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#240 4 years ago

I set my expectations for Q3 or Q4 delivery because things always happen, so the updated timeline doesn't phase me at all. This'll be worth the wait.

#245 4 years ago

I'd hope that the actors find it as a huge compliment to be immortalized in a pinball game that should be a classic.

1 month later
#348 4 years ago


#382 4 years ago
Quoted from geo:

#180 - All the kinks should be worked out by then. LOL. Hope to have it as a Christmas present for myself.

Yep, that's what I'm telling myself at 190. Still in the preorder run, but enough will have been built before mine for all bugs to have been worked out.

#385 4 years ago
Quoted from geo:

So you want it now but are lying to yourself? Me too!

I learned patience when I placed my deposit down for my Lotus and took delivery of it 22 months later. That was a long wait, so I guess I've been conditioned...but yeah, I'd love to have my TBL now if I could.

1 week later
#402 4 years ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

So, the past two Fridays we've had NSNLs... is there any chance we may receive another today? I know its asking a lot but I'd love for some more info on the game itself!

3 weeks later
#447 4 years ago

My wife and I met with the company we're going to use to build our weekend (for now) and home out in the country we'll retire to.

I saw the video as we were waiting to start the meeting and suggested during the meeting that we add a room for my TBL pin, sports memorabilia and the like.

She's onboard with that.

7 months later
#1098 3 years ago

Very tempted to get a GB Premium. Looks very nice. Don't see the value in the LE.

1 month later
#1411 3 years ago

When you're at the very back of the line, the production schedule doesn't matter much at all.

I'll get #190 when I get it.

4 months later
#2322 3 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Early achievers are those who bought direct at DP and didn't bail out during Philgate. For this they get a plaque. Don't know if via CT also early achievers are there.
Direct sales were around 200 units reported through serialnumbers at Pinside.
Checked with DP for you and your 85 is not serialnumber 85 so check with Melissa is the advise. Is it not so that sales via CT also came with a rug and chrome?

I'm #190 and at first, I thought the wait would suck, but it's good being this far back so Dutch Pinball can continue to tweak machines in production as they get more feedback from the first units delivered and played.

4 months later
#2935 2 years ago

Hopefully they won't contract with Stern to produce the rest of the machines.

#2937 2 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

The direct DP preorders go through 190 or so, so not sure where his allotment comes from other than maybe sublet from cointaker or preorder drop outs.

Aren't Nitro's machines shipped to Cointaker and then shipped to Canada by Cointaker? Could be that Nitro's machines are included in 200 to 300.

All I do know is that I'm probably the last preorder at #190 aka, "The Last of the Achievers."

#2990 2 years ago

I've never owned a pinball machine and TBL was the theme that finally got me to preorder. Since I preordered, we've purchased land that we'll build a weekend/future retirement house on and I've been concerned about eventually moving my TBL from our house to the future house that we haven't built yet.

At the rate we're going, we will have designed and built the new house and my TBL will be delivered there instead. I just found a silver lining.

#3008 2 years ago

Please add me to the list that would like the ARA email PM'ed to me.

Thanks in advance.

#3032 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Yes, we're all narcissists, paint ourselves orange, have nicotine-yellow hair, put scotch tape on our ties, and are functional illiterates with mail-order brides who hate us.

Easy now, you've got a dam that needs fixing and he knows a few things about construction, plus he has federal funds.

#3103 2 years ago

I keep reminding myself as I read through this thread that pinball is supposed to be fun.

#3216 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

There are only 300 voices to listen to, less with the deposit only people.
If only 300 are made, then TBL will be quite rare. Those with deposits have the choice pay more or get deposit back.
Raise price by €1000 then whoever wants one will pay... people are already paying 15K for a stern with dimpling/ghosting playfield and shit code...

Yep, no price increases for those of us that preordered and are paid in full. DP has had our money for several years.

Any price increases should be passed onto the 100 or so machines being sold via regular distribution (Cointaker and Nitro).

It's a bad situation for DP and ARA, but lack of communication looks horrible and leadership of both companies need to take those of us in consideration who have long since paid for our games in full.

#3220 2 years ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

For those of you already in deep and paid in full, I can see why you'd be OK paying another $1000 on top to just get the game in your hands - particularly since all of you paid in full folks got it for $8500. As someone with a preorder deposit on this game but at the $10,000 current price tag - there is just no way I am going to further extend and now have to pay $11,000 for this thing. If that is the direction this is going I am going to walk away and get my refund...I hate to say that as I absolutely love this project but paying another $1000 over and above the already super high (but agreed upon) price is just not something anyone should really be comfortable with. Its bordering on extortion - especially for you paid in full guys.
On that note - I am assuming the only real reason I am paying $10,000 vs the early buyers paying $8500 is simply the markup that the distributor is taking? OR is DP actually jacking up the price per unit?

I was one of, it not the last preorder and I paid more than $8,500 including chrome and rug. I didn't mind because I was locking down my place in line for a machine and the guys who had paid the lower price had jumped in long before I did and also endured Philgate.

3 weeks later
#3649 2 years ago

There are paid in full preorders with DP greater than $8,500 because of price increases during the preorder period.

I jumped in at the end and paid more because of the increase as well as chrome and rug upgrade being a $500 option.

Hindsight says that I'd have been better off putting $1,000 down with Cointaker, especially since I could have invested the money and been that much further ahead. Normally, I'm excited when I buy something cool, but those emotions faded away a long, long time ago.

Then again, I haven't bought anything...I've fully paid for a promise that I hope will be fulfilled.

2 weeks later
#3989 2 years ago

I'd think that at some point, ARA would want this resolved because they've spent money on parts and the assembled machines that are being held hostage. Both sides should be motivated to resolve. Key word, should.

#3992 2 years ago

I'm looking at the bright side...my TBL (should it ever be built) at the rate we're going, will be shipped to a house that currently exists on paper that my wife and I are several years away from building. At least I won't have to move it.

/Sarcasm off/

#4114 2 years ago

Unless ARA has broken down the assembly line, they have a section of their facility that's unusable because it's full of TBL parts, partially assembled games, and boxed games. This costs ARA money. At some point, they're going to want to get this resolved...

...unless they think they can make DP pay additional money for the stoppage.

Here's an idea, class action mediation. TBL Early Achievers sit down with both ARA and DP to listen to both sides and create a solution to remedy the situation.

#4212 2 years ago

"There are approximately 150 TBLs that only have a $1000 deposit on them and presumably do not have parts ordered yet."

I'm fully paid (had to pay extra for rug and chrome plus price increase) at #190. It looks like there aren't parts on hand to build my TBL.

There's a lot of talk about just paying an extra $1,000 to get machines built. I technically have already.

#4214 2 years ago

No worries and I appreciate all you're doing! I think I'm at the very back of the Early Achiever line.

#4387 2 years ago

I just find it hard to believe that any company like ARA would just stop manufacturing a product and be OK having valuable factory space sit idle because it's full of parts and completed products. That costs money.

Fingers crossed that this new development is the catalyst for a return to manufacturing so we can focus on the fun aspects of pinball.

Especially for guys like me who have never owned a pin before, but it was this theme that got them to jump in.

#4390 2 years ago
Quoted from RTR:

Probably sexual abuse - Rene may have fucked a bunch of strangers in the ass....

...while in the Alps.

3 weeks later
#4602 2 years ago

I hate The Fuc$ing Eagles.

1 month later
#5481 2 years ago

I missed today's live session (job got in the way, especially when trying to make up for the money you lost with DP), but it looks like I didn't miss anything.

2 weeks later
#5830 2 years ago

I'm encouraged and optimistic.

*fingers crossed*

3 months later
#6075 2 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

Jaap: New orders will have to be filled first to fund previous preorders build.

That's not a surprise. Hopefully they can crank out the new orders at a good rate. If anything, that should help with Q/C so any bugs will be worked out before the preorders are built.

#6084 2 years ago

Hopefully DP will step up and do something special for preorders that will have to wait for their pins while those that didn't crowd fund their company get their pins first.

4 weeks later
#6454 2 years ago

Made in China doesn't have the same connotation as it did years ago. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

2 months later
#6626 1 year ago

Here's my NSNL. The plan was for TBL to be my first pin. My AFMr LE should be delivered next week and it'll be my first pin.

Will TBL be my second?

Or my third?

Or my ________?

#6631 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

You may want to consider adding an Addition to your house basement. TBL may be your 103rd at the rate this business is going.

Damn near spit beer on my laptop while thinking, "he may be right."

#6632 1 year ago
Quoted from swillie:

Just played an AFMr LE today...wow stunning. You are going to be very pleased, congratulations.

Thanks. I'm really excited about it. I hadn't been following it for a few months thinking that the LE's were probably all spoken for, but made a few phone calls after reading the board and I'm getting one with black trim.

#6652 1 year ago
Quoted from cudabee:

Rens, are there no more coinmechs in the chinese production games, or is it just this one sample?

I bet it's just a sample for the prototype.

1 week later
#6716 1 year ago

TBL being built in China doesn't mean that the quality is worse than the units built in Europe. If DP cuts corners to reduce costs, then that'll affect the quality, regardless of where production is located. I hope that no corners are cut and build quality is consistent with TBL's already produced.

#6718 1 year ago

Also keep in mind that ARA hadn't built a pinball machine before and DP also had to teach them. Hopefully the Chinese made TBL won't have QC issues as production ramps and that the learning curve isn't steep.

I'm way in the back of the line and my fingers are crossed that all the kinks will be worked out before mine is assembled.

Hopefully DP will insist on similar levels of quality too.

#6728 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Yes, entire built is in China.
However, pls do note a lot of the important parts like for instance proc’s, playfield (Mirko) and flipper builds are still the same. But for instance the ramps, they are made in China.
Also HQ Xytech where design is done is in NL.

That's why I'm optimistic. They're a European company with manufacturing in China.

#6739 1 year ago
Quoted from whitey:

All joking aside, I gotta say if this is built in China I would wait to see the game and play it.Are Tv,s phones,shoes and almost everything else is made there so we may be surprised. Until I'm in front of the game and playing it I won't go on one guys opinion

Chinese made Cadillac imported to the US. https://www.autoblog.com/2017/04/13/chinese-made-cadillac-ct6-plug-in-starts-us-sales/

5 months later
#8192 1 year ago

It costs ARA money to have completed machines and parts to build new pins sit in their warehouse. Maybe we've reached a point where enough time has passed to bring DP and ARA together to reach a deal to restart production.


9 months later
#8797 7 months ago

"The goddamn plane has crashed into the mountain!"

#8800 7 months ago

I made the mistake of telling my wife that I'm on the list for a TBL, but was confident at the time I told her because they were shipping.

Thank God I didn't tell her that I was paid in full.

I trusted Barry and Jaap and the money I pissed away on a game that looks like will never be produced again could have been used for so many other things.

Thanks Barry! Thanks Jaap!

2 weeks later
#8802 6 months ago

An update from Barry and Jaap would be appreciated.

#8806 6 months ago

The judge was going to issue his verdict on May 15th.

3 weeks later
#8892 5 months ago

Here I sit broken hearted, fully paid for a TBL and only ____.

#8895 5 months ago

We didn't even get a ringer full of used underwear.

2 weeks later
#8926 5 months ago

I don't know what the hell is going on (like most of the rest of us) and I have been wondering if they are revisiting the ownership offer after hearing that there was a new "positive" development.

They could sell a lot more than the initial 300 machines (EAs and regular units via deposits at Cointaker and Nitro) so they could turn the project into a profitable one if they produce enough units.

#8928 5 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Was there a final court ruling?
I had not heard, but thought it was close.

Supposedly there was, but we haven't been told anything.

#8975 5 months ago

EA prices were $9,495 with rug and chrome trim before the April 1, 2015 order deadline. There was a price increase during the order period. Earlier you got in, the lower the price ($8,500).

#9157 5 months ago

I'm not surprised that NIB TBL's are being sold as part of the settlement. Hopefully they can restart production soon so EA's can be made whole. Will be interesting to see if it's a 1 to 1 ratio of EA to non EA machines produced or if they go with 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 ratio.

Looking forward to Barry sharing the plan. Sure, it's been a debacle, but at least there is progress being made and we can get beyond the ARA dispute. Would be a great Christmas present to the EA community if all EA machines are delivered this year.

Will also be interesting to see the price for the non EA machines going forward. Maybe they can do a Jesus edition at a higher price point that has a different translite. Same for a Donny or Walter edition. I don't see the game having the same appeal if they offer a stripped down version at a lower price point that doesn't have the upper playfield, etc.

With the way the pinball market has progressed, I think it's safe to say that seeing future production units at an $8,500 price point isn't realistic unless it's stripped down.

#9162 5 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

And to think that this (or $9,500 in your case Hoss) was considered to be SO EXPENSIVE when we invested in TBL being made.

Exactly. Hindsight (assuming that I do get my TBL EA) says that I've saved $3,000 compared to what this new release of 40 games sold for. I don't know if they have a market at $12,500 for future non EA production units, but they probably do at $10,000 without chrome trim and rug.

Special editions for Walter, Jesus, Donny, and the Dude could possibly have a market at $12,500. A Maude special edition with her flying through the air as she paints on the translite may command even more...just kidding...maybe. Jackie Treehorn edition anyone?

I have a limited amount of room, so I can't have a ton of machines and want quality over quantity. I thought that TBL was going to be my first game. AFMr LE was. I have a deposit down for a Wonka CE and if JJP produces Toy Story, I'll want one. I never bought a WOZ and would be tempted if JJP makes another run of 75th anniversary models. 6 or 7 games would be my max, but it would be crowded. 5 would be less crowded. First world problems!

1 week later
#9448 4 months ago
Quoted from jpk1972:

More than that I am #187

I'll see your 187 and raise you 3.


1 week later
#9571 4 months ago

There would be a market for future TBL production at $10,000 a unit.

Special Editions like a Jesus Edition, Walter Edition, etc. probably could be sold for $12,500.

Then there's the decontented edition. Remove the bowling alley, upper playfield, and rug bash toy, no chrome trim, no rug, and a basic translite. That could sell for $7,500 to $8,000 per unit.

#9580 4 months ago

It sounded like Barry has to get the TBLs from ARA by Friday.

#9737 4 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Im in Texas. I will be on the lookout.

DMC HQ is north of Houston. https://www.delorean.com/

Has facilities in CA, IL, and FL.

#9783 4 months ago
Quoted from foxtj24:

Your numbers are way off.
190 people paid 8500. 50 got a game. But ARA was never paid for those games
40 people paid cointaker / Nitro 12500 and should be getting a game.
140 people still paid in full and got nothing but a party and a tshirt for their $8500
People that paid cointaker in the first round only game a 1000 deposit. They still needed to pay an additional 11500 to get one of the 40 games.

The closer we got to the order cutoff, the more expensive the games were. I paid more than $8,500 because chrome trim and rug became options at an extra cost.

#9809 4 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Can we stop with that quote, it got old like 3000Xs used ago.

This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.

#9851 4 months ago

As a guy at the back of the EA line, I see this as progress. Not ideal, but I sure wasn't going to get a game if TBL and ARA didn't reach agreement.

#10015 4 months ago

I'm one of the last EA's on the list. Makes zero sense for me to spend my time and money getting a lawyer involved. The only way I get my TBL is for the money from these 40 to settle debt with ARA along with Barry getting financing to produce the EA machines along side a run of non EA machines.

#10082 3 months ago

EA plaques are being removed.

1 week later
#10250 3 months ago

Barry's update just hit my inbox.

"Dear Hoss Coog,

In the last update I informed you on the settlement I’ve reached with our former manufacturer. And two weeks ago we managed to complete the settlement! This means that the lawsuit is off table and all games and parts that are in their warehouse are now ours and also fully paid for. With this first round of financing we are now ready to getting things set up again to build games. I am very happy with the trust of Cointaker and some of my very close friends and family who made this possible.

Due to the holiday of three weeks at ARA we had limited access to their warehouse, but fortunately we managed to get the games out and some parts we needed to finish them. Last week the first games were shipped. The rest of the games are now ready as well and will be shipped this week. I know it’s a bittersweet moment, but it’s also the start of a new beginning. We can now truly focus on the future.

On Monday next week the holiday will be over and then we can start with the transport of all the parts. We are already checking the list of parts and taking stock of how many parts we have to build games. Some parts are there for 200+ games, but some parts were bought ‘lean’ and this means that we also have to order new parts as we progress.

In the next weeks we will be busy preparing everything for production: arranging our production facility, counting parts, putting all the parts in our inventory system, checking the assembly instructions, sorting out the tools needed, etc... we will start small and will expand over time to build more games. We have a couple of locations in mind where we want to (re)start our business. We still have to decide which location is best and we hope to get this figured out this, or next week.

Another thing I want to inform you about is something I get a lot of questions about: the license from Universal Pictures. I'm happy to report that we have extended the license! For now it is extended until December 31st 2020.

I will keep you informed how things are progressing the coming weeks. If you have any questions. Please let me know. You can always email, or call me.

Kind regards,


P.S. Here are some photos of the parts in storage. It going to take a while to sort this out : )"

image001 (resized).jpgimage002 (resized).jpgimage003 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#10766 88 days ago

My expectations are that Barry has to produce a certain number of TBL's at $12,500 each before mixing EA TBL's into production.

I don't see any EA machines being built with the parts on hand.

3 weeks later
#10964 65 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

Talking of presidents, isn't Trump planning to impose import tax on goods from Europe very soon? Not sure if that would include pinballs...?

Considering how long of a process this has been, a new trade agreement will be put in place without tariffs with the EU before my TBL is delivered in 2026 during President Oprah Winfrey's first term.

#10966 65 days ago
Quoted from MPRAMONE:

there's more chance that Bieber gets the job one day IMO

He can be Canada's PM.

#11067 60 days ago
Quoted from TRAMD:

It would be great for Barry, EA's, and pinball for one of these pre-order fiascoes to turn out with a happy ending.

I would like a happy ending.

1 month later
#11122 25 days ago

There are 3 of us in the private EA only thread that will be getting TBLs in the next few weeks. Facilitated by Melissa at Cointaker.

#11127 25 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Did you have to pay 12500 plus tax/shipping?
Or are these the original ones you paid for?

These are not the original ones. This is a second TBL for $12,500 which includes shipping. I'm at the very end of the EA list so I quickly replied to Barry when he sent the email a while back about the opportunity to buy a second TBL now and either get my original TBL when it's produced later or receive a refund.

Since I jumped on the EA list at the end, my cost was $9,500 and I'd pay for shipping. Worse case, I'll have an expensive TBL, but I'll have one if Barry isn't able to finish production of all EA machines due to finances. I'm hopeful that all EA TBLs will be built. If so, I'm paying about a $2,600 risk avoidance premium to have my TBL now and enjoy it now.

Hopefully all will go well and I'll get the refund for my original TBL around the same time that JJP announces Toy Story.

#11129 24 days ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Actually you are paying $12,500 now for a game and hoping to get a rebate someday. But at least you are getting a game now.

I realize that. That's why I said this above, "Worse case, I'll have an expensive TBL, but I'll have one if Barry isn't able to finish production of all EA machines due to finances."

#11131 24 days ago

No worries brother, it’s all good.

#11133 24 days ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I'm hoping this happens for you. And in the meantime, at least you're getting a Lebowski (finally)! It's a sweet game, lots of fun to play and a beauty to look at. May it bring you many hours of enjoyment.

Thanks. I was so far back on the EA list, that I felt this was the way to go to make sure I get a TBL. Hopeful that all EAs will get their TBLs.

#11136 23 days ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

They need the money to finish their current model.

Exactly. I don't know how big of a market there is for the TBL at $12,500 but I'd rather have a TBL for $12,500 than a WWCF CE at $12,500.

I'd like to think that 300 to 400 new games at $12,500 would result in all EA games getting built. Hopefully the demand at $12,500 per TBL will be there. Would Barry consider offering TBLs down the line that don't have chrome trim, rug, and bowling ally lower playfield? If he did, he could sell that version at a lower price point.

#11154 18 days ago

Looks like Barry and team are building 4 TBLs at a time.

#11161 14 days ago

I assume that roughly 405 games need to be produced (which includes EA games) for all EAs to either receive their game or get a refund for their first game if they bought at second. That's a 3 to 1 ratio.

#11165 14 days ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Back on the podcast, Barry said 400-500 total games need to be produced to make all of the EAs whole (sale of 265-365 games to new buyers funds production of 135 games for EAs). That would give you a ratio somewhere between 3 to 1 and 4 to 1. Hopefully it's a good sign that Barry feels the production process will be finalized enough by early next year to make some public statements about ratios and the process for getting EAs their games.

Outsourcing sub assemblies well help speed up production as will hiring additional staff. I'd guess that all EAs will have their TBLs by 2021.

#11170 14 days ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

Great question....at $8500 it was a slam dunk. then it was $10000 and there I think was the sweet spot. Now that its $12500, its at a ultra high end collector edition price but is a mass produced inaugural game from an unproven company with no (obvious) business plan moving forward...
And what are the new code features?

Pricing will be interesting. Will all 350ish new games sell for $12,500 or will demand drop off and the price get cut?

Would Barry do a version without the lower playfield and make it virtual bowling instead in order to sell it at a lower price point? Will there be demand for TBLs without the bowling mechanism?

#11174 14 days ago

EAs that joined the list towards the end paid $9,500. I doubt we'll see $8,500 again.

Would TBLs that don't have the lower playfield, chrome trim, or rug sell at $9,500?

A possible way to keep demand up at $12,500 would be to create limited editions with different translites. Jesus Edition, Walter Edition, Dude Edition, etc.

#11175 14 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Not sure myself. I think cutting features from the game would be a poor business decision. As for the 500, as a single model option with code still slowly rolling and a strong cult following I think it’s a better bet then 500 CE Wonka’s at 12.5k personally. Time will tell and while DP is a sad story the game is rather amazing if you like the theme. Well done.

I had a deposit down for a WWCF CE and was underwhelmed when it was revealed. I don't see JJP selling 500 of them at $12,500.

Back out the EAs from the 500 and maybe there would be enough TBL demand at $12,500.

#11178 13 days ago

Yep, Cointaker in the US collects the $12,500 and sends it to DP when shipped.

For other orders outside of the US you pay DP when the game is ready to be shipped.

#11181 13 days ago

CEs started shipping this month. Haven't seen sales numbers.

#11184 13 days ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I believe shipping is extra so really your looking at $13,000 shipped to the US

For US customers, $12,500 includes shipping.

#11185 13 days ago
Quoted from Oldgoat:

This is what makes it so difficult to guess at the demand. One can reasonably assume that many, perhaps the majority, of the biggest TBL fans are already in as EA's. Therefore, your market of TBL zealots, who would pay $12,500 has been significantly reduced.

That's why Barry should consider limited editions with different translites and aprons to keep the price point at $12,500. Jesus Edition, Donny Edition, Walter Edition, The Dude Edition, etc. If 500 total TBLs have to be produced (135 of which are paid for EA machines) that leaves 365 at $12,500 each.

Sell as many at $12,500 and when demand drops, introduce the limited editions. He could probably sell 50 Dudes and 50 Jesus. Walter and Donny could be 25 to 50 each.

There's probably enough demand at $12,500 for 200 TBLs before offering the limited editions to reach a total of 365 new money TBLs.

#11217 11 days ago
Quoted from whitey:

Curious? How many games are being built a week , do things look better for
EA guys

I don't believe that production has normalized to where there's a per week production count. Looks like from the last update that everything is organized now and jigs are set up for the playfields. It's getting closer for sure, plus Barry will be adding staff next year so that'll help along with outsourcing sub assemblies.

#11273 6 days ago

Keep in mind that Cointaker/Laseriffic had a Black Friday sale and they're probably slammed with orders. The Voodoo glass I ordered during the sale was shipped today. They're probably busy filling orders. Give Melissa a call.

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