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#480 4 years ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

Ditto, PM me too (after ryanwanger) if you want out!

Pm me also

2 months later
#904 3 years ago

I'm in can't wait, probable summer of 2016. Drinking more Caucasian's than normal. Jackie makes the best,

1 week later
#943 3 years ago

What's this day of rest shit? What's this bullshit? I don't fucking care, it don't matter to Jesus

#951 3 years ago

You said it. My dream too. Still excited that it will be in my home one day and I got the rug. It's going to tie the room together

#956 3 years ago

It's a shame about the music and movie clips, but the playfield is amazing . Still looking forward. One of my favorite movies

3 weeks later
#980 3 years ago

Been drinking Caucasians all through the holidays and watched the movie several times again in hopes of the day when this awesome game will be in my house.

2 months later
#1110 3 years ago

I heard June or July after preorders should be done. I hope this happens. I can't do another Mmr that I'm still waiting for.

3 weeks later
#1227 3 years ago

Hang in there. Pre-orders are tuff. I've got four right now, and it can be stressful. One day they will all be delivered , and life will be good. This is a dream theme for me, it's my favorite movie.

#1229 3 years ago

Maybe your right. But Dutch pinball appears to be a real company, as well as the others I have chosen to do business with. They seem to be on a much larger scale then jpop. My deposits to secure these games and help these company's is only 1/10 of the overall price. Where as any loss of money would suck, I only go with small deposits to try and protect myself, just in case life throws a curve ball. Until that kind of horrible news arrives, I'm going to stay positive and continue to dream about the day TBL is in my home. Thanks for the food for thought.

1 week later
#1272 3 years ago

Darn meddling kids. We would have gotten an unboxing if it weren't for them. Zoinks Scubby back to the van in search of an unboxing .

#1273 3 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

Delusion exemplified ^^^^^. Haven't you heard? JPOP and Kevin Kulek have thrown in the towel.

Looks like there is a flaw I your negativity .

#1293 3 years ago

Your a great dad and husband for letting them all enjoy themselves first. Who could ever say no to that face. A big Thank You for sharing.

#1346 3 years ago

Wow! Congratulations the dream is real.

1 month later
#1617 3 years ago

I'm so on the fence about the music, for it was what really grabbed me. Other than the fact it's one of my favorite movies. Very interested to see someone put original music in and see if it is not that great with the call outs. Just please don't put in any fuc##ng Eagles man.

#1625 3 years ago

Is it as heavy as WOZ is or more ? That one is a beast too. I can't wait to have this arrive.

#1635 3 years ago

Any ideas on production numbers. I ordered through cointaker as soon as they put the deal together . They could not give me a build number, but I'm hoping I'm soon after the first 200 that stuck it out. I'm very excited and hope to have mine by the end of the year or sooner would be great.

3 weeks later
#1718 3 years ago

This is so awesome. I hope maybe one of my fellow southern CA pinsiders will invite me over to play. I'm at the back of the list, so it may still be awhile for me. So happy for everyone getting there games

1 month later
#1998 3 years ago

When does the next container ship????

3 weeks later
#2149 3 years ago

Where's the next boat????

#2153 3 years ago


#2192 3 years ago

Can't wait to get mine. A Pink Floyd pin would be a must for me. So far the only new pin I'm excited about is Allien. Very excited by the new companies making games now.

2 weeks later
#2324 3 years ago

Was there ever a time line given as to when they would be done with the first 300?

1 month later
#2539 2 years ago

Cointaker can not tell you a number. Numbers only given to the early achievers. I ordered with them when they started taking deposits and have asked twice and told they had no number for me. I should be part of the first shipped once they get stock. Hoping it works that way. Very excited to one day play.

#2544 2 years ago

Holy shit. Look at al those. Wow!

2 months later
#3196 2 years ago

Fuck it dude,let's go bowling. I didn't watch my buddies die face down in the muck, for my pinball to get tied up in litigation.

#3261 2 years ago

One for joint mod please.

#3277 2 years ago

Let's all go over and just take our games. A good old fashioned pin heist. That would show both parties that you don't mess with a persons dream theme pin. And that's what it fills like when you fuc$ a stranger in the ass.

#3281 2 years ago
Quoted from chadderack:

But what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?

I really didn't think this through. Abort the mission.

#3322 2 years ago

It would be great if both parties could resolve this issue. If not it seems that both sides would take a much bigger financial loss if they don't. The only option I see is for them is to liquidate the parts they own. In my opinion that would be a much bigger loss than if they fulfilled their obligation and worked out a plan together to recoup the losses though more sales or another product. Hopefully in the end we will all win. Making a large profit is not as important as taking a big loss, unless you have a lot of money and a great tax person.

#3378 2 years ago

We are all disappointed about what is going on,but turning our anger on each other will not correct this matter. In fact there is nothing any of us can do it will be what it will be. I understand the more money invested the higher the anger. If I could I would probably punch Gary Stern, but that would solve nothing. We should all support each other and have compassion for those who have a lot invested and all hope for the best. Let's all have some Caucasians and practice the art of coitous to pass the time.

#3424 2 years ago

IMG_0301 (resized).PNG

#3473 2 years ago

Wow what a lot of great information. I don't know what model Spooky is using but I love what and how they do it. I'm staying in on my order and hoping DP gets this worked out and succeeds.

1 month later
#4283 2 years ago

If someone could possibly make a super bad ass pin like say despicable me with the minions I think a game like that could save TBL or possibly even the world. Just my two cents and still keeping hope alive for my TBL.

#4288 2 years ago

If someone can give me the winning lottery numbers I would be glad to step in and save DP and pinball.

2 weeks later
#4544 2 years ago

Stay out of this thread with your Lebowski you bum. Just joking man I can't wait.

#4547 2 years ago

I suggest you do what your parents did. Man I wish I had my game. Really hoping this works out.

#4549 2 years ago

Staying positive myself. This has to work out or both parties will lose big time. Stated this in the beginning and I still believe this. Hated all the negative stuff so haven't checked in lately. Nice to get back to some quotes from the best movie ever and joke around. It's easy for me I don't have as much money tied up and can relax and day dream about playing this bad boy. I still have not gotten to play a single game yet unfortunately.

1 week later
#4577 2 years ago

What's this day of rest shit, what's this bullshit, I don't fucking care, it don't matter to Jesus

#4583 2 years ago

Drinking Caucasians and putting only good vibes into the universe for production to start up again.

#4585 2 years ago

6 degrees of TBL separation kind of stuff very cool story. I have never flipped a flipper on this game and can't wait till the day it arrives at my front door. I'm not listening to the fuc$ing Eagles at of respect for the dude until it arrives.

4 months later
#5962 2 years ago

One day this game is going to really tie my collection and gameroom together.

#5973 2 years ago

Shomer shabbos that means I don't work, I don't drive a car, I don't fucking ride in a car, I don't handle money, I don't turn on the oven, and I sure as shit don't fucking post about lawsuits!!!!

#5995 2 years ago

They're not going to sue shit. They're not going to do shit. What can they do to DP? Bunch of fucking amateurs.

#5997 2 years ago

Obviously not everyone on this thread is a golfer.

2 weeks later
#6032 2 years ago

Going to be amazing when this all turns around and we all have our games. Good luck guys and hoping you pull this off.

#6037 2 years ago

So excited to read things are moving in a positive direction again. I can't wait to see games being delivered again. I'll probably mitterate on my rug when I unbox mine.

2 months later
#6535 1 year ago

Hoping by this time next year to have mine.

1 month later
#6623 1 year ago

Sweet. Looking forward to my pin. Glad to see momentum going in the right direction.

1 week later
#6678 1 year ago

No word from CT to me anyways.

3 weeks later
#6780 1 year ago


3 weeks later
#6846 1 year ago

I hope there is some good news coming. Even though I only have preordered money out there I'm starting to rethink staying in myself and use those funds some where else at this point. I could always pickup another later as to be smart they will make whatever is needed not just 300. Aliens seems to be catering to new money vs old deposits and would think the same. 3 years of nothing is starting to wear on me, but hope one day to own this dream theme.

2 weeks later
#6957 1 year ago

All I want for Christmas is my pin. I really hope they get things together and this year could be ended on a high.Gutters and strikes, ups and downs.

1 month later
#7134 1 year ago

It's sad but it seems like things are going south and I feel bad for all those that have real money out there. I think it's time to see if I can still get my 3 or what ever years deposit from CT back. It's unfortunate because this was a dream theme for me. I almost became part of the majority then Phil gate then I procrastinated long enough to just get a deposit. I would hope someone could buy the rights to make this pin. Unfortunately after Aliens I think I have to just understand that making a pinball game in numbers is amazingly hard and this won't happen. It really sucks to think about giving up. Maybe one day these will be made and I can get one. After two bad NIB game experiences with Stern I'm focusing more on late 70's Ballys. I wish all involved more than me the best.

2 weeks later
#7680 1 year ago

Has anyone who had a deposit with Cointaker received their deposit back? I asked for a refund on 5/18 and they said no problem, but still haven't received one. I know they have been busy and all so I emailed them again today. Just curious.

#7684 1 year ago

Mellisa and Chris emailed that the check has been sent. I have not received it yet and will unfortunately be a sad day to have given up all hope for a theme on a pin that actually helped make the family I have today. Wife and my first date was spent in amazement that we both knew of and owned this film. Definitely life could have gone a total different direction if not for the Big Lebowski.

#7686 1 year ago

Well the check from Cointaker arrived and the sad day of giving up has become official for me. I hope one day somehow someway this title gets made.

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