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#8703 9 months ago

Why wouldn’t ARA sell them for big money to recoup some money- who is holding them back from selling then?

2 months later
#8851 6 months ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Hmmm...I suppose the OP would get his game plus your 1K, which would lead to an additional post in this thread: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/why-are-there-so-many-sleezy-people-in-this-hobby

Don’t have access to that thread.

3 weeks later
#8915 5 months ago
Quoted from RTR:

Is anyone over there in Europe willing to take some time to retrieve the publicly available court case regarding DP and ARA?
I will chip in to pay for travel costs and for your time. I am sure there are a few people here willing to do so as well. PM me if you are up for getting the information or willing to chip in for travel reimbursement to the person who does it for us.

There are some active Pinsiders from Netherlands - ask them?

#8927 5 months ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:

I don't know what the hell is going on (like most of the rest of us) and I have been wondering if they are revisiting the ownership offer after hearing that there was a new "positive" development.
They could sell a lot more than the initial 300 machines (EAs and regular units via deposits at Cointaker and Nitro) so they could turn the project into a profitable one if they produce enough units.

Was there a final court ruling?

I had not heard, but thought it was close.

#8985 5 months ago

So new customers get the game built in Europe and the EAs get the games built in China?? Hmmmmm....

$12500 requires deep pockets; however, gamble is they will not make more games based on licensing expiring, DP having no money or investors. Probably a safe bet as EAs and others will not back DP. So, maybe the game will command that price. 40 or even 100 more will classify the game as rare find.

#8989 5 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Wow this story has more holes in it than swiss cheese.
DP has 40 games to sell (that are hostage at ARA). Some of these games are paid in full others have deposits on them. All were purchased by early achievers.
DP owes ARA an unknown amount and needs to pay up so they will sell the 40 games that belong to EAs to pay their debt? So they are selling a game twice? Is the world insane? Who would go for this? Nobody should buy the 40 games unless they are the 40 individuals that purchased the game originally. If thats not enough to pay off the debt, too bad, thats DPs problem. Get a loan like every other business to make up the difference.
Besides weren't these games purchased by EAs before the second wave of games were pre-ordered? They only shipped like 50 games of round 1 right before they supposedly had their issue with ARA?

Only way that will happen is if the EAs bring another law suit!

By the time that happens, I guarantee those 40 games will long be sold....again!

#8993 5 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

That is so wrong. We are not talking conceptually, it's literally like buying stolen goods. I am sure DP won't tell the prospective buyers "Oh by the way, this game was already sold but we are reselling it to pay off our debt, and eventually we'll get back to the first owner, thanks very much..."

While wrong on DP’s part; not an issue for the next buyer. Cruel world!

#8994 5 months ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

I’m one of those schmucks with a $20K game. Don’t regret it. I also have a deposit with CT. I will gladly pay 12.5 for a hostage NIB pin. I need tso TBLs and gladly work a deal (at no profit) to pass it on to an EA.
I’m curious if CT is looking for ‘new’ money or will sell hostage games to those that already have a CT deposit.

Hopefully CT offers option to pay that 12.5k to people with original deposits first! The sting is putting out another 12.5k on top (unless CT held the original deposit money).

#9021 5 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Shame on anyone rushing to throw $12,500 to buy a game that doesn’t belong to you.
I kinda hope something else goes wrong and you lose it...may the games sink in transit.
I think this is the lowest I’ve seen this hobby go. Shame shame shame.[quoted image]

Focus on who you shame. DP, ARA I get it.

New buyers that want to buy one owe nothing or have zero stake in this to existing buyers. Not the new buyers fault. No shame in getting some more TBL games out in circulation.

#9023 5 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

Unless I am reading this wrong, new buyers are the *only* chance EAs have at getting their games in the future.

Sounds like original people that went through Cointaker will get money off of the 12.5k. Everyone else will have to dump 12.5k into it (new or original buyers).

#9025 5 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

It’s not. DP has commitments... they have failed to deliver no doubt. But the same thing could have happened before (and has with other companies too).
It sucks for EAs... but it’s the reality of buying into a company making a bunch of promises instead of goods on hand. You are at their mercy... and there is little room for moral high ground in these sink or swim kind of situations.
Dp showed years ago that making EAs whole was not priority one. This is not a shock anymore...

I think of people who sign up to buy a Stern LE before it is released, before they ever play it. Munsters LE frenzy, gamble. Except you know you will get a game.

Oh shit - wait- that was me!!!!

#9027 5 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

Anyone getting a game and consider selling it ! Let me know

Call Cointaker to purchase one.

#9032 5 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

So people put in a deposit at a lower price point and are now being told to pay more or they don't get a game?

That’s the way I read it.

Remember this is not Cointaker, this is DP’s price.

I believe Cointaker is trying to help - however - people might unfortunately point at them.

#9043 5 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Every single one of those deep pocketed people are scumbag trash people. Please let yourselves be known so I can spit on you if we’re ever to cross paths.

Sounds a bit judgmental. I learn every Sunday it is not my place to pass judgement. Not that it is working 100%

#9050 5 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

I hope I am still on that list from the last time it was rumored and we spoke. I would still like to be one of the 40. Give me a call in the AM, I also sent you an email. Thanks!

I think it is a safe bet / gamble. Even if they found an investor, the price point would still be 12.5k because these 40 will sell quickly.

#9076 5 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

There are two paths;
1) Boycott these 40 and no one gets the games. They go in the garbage. DP goes bankrupt. 0% chance EAs will get what they paid for.
2) Sell these 40 at the inflated price, settle with ARA and there is something greater than zero chance EA games are built before the end of time.
That doesn't mean you are wrong in your prediction, but really it is the only possibility left for pre-paid folks.
I am curious how Cointaker is protecting itself from paying for a container of half-assembled, half-corroded, non functional games?

Financial risk is on the buyers end - they will be shipped to you. Cointaker is just passing them along, they are not unboxing them to check them (& don’t even think a little that there is any sort of warranty or spare parts). Buy at your own risk level. Hopefully, all turns out fine for the 40 units.

What risk Cointaker is taking on is their reputation here to either (as you see it): to make a few pennies in the deal OR serve the NA pinside market.

Personally I give them kudos, but if there is lots of issues, no good deed will go unpunished!

#9153 5 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

who? Barry on his own? and why? are they going to do anything about it there?
I think you have to gain some perspective on what is happening here. This is a bulk deal to sell off inventory to fund a settlement. This isn't a nice clean retail experience. What you suggests requires unboxing the games completely, putting upright, putting balls in, and then doing the reverse. Highly unlikely.
Cointaker or Nitro may do that for their games once they arrive here... but to expect anything other than boxes put into a container and shipped to PA... I think is wishful thinking.

CT let me know:

“The games will be ready for pick up by DHL first week of August and should be to us within 5-7 days and we will ship out immediately.

From what I understand DP will be opening a few of the games and reboxing them to make sure that everything still looks good.

We will not be doing that as then it makes them harder to ship fully insured.”

#9168 5 months ago

Remember these are not DP assets to make EA whole. By court order they are ARA assets, so they have zero agreement with EA (as harsh as that sounds). Remember court order, ARA owns the assets. If your ARA how to you recover part of your lost money in this - best option is to sell them off (and DP was probably the quickest avenue to help them - although probably very uncomfortable agreement after court ruling).

Maybe ARA should have went direct to CT and cut DP out.

To description above burning dung should have been thrown many moons ago.....

#9171 5 months ago
Quoted from Manimal:

Makes no difference. If folks would stop tripping over themselves to lay down 12 grand for these, maybe ARA would be able to work something out with the early buyers. But DP having a hand in this and making one dollar is pure criminal in my books.

Understand, just remember ARA getting screwed even more I am sure for their efforts. Why should they lose more over the EAs? Because it is a company? No way, I am sure good people there that support their families as well.

Only one to be upset with is DP. EAs should go after them, but I am sure it is a losing cause based on little to no assets (and no investor money).

#9173 5 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

I'm honestly surprised that coin taker is touching this because it is going to hurt their reputation with at least some people. They seemed to have a very good reputation before, and if I was ever tempted to try buying NIB again then they were the first place I was going to check based on the positive word of mouth. After this, though, I would never buy from them. This just feels dirty through and through. Yes... The games will get sold one way or another, but they don't have to be the ones doing the dirty work. And now they've set a precedent of taking deposits and then raising the price after the fact...

Kind of predicted this a few pages back; however, 99% of people long forget 6, 12 months down the line. Wish I had a penny everytime I hear people are boycotting something for some reason only to find them back at the business. Just doesn’t work.

Right everyone was going to boycott pinball prices over $5k, next $7k, now approaching $10k!!!

Or I won’t buy another NIB until they launch with finished code.

Sound familiar - pinball is thriving (goes up/down with economy).

#9176 5 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

There are plenty of distributors that aren't involved in this. Why would it be hard to boycott CT when there are so many alternatives?

Cuz we are creatures of habit; and we give people/ businesses multiple chances.
It’s in our DNA.

#9179 5 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Dude, pinball people forget in less time that! Predator, Zidware(Some people buying multiple "pins" based on artwork alone) Alien, and finally DP. Hell, someone in this very thread just a few pages back said something to the affect "Im not getting a good feeling about this now" LOL Ya think???


#9181 5 months ago
Quoted from Manimal:

I hate it when people use that term..."strictly business", like it somehow excuses us from having any human compassion. In the end, we are going to be remembered/judged not by our business, but how we are as a human. People can do whatever they want and my opinion is just that....an opinion. But I for one will loose a ton of respect for those stepping over the early buyers.
As a medic, I once worked a case of a heart attack at a blackjack table. The woman fell off of her chair and the casino was crowded. As we were treating this woman, people were placing bets over the top of us because....hey, it was an open seat. I guess that was nothing personal either, but it was just as disgusting.

It is not just as disgusting - that is much worse - it is a human life. Losing $$$$ sucks, but not potential human life loss.

#9199 5 months ago
Quoted from highdef:

And you're shocked about this Barry? You didn't see this coming a few years ago? Let's keep it real. You cannot afford to appeal.
I think you SHOULD "go on and on with details why the judge decided this," especially since it involves other people's money.
Had this been me, I would have called or emailed each EA individually one-by-one throughout the entire ordeal to provide any sign of comfort or assurance. The EAs deserved more than a blanket email blast telling them to continue holding their water after all these years.
Note how CoinTaker has been super proactive in this thread over the past 24 hours or so. Where were all the updates and concern posts prior to yesterday? Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't recall any in the last 3 or so years. Just saying. Instead, EAs within the 40 range are told to hit up DP for their game, even though in reality, their game is being sold to someone else for more profit. The "we are putting hope out there for the EAs" song & dance is a crock.
This will not end well.

Not end well ....for EAs....they already know that.

Not end well ....for DP....we already see that.

Everyone else involved...new buyers, CT, Nitro will be fine.

#9249 5 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

From what I understand the Games will be unboxed, inspected and the number plates will be removed from the apron and saved for the EA’s when their games get built.

Who said this DP?

This direct quote from a response from CT via email a two days ago two me:

Quoted from cpr9999:

CT let me know:
“The games will be ready for pick up by DHL first week of August and should be to us within 5-7 days and we will ship out immediately.
From what I understand DP will be opening a few of the games and reboxing them to make sure that everything still looks good.
We will not be doing that as then it makes them harder to ship fully insured.”

#9250 5 months ago
Quoted from adamross:

It has been said by CT that all boxes will be inspected before overseas shipping direct to buyer. If that will happen who knows.

Nope...see above thread ... Thx

Unless CT is now changing their stance from 2 days ago.

#9253 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

I’m disappointed that the EAs did not get first refusal to buy the games.. that would have least been right!
I would buy and then sell my game when/If my EA 105 was made

Those that bought from CT and Nitro did, per many previous threads.

#9254 5 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

CT was saying the games would have their EA plates removed (presumably with later information). That was information from last night.

Not sure how you do this without unboxing each machine...and if you do that you can inspect them.

So is DP or CT now doing this. Big change.

#9258 5 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

CT was saying the games would have their EA plates removed (presumably with later information). That was information from last night.

I checked back over last nights posts in this thread and that was not posted anywhere. Did I miss it? Where did you see this? Thx

#9266 5 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

It's not from the forum - it was conversation with Melissa directly.
I still think its all a reach.. but that's what she was told.

Ok thanks.

Now DP is going to open each game and remove plates and then re-box. If true, great for new buyers - inspection and new numbers. Hold original numbers for EAs. Wait....Hope no damage is created in this process - more risk!

All this seems to good.

Hope for those “in” they get great games, so down the road we can enjoy them.

#9287 5 months ago
Quoted from Drewscruis:

What would really suck, is if these get paid for when shipping is confirmed. Then the ship they are on sinks.

#9318 5 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Just a random thought on how this could have been resolved.
The 40 games were sold out almost instantly which indicates they were way way too cheap.
With this in mind the most equitable solution would have been:
- total cost to repay Ara = $x
- total deposits/payments received from Early Achievers = $y
- real cost of the 40 games = ($x+$y)/40
So why not sell the games at this price instead of some behind closed doors price negotiated with Cointaker?
The early achievers and ARA get given their money back in full. The games are released to the market. Sell them at whatever the market will bear with a reserve of the real cost.
Even more equitable would have been if the Early Achievers then had first option to buy back in at the new market price.

Why would ARA even care?

Pinball is probably not their main business. Also, they in no way probably wanted to deal with a lot EAs. More headaches than worth for ARA. Now if you add a “Z” element called Cointaker it simplifies it for ARA.

#9393 5 months ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

It wasn't

It's not my place to say exactly what he paid. I'm sure some people will flip them to make a quick buck though, that's bound to happen.

What will be the going rate for a flipped machine??

2 weeks later
#9526 4 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

I think folks should play this game again, back when it came out it was interesting but now with so many other games out there it hasn’t aged so well!

I believe this will continue to be a BBB type of value as long as a remake does not happen. (In both machines cases). The cult movie and cult following of this saga (just like BBB saga) make it desirable.

Recent hype on JP2 will fade over time (although I like what I see) - as it does with all new honeymoon machines.

#9559 4 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

FYI (posted today):

Sounds like parts for another 100 games.
Also sounds like Barry is getting a line setup to produce those hundred. However, if I understood the podcast, probably sell these 100 for more cash to make DP in the black. Then after that, satisfy the EAs.

We will see.

#9627 4 months ago

Per podcast (if you believe them) some percentage of 100 games in parts will also help pay off original ARA debt.

Also very big is those 100 games in parts need to be manufactured and will cost like $1 million it was stated in podcast.

So if the 100 games in parts become games and they sell those that’s $1.25M. Assuming 12.5k price again.

So that leaves $250k left to possibly pay off remaining ARA debt (not covered in the second round of 40).

What is clear EAs will not get any of those 100. It was said after those 100 EAs could start to get some - which require more parts and sales!

Based on this hope - plan...if DP does not pull off this plan, but makes these...40 + 40 + 100. This game will still be very rare like BBB volumes and will keep the price very high.

All the above barely keeps DP in business- basically he has to work for free. At some point he may say screw this for no pay.

#9646 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

You missed out the 'and they were pristine due to them being stored in a climate controlled environment' bit... just filling in the gaps... obviously with this spot check there is little incentive to spend hours maybe days opening the other 39 (or 37) games and the countless boxes of parts... don't you think?

If they don’t open how will they remove EA number plaques and bump code?

#9731 4 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

Its easy to look st something and say
Well ? You should have done this or that ?
Maybe DP or ARA instructed CT to sell these games, sell the next batch, then we will get to EA game buyers ?
Do as instructed or the next guy will
It’s business, I’m sure there were plenty of distributors ready to jump in .It won’t be hard to see who is a collector and a flipper in a few weeks. Time will tell

Who cares....

Go send a message to those first 40 people that got their machines, left them in the box and just sold them for $20k plus. Look in Pinsider archives and see recent sale below!

Pinball is a business, money makes the world go round.

Yes, I do feel sympathetic for the EAs - but focus your disgust on DP!!! Everyone else is making the current, thriving pinball world go round (buyers, players, collectors, flippers, etc.)

26DBAB8F-1476-4E52-89F3-DBC92A93B224 (resized).jpeg
#9784 4 months ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

The biggest question here that has zero clarity is who the hell builds these other hypothetical 100 machines from parts? What factory and what set of tools and what humans? When was the last time Barry built a pinball machine personally by himself if ever? What is the cost to hire people and buy tools and equipment to actually build these and what do those realities do to the price, timing or likelihood that any game beyond the ARA games is ever made?

I thought in the podcast posted earlier by Pinballnews they mentioned a company called Zytech??

#9933 4 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

dude ! 161 times

Didn’t know “man”

#9941 4 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Side note I was looking at the bowling alley mech in the video posted above and thinking what this must have added to the BOM, it’s quite a mech![quoted image]

Never seen one until the pics - looks like lot goes into it.

Also other pictures show very packed pinball - lots parts - not surprised at BOM or manufacturing costs being high.

#9968 4 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Just spit balling here. but like I said, this really wouldnt be that hard, or that costly to someone with money. 40 games at 8500 is 340k. Dear investor, I will need the 1 mill to get going with all these parts to set up factory and restart. The game is already complete, just need to start making them again so the timeline will be fairly short. Also I will need 340k to produce the games purchased previously. Once back in production, you will take 75% of the margin from all future sales after normal operation costs until paid off for the original 340k, afterwords it will return to the normal split of 60/40 or w.e. as well as 49% control of the company. Cost of the games will be 12500, BOM is 6000k after costs of factory etc 8k per game. 4.5k remaining per unit sold.
done and done.

FYI - millionaires are millionaires for a reason - not making investments like this!

$1.2M just to pay back EAs - if they can make at $8500!

#9986 4 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

But as I said... you left out how many games the market would actually support in your hypothetical. So again using your numbers... if the investor put out 1 mil plus the “cost” of the ea games (which really should be the cost+overhead... because games don’t just appear from a pile of parts instantly). So that’s 1.85million in your numbers.
At 75% of 4500 = 3375 per game. They’d have to SELL another 550 games to pay off the investor. But there isn’t enough money there to fund building 550 games... so you again need more money to try to get back to even. And the downward spiral continues. Then you have to ask... can we even sell that many games at those prices? And how long would it take to produce that and sell it, etc.
ROI isn’t there at these small numbers and margins. And the capital intensive up front funding needed makes it a tall barrier to entry.
This is why the math just doesn’t favor things happening as you describe.

Not sure it is even viable, but basically you need to completely screw over the EAs and right off that liability. It is ugly, but that would help. In addition, do the same for any other supplier / investor liabilities. Basically claim bankruptcy to eliminate all liability (or something like that).

Now you can start over, but who (suppliers, employees, customers, investors) are willing to take this ride again?

TIME will tell us all...

#9987 4 months ago
Quoted from kapper:

There would be NO reason for an angel investor/PE firm to take on the liabilities of DP - the only value of the company is the intellectual property and maybe some parts. This is a bankruptcy folks. EA's, myself included are never getting games previously paid for. There is a lot of dreaming going on around here but this is the fact of the matter.
Barry and Jaap are covering their asses without regard for their customers - one final big kick in the balls. Both of them should be ashamed of their totally unethical way of running their business. Calling them incompetent would be a complement. The thought of them resurrecting the company is a total joke.
I hope that the 40 games go to happy homes - I do feel that the distribution of these games could have been done in a more fair manner but it is what it is - bankruptcy is ugly. Cointaker had every right to purchase these games from ARA, like it or not
To the potential flippers of these 40 games - yes you are scum.
Its been a hell of a ride.......time to drain this saga (for me)!

You are 99% spot on! (Focus your disgust 100% at DP and no one else selling/flipping, organizing, distributing).

People that flip games; whether they were in the first 40 of this game or the second 40 make no difference to me. Get the games to North America to play - let the free market speak. At least people have a chance to see, own one.

When I got in this hobby 13 years ago I could not afford new games... I would buy old machines, fix them , play them, then flip them and try to make a small profit .... to reinvest to my next game. No one is getting rich flipping a game that I can see. (Also, never made money on every flip - lost money too).

Now I buy new games (typically LEs from Stern and lose $1000 plus when I sell them). Maybe I need to get back into flipping a few to break even!!

#9995 4 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

I would just like to reiterate my above post "$12,500 can apparently buy you a machine, but it can't buy you class."

Just like 8500 or 9500 or whatever current NIB go for! None of them will buy you class - right?

So now that we got that settled - EAs need to band together for a class action lawsuit (if possible in Netherlands).

#9997 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Do you watch pawn stars? What do they do in every single show? They buy stuff for less than its worth to flip. What do car lots do... they offer you less for your car than its worth so they can resell it for a profit. What do banks do... they loan you money for a house and when its all said and done they get back like three times the investment. The list goes on... its a pinball game.
If you ran across a barn find classic car, wouldn't you buy it if you knew you could flip it for a ton more? If you heard thru a friend that some guy has a pinball machine in their basement they want removed... wouldn't you go take a look hoping it was some mint condition big bang bar? If the guy said yeah just want to move out this old thing, then said I'd take 1500 are you going to seriously turn around and say no let me get you 15,000.
We have to keep things in perspective here... its a pinball game. If people want to buy them, and flip them there is nothing you can do about it.
Life goes on! I will say people should buy the game because they want the game, I want the game. But people can do whatever they want its their choice.
I will say this however until I'm dead NO PINBALL is worth $30k, just like Beatles isn't worth 25k. But if some really dumb people pay it oh well... the world is full of dumb people. LOL

I get the hurt feelings and being pissed - however the devil here is DP. Not flippers, not Cointaker, not ARA, etc.

#10002 4 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

This helped fund a Monsterbash LE

Wait a minute- you “bought it to resell it because you got it at a good deal”.

Smells like flipping!

#10042 4 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

If DP sold the rights to the game to another investor they wouldn’t automatically assume the debt, in most cases they would be free n clear to build it under another name

Don’t think you can do that legally, I think debt would follow? Otherwise everyone would do it.

(Unless you claim bankruptcy).

#10067 4 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Soooo, how were these games inspected? How detailed, were the plaques pulled off?? I'm betting not!

Wait 10 days and they will be able to tell you.

#10116 4 months ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Can I ask why this is modded for an eject when about 80 percent true ? Which mod? Where is mod from? Cheers

Probably calling Pinsiders unethical vultures does not help.

#10121 4 months ago

All old news people, please read previous posts - needless posting again.

1 week later
#10255 3 months ago
Quoted from titanpenguin:

A settlement through arbitration is still a settlement.

So I say EAs get together and reach a settlement (in writing) with DP. That would at least be progress. And DP would have to live up to the settlement or go bankrupt. Even if that settlement meant getting a game 3 years from now.

No EA settlement, no need to focus on EAs - DP will focus on getting up and running and focus on new customers - sound familiar?

#10267 3 months ago

Why aren’t the EAs seeking a settlement?

1 week later
#10495 3 months ago

$12.5k plus import fees!

List is long - call now to get on it.

New ones will be announced in 4-6 weeks!

#10516 3 months ago
Quoted from CoinTaker:

After all that's happened with the EAs, I can't imagine there will be many people willing to give DP/Cointaker much of a deposit. (quoted by pinside member)
CoinTaker did not take anyone's money and we are NOT taking deposits on the games until they are ready to ship. Just like the 40 games that did ship, we took the funds and wired the money for the games to be released. We are taking names and that is it. As the games are built (if they are built), we will contact people that we have a game ready for them and they will pay at that time. So please do not tell people to be weary of sending CT money...we have never stolen funds from anyone.

IMHO - Cointaker is the reason additional people have 40 TBLs and EAs have hope of some day getting a game AND just maybe a few more people!!!

BRAVO & thank you Melissa!

#10567 3 months ago
Quoted from kvan99:

There is a bigger issue here, I'm talking about reselling a game that was paid for by someone else. It's wrong, anyway you dice it, it's still wrong. The fees the money paid and the details is the transparency part that would have helped with the closure. If it was a deal that wasn't tainted by fraud, then it wouldn't be any of our business. But as it stands right now this is akin to buying stolen goods.

Dude these games were awarded by Court to ARA (for the millionth time). At this point they were no longer Barry’s and not stolen goods.

Do you have a court system in your state?!!

2 weeks later
#10904 83 days ago

12,500 seems alright now - compared to Elvira. Stern jumped the prices - wow.

1 week later
#10949 72 days ago


1 month later
#11125 30 days ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:

There are 3 of us in the private EA only thread that will be getting TBLs in the next few weeks. Facilitated by Melissa at Cointaker.

Did you have to pay 12500 plus tax/shipping?

Or are these the original ones you paid for?

1 week later
#11203 17 days ago
Quoted from Junkhauler:

I have a Bowl O Rama in my collection and its the best bowling game i have played...
It hands down gets more play than any of my 32 stand up Arcade games and my 5 Pins when a bunch gather in my arcade for beers...
Two of my other pin buddies bought one for there game room after playing mine...
My big plan was to have my Bowl O Rama next to my TBL with my little Kahlua Neon hanging above.... got close... E.A. #66 still waiting ......[quoted image][quoted image]

Cool go was the manufacturer of Bowl O Rama ?

#11207 16 days ago
Quoted from Coindork:

There is a guy that modded this and customized it to The Big Lebowski Bowl O Rama.

Yup seen this - pretty cool.

Does anyone know if he has a handle on Pinside or elsewhere to private message him?

#11209 16 days ago
Quoted from Coindork:

I'm not sure.
Someone posted a link to this on an arcade forum, which is where I first saw it.
I'm in the process of trying to acquire one of these and would love to have this done to it.

what does one of these sell for?

#11225 15 days ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

Bet he gets a bunch of conversion requests. Wonder how many of us own a Bowl-O-Rama? I do.

What did he say??

#11229 15 days ago
Quoted from ZNET:

No risk in having it topple over, with its weighted base.
The drink holders and wide-base are convenient, designed to invite multiple players to encircle the monitor. Nobody smokes in my house. Nevertheless, it's fun spinning the ashtrays.
I had my game shipped to me in New Jersey from a Las Vegas storage unit several years ago. I imagine that casinos had a few of them.
I have a friend who operates an arcade. He's convinced that Bowl-O-Rama would earn considerable revenue in the right locations today.
Below is the bowling poker game screen. The visuals are well done. The music selection is comprised of hits from the fifties. To change a song, the player engages a button on the console, causing an intentionally scratchy transition between tracks.
The trick shot mode is challenging even for an experienced player. The designers incorporated humor into the gameplay by rewarding good shots with comical accolades and failed shots with tongue-in-cheek ridicule.
You just know that the designers were cracking up during the game's development. This is another reason that Bowl-O-Rama seems to fit well with TBL.[quoted image]

Why do some have the stainless sheet metal with venting on them under the monitor and others do not?

#11232 15 days ago
Quoted from ZNET:

Here's the $1,500 Bowl-O-Rama currently on eBay. As you can see, its base is somewhat less substantial than the others depicted in this thread. Also, the stainless steel panel under the monitor is absent.
The monitor appears to be the same. I suspect that the gameplay is identical. I see the "stainless steel version" somewhat less frequently for sale. . .not sure if a price difference exists between the two versions.
The game was evidently manufactured in 2005 and 2006. It's possible that cost-cuts were implemented later in production (or the reverse may be true).[quoted image]

Probably cost cutting. I have a manual and for example I think on yours isn’t the base pole the same but has a shroud around it to give it a v shape look vs just a pole look? Also, stainless speakers area, and trim edging were either eliminated or cheapen on the eBay version(later version)...my guess.

Corrected... guy on eBay says his is the home version without coin mechs inside. So for home version they stripped cosmetics off to sell cheaper looks like.

#11248 14 days ago
Quoted from herbertbsharp:

Sorry, not true.

You have to do what the MAME community does. Their charge cost is for the raw cds, shipping and handling for $100 and the arcade ROMs are $0 cost on them.

That way they aren’t “selling” what is licensed- they are giving that portion away for free!

Just a thought.

#11252 14 days ago
Quoted from Tyamry:

Anyone know where I can pick up a Namco Rockin Bowl O Rama? I have looked around with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

There is one on eBay in good condition

#11268 11 days ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

Curious on the turn around time if you were to get in line now for one of the games.
Does anyone have an idea?

Simple, call Cointaker

#11271 11 days ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

I emailed Cointaker but got no response.

Just call Cointaker- website for phone number

#11288 9 days ago
Quoted from protectors:

Usually we do not post in owners threads, but this time due to the rareness of this machine we make this exception.
We are about to finalize the playfield protector for this beauty for a customer who provided us with the machine.
The protector is already listed...
We set up a dicscount code of 20% per order - if one TBL playfield protector is included within this order.
Please use

during checkout.
The Big Lebowski is a gem. It is really unfortunate, that the circumstances are a bit rough.

Question...on the Vivak Pet-g. How does the plastic look over time with the ball rolling on it. Is Vivak a more unique version of pet-g. Reason I ask is that Acrylic tends to hold up much better to scratches but unfortunately is brittle.
Pet-g I used is very durable; however scratches easily. Wondering how the Vivak petg plastic will look with ball rolling over playfield- will it scratch easily?

#11298 5 days ago
Quoted from protectors:

Vivak is a brand name for sheets made out of PETg. There are pros and cons for PETg and Acrylic. PETg allows us to use thinner more flexible material. Acrylic will break much quicker. That's an issue regarding transportation and regarding installing a protector. We ship internationally only express, which is expensive. We offered also standard but quite some protectors/packages were broken. Two many process steps If you install Acrylic you have to strip down the playfield nearly completely. With Vivak you can be a bit more "creative". Acrylic might be a bit more scratch resistant, installing new good balls and checking them from time to time would help maybe even more. You can also wax the playfield protector which helps. But please apply less wax than on the playfield itself.

PUs protectors are twice a thick as ours and they spare the magnets which we cover. As said - pros and cons. We thought about offering vivak and acryl but the "fragility" was simpy a no go. If something breaks during installation or during transport cannot be controlled. Even if it is clear that it is from transport - good luck getting your money back from UPS - unfortunately...


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