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#4711 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

No ones gonna buy that thing for $12.5k, so that plan is out.

for 9/10 K$ average price for one TBL dream in the US adding 2.5 K$ to actually make the game a reality would have people do it I think

#4713 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

We're talking about BOP 2.0 for $12.5k, not raising the price of TBL.

hmmm gotcha, yes I didn't think of BoP 2.0... still I think they 'll find a way around as they've been through some bumps already before as we know and they managed ok so far so hope is there..
DP people won't let go easily no doubt from here.
I don't have clues but I hope they get the fans happy in the end and earn some money too

2 months later
#5892 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinbally_1968:

yeah, keep talking bout ARA, licences, CM's, legals, lawsuits and how to run a better business for dummies have fun. Im gonna play a few!
(oh..btw... seems like there has never been such great news for all of you who r still waiting and the number of posts per minute has declined significantly why would that be )

Played 2 games 3 hours ago, my game has a total of 60ish plays ( I try to spare it from any damage at this point ), but I'm wondering what we'll do when the rug will be tired of getting shot at and when these boards will start causing trouble one day or the bowling mech down there...
If there's only 50ish games around or the 50ish ARA games if they see their owners soon enough , who will be interested in doing parts for theses small figures?
I hope DP will think this over before designing new stuff if they need to because of the previous ARA contract, or change very little so they still get away with it...and fit all games ( the ARAs the new CMs )
It's such a fun game and only needs more code to get to some of the excitement extended past the 18/20 Millions, great code could send this game high in the rankings if it gets the chance.
It's still impressive today as a design when you think this company came from litterally nowhere and hit the market with such a game and such details and finish on many many aspects.
As I watched the Jaap (and Barry) video last month I couldn't imagine anything not genuine from the man speaking, he seemed really sharp too.
The explanations seemed clear too, the fact that they had no option in their position seemed obvious.
I hope everything gets going for the best this time and more TBLs get to see daylight in the future.

#5897 2 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

While it hasn't been easy(or fast) with everything else going on I have gotten small parts 3 different times now. Barry has worked with me along the way. I would definitely be concerned if say major board or something went out right now, not sure how easily that could be obtained but I did get a small replacement board in the game just a month or two ago(turns out it wasn't the issue and was just a loose wire) but parts were sent to me nonetheless.

I take comfort in that, that and that some Lebowskis are on the way

#5941 2 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

personnaly, I think here the mess is An error in the financial statement of the project or an agreement failure with subcontractors...
Does someone know what is problem here?

pinball is hard

3 months later
#6337 2 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

I was an achiever that sold my spot maybe 3-6 weeks before the big implosion where it was revealed that the games were stuck.
Haven’t had a White Russian since Phil refunded people randomly. Was holding out for this shit to get sorted, but fuck it.
I still would consider buying one if everything turned around and they were readily available, but the code needs work. What I played on location would not hold up in a home environment. I encourage you to find a way to play before sending money in to anyone.
Remember when the biggest problem was the bait and switch they pulled on the soundtrack? Good times.

"well this is like , your opinion man.."
IMO the game is already in a top 15 as it is ( PF flow, shots , art , quotes, lightings , overall fun ,built quality ) so it ties any pin collection together anytime anywhere and anyhow too...(ask some second hand buyers)and the music in the game is no issue at all, it fits well and really appropriate + it makes a change from the original. "the Eagles suck man"
Only problem is it's not available for everyone who ordered one yet.
IMO ARA woud get their ass whipped big time in court as they broke the contract, not DP . "Am I wrong?!! Am I wrong ??!!"
I think DP are commited to genuinly satisfy all customers with their purchase , but shit happens right when you don't want/need it.
Pinball is hard...
If you buy one , you'll get to keep it I think as the game is really something despite the code isn't what it will be in the future ( hope I'm right on this one) and the story that goes with it will make it special to you , like you went through much to get it.
This game's story so far is as epic as the movie itself , DP team sweat every day I guess to make it a happy ending too.
I play 10/15 games per month on purpose and there's always some new stuff to discover everytime...so code complete is not absolutely needed yet ( I'm an average player ).
Hope your next white russian is not that far away..

#6345 2 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Quote error. Get it right Dude. We have standards in this thread.

"can I get some fries with that steak ?" -Drac in MB

#6357 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

They definitely *were* working on code updates for TBL. Finishing modes, WIFI, high resolution (rather than dot-ised) option for the DMD, general polish etc etc. That was before the shit hit the fan (or became obviously unresolvable) with ARA, though.
Hopefully if and when games start shipping again, they pick up where they left off.
If Koen can't or won't do it, IMO someone like applejuice might do a good job, for the right pay.

I guess Koen will continue doing it if they pay him as the money will be there coming in with more sales happening with the Chinese TBLs hitting the market hopefully.
Anyway he's no Alien from Pluto , someone else could be involved too , there's programmers out there.
Appljuice is one of them, got to get paid too..

#6391 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

Not as easy as all of that. While TBL has its original roots in pyprocgame, Koen did massive improvements and changes to it to meet his needs, including a total new display system/methodology. In addition, the way the game logic is then setup is also going to be different. How the 'modes' (both 'code modes', and 'game modes') interact is going to likely be unique to TBL. The status of the rules and that implementation may not be obvious, etc. So, not saying another programmer can't step in, I could name a few folks with some background in pyprocame and experience coding machines on the platform, but it is not like they are going to be able to just pick right up where Koen left off and get going on it. There would be some period of time of acclimation and investigation needed. Keep in mind some of these programmers would likely not get involved unless they had Koen's blessing. That was certainly the case with Magic Girl, where I know a couple of guys who would not get involved unless applejuice got paid.
Having Koen return to work on the code is certainly going to be the best option for owners and DP as it will be faster and far more cost effective.

Yes a bit of money for Koen from DP and back to work on that coding stuff for more fun...

#6392 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

There are some here who would have that fixed and running in one day!

I recall Melissa say/write at one time that there was nothing to expect in that direction as it was more damaged than the pictures would tell...
So 55 out there less 1 for good.

#6393 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Forgot to post this earlier but when I picked up my Alien last week at cointaker I saw this. Talk about an absolute tragedy. Damaged during shipping!

There's also that story about an early owner ( # ? ) that had his game delivered at his home a bit early by the transport company that got hired on that occasion..
The delivery guys thought the owner would appreciate a little help before he arrives home so they decided to open the box (!!) and tryed to settle the game up and managed to fuck-up the game ( back-box fell on the cabinet or something !!)..
When the owner arrived home he woudn't take the game obviously...
Kinda unwanted white glove delivery gone wrong big time sort of nightmare

2 months later
#6617 1 year ago

good thing and the main thing is at EAG the "new"TBL model is as good/well made as the first batch + Jaap and Barry have a long list of customers in line I guess too in Europe as well as in the US

4 weeks later
#6758 1 year ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

I actually posted in your thread a week or so later to ask what your thoughts are on the game. I've had mine since May 16, but had a number of problems and I only got the game fully working in December. Absolutely loving it now everything is working correctly.
I do have one small issue though - occasionally all the switches stop registering during gameplay. Happens maybe one game out of twenty - the flippers etc still work, but no switches register, even when the ball drains, and it never enters ball search. I have to reboot the machine when it happens. As it's so infrequent and seems to happen at random I assume it's software, but if so I imagine other owners would have had the same problem. Has this happened to anyone else?

I never seen this happened on my #26 / Doesn't get more than 10 plays a month though.
What software version do you have ?
I never put the latest one on my game.

2 months later
#7108 1 year ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

I had a dream that I woke up on Friday and saw a new positive DP post .... "DP is proud to finally announce that the production of The Big Lebowski with our partners in Xytech Module Technologies has officially begun. How many days are left before production begins ... "Mark it zero". We are excited to share with you the photos of the initial TBL cabinets, sub-assemblies that are in process, and testing of initial machines by the Chinese Xytech production staff. We cannot state exactly when "everyone" will get their exact machine however we want to share with you our plan to both provide Early Achievers and newer customers with TBL machines. The delivery of the first 30 pinball machines will consist of a ratio of 10 machines for Achievers and 20 for new buyers. The next delivery of 50 machines will be split at a ratio of 1 and this will continue until all of the remaining Early Achievers have received their machine. We understand that the split between preorders and new buyers might create some consternation and are rewarding preorderers with a set of custom miniature Brunswick bowling balls to mod your TBL, and a set of spare TBL plastics, and custom coindoor key chain FOBs. Additionally, all new TBLs will be shipping with code update 1.0 which will include the exciting new wizard mode (Viva Las Vegas!!!) and additional updates and tweaks to the software code. This code update will also be provided to existing TBL owners when the first new games began shipping in 2 weeks from today. This has been an incredible and sometime difficult journey and the entire team wants to extend Thanks everyone involved and who ordered this game".... I can only hope that reality is somewhat close to that ... but my hope is razor thin ;-/

/ great post indeed , hope you get it to happen in the real pinball life soon

#7109 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Hi def, I will personally fly down get a meeting with the right department and accompany you to Universal Licensing. The way DP communicates with good people who entrusted their money to them is disgusting. I am sure Universal will want a good update about their license and what the people they entrusted too are doing or better said...not doing.

what good thing to happen after that ? games coming out faster ?
I guess like Rensh wrote earlier that DP do what they can right now and they struggle hard despite what some of us think of the situation.

#7111 1 year ago

Quoted from wcbrandes:Thanks Hi def I will also send in Email asking for at least conference call to establish how and what Universal are capable of doing to a licensee that has taken money for their brand and not only did not deliver to the majority but are refusing to refund while they take what....salaries for 4 years Cheers mate

"capable of doing" : like what ? an offer they can't refuse ?

"This aggression will not stand"-the Dude

#7342 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

TBL software is useless without the legal right to produce and sell the game.
TBL software can be recreated at will by competent people... but the ability to actually sell the game goes through universal... not Bankrupt DP.

If it ends up with ARA continuing this production ( if their right is proven to do so ) I doubt they care about software/code (in their mind it's $ all the way I guess) and won't get Koen to do it I think (Would Koen work for the company who got his DP team in this situation?? ) and it's a DP asset/creation all the way, nevermind Universal problems on top of that...
Production of more games by ARA on its own won't get done IMO ( Parts in ARA's building is/was not much so 10 games or so I would say, that's what was to be seen a year and a half ago when some of us visited the ARA site , so 40 ish boxed games and 6/8 games on the line plus parts here and there but nothing substantial and I doubt there were some other parts elsewhere in the building as the ARA site is a well organised one and for different companies , no way they have parts for the 200 games remaining to make ).
They can't order parts from vendors , PFs from Mirco and so on , no way they could do this , all they can do if they win the case is sell TBLs for 15K or more to try to make a fast earning (not really at that price IMO ) and get EAs upset and angry too for an extra mess on top of things..
Some would probably lawyer up against them , so ARA is still in a big mess whatever this TBL scenario gets to be..
If DP is all the way right as the info from a year ago is true , ARA had to swallow the extra 1000 $ not DP , but as this thread put up so much possible shit to light we still have to wait for the actual truth to be known.
Jaap and Barry (and DP team) are not dumb and dumber or else , they invented/designed and achived a great pinball machine of the best quality and of Bally/Williams level of play, a unique game of its kind, a real good game, something not to forget.
They need to get proved right and get their act together and I hope it gets better in the next months even if it looks blurry right now.
Hope ARA's lawyers will fruck this up so the Xytech games can continue their life after this and the EAs get their ARA warehouse hostage games for the price they already spent out there.

"What day is this ?"

#7515 1 year ago
Quoted from RTR:

Not sure what time of day rensh is awake, so re-posting:

I guess...as it's 5 AM here now

-"What day is this ?"

Wonder how many TBLs there are here on this side of the pond as DP's market is more for the US customers at first.
My guess is 15 games in Europe, heard of one in Russia too..

#7548 1 year ago
Quoted from spfxted:

The more I read this Thread the more I realize... Nobody Knows Shit!

TBL pinball' story gets an own scenario that keeps surprises coming up all the time, reality gets ahead of fiction all the time too..

#7603 1 year ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Just to clarify, in Dutch, the small print at the bottom states any information contained in this email is for the adressed only and not allowed to be publicly anounced or published.

So Tacshose could be sued for copyright/NDA crap or stuff by ARA now ?
the short legs on ARA's lawyers couldn't bother I guess?

Quoted from tacshose:I was curious to ARA's response if I asked to buy a TBL direct, and here was their response.

"Unfortunately" and "not currently" means ARA would if they could and hopefully for them will be able to do so...
ARA probably also wouldn't care who to sell the games too, should be the highest bidder or smtg in their logic of getting some way of payment at some point
Guess EAs should get their fingers crossed that DP wins the lawsuit in the future ( IMO more chance this way that games would go their way , at least the 40 existing ones )

#7605 1 year ago

Well yes but there are several distribs involved , so who would get what ? again : not at the same price too probably.
ARA and DP are too deep in this mess and been through too much aggro to come to any agreement of that kind IMO.

#7666 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

The Dutch are good people.
They have an abundance of tall, beautiful women on bikes and great coffee shops. They've also proven they can design amazing pinball machines
(note that I didn't say deliver said amazing pinball machines).

Don't forget the Dutch make good cheese also , great tulips too !

#7679 1 year ago
Quoted from highdef:

You better hope your retirement home allows seniors to have a pinball machine in their room.

My kid will sell you our TBL then, when/if bored with it one day
hope you get a TBL before though

2 weeks later
#7752 1 year ago
Quoted from spandol:

Actually, I shouldn't post that because of the cussing. It was the scene from Pulp Fiction when Marsellas tells Butch about pride might mess with you, but F pride.

He gets told not to ever mention what he has seen previously too...

7 months later
#8589 10 months ago

I think there was movie about "the Jesus/Turturro" as a prequel or something on the way a year ago or so , anyone know what happened to that ?

1 week later
#8604 10 months ago

well done , thanks...
Apparently it 's a remake of "Les Valseuses" a French movie from B.BLier in the mid-seventies , a good movie at the time but now "dated", but really popular , a kind of classic..
Lack of imagination I guess..
I know turturro is friends with Depardieu who acted in this movie back then and that he produced Turturro's "MAC" movie in the 90's..
Well an old "Jesus" character to look forward to anyway , guess there'll be some TBL references here and there , well i hope it's a cool remake movie with new stuff added as the bar is quite high..

1 month later
#8728 8 months ago

the story in the TBL movie looks simple compared to the real life TBL Pinball machine actual story , who would have thought this ?

#8733 8 months ago
Quoted from dannylite:

Well since they already made a sequel, the pinball saga could complete the trilogy. It would definitely get more than 2.1 stars.

"I'm sick of abiding man !!" well done stuff there , fun to watch too , thanks for sharing it.

3 months later
#8921 5 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I begged them to take the deal. Stupid bastards.

How do you know they don't know their fathers??

#8924 5 months ago

Lemmy and the Ramones are my fathers , all in one !

Talked to Jaap at DPO 2007 , told me he singed in a Rock band and that they were doing some Ramones covers sometimes..

I found that cool !

#8925 5 months ago

2017 !

1 week later
#9281 5 months ago
Quoted from MarkInc:

What about the poor souls that got their machines delivered in pieces. I think there were at least 2 that got the forklift treatment. Are they getting anything?

Next question is how many TBL's can be made from all the parts left in the ARA unit and who will these games be proposed to ?
Hope the EAs get a shot at them

#9283 5 months ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

He already stated that for all intent and purpose he was out on Wonka before this news broke. I don't know that he needs to find an excuse beyond what he has already said: poor/misguided use of assets. The musical that isn't.

Special K is a joke and knows pinball like i know Pokemon IMO , his taste and sayings mean little to most people in the hobby or am I wrong ?
"AM I WRONG !!??"

#9285 5 months ago

acid rain is gonna pour on new owners celebrating and showing their TBL unboxing parties , well from EAs it's expected at least and totally understandable

#9402 5 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Nope, TBL is better than Alien![quoted image]

You said it man !

1 month later
#10323 3 months ago

Bye bye Wolfie..!
Time to woof somewhere else !

For the count I'm EA #26 / Paris-FR

3 weeks later
#10806 89 days ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I wouldn't be totally shocked, DP needs to establish credibility for this project so it may be worth it to Barry to include an EA machine or two in the first shipment to demonstrate that DP does intended to eventually cover everyone.

What do you call a shipment ? something like 30 games in a container ?

2 weeks later
#10965 70 days ago

there's more chance that Bieber gets the job one day IMO

#10969 70 days ago

Got to remember "HU is in charge of China" joke though...
Very good one , old but very good...

#11031 67 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

If it's irrelevant, why do you think It would be good for It to be open to the public to read?


#11032 67 days ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Barry still owes me a second game, new money helps DP get some € rolling. Hey if if doesn’t work out then I have paid the equivalent of what a TBL is going for with limited numbers... 20K-
I’m no fool, but enjoy this hobby, I enjoyed this game when I played it. I don’t smoke, drink much or do drugs, that is money easily gone!
Game arrives in the next few Hrs!! I will post some pictures

welcome to the "EA with a game club" , whenever in Paris come by and share TBL experience too
For me 10 games a month is what it gets , always want the rug to be "perfect" that's what you 'll want too I guess as time goes on

#11034 67 days ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

Holy shit. Is this scam essentially going to happen twice then?
Look, let’s be generous and assume Barry is capable of manufacturing hundreds of TBLs on his own for cheap. Even if he could do that, how exactly is a second game going to help? It’s going to distract him and push out TBL creation even further (past the license expiry.) This is madness.

Well it's a good thing for TBL fans/pinball and Barry too, plus who is gonna know how many are really made ? Universal can't check that IMO so past end of 2020 it could be either a deal of prolonging the TBL License or its cash in hand if not if I was him, back door deals and and rock and roll TBLs till the end of people wanting them.
These TBLs could be named the "BGG edition" ( Barry's Golden Goose )

#11038 67 days ago

Gotcha but the rug toy is something else , I've seen used TBLs with bad looking rugs and you don't want yours this way believe me.
Once Jaap told me "if it"s not broke why change it ?" I told him that it would be some spare item to get in the future at one point no matter what/how one plays the game..
A friend/big collector in France (200 games) played for the first time a TBL game at my place , he had been to the States and came in front of several TBL games in 2 different towns and these TBLs had the common point of not being playable ( on one game the rug was like shreds of paper ).
This game needs to be perfect IMO, it needs to be so , you 'll see for yourself.
I would pay good money for a spare new rug toy mech for the future that's for sure.
That's good business for Barry too IMO.

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