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4 years ago

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#3905 2 years ago

They are going to be at Texas? Seminar?? Speech??? Unveil of #2???

Hope someone records this!

#4036 2 years ago

So much drama, so sorry to hear guys.

250$ for a 20$ translite whoo pee!!

BOP stands for Big Labowski Outta Production

Those BOP games will never be made.

I see two choices. Everyone in cough up the extra dough get your games. Or waste much more on the lawyers and get little to nothing but make a couple jackoffs lives hard.

Should be a poll vote. ??

Or ... you guys are not thinking outside the box enough. Texas the land of very strict laws and full gun racks!!

#4151 2 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Right now Kevin Kulek and John Popaduik are saying: "Thank you Jesus".....

Is that what the upvote is for? Did three other people also really shoot beer out their nose?

Well you got me!!

#4269 2 years ago

So where is the link to the seminar? The one that explains how a company can just keep finished goods, inventory and other property like the BoP proto?

#4472 2 years ago

Honey, how we doing on salt??
Good, OK just checking.
Oh, not road salt. I don't think??
Table salt.
Check the table salt. Oh, iodized?? Not sure?? Kosher or sea??? Not sure either?
I am sure it doesn't need one of those grinder tops.
Nevermind I'll ask **d he knows everything.

Really I just use comic relief usually to easily find where I leave off.

So how many games are actually out as of now?? Anyone know for sure? I can bet those folks with one have one hand behind back fingers crossed that no more ever get made.

2 months later
#5100 2 years ago

5 finished in a box and 3 cabinets and partials stuffed into other boxes. Yeah call it 40. And for a while folks kept saying 50.

I wonder how much ARA can charge daily for storage.

I wonder if ARA will screw up sell one and give DP back the upper hand?

Maybe that is what DP is waiting for?

You just can't make this shit up.

1 week later
#5443 2 years ago

I bet they want to keep it as un viewed and un attended as possible.

I would like to watch as I am trying to lose weight so keep us posted.

1 week later
#5729 2 years ago

If ARA was in such breach of contract and DP is so confident they would win. It makes no sense at this point not to refund everyone, let the dream die and take em to court. Then with large sum of winnings as ARA ruined their company. Then start over.

The bullshit runs deep with the reasoning. The love of pinball yeah right.

#5767 2 years ago

So they found another sucker to front the build of the next batch that they can then stiff and close up shop with a tidy profit. Smart plan.

Don't get your hopes to high.

Best of luck!

I'll come back in a year when the games aren't shipping.

#5804 2 years ago

A guy in a bar watching a live TV broadcast of a suicide jumper. The guy and the bartender make a wager on if the guy will end it. The bartender, clicks off the TV sadly reaches in his pocket and pull out the twenty and hands it over to the other guy. The other guy puts up his hand and says" no I can't take your money it wasn't really live, I saw it at 6". The bartender replies," me too, but I didn't think he'd do it again"

1 week later
#5863 2 years ago
Quoted from Nilroc:

Parts ordered for 0 series.

That's some funny shit right there!

And those are engineering samples.

Keep drinking white Russians and maybe you'll forget you lost all that money.

You dudes need a reality check.

10 months later
#7293 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Nothing left but a briefcase full of tidy whiteys.

3 months later
#8310 1 year ago

Opps wrong thread, well not really, it's still GANE OVER.

I didn't see anyone that anyone verified the statement that Roger Sharpe is still envoled and that license is still available to DP as stated in that letter.

6 months later
#8705 6 months ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

He is right about one thing though, pinside is much better without Hylton.

He says that like he is still an active member on here. And takes cheap shots at guys like Neil??? The dude is a serious asshole! No class what so ever.

3 months later
#9080 3 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Anyone care to enlighten me? I’m on board to help but getting sorta spooked on the whole thing.

Run, run away fast, don't look back!

If you get a game, I can bet within a year it's a paperweight. When something breaks, where are you going to get a replacement part?? Major board dies?? Who's gonna fix it??

Not to mention the history of this machine is getting close to jpop territory. You'll be owning a machine as rarehero points out you may not really enjoy flipping unless your brain dead and have no morals.

Help out??? To liars and crooks get their operations back up and running??? Got lots of money to waste you might as well go to Vegas.

So there really was 40 machines, I had high doubts on that number. Yeah it a liquidation sale. Nothing more. And at liquidation sales I usually pay pennies on the dollar not more.

#9095 3 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

people want to help and support each other instead of just being pissed off

Oh yes, the community is great! with a get it fixed attitude, but.... It's not like you can just order replacement anything easily to fix. I think I remember hearing sunshine laudrymat has one sitting collecting dust cause it's broken.

So no fix will be easy, quick, or cheap.

Better hope someone like Doc Mac from galloping ghost buys one and then uses his 3D studios to work on repair parts for the community.
Of course the first 50 drop targets may cost 100$ a piece.

Yeah I still think it's a big gamble and not worth it, wanna have a good time with some friends playing a machine grab an oktoberfest. Help keep them in business not a company overseas that has a track record of issues.

#9145 3 months ago

So if each distributor is lied to and sends in money for 40 games, DP may receive a couple million dollars, yup that financial expert was right the numbers make sense.

But I'm sure CT, nitro, and others talk to each other and won't fall for that trick.

1 month later
#10597 38 days ago

I saw a bunch of DP shipping boxes, your good on boxes for now.

My prediction. Less than 12 games out before the license expires.
And that's if he starts really soon.

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