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#2656 2 years ago

Does anyone know about the mix of industry standard vs proprietary parts in the machine?

The PROC has a life outside of this pin and the toys/unique elements are special to the machine, but I'm wondering about the other stuff. Are flippers, bumpers, switches, etc. interchangeable with standard Williams or other parts? I searched but couldn't find answer.

3 weeks later
#2754 2 years ago
Quoted from Mike_M:

I'm holding steady with my pre-order for now but have to admit that it looks like it's going to take a lot longer than even my most pessimistic delivery estimate. If I'm still waiting for TBL and Alien is shipping in quantity with good reviews I may jump ship.

I'm in the same boat - waiting...but not forever. I'd really like TBL, but if they can't crank out the machines at a decent clip, it's not likely that the company will stay in business. Hopefully, they'll be able to ramp up production in the next month or two.

#2763 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I did get a response from Barry...but it was a relatively generic "update soon".

I only put my deposit down recently, though I understand why those who committed a long time ago are antsy.

Since the purchase is being made through a distributor, I would think it would be more adventageous to express concerns or put processor on the party that is accountable for delivering the goods. The distributor is on the hook for a lot of machines and has more leverage that the individual user - in most businesses. If I end up with serious concerns or questions I'll call Melissa at Cointaker. I've purchased a total of zero new machines and this is my first experience, so I'm not claiming to be an expert, just wondering why, in general, there's so much reliance on going directly to the manufacturer (with Stern, too) instead of holding the distributor accountable.

#2839 2 years ago
Quoted from whitey:

I have to thank cointaker !!! I just put a deposit down which I believe I'm last or 2nd to last of there TBL pins .Dealing with them is a pleasure, I love the movie, I have some nice pins but I'm more excited to get this game than any game ever ! The wife or future x may not like it but it would look great in my remodeled house in the living room ! All by itself, on the rug !

Congrats. When you placed the order did Melissa provide you with an estimated ship date?

2 weeks later
#3352 2 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I also have sold startups and manage a 300 million contract right now. After my own 25 years regardless of what a contract says business is about the relationship between two people. The contract can be bare bones with a tight relationship or iron clad with poor ones, either way the contract means nothing.
Good business is about good relationships not iron clad contracts. And still we know nothing of the situation, and nobody can say what it's about... even money.
Show me evidence.. until then..

100% agree. I'm a startup founder and have negotiated my fair share of 7 and 8 figure deals, and have learned a few lessons the hard way.

Contracts are necessary for when things go sideways, but in my experience, successful partnerships are often predicated on how the parties navigate the unanticipated and deal with adversity together. Smart partners can joint problem solve and have a long-term interest in collaboration, and don't escalate issues until there is zero chance of recovery.

Like others, I feel for the early "all in" buyers. I got into the TBL game late and am lucky to only have a deposit down. I'm stepping away from the game and will buy another pin, almost exclusively because of the way that DP has managed this situation. Not being transparent with customers or prospective customers is just bad business.

Between the messaging issues, the inability to find resolution with ANA (takes two to tango, I know) and the apparent lack of a plan b, I find it hard to believe (possible, though), that DP will survive long-term.

While I love the theme and the feel of the game, I'm ok with the risk of missing out if the stars align for DP and customers at some point, which I hope they do.

#3412 2 years ago
Quoted from CyberNinja24:

I just spoke with Melissa at Coin Taker. I called her with every intention of asking for a refund. However, I decided to hang in there for the following reasons:
First, Melissa claims that only two people have asked for refunds and their spots were immediately filled by those on the waiting list. She also claims that there are still people on the waiting list that would gladly take my spot. Secondly, she claims that ARA is impossible to deal with. Even if DP paid the extra $1,000, there were still unreasonable demands ARA was making. Thirdly, she hinted that possibly a company here in the states could possibly get involved (please don't be Stern, please don't be Stern!). Finally, I personally picked a very nice TZ yesterday, so waiting a while for TBL is just fine with me. I did let Melissa know that the lack of communication from everyone involved is quite disappointing, though I thanked her for always taking the time to visit. Just a quick update for what it's worth.

Thanks for the update. I was ready to move my deposit to a new machine, but thought I'd wait a couple of weeks since Cointaker is holding my deposit, anyway. Your update makes me think I should hang in for a couple of months to see how things progress.

#3427 2 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

"Weather resolution happens???" How are people supposed to take your opinion seriously? I'm like really??

I'll take the opinion of someone who misspells a word or uses poor grammar over one who condescends to make himself feel superior.

1 week later
#3600 2 years ago
Quoted from PinSinner:

You will find the OFFICIAL Homepin thread is very factual and informative and focuses on the progress of the factory and the making of the parts. It has no anti-American sentiment and very little pinball politics.

It's an interesting thread, but this comment might lead one to believe, well...here's what Mike (from Homepin) said three years ago:

"The posts after my last prove my point completely about America - go for it boys, keep living in your own little world - last I heard Chinese money is propping up America anyway so you better get used to it!" http://bit.ly/2mc6EFy

3 weeks later
#4159 2 years ago
Quoted from Mike_M:

The impression I got from listening in person to DP's update at TPF this weekend is that no legal remedies are being actively pursued. Jaap said they met with a lawyer who told them a legal resolution would take many years and would only benefit the lawyers of both parties so they are not pursuing that at this time.
I keep on hearing discussion in this thread of letting DP work out a resolution via legal channels but that's not even being pursued. Am I misinterpreting that or can anyone else who sat in on the DP update at TFP confirm?

Valuable information since you received it firsthand from the company leadership. Did they elaborate beyond what is in the letter about the plan to produce TBL machines with a new contract manufacturer or was the emphasis exclusively on BOP? Thanks for sharing.

2 months later
#5042 2 years ago

These guys are somewhere in between rank amateurs and complete bullshitters. DP's actions and emails make it clear to anyone with business and negotiating experience that they don't know what they're doing and either getting bad advice or not listening to good advice. The most recent email stating that everyone is more interested in seeing the long term success of DP vs. getting a Lebowski in the short term is utter nonsense.

There's some slim possibility that these machines will be made someday, but it's likely to only happen if someone else is charge of the business. My deposit is with Cointaker so I'm moving on to a new pin with the deposit money. I almost did this months ago, but waited to see if there would be any positive developments.

I'm sorry for those who have prepaid and wish only good things for those investors.

7 months later
#6613 1 year ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

The official word from DP in their last NSNL was: "our next newsletter will be after the EAG show".
I think that receiving one today was just hopeful speculation by others.

I can see how it would be incredibly difficult to attend a show AND write one of those extensive emails. Never picked up a great sense of urgency over at DP. Would love one of those machines someday...

8 months later
#8393 1 year ago

Pinball News included this in the most recent newsletter, "There is some news regarding Dutch Pinball, but due to the personal nature of this news, I'll let Dutch Pinball go public first whenever they feel the need to do so." Hard to imagine it's good news.

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