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#557 4 years ago

I would venture a bet there needs to be a slight modification to the apron for the achiever emblem. I don't know where else they would put it.

1 week later
#588 4 years ago
Quoted from highdef:

I don't understand why Kahlua wouldn't want in on TBL pinball, especially after seeing this video:
» YouTube video
They clearly tied this promo video with the Lebowski movie, even down to the video's description.

don't care, they dropped the ball and they know it.

1 month later
#872 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

I want to buy 1 of the rugs...
And then, go to TPF and put some other pin on the rug just to mess with folks who are in the know.
But what pin would be the funniest to put on the rug (for inside joke) ?


all joking aside, maybe goonies?

1 year later
#2773 2 years ago

Get a beverage, nothing is f@cked here.

#2790 2 years ago

Seriously guys, historically DP always waits till they have something substantial to update us with. They could employ a guy/gal full time just to answer emails and calls for updates and people would still complain. They just got back from a month long vacation, are trying to fix production issues and update code. They will update us when they are ready. Their communication has been no worse than any other company who has actually put out a pinball.

#2793 2 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Hardly. Just look to Spooky for an example that Dutch could emulate. I have been invested in TBL for nearly three years now and their communication has been remarkably poor ever since the Phil debacle.

While I greatly respect and appreciate the level of service they provide, it is far from the norm.

#2794 2 years ago
Quoted from Mike_M:

Just a thought, but if they sent out an update explaining why they haven't been able to ship any games in the last two months maybe they wouldn't have a bunch of e-mails/calls asking for an update.

They do, just not at the frequency we all would like. Which brings me to my original post, even if they employed someone full time to answer these posts/emails/calls, some people would still not be happy.

Grab a beverage, nothing is fucked here.

1 month later
#3488 2 years ago

The real question is, how many TBL's are boxed up and ready.

#3490 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

According to ARA, 40.

So ARA missed the mark by 200 games and change, plus the 50 of title 2?

4 weeks later
#4160 2 years ago

The impression I got from the talk is not that they are not going to purse legal options, but that they were advised to wait before rushing into it. Right now what we have is a standoff. Plain and simple. It's down to which party (ARA or DP) can hold out the longest. Makes sense given the push to move forward with BOP 25th.

#4263 2 years ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

Thanks Rensch. You Danes aren't all that bad.


Given this insight, and knowing the required time frame for ARA to deliver both all TBL and 50 BOP25th, and that additional TBL funds from non-achievers deposits/not paid in full were locked out from DP until the games were ready to ship, it seems what we are seeing is a perfect sh!t storm.

#4266 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

The only shit storm here is the one DP is trying to drop on ARA. ARA built and delivered fifty games and has since built forty more games that are ready to go, yet can't get their invoices paid. It seems DP has been dodging that portion of their obligation. Why ARA took so long before stopping work might be a bigger mystery. DP has known this day was coming, well it's here now and the smoke is beginning to clear.

Nice to see we both agree that DP is short on funds based upon expected timetables. Budgeting only goes as far as revenue incoming. After that it becomes debt.

2 weeks later
#4529 2 years ago
Quoted from ff6735:

I think it's refreshing that everyone is taking a step back for a moment to let things play out. Kudos to all

Let's be honest, we all really kept coming back to see rarehero's rants.

#4545 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Is that one of those things you squint at and eventually see a sailboat?

Why did you have to ruin it for the rest of us? I've been staring at it for hours and I can't see anything

3 weeks later
#4745 2 years ago

Has anyone checked to see if little Larry has the money?

#4767 2 years ago
Quoted from Nilroc:

Ya I agree completely . Had sent an email to Barry and Jaap a couple of weeks ago asking about the departure of Koen.
No response so far.

Did he actually announce he left DP, or just that he took a position with another company?

1 week later
#4982 2 years ago

IMG_5446 (resized).png

#5078 2 years ago

i usually like to sit back and watch the drama unfold, but seriously guys/gals, we can literally mentally masturbate this situation all day. The fact is, we don't know all the facts (if we actually know any at all), and to sit here and randomly speculate is only going to make some of you insane. The only thing we have as hard evidence is that around 50 games are held at ARA, 50ish games have been delivered, and all the non-early achievers have deposits held that are outside of DP's reach. This means that there is a substantial sum of money basically out of DP's reach until the EA games are done.

Why not make an option 3, start running the non achiever games so that the deposits are released, get the line rolling, and deliver them all at the same time?

1 week later
#5271 2 years ago

What amazes me the most in this thread is the number of supposed pinheads who seem to want DP to fail.

#5275 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Who wants them to fail? Wanting truth and accountability isn't the same as wanting failure. This game was the dream of its creators and buyers. No one wants failure.

It's either that, or a whole lot of people on this board like making assumptions without facts, combined with a complete lack of how business works. This whole fiasco can be summed up into a forecasting nightmare. DP counted on ARA to build games at a specific rate that would open new revenue streams to them. Whether it be intentional or by chance, ARA has created this perfect storm through failure to "abide" by the contract.

#5283 2 years ago
Quoted from Superchicken:

Yep. None of those numbers work. It would be crazy to start a company on those margins.

Which is why I don't think those numbers are anywhere near accurate.

1 week later
#5470 2 years ago
Quoted from foxtj24:

Sure looks like they are out of money.

How so? ARA was providing all the financing.

#5712 2 years ago

IMG_5851 (resized).JPG

#5715 2 years ago
Quoted from foxtj24:

about 50 people fully paid and have the machine. About 140 of us are fully paid without receiving anything. Alot more then a few dozen, 140 at risk of losing $8500. It's worse then you thought.

News flash, for all those who keep trying to claim it's a pyramid scheme, those who have machines better hope not. Just ask all the early Bernie Madoff investors. Everyone gets shafted if that's the case. Even if you sold yours, you are still liable.

#5719 2 years ago
Quoted from foxtj24:

We are not investors. We are customers, those who got the machine got lucky. How are they liable for buying a product? None of us invested to gain profit. We bought a product, and the company has let us down by going though our purchase money. Not paying their bills and not delivering the products already paid for by us, the consumers.

Inorder to label it a pyramid scheme, it has to be an investment. Nice to see everyone switch gears rapidly when reality is invoked.

2 weeks later
#5855 2 years ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

All they have to do is serve a letter of demand on dp for payment then a letter of abandonment, then they can legally sell the games to recover the debt regardless of rights or license.

Good luck on that with the documented history between the two parties. They can't sell anything without going to trial.

1 week later
#5903 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

It seems like for them to get the rest of the money....something has to be sent in....

It's called forecasting, all companies do it. Except in this instance, there are deposits and then full payment already committed. Like I said before, had ARA delivered, the cash crunch would have never happened. It's really a forecasting nightmare.

1 month later
#5974 2 years ago

Meh, I'll believe it if it's officially announced. Until then it's all trolling. Given the info at hand, and that ARA was in contact with DP customers, ARA would be a fool to file first.

2 weeks later
#6029 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I'll say. We'll be verging on a Christmas miracle if they're shipping games in December. I hope for everyone's sake that it comes to pass.

Shipping is a lot different than receiving. I think they are track to box up their first shipping container by the end of December with the rate things are progressing. At the very least some European pins will make it out given no issues with the new build arise.

I really do hope these guys pull it off. They have worked hard to get this far, and have put up with a bunch of nay sayers, unfounded (and founded) rumors, and hard times.

4 weeks later
#6082 2 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

I am reading it that new orders will go out before preorders....basically, if you're on the cointaker or nitro list, you get your game before the early achievers.
Hopefully skins can verify.

Just like JJP

#6106 2 years ago

I’m just glad to see they found a way to build all the TBLs. I could give two sh@ts less about the order they come out. Thanks for finding a way DP!

#6253 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

The issue isn't just games already built... there are parts, and future revenue too. And of course a running bill of past activities. ARA made a big commitment- beyond just the inventory they have now.
Iamagine I entered a contract for you to build me 300 of something... you set your price based on knowing the whole run... what it will cost you, what margin you need, you ramp yourself up to build those pieces, etc. now after 50, I say... no, can I just pay for that 50 at the previous price and say we are done?.. would you take that deal?

You are assuming it’s DP that breeched the contract. The whole argument goes up in smoke if ARA is the one who breached contract.

Furthermore, none of us remotely know what remedies were in the contract if such an occasion arose. If there is no severability clause, DP can literally walk away from the deal if ARA did not live up to its obligations; without penalty.

My machine is one of the ones held hostage by ARA, so I am in the same boat as the rest of you. That said, I am going to be optimistic now that they have a plan and moving forward. If it takes another year so be it. It’s better to have some hope vs accepting a complete loss.

3 weeks later
#6441 1 year ago

5D7222F7-F355-4801-9EE2-E5388B0AF85E (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#6513 1 year ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything ... Grab them by the plunger. You can do anything

You can grab all the plungers you want.......I’m going to stick to the start button

4 months later
#6865 1 year ago

Forward progress is always a good thing.

#6899 1 year ago
Quoted from kapper:

My guess is that they have not pursued legal action because they know that DP HAS NO MONEY so a suit would be fruitless. They will wait until DP has assets to make a claim.
Games being delivered in May or June is comical.

I doubt they went into business with DP without a personal guarantee signed on the note. If they did, they are retarded. There had to be some assets put up as collateral for them to assume the liability of ordering all the parts. My guess is that all the ecu’s purchased by DP that they held hostage were part of it. I’m sure DP funded a lot of the prototyping as well.

But then again, as we all know, ARA never did order all the parts. To have a lawsuit there has to be actual damages. By not ordering all the parts as contracted, ARA really just hosed themselves. Missed payment or not, they are in default of the contract by failing to deliver as promised. I really don’t see ARA having strong legal footing anywhere in this deal.

#6921 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Cash grab for what? I see no mansion or Ferrari or Fiji islands with neither barry or Jaap. In fact, if it was a cash grab why are they still investing in Xytech? Why didn’t they ask money from CT and Nitro? Why didn’t they accept more orders than the 300? Can tell you there were more people than who wanted but the line was closed. Believe it or not, they still get requests from people wanting to buy and put a deposit (which DP declines).
So where is this cash grab comment based Upon? DP for sure has done things wrong and can be called a lot of names but cash grabbers they ain’t.

That’s why I am not too worried. It would have been really easy to push the order count to 800 or more and keep grabbing cash, even if it was just $250.00 deposits.

#6927 1 year ago
Quoted from Hjbondar:

I doubt Xytech would be going to all the work and expense to build 4 engineering samples from scratch without a thought through business plan in mind. As an EA I’m not pleased with the TBL saga but think thinks are in a much better place than a year ago. Maybe I’m Jim Carrey in “Dumb and dumber” but at least their telling us “...there’s a chance”!

ill be the Jeff Daniels to your Jim Carrey.

3 weeks later
#6977 1 year ago

Only on pinside can the demise of one pinball company be considered an issue for the overall business health of another. Heighway’s failure was due to a completely separate set of issues. I don’t see the guys at DP living high off the hog and starting a boat company.

#6982 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

My bad, everything seems great. While I was gone, did the 200-300 people who ordered games 3-4 years ago all get their games?
Only on Pinside is there neverending trust for those who haven’t earned it.

Well, I don’t see them soliciting money from people to go to the front of the line, or promising the same machine to multiple buyers. I don’t see any new houses or cars. Is it a great situation? No, but at least they are moving forward. They can still right the ship.

#6984 1 year ago
Quoted from rvdv:

But there is a “red light district “

LMAO, this true.

#6995 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

no don't even do that. Go with your credit card, let them load it on your vehicle, then pay for it.

Same holds true for any upstart in that regard, even Homepin. DP is still trying to make it right though. They haven’t bowed out. We can all sit back and arm chair QB about any of these companies, reality is, it’s not easy. Lotta ins, lotta outs....

#7037 1 year ago

I really hope many of you are ready to eat crow. While many of you have been trash talking, DP has been learning the art of pinball.

1 week later
#7408 1 year ago

What I am reading is that ARA’s only hope to salvage their investment is to force DP to accept their offer. Without that, ARA has no hope of recouping anything. Sounds like DP holds the ball to me.

#7516 1 year ago

At the end of the day, all we can do is assume. What we know is that ARA is stuck with inventory they can’t move, and DP wants to make a pinball machine. None of us know the financials or the specifics of the contracts. On face value, ARA timed the lawsuit to bankrupt DP to give them a strategic advantage. Why would they need this if they are “in the right?”
If they had a true case, it would have been filed immediately. What they need is a defenseless defendant.

#7526 1 year ago
Quoted from foxtj24:

How do we know when they filed? We do not have the dates or documents. DP has been stalling again. Why was production not started in China months ago, Why no updates. I think they knew the lawsuit was coming, Or it came months ago but we are just finding out about it now.

I highly doubt the lawsuit came more than a month or so ago. Again, look at what we actually know, not what people are conjecturing. Lots of theory’s, but no one knows anything outside of the limited facts at hand.

#7590 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

I am not being naive; I'm being real.
You still haven't explained DP's "no refund" policy and the legality behind it.
Production hasn't begun on games #92 and above (give or take), so why no refunds?
Why are customers at the mercy of pending litigation?
Why are customers at the mercy of a change in contract manufacturer?
How is any of this lawful in The Netherlands, let alone any other country?

Didn’t they offer refunds up until production started? Was it not spelled out that once production started and parts were ordered that EA’s were locked in? I fail to see where this could be considered illegal. Changing manufactures doesn’t change the fact that they started production and had ordered parts.

#7610 1 year ago
Quoted from tacshose:

The way the email is written it sounds like they would be happy to sell TBL pinball machines to DP if DP figures out how to pay for them...
Honestly, DP should put forth a proposal that ARA can sell the built machines directly to someone like Cointaker, and be done.

Pretty sure it’s well documented who those EA machines belong too. That would be one gigantic mess. I wouldn’t touch that deal with a 10 foot pole if I were Cointaker.

#7622 1 year ago
Quoted from brainmegaphone:

In that email it appears DP balks at 30 day payment terms back in June 2016. Does this mean all the money to pay for the machines was gone at that time? If so, doesn’t this letter point to the real problem — a company was struggling to build machines because it ran out of capital?
Nothing above explains what claim ARA made when they started the lawsuit nor does it explain what DP’s counterclaim was.
I’m just not sure we have any more info now... really...

Payment terms in business typically are net 30-60 days. I think they are going for clarification. I’ve seen them set at 45, or even 120 days out. Negotiating the terms is not unusual or suspect at all.

#7653 1 year ago
Quoted from Brijam:

It was only, what, last year that Stern finally took playfield clearcoating in-house?.

We all saw how well that panned out for the first few titles. I think many will agree it was a painful learning process.

#7662 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Remember my theory that ARa does this to block new income for DP and get them bankrupt. A bankrupt company can’t win from ÄRA ......

This is what ARA is up to. Plain and simple. Their only chance to win is to bankrupt DP so they can’t defend themselves and need ARA to step in and “save” them. And by save, I mean liquidate the company and hose all EA’s.

#7671 1 year ago
Quoted from Aiwass:

Well, for you it seems that the case in court is clear and DP should probably win.
Then I don't see any necessity to help DP again: At least in Germany it is the law that when you win at court, the losing company must pay for BOTH lawyers and the costs for the court. I know, that it is different in the US, but I expect that in the Netherlands it is similar to us.
Furthermore I don't understand why DP does not have a legal expenses insurance to protect our investment ...

Not sure if I am ready to send them money, but this is a strategic maneuver to avoid a fight they will most likely loose.

#7681 1 year ago
Quoted from RTR:

I'm no rocket surgeon, but I think the lack of games produced may be related to this somehow.

I think you hit the nail on the head. Without a timely manufacturing process, the extra funds tied up as preorders was never released to DP.

#7687 1 year ago
Quoted from RTR:

Fixed it for you.

Fixed for what you meant, maybe. The email exchanges posted by Rensh clearly show they were negotiating payment terms. What we don’t know, was what was actually agreed upon.

#7695 1 year ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

Probably the most spot on and to the point post that can be made by cobbling all of the info out there. This is how I see it as well. I have no horse in this race either.

Yet here we are, with a second contract manufacturer lined up. To believe this would be to believe that there are 2 contract manufacturers that are completely inept and unable to function as a business. What is being leaked is simply the tip of the iceberg.

#7715 1 year ago

Meh, the circular arguments in this thread are getting old. We still don’t know what was actually agreeded upon, yet we have people ready to lynch DP and exonerate ARA. I’m still a firm believer that the truth is somewhere in between. With a second contract manufacturer willing to sign on, id be willing to bet that the DP side of the story has more truth to it.

#7719 1 year ago
Quoted from RTR:

If you are willing to bet on DP, there are certainly ways you can do so. @rensh has a post in this thread that suggests financial support for their defense would be a worthy expenditure of euros and dollars. I am all for people with strong convictions following through on them.
Round up a few of the DP believers. @eternallife should be a good prospect. There are others. @rubberducks seems a likely contributor. You guys put together some cash and give it to Jaap and Barry. I am sure they would put it to wise use.
Here is a site to help you get started and everyone will be able to see how much you really believe in DP's cause: https://www.gofundme.com

Thank you. I will take your advice into consideration since you seem to have all the inside info. I, for one, would not cheer on the failure of a company I got a refund from while simultaneously saying the rest of the people are hosed. News flash, all those people that got out early on the Bernie madoff scam all had to pay all the money back.

#7720 1 year ago

And just pointing out the sarcasm, I don’t believe that collecting funds from those out early is legal. I am simply pointing out that at the end of the day, we know nothing for sure.

#7723 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

Somewhere in between Phil, the phantom board issue, and lack of transparency?
It's funny how you and the other Believers side with DP and their illegal no-refund policy and ambiguous communication of said story.
Based on some of the counterpoints made here, I think it is safe to say that a handful of you have probably wired money via Western Union to that stranded Nigerian prince who keeps spamming your inbox.

So, do you have the definitive contract? Because I don’t. Also, that Nigerian prince is filtered out via my spam filter. Thank god for that. I’d have no money other wise.

#7725 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

I don't need to know the details of the contract to conclude that DP was/is out of money. It is pretty obvious.

So, they received all the preorder money then?

2 weeks later
#7841 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

Interesting points that have finally come to light. Thanks for sharing. I think all EAs should read it.

From the article:

TWIP: You mention that you’ve had private conversations with Pinball Bros. and Dutch Pinball, and that it is clear to deeproot that they will not deliver on their promises while profiting off the bargain. Can you explain what you mean by that?

RM: That was what was conveyed to me. And I don’t think that that revelation is going to be a surprise to anyone. While I don’t know what is in their heart, (in both conversations) when asked if they would let deeproot take over the obligation without profiting themselves, both said they would not. I wasn’t ok with it during the conversation, and I am not ok with it now. I hope both companies reverse course, but it might be that neither have the financial ability or motivation to do so.

My response:

If this is true, then this would be a huge departure from what DP has been saying and promising. The promise to deliver games. I, for one, would be one of the first to ask for their heads if this is true. I can deal with hearsay and rumors all day, but actual conversations of this type make my blood boil.

1 week later
#7871 1 year ago

DP might want to release a NSNL and start moving forward on building pinballs. This could get ugly fast.

#7875 1 year ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

DP might want to start building pinballs, but as they've told us they're out of cash, so they cannot.

I do believe 100% they have no liquidity, but they would be fools if they were out of funds completely knowing that ARA was lurking waiting to strike. I still believe they have money tied up in both a legal fund as well as an escrow account with xytec to start the build process. They had to pony up something to get the ball rolling given their history.

#7946 1 year ago
Quoted from RTR:

The Secret Seattle Seven (4 guys who actually donated about $300) is a joke. DP now panhandling for money is a disgrace and more.
Also - I Highly doubt Highdef got a refund. I PM'd him a couple of times for details/insight. He has now inactivated his account.

I’ve often wondered his/her motivations.

#7988 1 year ago
Quoted from phil-lee:

This is a great suggestion. The sooner EAs turn into creditors officially on the books in the lawsuit the better. The gofundme would pay for a good lawyer familiar with International Law.

No offense here, but if they are truly broke, what will that achieve? You can’t get blood from a stone. If there is no money or assets to split up, then it doesn’t matter if you win and get a multi-million dollar settlement or lose the case, either way you get nothing.

#8024 1 year ago
Quoted from phil-lee:

The alleged 50 pins and remaining parts are the assets. Right now the EAs are nameless,faceless to the Judge. They are the rightful creditors as they paid for these machines. A Lawyer needs to represent them and get their claim officially in the Dutch Court.

All owned by ARA according to this thread. How does going after DP release these to the EA’s if ARA is a contract manufacture that hasn’t been paid?

6 months later
#8550 8 months ago

Interesting. I didn’t get the NSNL this time around.

#8564 8 months ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

I haven't read the whole thread but here's a solution. Stern buys the rights and the 40 games from ARA for $300,000. I'd figure this is far cheaper than designing a game from scratch. DP comes up with $100,000 to pay ARA (if they're out of money this might be tough but it's only $100,000). ARA takes a $100,000 hit (cost of doing business). This would be Stern being very generous but they could do an earn out with both companies of $100 to both companies for every unit sold. That way both companies are made whole if Stern could deliver 1,000 machines. EA, get the right to purchase a machine at a discount of employee pricing plus 15% but that's way down the road (I'm talking at least a year). This offer couldn't be made right away due to them reselling the machine and cutting into Stern's profit (again this would be Stern being extremely nice). But the pinball community could then stop blasting them because I'd assume this would be amazing press. Thoughts????

For any deal like this to work, someone will have to face all the EA’s. This wasn’t crowd funding nor investing. Some company will have to assume the debt for any sale to take place.

#8580 8 months ago
B91231A6-9896-4F4B-9CC6-68D96A41C20B (resized).jpeg
#8582 8 months ago

Any one see the teaser on Jeff bridges Twitter? Can we post a link?

#8583 8 months ago
9A24C28F-AD75-4F78-A6F6-CD8A905DAEE0 (resized).png
2 months later
#8735 6 months ago
Quoted from Rick432:

When is the deadline for DP and ARA to make an agreement before the court imposes one?

I don’t think anyone released a timeframe. Just that the judge said they need to work it out between them.

#8745 6 months ago
Quoted from phil-lee:

The large number of early investors with a sizable claim added to the proceedings would matter a lot.
Go back and read this entire thread, the case is there.

If there is no money to be had, why bother until this plays out? In the end, the best any EA can hope for is a machine, or those who committed the con to be prosecuted by law for fraud. Suing is just throwing good money at bad right now.

1 month later
#8817 4 months ago

i received a pic of barry and japp........needless to say, they did not receive the money

rs-18507-lebowski-1800-1391374703 (resized).jpg
#8827 4 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

If DP had anything good to say, they would have already multiplied it by 100, doubled it, marked it up by 50% and then said it. They have zero good news to report.

As much as I hate to say it, you’re right. This has been their MO since day one.

#8829 4 months ago
Quoted from highdef:

I was told to "be a Dude" when I demanded a refund.
Imagine what would happen if you said something like that to Whitey Bulger, Pablo Escobar, or Al Capone.
"DP" would stand for Dickless Pinball.

Definitely not a dude move, more of a Walter and his ringer move. But hindsight being 20/20, it’s looking more and more like you made the right call. I hope I am wrong. I’ve tried to be supportive and understanding of the situation Barry and Japp are in, but I’m coming to believe that I don’t think they have all us EA’s best interests in mind anymore.

2 weeks later
#8859 4 months ago
Quoted from highdef:

With all due respect to the EAs, I am shocked this fiasco hasn't received more attention from the media, especially considering the cost per game and license involved.

If it’s not something that divides us based on labels, the media doesn’t care. Plus, apparently there is no money.....

#8867 4 months ago
Quoted from Oldgoat:

Yes, it is very common to only acquire certain 'assets' of a company. This could be inventory, IP/patents, customer lists, maintenance agreements, etc. The complicating factors would be any existing legal actions and potential bankruptcy. I can't speak for the Netherlands; however, here, resolution of those actions may encompass disposition of assets in a prescribed manner.

It would also be possible for a company to buy DP by simply assuming their liabilities (ie debt) as the purchase price. Happens all the time. Until the ARA lawsuit is settled though, I doubt anyone will do that. The debt to the EA’s is a known sum. Damages brought by the lawsuit are an unknown. It is also unknown what has be signed under contact with The new contract manufacturer.

Lotta ins, lotta outs......

1 week later
#8893 4 months ago

The Cohen brothers could write a sequel to TBL using Barry and Jaap and this whole debacle. Maybe we EA’s can get royalties from it.

2 weeks later
#8916 3 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

Is anyone over there in Europe willing to take some time to retrieve the publicly available court case regarding DP and ARA?
I will chip in to pay for travel costs and for your time. I am sure there are a few people here willing to do so as well. PM me if you are up for getting the information or willing to chip in for travel reimbursement to the person who does it for us.

More importantly, what are the statute of limitations over there? It feels like right now we are being stalled for time.

1 month later
#10254 56 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

The fact that there was no bankruptcy and no settlement means that EA's can band together and sue DP now, right?

A settlement through arbitration is still a settlement.

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