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#8654 7 months ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

...if true no one is getting over 10k for their original run games since NIB from distributors is 10k...

Dont be so sure. Have you seen what people here are willing to pay sight unseen for a game? Dude, people were paying above NIB for TNA to be the "guy on the street with the new oooo shiney toy before anyone else had it"......

3 months later
#9072 3 months ago

Why $12.5K? What is so magical about this price point? Does that "settle all debts" between ARA and DP? Or is this some kind of "testing point" to see what people will pay for this game?

So EAs who put down the full asking price...do they pay an additional $4K and all is good....or do they have to shell out a full new $12.5K?? If the latter, damn ......$20.5K for a pinball machine. HFS.

No matter the viewpoint, what a circus. Man, this community is something else. $12.5K....for a box of lights, some solenoids, and a bowling alley.

Then again, $8K for a box of lights, some solenoids, 4 jiggly martians, and a flying saucer... so.....yep, no place for me to judge ; ).

#9321 3 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

People should celebrate that 40 more games will be out in the market, and should bring the price of these games down somewhat. You might see a few land in pincades another great thing. Most people in pinball can’t afford to pay 12500 for a damn game, but they can afford a few quarters to enjoy it. Getting 40 more machines in the market and the hopes of a few hundred more behind it should be a great day. This is really one of the greatest pins ever made, hidden away in some rich guys basement doesn’t give the pinball fanatics the opportunity to enjoy it. Based on this move more people will see the game, enjoy the game and maybe own one at some point. I’m stoked!!!

Quoted from pinghetto:

What a God damn stupid thing to say. For so many reasons.
I am FAR from rich. And love to share my games and beer with my friends and other pin folks.

Quoted from drfrightner:

I don't think you understand what I was saying, maybe because you can't read I'm not sure. But I think what I said very very clearly was, if BL is only buried in some rich guys basement because the very handful of people who do already own them, never sell them, so they never end up in a pincade near you, then you can't enjoy them. So the upside is with 40 more games hitting the streets, good chance a handful will end up at pinball shows, and pincades, rather than in some rich guys basement never seeing the light of day. How is that the 'GOD DAMN stupid thing to say'. If you didn't understand what I said maybe you could ask for some clarification rather than being a God Damn stupid poster. Just saying.

Always entertaining to watch two guys with nearly 70 games between the two of them - total worth of both collections combined at around $350K (averaging $5K per game which some surely aren't and some certainly are over) - mention that they're either not rich or that "most" people can't afford $12.5K for a single pinball machine.

Really puts things in perspective. I don't know whether to laugh or cry softly.

#9341 3 months ago
Quoted from pinghetto:

This is pointless to argue. And shouldn't be dealt with here. Much more important things at hand. @drfightner I appoligize for my initial reaction. I should have just let it go.
@DPO, you have no clue how I got my games, what price they were, and how hard I worked to get some of them with second and third jobs.
If you'd like to discuss further, either of you, please feel free to PM me.

PM invitation accepted.

#9359 3 months ago
Quoted from pinghetto:

Cheers. Thanks for taking the time. Stand up PM for sure.

Always glad to work things out and come to a respectful and mutual agreement, and make a new friend as the conclusion of our PMs went!

Now....on the other hand....

Quoted from drfrightner:

I'm not arguing with him, I merely state that having 40 more machines out there is a good thing not a bad one. So some points are shread those games and have a boycott that is really stupid comment. Yeah lets get everyone on pinside to have a boycott, but guess what those games are still getting sold. As I pointed out Coin Taker is doing a solid to all the previous customers, good for them! You should be happy someone is looking out for those people best they can, but its true not everyone can afford 12,500 dollars. What is that a misstatement? Tell me why is some people offering those games prior to this for even more... should we boycott those people? This is all super silly. Secondly the value of my collection has nothing to do with how much money I might have or how much I don't. I bought a lot of games not for my 50 million dollar mansion, which was my point. I have escape rooms where we have 14 games on site for people to play while they wait. We only charge 50 cents a game, do you know how long it will take me to get my money back on these games? Try I'll be dead first. I also own a haunted house and inside the exit we have another 14 horror themed games on display again 50 cents. I think you missed the point totally with your ridiculous comments... maybe some people like me just maybe will buy it and put it out there for others to enjoy!!!! That was the only point!

Here is what I know, as I pointed out this is out of your hands, this was a court ruling. What happened before doesn't matter anymore. This is part of the business World we live in and unfortunately sometimes its very unfair. Do I feel bad for people who lost some money on this game, or Magic Girl or the countless other start up machines? Oh yes I do but what does that have to do with Coin Taker doing the best they can to put those people first. Nothing. Not one damn thing. Fact is people calling for boycotts, that is ridiculous totally and utterly. Some people think with passion first, rather than common sense that is a simple fact.

Like I said, Brian, he never disappoints. That being said, I think I'll add this guy to my ignore list. In 3...2.....*the sound of silence*.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...that's better : ).

1 month later
#10285 57 days ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:

Barry's update just hit my inbox.
"Dear Hoss Coog,
In the last update I informed you on the settlement I’ve reached with our former manufacturer. And two weeks ago we managed to complete the settlement! This means that the lawsuit is off table and all games and parts that are in their warehouse are now ours and also fully paid for. With this first round of financing we are now ready to getting things set up again to build games. I am very happy with the trust of Cointaker and some of my very close friends and family who made this possible.
Due to the holiday of three weeks at ARA we had limited access to their warehouse, but fortunately we managed to get the games out and some parts we needed to finish them. Last week the first games were shipped. The rest of the games are now ready as well and will be shipped this week. I know it’s a bittersweet moment, but it’s also the start of a new beginning. We can now truly focus on the future.
On Monday next week the holiday will be over and then we can start with the transport of all the parts. We are already checking the list of parts and taking stock of how many parts we have to build games. Some parts are there for 200+ games, but some parts were bought ‘lean’ and this means that we also have to order new parts as we progress.
In the next weeks we will be busy preparing everything for production: arranging our production facility, counting parts, putting all the parts in our inventory system, checking the assembly instructions, sorting out the tools needed, etc... we will start small and will expand over time to build more games. We have a couple of locations in mind where we want to (re)start our business. We still have to decide which location is best and we hope to get this figured out this, or next week.
Another thing I want to inform you about is something I get a lot of questions about: the license from Universal Pictures. I'm happy to report that we have extended the license! For now it is extended until December 31st 2020.
I will keep you informed how things are progressing the coming weeks. If you have any questions. Please let me know. You can always email, or call me.
Kind regards,
P.S. Here are some photos of the parts in storage. It going to take a while to sort this out : )"[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

If this community actually believes any of this and thinks games will be rolling into homes starting on or by 12/2020, I'll promise a new pinball machine based on Back to the Future and wait for the money to roll in so I can play "arts and crafts" for 5 years before anyone figures it out. I'll do it overseas too.

I didn't think Stockholm Syndrome like this existed.

2 weeks later
#10684 38 days ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

NSL just hit the wire..


Got to give him credit - he sure is persistent. Needs to build more games to sell twice.

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