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#1 4 years ago

A lot has happened over the last few months in regards to TBL.
But even after all that some of us have gone through we still believe in the team from DP.
We believe that TBL will get made and know it will be one of the most beautiful games available.
The lighting,music,playfield all ties together to make one awesome game for the Dudes that abide.
I have created this topic in order for us Dudes to converse in a positive manner about TBL.
It's 2015! It will be the year of TBL.



#4 4 years ago

I wonder how many there are?
I have emailed Barry today to hopefully get some more info.
I'm hoping everyone that requested refunds are looked after before the end of this month.

1 week later
2 weeks later
#12 4 years ago

Not as many preorders as I thought there was.
I know there's lots more. Everyone waiting to participate until the few there are get their refunds.
I understand completely.
It's cool Dudes.

1 week later
#35 4 years ago

Great that refunds are being processed now. TBL updates are going to be about TBL

#44 4 years ago

It's nice to see that we are back on track!
Can't wait to get this machine. The quality and care that DP is putting into this machine is going to make it a real winner! Definately take the new rug over the old one!
Keep up the communication and updates DP!

#65 4 years ago

Well production is supposed to start next month that's pretty dam exciting.

#66 4 years ago

If it means anything. I emailed Barry and asked if TBL will have UL Certification.
Barry's response "Yes it will"

#67 4 years ago


1 week later
#70 4 years ago

12 Days to Go before this place is a Rockin!

1 week later
#77 4 years ago

Production soon to start!


#79 4 years ago

We better.
We don't need any more stress.

#82 4 years ago

Yes but with original code and playfield.

#85 4 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

Call me crazy but I wouldn't expect any big news on the first.
I think a more realistic expectation is that we get a software / rules focused update sometime in April along with more progress on how the manufacturing plans are coming together.

Your probably right. Considering that they are still waiting for final approvals from Universal on some audio and video bites to be used in the game.

1 week later
#93 4 years ago

Oh where oh where is Barry right now?

2 weeks later
#130 4 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

That would be nice. One concern I have (unfounded or not remains to be seen) is - God forbid - getting tired of the great soundtrack after hearing the same songs over and over and over.

They are classics!
You never get tired of hearing a Classic tune!

#135 4 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

I can testify that Barry is still alive so if you wanna know DP is still alive, yep see enclosed picture for proof.
I met him yesterday evening, dutch pinball association magazine meeting, and as a future TBL owner I can say I sleep without worries

image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Nice to see Barry is alive and kicking but I would be more encouraged to see pics of him in the factory next to a bunch of finished cabinets,playfields.
We have heard nothing. Have they got final approvals on the Audio sound bites yet?
MMR is on hiatus for 2-3 weeks while Stern moves into the new facility. This would be the opportune time for Barry to grab some limelight with some updates.

#137 4 years ago

Well I'll be heading out of town for a couple of weeks.
Maybe when I get back there will be some new developments .
Other than that. Take it easy Dudes!


#140 4 years ago

Well how about that!
An update before I head off out of town for 2 weeks.
Wasn't any mention of final approvals on the audio sound bites.
Would be nice to know that Universal has approved everything.

#142 4 years ago

I wonder who gets the first one delivered of the apparently 300 preordered?
I know it's not me.
I'm also very happy to hear things are moving forward.
This machine is so cool! Cannot wait until mine is in my gamesroom

2 weeks later
#242 4 years ago

Back from holidays and boom an update!
Just hope they get their money's worth from Roger Sharpe and get all the audio/video call outs approved.

2 weeks later
#280 4 years ago

I wonder what will be promising.

1 week later
#311 4 years ago


Far out Man!
Keep the updates coming!
I'm so happy to have hung in there with DP.
It's looking like it's going to be well worth it!

1 week later
#384 4 years ago


#148 Man!

3 weeks later
#417 4 years ago

It's time for some pics from the factory don't you think?

#451 4 years ago

DP are doing it right!
Can't wait for my TBL!

1 month later
#468 4 years ago

They are back from holidays!
TBL back in action!
Still shooting for Q3
New Shit Newsletter and more robot action!

#471 4 years ago

Clearcoat Robot

2 weeks later
#475 4 years ago

Where's Lebowski?
I'm ready for some fresh info from DP.
Hope it comes soon.

2 weeks later
#508 4 years ago

The plaque looks Fantastic! I'm so glad I stayed in with TBL and DP.
This machine is going to be a classic!
Great news also on the John Goodman callouts.
I'm waiting for this machine and a Black Trim MMRLE.
I wonder which machine I'll get first?

#555 4 years ago

+1 on the proto Apron.
They better not change that feature. It is a cool part of the whole lighting package.
Don't screw this up DP!
Pay close attention to what the Achievers have to say.

3 months later
#979 3 years ago

Just like to wish all the Dudes waiting for TBL a Happy New Year!
Hope we get our machines this first quarter of 2016.
Cheers Dudes!


1 week later
#993 3 years ago

Hey there Dudes,
Don't know if everyone has seen this video of gameplay of TBL.
It was posted November 11th 2015 on Dutch Pinball's Facebook page.

Have a look:

4 weeks later
#1051 3 years ago

Cannot wait to see video footage from the plant from those that go on February 12th!
Be interesting to see where they are at with the code.It's been a while since we have seen actual gameplay on TBL.
Have fun to all those lucky VIP's that attend the open house February 12th.
Later Dude's

1 week later
#1062 3 years ago

I'm so glad I've hung in there with DP. Looks like this game is going to be a great one!
A few more tweaks and they will be shipping these bad boys!
Fantastic news with the 200+ clips added!
Keep the great news coming!
It would be great if the could implement this scene in the game:

3 weeks later
#1090 3 years ago

I wonder if another NSNL is coming.
It's coming up to a month since the last one.

3 weeks later
#1207 3 years ago

It would be nice to get another NSNL . It's way overdue.

2 weeks later
#1249 3 years ago

I think I may choose the air freight option.


#1285 3 years ago

The kid is napping.
Unbox it!

#1295 3 years ago

Can hardly wait to see a video of game play.
Great pics!
Thanks Dude!

#1349 3 years ago

Only 145 to go!

#1367 3 years ago

Please and thank you.


1 week later
#1418 3 years ago

#148 TBL
Maybe see it for Christmas. If I go the Air Freight option.

#1424 3 years ago

Been pretty quiet in TBL land.
I guess they are just building inventory for the first container shipment.

#1457 3 years ago

Thanks for the great video dude!

#1463 3 years ago

Love the Match video clip. Think they nailed that too.
During the callouts of the finished modes: Donny, Maude etc. "Multiball" is never called out. Guess I'm just used to hearing it when I play MM.

#1470 3 years ago

The instrumental music is ok. I hope they keep it open source so you can customize the music.

#1492 3 years ago

That's some great news. It's about time we see a NSNL.
#148 here. Still have a little wait.

#1539 3 years ago

Thanks Hensbrooker for the update of the update.
It's exciting to read about the code updates and how they improve the game and it's so early on.
TBL is shaping up to be a classic!
Keep up the great work DP.
Thanks again Hemsbrooker.
#148 so it's going to be a while yet.
Hopefully I win the lottery so I can air ship!

#1560 3 years ago

Thanks for the video Justlikeme.
I'm really liking how the game is evolving with the new code.
The instrumental music is growing on me. Works well with the video cuts.
I'm #148. The version of code by the time I get my machine should be pretty polished.
Love those rug modes and the video cuts that go with them.
Keep it coming DP!

#1605 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

How much are you willing to pay to acquire one?
Video is great. Negatives to me are the rug shot, bowling play field and the horrendous instrumentals along with the "clunky feel".
I think you gotta really love the theme over everything else to justify this one.


#1612 3 years ago

How many instrumental tracks are now in TBL from the last code update?
I wonder how many total there are going to be included from the original movie?

#1644 3 years ago
Quoted from RTR:

Just kidding. Bored, sitting here waiting on the slow boat with #19 on it.....

Not doing the air freight option!

3 weeks later
#1719 3 years ago
Quoted from BigLebowski:

just got note that mine´s gonna ship on Mon/Tue.....

Number 18 is being shipped!
Only 130 to go

1 week later
#1727 3 years ago
Quoted from BigLebowski:

they told me last Friday it would ship Monday/Tuesday. Since then I´ve heard nothing. I sure hope the game´s better than their communication......but we all know that, don´t we?

Did you order air shipment or slow boat ?

#1745 3 years ago

I wonder how BigLebowski is doing with moving his machine up to the 4th floor in the elevator?


#1775 3 years ago

Congrats to all the early Achievers!
Can't wait to see all those Unboxings

1 week later
#1852 3 years ago

Oh My!


1 week later
#1908 3 years ago



#1909 3 years ago

Oh Jeff,
Now you ruined the joke.
Should of left it "plate of foot"
The Captain could very well be a Cannibal.

1 week later
#2061 3 years ago

I think I may have seen your package on route

3 weeks later
#2187 3 years ago

Do they have "hurry up shots" like in Medieval Madness? "Shoot the castle"

2 weeks later
#2280 3 years ago

Hey guys,
Went to the Vancouver Flipout Pinball Expo.
They of course had The Big Lebowski there. Was there early so had a good amount of time to play it.
Just had a question about the bowling. This machine I believe the bowling was not working properly.
The bowling alley was tilted so you would hit the launch button and the orange apparatus would just release and it would just roll down the tilted bowling lane. Have seen numerous videos of the bowling in action and it never looked like that.
The lane was level and the orange apparatus shot the ball out. To say the least that bowling part of this machine was very disappointing. Do any of you early delivery achievers have a video of the bowling you could put up so I can compare to what I witnessed at the show.

#2284 3 years ago

Just from this video the bowling alley looks level and the ball appears to be shot out.

:57 mark

#2328 3 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Early achievers are those who bought direct at DP and didn't bail out during Philgate. For this they get a plaque. Don't know if via CT also early achievers are there.
Direct sales were around 200 units reported through serialnumbers at Pinside.
Checked with DP for you and your 85 is not serialnumber 85 so check with Melissa is the advise. Is it not so that sales via CT also came with a rug and chrome?

Here is the list for anybody that's interested:


#2361 3 years ago

I'm so jealous!
Congrats guys!
Waiting patiently for #148

1 month later
#2516 2 years ago

Can't wait for pics and vids

#2518 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

#19 has landed thanks Mike & Melissa!

Is #19 inboxed ?

#2521 2 years ago

Wonder if Concretehardt is unboxing yet?

image (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#2585 2 years ago

Nothing new to report I guess.
As you were gentleman.

3 weeks later
#2651 2 years ago

Happy Holidays!
Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

1 week later
#2696 2 years ago

Number 148 here.
Anyone have any word.
It would be nice to have a little more communication from DP.
I also know about the board issues but where are they now?
Are they passed the 100 mark yet with machines?
When is the next batch shipping and how many?
How's the code coming?
It's the beginning of another year how about an update DP.

1 week later
#2738 2 years ago

Do you think we will get an update from DP this week?
It sure would be nice to know where DP is in regards to the Boards and Diverters and Production numbers and how many machines are being shipped this month if any.
NSNL's are not coming very often.

#2756 2 years ago
Quoted from taz:

Yeah, we really need a newsletter to explain what's going on, and another code update.

I have emailed Dutch Pinball today.
Hopefully will get some kind of answer tomorrow.
Fingers crossed.

#2758 2 years ago

Well no response to the email I sent DP.
Maybe tomorrow.

#2772 2 years ago

Well have not heard back yet from DP.
Sent email on Sunday of this week.
Maybe Burningman can enlighten us on the reason for lack of communication lately.
Update coming really doesn't cut it.

#2777 2 years ago
Quoted from pinghetto:

Piss poor communication will certainly make me think twice before purchasing game number two from them. They have had our money long enough. The least they could do is update us or return emails.

I'm in it for the long haul just would like to know where there at!
They could at least return emails and give us an update.
Not asking a lot here.
If I never returned emails to my customers I would have no customers very quickly and would have a difficult time selling those customers in the future.

#2815 2 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

A video of some games with the new code would be cool when you have a minute.

Yes please!

#2867 2 years ago

I just hope that all the bugs and issues that are reported by the owners of the delivered first batch are being corrected at the factory by DP. I'm surprised there are as many as there are showing up considering the amount of time that the test machines were used collecting data.
Hopefully DP pays attention and makes the necessary changes.
I'm way down the line. I am hoping I will receive it sometime this year. NSNL should be coming soon I hope. A few more days and we will be into February!

#2878 2 years ago

If the boards are faulty do they not just manufacture more boards like the ones in the first 50 machines?
They are working fine.

#2880 2 years ago

Just got an email from Barry.
They are waiting for ARA to get back to them with a solution.
So I guess we just continue waiting.

#2885 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Solution to WHAT though? This vagueness will not stand, man.

I would assume the board issue.
"waiting for solution from ARA"
Those are Barry's words not mine. Email was very vague.

#2897 2 years ago

I appreciate that DP wants to make everything right before they ship any more units.
I've waited 2 years plus so what's another few months to get a nice updated TBL.
Just would like DP to improve the communication for us Achievers.

2 weeks later
#2952 2 years ago

Oh boy the Saga continues.
Let's just hope they can resolve the issues with ARA otherwise these games will be a long time coming.

#3108 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

That's not what it says. What it says is DP hasn't paid what ARA thinks they should have paid.
The **REASON** DP hasn't paid is not covered there, so your leap to 'not having sufficient funds' is not supported at all by ARA's mail.
The reason DP hasn't paid isn't inferred or implied in that mail at all... it simply states a credit dispute.


#3125 2 years ago

So does this all mean DP may not be at The Texas Pinball Show in March with Cointaker?

#3126 2 years ago

I'm sure we all will survive this latest blip.
Remember Philgate?

#3312 2 years ago

image (resized).png

#3355 2 years ago

There is also an ad right next to it for someone wanting a TBL

#3367 2 years ago

Relax Dudes. Everything is going to work out.

image (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#3484 2 years ago

Well let's just hope DP can work it out.
I'm staying in for the long haul.
Wonder if Jaap will announce the second pin at TPF?

#3527 2 years ago

I have never heard of Duch pinball.

#3529 2 years ago

Doesn't put you over any line.
You are entitled to your opinion even if it is "all speculation"
Your words not mine.

#3576 2 years ago
Quoted from unigroove:

I can only speak for myself, but I'm confident DP will find a solution for this situation.

I'm in the same camp.
DP will get this thing back on track.

#3595 2 years ago

Well the TPF is coming closer.
Looked at the event schedule.
March 25th
3 pm – Dutch Pinball Update
Location: Seminar Room

Hopefully Jaap or Barry have some good news.

1 week later
#3694 2 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Imagine if you did have the time and desire and paid to travel there and paid to attend the show and then DP cancels their "No Shit Seminar"; Talk about feeling fucked in the [censored]...

image (resized).png

#3779 2 years ago

I hope some of the EA's are able to get to the TPF and talk to Jaap and see and hear what he has to say.
Hopefully the information presented by Jaap will calm down all the unnecessary speculation that is being posted on this thread. It's all very undude like.

#3794 2 years ago
Quoted from Charliew65:

Fox Studios - Good morning thank you for contacting Fox Studios how can we help you
Rarehero - Hi my name is Rarehero
Fox Studios - *click*
I wouldn't really worry about what Rarehero does.....

I'm sure that would happen . That would be the wrong number!
It's Universal Studios that Rarehero should be calling

#3817 2 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Does anyone really think DP will actually present at TPF? How was their presentation/seminar at the 2016 PiNbAlL ExPO?

Hey MrBally,
I think DP is going to be at TPF.
Proof Positive!

#3862 2 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

I'm mainly trying to figure out who gave them my email. Cointaker? As I have ordered from them. I just found the whole thing rather poor taste, spamming someone who doesn't want your game from a company who can't currently build games trying to get money for another game. I'm not mad at Dutch per say, but at whoever gave them my email.

I think it's a little bit of an overeaction to 1 email.
Just saying.

#3870 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I don't think so. Taylor is simply wondering who is giving out his e-mail address to a company he wants nothing to do with. He wasn't complaining, he was simply stating.
I don't like it when my e-mail is given out without my permission either. Companies should have a little more respect for their customers than doing that.

It's easy to find out .
On the bottom of the email there are 2 choices:
Click "why did I get this?" Choice

#3927 2 years ago

Can we just all get along.
I'm sure we all will know more tomorrow that will put an end to all the speculation.

#3929 2 years ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

Hi. If you are interested in a new BOP then there will be good news. If you are looking for an update on when your TBL will be delivered then you will not be happy.

I'll be waiting until Jaap does his seminar tomorrow.


#3938 2 years ago

Ok we have the announcement of BOP (BIT OVER PRICED) 3.0
Now we wait until Jaap has finished his update at 3 o'clock today.
Better be some encouraging news about TBL!
Don't even want to imagine what Rarehero might do.
Better be good Jaap or you face the Wrath of Rarehero!

#3945 2 years ago

One question I would like asked at this update is.
When does the negotiated Universal Liscense expire?
That will give them and us a timeline on how long this Clusterf*&k can continue before they run in to some real trouble.

#3949 2 years ago

Thanks Rarehero for answering the question.

#3962 2 years ago

I have a preorder if anybody is interested.

#3977 2 years ago

They are probably hoping to iron it out through lawyers with ARA.
ARA has them by the balls because they have the machines and all the parts to build the machines.
Would seem the easier route. The infrastructure is in place with ARA.
Whether that ever happens?

#3984 2 years ago

So if I have this right. If the new CM ends up building the TBL.
We will get this:
A Mini Big Lebowski!

image (resized).jpeg

#3997 2 years ago

I'm sure Barry's email inbox is full !

#4000 2 years ago

I cannot believe nobody wants to buy my spot!
Paid in full

#4015 2 years ago

No takers for #148 TBL?
Guess I'll stay in for the very long haul.
Hell, I've waited this long.

#4017 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Without knowing DP's financial position, their decision might have been ok. If they have all preorder funds, they could and should await legal arbitration. Once the matter is settled, get those games shipping. In the meantime they SHOULD continue coding and fixing mechanical issues with TBL.
My common sense tells me otherwise, they don't have the preorder money and have eaten a hole of about $300k - $400k. That is why the push to sell BOP2 @ 2 x $value. A Ponzi scheme, no matter how well intentioned is never the right answer. Dutch Pinball had burned through TBL cash for BOP2 project, according to Phil, immediately preceding phil-gate. So there might be another $100k - $200k needed to fill that hole. Presuming Dutch Pinball doesn't have the money, there is no TBL. They are bankrupted / insolvent.
Unless Barry / Japp come forward with some documentation of money sitting in the bank, not many will believe anything they say. I don't mean to be stirring things but I see no hope of anyone else receiving their games. Everything is f@cked, Dude! Sorry to those with money lost. BTW if DP is someday outed as being $400k - $600k in the hole, that is gross mismanagement and deception. I have no direct knowledge of any misdoings, but am putting the pieces in place.

DP do not get the money for BOP project.
The payment is held by Cointaker and Nitro. When ready to ship preorder payment and balance is forwarded to DP through the distributor.
That's how I understand it. BOP is not a money grab.

#4026 2 years ago

Why has Denmark been brought into this?

#4046 2 years ago

image (resized).jpeg

#4051 2 years ago

Look the BOP deal is pie in the sky.
Even if they get orders there is no way in hell they will get them out quickly.
They didn't even have a prototype. Just an 8 second video of some lights flashing.
TBL they had prototypes and it still took them 2 years to get only 50 out the door!

#4084 2 years ago

Let's just be honest.
We all should have gotten out when Phil refunded our money.
Looking back it's truthfully what we should have done.

#4086 2 years ago

You mean Chicago Gaming or Stern.

#4090 2 years ago

I'm not on board with the Universal thing either.
I have contacted Barry and asked for a refund.
I just don't understand why they focused their efforts on BOP and not just coming to some agreement with ARA and get the games made. ARA has all parts,boards and cabinets.

#4095 2 years ago

DP has to sit down with ARA and hammer out a deal and get TBL finished and out the door!
Why spend time and money on a old game theme. They are basically starting over.
Ordering parts,Building prototypes etc etc.
Easiest road is work it out with ARA !

#4097 2 years ago

OH believe me it's not over.

#4165 2 years ago

Could you imagine if it turns out Phil is working for ARA?

#4254 2 years ago

I noticed that Rensh has not posted in a couple of days.
Wonder where Rensh has gone.
He usually has lots of info to share. He lives in the Netherlands and has had sit down talks with Barry and Jaap.
Wonder if Rensh has some more insight?

#4258 2 years ago

image (resized).jpeg

#4270 2 years ago

Well I'm just hanging in hoping it turns out like JJP and WOZ .
Everyone gets their games in 5 years.

#4424 2 years ago

Let's hope with this latest news that TBL gets back on track and all of the very very patient Achievers get their deserved games.

#4477 2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion.

1 week later
#4542 2 years ago

It would be great if ARA and DP smooth things over in the next couple of weeks and maybe announce a code update.

#4561 2 years ago

I can just see it:
"Let's get this thing moving because I can't!"

#4569 2 years ago

I must say at least the communication has improved.

#4591 2 years ago

I have to say with all the time that has passed waiting for this debacle to be rectified the DP team could have released a new update of the code for TBL.
It's not like they haven't had the time to work on that part of TBL.

#4617 2 years ago

Let's hope it's all good news next week.
We could use some here.

#4625 2 years ago

And 147 is better than 148

#4629 2 years ago

Sorry double down vote post.

1 week later
#4715 2 years ago

I wonder if Unigroove (Mr. Joosten of Pinball Magazine) has anymore information on what's really going on over there between ARA and DP.
Be nice to here from a neutral party.
So Unigroove if your out there it would be nice to hear from you. Request from one of many Achievers wondering what really is happening. NSNL's are getting more vague every time we receive one.

#4742 2 years ago

Here is the latest update:

We received a lot of feedback about our frequent updates. It is great to hear that you appreciate the updates, even if there is no spectacular news, so we will continue to do this.

We talked again with ARA but this time also with Nivoge. As you might know, ARA is part of the Nivoge-group that is led by a board of three people. Two members of this board are now the interim management of ARA. We also hired a business consultant to advise us in this process. He advised us not to share any details of the negotiations.

So right now there’s no good news and no bad news. But things look positive that you will get your Lebowski!

We will send out another update next week.

Kind regards,

Barry & Jaap


#4766 2 years ago

Ya I agree completely . Had sent an email to Barry and Jaap a couple of weeks ago asking about the departure of Koen.
No response so far.

#4792 2 years ago

DP is in no position to refuse this deal. They owe it to the early Achievers to take this deal and deliver all the TBLS that have been ordered. Just get this project finished and move on !

#4899 2 years ago

Maybe another update tomorrow?

#4901 2 years ago

Just pure speculation like every other post right now.

1 week later
#5046 2 years ago

How did you become an asshole?

#5048 2 years ago

This whole deal with DP is a s@&t show.
When you look back now it really went south with Philgate.
Should have got out then when I had the chance.

#5148 2 years ago

ARA has all the parts and machines.
Tough for DP to move forward without that.
Where is all the extra money coming from to order all new parts again?

#5242 2 years ago

“This is a very complicated case Maude. You know, a lotta ins, a lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous.” — The Dude

#5254 2 years ago

Would not surprise me that Monday June 19th is a Dutch holiday!

#5300 2 years ago

I myself will wait and see what June 19th brings.

#5439 2 years ago

Anybody receive instructions yet on how we join this live session on Monday June 19th ?

#5441 2 years ago

So it's a live session on Monday June 19th and we still don't have instructions on how to join the session?
Sounds very DP to me. We know the time and date but no further instructions?
Is there really a session on Monday?
That's just 2 days away. Sent in my questions . I'm a fully paid up EA.

#5445 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

They are annouckng that Andrew from HP is joining them

"Annouckng" Is that Dutch for the word announcing ?

#5453 2 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

What would you need more? A week upfront time and date is mentioned. On Monday you will get a mail with link, what would be the use of getting it earlier? Wanna print it out, frame it and look at it for two days ??

Gee Rensh,
Just asked a simple question. Very nice response. Who peed in your Corn Flakes?

#5505 2 years ago

I'll be hanging in for the time being.
What other choice do I really have.
Hopefully this new CM will work out and all we all get our TBL's eventually.

#5603 2 years ago

I'm satisfied with Jaap's explanation and questions answered.
No one on this thread would discuss their personal finances with one another why should DP.
They have money just not enough to refund everyone . I'm willing to hang on and let them make the rest of the TBL's and deliver to all the EA's.

1 week later
#5765 2 years ago

Some promising news from DP.
Let's hope the good news keeps coming and we all get our TBL's we all have so patiently waited for.

1 week later
#5832 2 years ago

Good to see more good news this week.
Keep it coming DP!

#5860 2 years ago

New update!
Parts ordered for 0 series.
Hopefully stay on track to finish 0 series by October.
Keep the updates coming DP!

1 month later
#5960 2 years ago

Supposed to be according to the last update.

1 month later
#6096 2 years ago

For all that the EA's have gone through I think Barry and Jaap should at least prepay the machines to the door at the very least.

1 week later
#6331 1 year ago

You can check out the code first hand at DPO.

1 week later
#6402 1 year ago

That's some promising news.

3 months later
#6621 1 year ago

Lets hope it's not a No Show Newsletter!

1 month later
#6782 1 year ago

Is there going to be a factory tour for EA's?

#6790 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

Because it's Throwback Thursday...

They look like in that picture that they may not have been paid

1 week later
#6805 1 year ago

Strikes and gutters, ups and downs.

1 month later
#7272 1 year ago

I also emailed Barry and Jaap to get a timeline on the latest ARA lawsuit. Got the same response as previous post

#7274 1 year ago

I did ask if they were using any remaining EA money for their defence.

#7315 1 year ago

This whole thing has been a Clusterf%$k from the get go! It's always been kinda like a ponzy scheme from the beginning with these two fools!

#7340 1 year ago