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#8525 1 year ago

Wonder why no one is mentioning the fact that the rights might be purchasable by another company? If dutch is bankrupt their assets go up for sale. If someone buy's the rights they can make the game without the need for the R&D. Now, the license with universal may transfer or it might have to be repurchased, but this seems more likely than a bankrupt dutch finding a new manufacturer and the funds to build more themselves.

6 months later
#9087 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Wiz:

Ok so they are releasing the games that have been sitting at $12,500.
Do we have enough interest to sell the next 100 games beyond that at $12,500 also?
What about the code? Any further development on this? To be honest, I thought the code was good when I played one years ago but I've heard from owners that it needs more?

I reached out to cointaker and would be a buyer at 12.5 on the current lot. Its gambling that they never get made again. Problem is cointaker is only doing wire transfer or check and I am not sitting on 12.5k. In other words no cc. I know I can quickly get the funds by selling a few from my collection, but don't want to risk selling games that are hard to get only for the 40 to sell out before I pay. So I am out.

If the game gets back into production? No way I'd pay 12.5. Not sure I'd pay 9. At that point its just another production game and I'd be more likely to sit and wait for a used one.

#9089 5 months ago
Quoted from megaladon:

So coin taker confirms the rumors? Did they happen to say anything about alien?

Have you been reading this thread? As for alien I did not ask, nor care. Already own it.

#9091 5 months ago
Quoted from Capn12:

Hmm, wire transfer/check only...yeah that clouds things a bit....

Well, I get that coin taker doesn't want fee's. On the flipside it knocks out a lot of buyers because 12.5 grand is not something many of us have sitting around. On the other hand couple no interest credit cards and a few pins to sell? Very doable.

#9093 5 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

Paying with a CC also gives you additional recourse if something goes wrong with a purchase. I don't think it is about the fees.

Lot of companies take cc when buying pins though. Cointaker has also been good about refunding deposits on this title already.

#9096 5 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

My guess is that if Cointaker takes your CC for a TBL and you later dispute the charge or want to return the machine or address any kind of issue through your card holder rights, it will be Cointaker that is on the hook.
They are wise not to expose themselves in that manner on behalf of DP.
It's just a guess though. Offer 3% above $12,500 to cover the fee and that will tell you. It's just another $375.

I have debated it. The 375 doesn't bother me one bit tbh.

#9106 5 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

If you are serious about buying a TBL, the cost is $12.5k. This is the cheapest they will ever be sold for, while supplies last.

That is debatable. they may go up, they may go down. Hard to tell.

#9118 5 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

How much will they be worth when they don't work and no replacement parts are available?

Which is why I said debatable. Parts availability/repair knowledge has historically kept some titles value low. Mystery Castle,AG Soccerball/USA Football for alvin g. Pinball Magic is another. DE/Sega large and small dmd games.

Essentially if it is perceived as hard to get parts for or difficult to maintain it hurts the value. Alien suffers from this a bit. Full Throttle really suffers from it.

#9123 5 months ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Perhaps the best comparison is, if they only get between 80 to 90 machines out, Big Bang Bar?

Bar had what 20 something protos and over 200 of the remakes? Its on part with the likes of Mystery Castle or Alien. Bar parts availability (even in the mid 2000s when gene sat on all the capcom stuff) was better than alvin g ever was. Repair knowledge was much higher than alvin g. Alien is similar in production numbers claimed (although i do question it), but its not as reliable. If it weren't for a few dedicated in the community it would probably be worth well under 10k because once it breaks you'd be sol.

3 weeks later
#9590 4 months ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:

There would be a market for future TBL production at $10,000 a unit.
Special Editions like a Jesus Edition, Walter Edition, etc. probably could be sold for $12,500.
Then there's the decontented edition. Remove the bowling alley, upper playfield, and rug bash toy, no chrome trim, no rug, and a basic translite. That could sell for $7,500 to $8,000 per unit.

disagree. I would have been in for 12.5 if i could have used a cc as I didn't have 12.5 in cash sitting around that day. If they only built 100 more I'd debate buying one at 10, but if it made it to regular production no way I'd pay 10 in its current form. At that points its not rare and frankly there are better games for the money. Design wise its a little dated already compared to the latest machines coming out.

#9677 4 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

You really shouldn’t post when you clearly have no idea about the facts from those that purchased one of the 40. You aren’t being reassured because you didn’t buy one. Those that did, know what assurances are available.

I looked at buying one. There were no assurances. You can buy a highly desireable 12.5k machine that was it. There was no assurance that parts would be available. The guy had a point, you don't.

#9953 4 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Maybe the ARA paperwork shows inventory of 250 bowling alleys. It only when those boxes are opened and inspected that it is learned they actually contains 250 rugs, marinating in urine.
TBL is irrelevant without the bowling alley. It is the unique toy. If Walter never says F it Dude, let’s go go bowling - what would you have?
That said, I could see a pro version selling. With smaller boardset and without the bowling alley mech which sells for $2k less. Also make more TBL with smaller boards and bowling alley and call that hybrid the LE.

Good luck with that. a 10k pro model? Won't sell. If this were in regular production for 10k today it would probably be received rather cooly. Some would buy it for the theme, but many would probably look at it and pass as there are other games for less that offer too many features. It pulls 12.5k right now because it is rare, that is it. Same with Alien.

4 weeks later
#10558 3 months ago

Interesting news, but 500 machines at 12.5k? Don't see it. 40 machines at 12.5k after 20 were released in the us and a low chance it ever gets made again? Sure.

500? Not a chance. Market doesn't bear it for any other game. Even things like CCC which we know will never happen again or TRON LE which most likely won't happen again don't support that pricing. BBB had less than half that number made and if it had been silly expensive up front it would have never been funded.

If they manage to get this back in production I am betting they run out of buyers. Too much money for not enough game.

4 weeks later
#10947 70 days ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Here is another picture.. Games being boxed tomorrow ready for pick up[quoted image]

So much for the tbl seller saying there is only a 10 percent chance of anymore getting made.

#10955 69 days ago
Quoted from Slash:

What’s to say the parts that were acquired from ARA didn’t include partially finished machines. For all anyone knows there could have been a couple of games that were already 50% or 80%/90% built? This may be what we are seeing being finished off.
The real test will be when machines have to be made from complete scratch and how long one of those takes to be made.

True but any more machines that get released will affect the value of the existing machines. Say 25 more get made, that is still 25 percent increase in the population

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