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#1423 3 years ago

You gotta love the Dutch. Always on holiday but still delivering the goods and telling Krauts they don't fucking roll on Saturday's. I just might mainline a Caucasian when mine show up. I'm ready to enter the "world of pain" (that should totally be a mode)
#31 & #33.

1 week later
#1451 3 years ago

Man we are a mellow crew of dudes. Nice video compadre I take great comfort in that. Schlaggin' the way the code is shaping up.

#1524 3 years ago

By my calculations at #31. I'm just gonna miss the 1st container :wall:unless 2 out of the next 16 slated for the container pick air freight.

So let's hear it dudes who's got good news for me. Which one of you millionaires is taking the fast plane?
bajapanda? Bemmet? Jazzmaster? Burningman? sd_tom? RTR? Mr68?
R6emporer? Taz? Mr_Freshie? ectobar? Bueller?

#1540 3 years ago


#1541 3 years ago

I kinda wish I could have put Barry's face on Walter's but this is the extent of my talentless talent. Maybe someone can help me out for fun.

#1545 3 years ago

Promising...Looking forward to changing the *bleeped* call outs to the TV edits. The obvious one of course but I also can't wait to "see what happens when I feed my TBL scrambled eggs."

#1556 3 years ago

Original soundtracks? People were crying over original soundtracks? I'd play this pin to the soundtrack of a gerbil crawling from Richard Gere's anus. Fan-fuckin'-tactic vid justlikeme. -Henry Winkler

#1601 3 years ago

You can kiss all you want iceman but you got scared and couldnt relax man. True believers didn't waiver when Phil melted and we are here, totally stoked. You know why? Cause we believe in DP. You bailed.
A 2 minute convo with Barry proved to me these guys are for real.
Ectobar is right.. You're a loser for pulling out. This will be the greatest pin in history and the early code revisions are there to prove it. Don't be sour because you ejected man.

#1616 3 years ago

You're right. Not very dude like of me to call iceman a loser. Sorry ice

2 weeks later
#1693 3 years ago

Hopefully #31 arrives in time for my birthday sept 5th

#1716 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Is anyone in this latest batch considering the air ship? I am trying to have solidarity with my container brothers.. but at the same time, looking to see how much cash back I have accumulated on my credit card (not enough to make up the cost differences).

Do it do it!

Quoted from sd_tom:Is anyone in this latest batch considering the air ship? I am trying to have solidarity with my container brothers.. but at the same time, looking to see how much cash back I have accumulated on my credit card (not enough to make up the cost differences).

Take the fast train so I can slow boat it ...please.. Otherwise decisions will be have to be made and my turtle may not eat for like a month.

2 weeks later
#1749 3 years ago

The power switch? As in like the new spike system power switch. Jesus flip! After 2 1/2 years of waiting no one felt it necessary to mention this? How the hell am I gonna reach that thing? I'm out!

#1751 3 years ago

Sorry Hjbondar I'm back in. I just picked up my latest TBL mod for under 3 bucks.


#1762 3 years ago


I'm #31

#1768 3 years ago

#31 OVER THE LINE! My inner dude was tingling this morning so I emailed Barry to see if I would make the 1st container and sure as sh*t five minutes later the NSN arrived. Wonder why the shorty container for the first shipment?
Wish they would have used the 40 pin one. Spilt cream at this point.
The good news is my machines are built and waiting to be tested so I'm still super excited.
Anyway, I am truly really so very unbelievably HAPPY for all of the dudes that made it in the 1st container

P.S. due to the horrific nature of this devastatingly sharp cutoff I have started a gofundme to pay for the cost of air freight. JK but seriously if you wanna send me some money or other gifts of consolation I'll take it. PayPal.me/danek

P.P.S. No dirty undies.

#1829 3 years ago
Quoted from r6emperor:

Yes please. The container -should- be on the boat by now, right? I would like to watch it come across the ocean

I would love to track the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers voyage across the sea. Also can you check on #31 at the factory and make sure it is safe and not too lonely. Maybe tuck it in with that rug for the night.

#1831 3 years ago
Quoted from singapore_pin:

Ps: don't track her on Saturdays

If they cut the engines on Saturdays it's gonna be a long journey.

2 months later
#2442 3 years ago

Let us all pray that the Seoul Express follows in the wake of the Delphinius and the late great Captain Joesph Hazelwood. Sail on!

image (resized).jpg

#2466 3 years ago

I'm getting a little worried. Last known coordinates as of Oct. 19th is just south of Ireland. The crew of the Seoul Express may have had their Caucasians dosed by @JackieTreehorn. Stay tuned to see what condition its condition is in.

image (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#2543 2 years ago

Okay so you're a Lebowski and you're a Lebowski and you're a Lebowski and you're a Lebowski and I'm a Lebowski that's terrific.

image (resized).jpg

3 months later
#3584 2 years ago

Well, that was a derail. Time please where they blather about TBL. Sorry t's late.

#3607 2 years ago

The funny thing about this is as i was trying to sift through this almost 3 hour podcast to hear the TBL segment I said "f#ck it" and went bowling. My TBL had been acting worse and worse over the past week. Weird and glitchy mostly but then...Lights out, flippers up, full reboot 3 times and then..."Oh No!" the dreaded "P-roc not found" error. I reseated the USB on the mainboard and have had no problems since. (It's got a ton of slop in it though).
I just listened to the podcast segment and it's the same issue they were having on the location TBL.
Check your connections and tighten everything up TBL owners (and future owners). I love this machine and really hope DP straightens everything out and everyone gets their TBL's. I really think they will, they didn't come this far with their dream machine to produce 51.

1 week later
#3748 2 years ago

Last night's dreamonition...
DP sorted out the TBL mess and sends out an email this week to EA's.
#TBL shipping resumes.
Jaap announces BJ@TPF.
Who's in?

#3774 2 years ago

They aren't crooks, plain and simply Mr. Bally. They've delivered 51 pins, plain and simple. This isn't a jpop scrap together some games to not get sued. It's another philgate. A tree in the road if you will. They delivered 51 pins that are of high quality, fully functioning and very fun to play. If it wasn't for ARA holding the 40 or so games they would have shipped them already. Going to Universal is ridiculous, totally undudelike and like Rensh said it wont get you your game in the end. There is no way DP can refund early achievers at this point, so as hard and frustrating as it is just hang in there. They've been on this quest for over 5 years now and have probably dealt with thousands of problems that nobody even knew about. For Christ Sake let them work it out. I'm sure we will know by TPF.

#3893 2 years ago


#3894 2 years ago


#3895 2 years ago


#3903 2 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

You really want beetlejuice

Say it once, say it twice, three times' a charm.

1 week later
#4443 2 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

"Dutch Pinball USA, Inc." was incorporated in Philip Weinberg in the State of Wyoming on 12/31/2013, but the filing status changed from "Active" to "Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax)" on 02/08/2016.

While you all were ranting and raving and some of you probably are still raving. DP was working through your American nights. God bless DP and the future owners.

#4473 2 years ago

We need them to get made to keep and code coming and preferably at ARA to ensure the boards are compatible. Ship them out DP you can do it!

#4502 2 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Maybe dannylite can shed some light.. as #32 is in-between two numbers he claimed?

Just my luck. I got #31 and #33.
I wish I had gotten #32 that one is worth 50k.

1 week later
#4536 2 years ago


This doesn't stand a chance to upload even though I'm not uploading anything but if it does work and you can see this then well... Crack a Sarsaparilla! Here's to all my EA dudes and ladyfolks as well. Keep The Faith Brothers!

Ps I'll get a better video rig soon and we'll go bowling on shabbos.

2 weeks later
#4630 2 years ago

Came across this in the local shitter tonight. Lifted the stink a bit.

image (resized).jpg

#4631 2 years ago

Raid the nightstand? Nope, but get your extra rubbers ready boys! This is the quickest fix for that sticky diverter.

image (resized).jpg

1 month later
#5082 2 years ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

While "complete" is not necessarily the right word, the current code with the rug modes is a pretty solid, fun game that I would never get sick of. If the code never goes beyond this - it's still better than a lot of sterns, or other machines.

It's like the movie man. Just a simple plot but it never gets old.

#5083 2 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

Of course! Why wouldn't I?

Selling #thebiglebowskil =undude

2 weeks later
#5699 2 years ago

"They're not broke" is a true statement. I guess what everyone is trying to figure out here is the math man. It's all about the fuckin math. Is half a mil enough to sign with a new CM and get these remaining ~100 games made and the ~40 that ARA is still holding hostage released and the ~50 that have already been delivered. (Subtract the ~50 from that equation) Does that even make sense financially? Is that gonna bring them into the light to make a 100+ more TBL's and onto the "real" 2nd title.
It's all about the math man. But you know what, sometimes it isn't. It's about the heart. Fuck math. Maybe that's bad business but where would we be without the dreamers of the world that are the ones that have always been strapped for cash but continue to perceive. They aren't packing up so I still have faith in DP. I just think the next build with a new CM is gonna be slightly different.
i.e more cost effective i.e no bowling mech i.e. just different. Let's hope they get it done no matter what.

And yes,
I am hoping for parts and support. And backwards compatible White Russians.
Nunca Te Rindassssss DP!

#5720 2 years ago
Quoted from RTR:

I feel you man. But this is a math problem. Love and hope won't get us there.
And FTR, I want the game I paid for, not some scaled down version.

Do as much math as you need but (I know it's canned and cliche') hold onto your inner dude that got you into this mess. Hope is a powerful thing.

I'm with you. I absolutely want future TBL's to be made as advertised and exactly as early builds. I bought in over 3 years ago to play the hell out of this machine one day not to have some rare oddity dream theme.

#5736 2 years ago
Quoted from Foxis:

Respectfully, I still do not think this applies to DP!
The above can *only* be true if the company is turning a profit. DP can not have been turning a profit large enough to allow for those salaries yearly for a few years. They have sold and delivered a few games (10-40?), but the rest of the money they may have access to is liabilities until they deliver.
But for the sake of the argument, let's say they did turn a slight profit and the above tax rules apply. They then had a choice: leave the money in the company and have corporate tax deducted from the 40k, or withdraw the money as salary to avoid corporate tax.
From an owner's private perspective, the latter makes more sense since it transfers the money to his/hers private account for personal taxation after which it is now personal money. But from the corporation's point of view, it is preferable to leave the money in the company where it is still an asset after corporate taxation.
So, no matter how you look at it, for DP's owners/managers to be taking salaries when they are burning money anyway and have too little of it to fulfil obligations is simply wrong. I would even question whether it is legal (depending on what contracts there are with customers and how dutch law regulates obligations towards customers).

Sorry dude but who gives a flying fart whether they took a salary or are still taking salaries. They were then and are still entitled to one now as long as they are working to get TBL's built. And last I checked they are. Of course the pre-order money is for salaries, as well as, a laundry list of other things like White Russians and the penthouse at Expo. R&D and Advertising.
It's all part of the Build. Don't like it now but you Loved it back then.
Just deliver! That's the truth. and if they had kept production Rollin' to the EA's then we'd have the biggest success story in the history of pinball on our fingertips. Well, they fell short (for now) Attack! Attack!
Oh and Just stop it with the automatic 40k Dutch salaries and corporate tax speculations These guys are trying and trying and trying to make this damn machine. The timeline sucks Yeah. but let them keep trying and quit talking salary pay. If YOU were trying to do this YOU would have given up a long time ago. That's the damn truth and it applies to me as well. Keep your day job I suppose and make an amazing pin on the side. Best of luck!

#5746 2 years ago
Quoted from Foxis:

It boggles my mind that there are so many posters in this thread with (seemingly) large pin machine collections that fail to grasp basic business concepts or economics. Did you all inherit money? Or do you live in a large shack with nothing but pinball machines?
You *should* be caring about where the money went and why, especially since there appears to be too little left to build the machines you already paid for. The balance sheet is earlier in the thread, and you can order the rest of the financial info.
I have nothing riding on the DP outcome, so for all practical matters it doesn't matter if DP goes under or not. The only reason *I* post is that I find the story fascinating and hope that people (both in the business of buying and producing machines) learn a thing or two.
But from what I see here, it is more than likely that this ends in tears, and that people still haven't understood how dangerous the preorder/kickstarter business model can be for customers.
But don't worry. This is my last post here as whatever little advice I hoped I could contribute is not making any difference whatsoever. But good luck to each and every one of you. I mean it.

Not inherited but earned and the pins are on location for the world to enjoy, at the place that I started 21 years ago. But that's just me.
No inside info Roostking I just live my life different then most.

#5751 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

What location? I'd love to find some pins to play around B'more.

Hey Gliebig, Holy Frijoles! in Hampden. We had a fire last August and are getting ready to open up after a year of renovations. (ugh! time flies when you're not having fun too apparently) New kitchen, expanded dining room and space for 10 more machines. (20 total+the secret stuff)
Hopefully by the 2nd week in August.
I'll keep you posted.
Viva Tacos!
Viva Pinball!

image (resized).jpg

#5808 2 years ago
Quoted from RTR:

I think the numbers won't work at 300. If they get this rolling again, they will be selling way more than 300.

Peace sells but who's buying more than 300 TBL's.

#5819 2 years ago
Quoted from foxtj24:

The license is for only 300.

Things have changed obviously but the original preorder page specifically said the production amount was infinite. I've always taken it as the 300 was the agreement with ARA. (Maybe I'm wrong) If manufacturing starts back up, the license will get renewed and more then 300 TBL's will get made but as far as a location machine this thing has problems. Hopefully all gets sorted, 2nd builds are better and the Early Early Acheivers get some damn support. It's an amazing pinball machine but it's got too many software bugs to be a competition/league machine. Will people dump quarters in it? Sure Of course but that's not why I'd be putting it on location. If they can't get the glitches straightened out TBL will only be making brief appearances. Otherwise, it's just embarrassing for me and DP.

4 months later
#6435 2 years ago

Have any other TBL owners done this to improve their flipper action.
"I zaid we cut off zer johnson!!!"
Not likely

image (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpg

#6436 2 years ago

You have to do this first. I'll post a tutorial if anyone is interested.

image (resized).jpg

3 months later
#6759 1 year ago

Does everbodys White Russian look like this? 2 cubes? What do the others look like? I marvel at the hand craftsmanship of this machine nightly. Just...get out...the games...man.

image (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#6806 1 year ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

so was at tpf this weekend and cointaker had a flyer out taking orders on this game, whats up with that?

It's the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and me. You gotta hand it to them, believing is everything. Keep your/our dreams alive dp. The game is spectacular. It most cerrtainly has the potential to be the best in the history of pinball and they know it, so keep on keepin on and get them games to the people. Please, thank you (Disclaimer:EA w/a TBL)

11 months later
#8712 8 months ago
Quoted from Beechwood:

Plain and simple, IF DP could sell the hostage games they would. If ARA could sell the hostage games, they would.
The Courts are responsible for the hostage games, first telling both parties to "try to work it out" and come back to the court, and the court agree or not with the deal. If no compromise can be made, the court will dictate who gets the games (or a percentage will go to both parties).
Either way, the games will eventually be sold. It is just a matter of who gets the $$

This is the only speculation post you need to read. I also agree with Mr68 for now.

#8714 8 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Not if your ambitions are bigger than the games themselves. Remember, ARA went into this with the idea of making many many many more units... and a ton of R&D and investment.

ARA "couldn't" care less if they (never) made another TBL.

#8729 7 months ago
Quoted from MPRAMONE:

the story in the TBL movie looks simple compared to the real life TBL Pinball machine actual story , who would have thought this ?

Well since they already made a sequel, the pinball saga could complete the trilogy. It would definitely get more than 2.1 stars.

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