
09dcc515b636684e673609b91b9be237 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#5276 2 years ago

Making Lies (resized).jpg

1 week later
#5698 2 years ago
Quoted from RTR:

Hmmmm, 104 games per year output. Rumor is Jaap and Barry together pull 80,000 euros a year out of the company...

These guys apparently have never seen this commented on, in the oh, 500 episodes of Shark Tank where every shark says, "That's a bad idea to pay yourself [too much] when you're launching a start-up."

1 week later
#5759 2 years ago

6 months later
#6592 1 year ago

Same Kool-Aid (resized).jpg

2 months later
#6807 1 year ago

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Thursday, after being fired and leaving the U.S. State Department:

"Never lose sight of your most valuable asset, the most valuable asset that you possess: your personal integrity. Not one of you were gifted it; you were born with it. It belongs to you, and always has, and will belong to you and you alone,” the former ExxonMobil C.E.O. said. “Only you can relinquish it or allow it to be compromised. Once you’ve done so, it is very, very hard to regain it. So guard it as the most precious thing you possess.”

2 weeks later
#6906 1 year ago
Quoted from Nilroc:

A lot has happened over the last few months in regards to TBL.
But even after all that some of us have gone through we still believe in the team from DP.
We believe that TBL will get made and know it will be one of the most beautiful games available.
The lighting,music,playfield all ties together to make one awesome game for the Dudes that abide.
I have created this topic in order for us Dudes to converse in a positive manner about TBL.
It's 2015! It will be the year of TBL.

I have no dog in this ugly fight, I just find the 1st post in this thread unbelievable as of now April 2018. I worked for 2 global manufacturers for 23 years - and when you 'miss the market that's there' at that moment-in-time, ya often don't get it back.

According to ipdb.org, here's what HAS come onto the market since this thread BEGAN (and I could even be forgetting a few):
2015 Game of Thrones (Pro)
2015-01 Wrestlemania (Pro)
2015-02 Legends of Wrestlemania (Limited Edition)
2015-03 Medieval Madness (Remake Limited Edition)
2015-03 Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons™
2015-05 KISS (Pro) Stern
2015-05 The Walking Dead (Premium)
2015-07 KISS (Limited Edition)
2015-07 KISS (Premium) Stern
2015-12 Game of Thrones (Limited Edition)
2016 Game of Thrones (Premium)
2016 Medieval Madness (Remake Standard Edition)
2016 Spider-Man (Vault Edition)
2016-04 Ghostbusters (Pro)
2016-05 Ghostbusters (Limited Edition)
2016-06 Ghostbusters (Premium)
2016-07 The Pabst Can Crusher
2016-11 Spider-Man (Home Edition)
2016-12 Batman (66 Limited Edition)
2016-12 Batman (66 Premium)
2016-12 Batman (66 Super Limited Edition)
2017-02 Aerosmith (Pro) Stern
2017-03 Aerosmith (Limited Edition)
2017-04 Aerosmith (Premium)
2017-05 AC/DC (Pro Vault Edition)
2017-06 Star Wars (Pro) Stern
2017-07 AC/DC (Premium Vault Edition)
2017-08 Star Wars (Premium) Stern
2017-08 Star Wars Limited Edition
2017-11 Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro)
2017-12 Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium)
2017-12 Guardians of the Galaxy Limited Edition
2018-02 AC/DC (LUCI Vault Edition)

The Hobbit (Standard Edition)
2016 The Hobbit Black Arrow Special Edition
2016 The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy Limited Edition
2016 The Hobbit Smaug Gold Special Edition
2017-07 Dialed In! (Limited Edition)
2017-08 Dialed In! (Standard Edition)
2017-09 Dialed In! (Collector’s Edition)

Medieval Madness (Remake Limited Edition)
2016 Medieval Madness (Remake Standard Edition)
2017-06 Attack From Mars (Remake Special Edition)
2017-07 Attack From Mars (Remake Limited Edition)

Man ... 44 new titles or variants. That's depressing when viewed in the context of that very FIRST post. OUCH.

#6908 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

Don't forget Spooky's TNA and Alice Cooper, along with Stern's Iron Maiden.

Thanks, yep, yep and yep ...+ 3 more.

3 months later
#7927 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Donate now .... and win TBL pinball later, much later props to the video though, it is edited really nicely.

Well, the voice seems to be computer-generated.
As to the edited videos, I can't understand how (if?) Universal cleared the rights to re-use the studio's copyrighted content in such a gofundme promotion.
That surprised me, quite a bit.

This whole mess just gets better and better for lawyers. UGH.

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