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#43 4 years ago

I want a rug for everyone of my pinballs like this!

Great news DP and can't wait for the game!

1 month later
#100 4 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

Yes...Cointaker will have one of the Proto's at Allentown.....

Any idea if one can make it out to the Rocky Mountain Pinball showdown in June?

3 weeks later
#211 4 years ago

I feel a NSL newsletter in the very near future(within a week). Let's hope for some awesome updates!

I can neither confirm or deny my source, although it is accurate.

3 weeks later
#278 4 years ago
Quoted from HENSBROOKER:

a new NSNL and it will be promising

"promising" or epic in nature?! I'm hoping for some epicness.

I'm taking wagers whether I get my TBL, Hobbit or AMH first. I sold a bunch of games I love in preparation and the spots in my lineup are killing me. Someone deliver!

WAY disappointed TBL won't be making an appearance at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown here next weekend. Every other new game will be here! :-/

#290 4 years ago
Quoted from genex:

burningman, I just learned that since my photography studio is in an industrial building, there's a lot lower cost to deliver to it since we have a loading dock that semi rigs can pull up to to offload. For my AMH three of us are having ours shipped there and it's saving a lot of money on the delivery. Could we do something similar for our TBLs? I know at least three folks here who are getting them in San Francisco if not more...

They can dump mine on the side of the road if it gets it here quicker, I'll figure it out from there.

1 week later
#369 4 years ago


4 weeks later
#443 4 years ago

Time to celebrate with a nice White Russian this evening! I can't wait for this one, here's to hoping for minimal delays in production and a kick ass end game!

6 months later
#1017 3 years ago

Word on the Dutch street is NSNL coming pretty soon with some very good updates. Fingers crossed!

#1033 3 years ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

Edit: To be fair, I think I'm disappointed due to a number of recent posts talking about a NSNL coming soon. I kinda expected one today based on those posts, and that's my fault, not Dutch Pinball's.

All I heard was "soon", what that means is obviously subjective..............

I have to go to the bathroom soon(About 5 minutes)

I will get out of work soon(About 7 hours)

The Superbowl is happening soon(About 9 days)

It is soon going to be spring time.(About a month and half)

Stern is going to update code on Avengers soon(2 years)

I'm as bummed and frustrated as everyone, would love some solid updates but bitching about it on here doesn't make it happen any faster. Hope everyone has a good weekend, drink some drinks and play some pinball.

1 month later
#1108 3 years ago

They're shipping?!?!

#1140 3 years ago
Quoted from d0n:

The big lebowski?! What's next... dukes of hazzard or Magnum PI?
I personally cant think of a worse pin theme than the big lebowski. It wasnt even that good of a movie. It'll surely be a dud as a pinball game.

Says the guy that owns Hardbody and NASCAR

3 weeks later
#1247 3 years ago

Wasn't there mention at some time of Cointaker receiving the games and actually testing them or something of the sort prior to shipping? Or am I smoking too much? As much as I want that game tomorrow.................................


1 week later
#1326 3 years ago
Quoted from Troutfarm:

Probably a few months before any of the preorders even touch US soil.

Wondering if maybe we can get in touch with DP and see if they can ship in batches smaller than 40 to US. If it cost me an extra $100 or something along with 10-20 others might that cover the extra cost of shipping them in smaller batches. I know I'd be willing to pay a little extra if it meant getting the game 1 or even 2 months earlier and I'm guessing most would be right with me. The difference in the air shipping was a little too extreme.

I'm on it.

1 week later
#1396 3 years ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

Heard back from Jaap today - they expect that my machine will be ready to ship next week, so it sounds like they are finishing one game a week as previously stated. Very excited now, although the next couple of weeks are going to be a struggle!

Wow I've never felt more heartache and disappointment on a wait from #8 to my #14 and then wait further enough to fill a damn boat. Come on DP, lets do this!!!

2 weeks later
#1491 3 years ago

For those anxiously waiting like myself, got word from the man himself a NSNL will be out next couple of days with what I found to be quite a positive update on the shipping container and the estimate for it heading out packed with games! I won't steal the thunder but made me excited, fingers crossed!

#1520 3 years ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

Any chance of this bricking the machine?

Only one way to find out!


1 week later
#1608 3 years ago

I'm a loser that pays ridiculous prices for pinball games and proud of it!

#1653 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Far out !! I spy :
- 12 cabinets on their feet (including what might be a finished game in the back)
- 5 in boxes
- 5 cabinets on their backs

What I don't spy is enough people working on completing those games!!! Get some people working on my game so we can get that boat moving!!!!

#1668 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Another Facebook post... Jaap final inspecting 10,11,12

Which can only mean that #13, then my #14 and #15 are next, LETS DO THIS! Get that boat warmed up and ready!
The boat goes WOO WOO

2 weeks later
#1699 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

there's a live stream of the game on twitch right now

Man this stream is awesome, I can't wait for my game, this looks AMAZING!

#1709 3 years ago

#14 is on the fast boat ( I don't accept slow boats )

3 weeks later
#1757 3 years ago


#1760 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Mines in the center on back row of truck .. sweet..
Also, to my game.. do not fall off the back of the truck!!

Yours will cushion the fall of mine right behind it.

#1811 3 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

I understand. My friends are waiting for DP reply.
One of us asked cointaker to get a shipping cost to France. Can you believe that?!! It s that why i asked here where this game is built (my friend did not know).

Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

Oh wrong thread, sorry. Back to happy thoughts


#1839 3 years ago

Get some rocket boosters on that ship!

#1860 3 years ago


I am SO excited for this machine, best moment I've had in 5 years of collecting.

#1878 3 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I love his concept of a "Little Lebowski" sequel. The kid would be 18 this year, perfect timing for a road trip with dad. Somehow I cannot see the Cohen Bros. signing off on it, but who knows?

While I love the idea of another Lebowski movie some things are just better left untouched and this is probably one of them.

#1880 3 years ago


It's hit the open ocean, engage warp speed. If you zoom way out it doesn't look too far from the US.

#1888 3 years ago

So when is Cointaker going to start contacting us to schedule these bad boys, I want it sitting in their warehouse approximately 5 minutes before it hits a truck to me.

#1936 3 years ago

So shouldn't Cointaker be contacting us all to get shipping arranged? Has anyone gotten contact from them yet that has a game on the boat?

#1942 3 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

OT. - I think its kind of interesting that at least 2 of the 21 machines on the container shipment are coming to Colorado. Anyone else?

Reduced Shipping!!!!! Pot capital, USA

#1947 3 years ago

OH YA! Just spoke with Melissa, shipment confirmed to go out tomorrow. Hopefully be flippin it next week! DUDE!!!!!!!


#1975 3 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

Hey guys....game is playing well right out of the box...was running .44 code and loaded .45 code. So far so good and will post some pics and more info tomorrow. BTW...I think Melissa is at a concert tonight so she will probably not get back to you until tomorrow.

Where's your rug?! How the hell you going to tie that room together?!

#2006 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

If people have some mod ideas, I have a 3d printer

I'm in, But have no creativity!

Let me drink heavily this weekend and see what I can come up with.

#2057 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Just got FedEx window for tomorrow, 12-5pm.

WHAT?! How the hell did yours get there that fast, mine shipped out the same time and I'm being told Friday.

#2059 3 years ago

Crap I would have done that, i didn't get that option from them! Isn't that much more than regular.

#2065 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

So, random then
Btw I am liking display dot mode 4 so far.

I have mine on 11, cause well it went to 11, I really have trouble seeing huge differences, curious what the differences are supposed to be. Can I say again how much I love this pinball, it is absolutely amazing and should only get better

#2074 3 years ago

manuals-are (resized).jpg

#2117 3 years ago

Man I'm having trouble getting my rug switch to register consistently. That little switch just doesn't seem like a great setup for that thing. I can get it to register intermittently but then eventually it stops registering altogether and back in the machine tweaking it. Anyone else have good solution. I know I saw some posts about loosening the screws(mine were actually already really loose when I first got to them) that hold the switch or something of the sort but that just doesn't seem to work for me. Other than the known left diverter issues that seems to be getting worked out with solutions this is my one big issue that has prevented me from enjoying the game as much as I want.

#2122 3 years ago
Quoted from patrickvc:

Is there a family mode

Shut the f&*% up Patrick

Translates to "No I don't think there is a family mode and should never be on Big Lebowski"! Just like my opinon tho, man

1 week later
#2165 3 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Not sure what my pitch is, but the ball comes around to the tip of the left flipper. I can't just hold the flipper up or let it dead bounce, need to flip.

Mine too, hits the tip,there is no way to shoot the rug directly with that skill shot, occasionally it takes a nice bounce or comes back to one of the flippers quick enough to still hit it. But as for being a "skill shot" I'm not sure the design lends to it or any amount of tweaking will make it be one.

1 week later
#2231 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

so guys, I've been cooking up a plan for my folgers can topper. I just ordered some electronics that include a color sensor and an RGB LED ring that should be pretty bright. The idea is to put the sensor on the underside of the playfield near the set of 3 LEDs (1 being RGB) by the saucer (lets go bowling/character mode/mark it zero inserts). Then "copy" whatever is going on down there, run it up into lights inside my folgers can which already has a semi-transparent frosted white lid. So, the idea is that it will flash the same/similar color to what's going on at the saucer which seemed to be the most active RGB led i could see in the game. So will pulsate out of the folgers can. All without touching the existing electronics (well, I will need to find DC power from somewhere if it works out / leave permanently installed).
I am only talking about it now, cause I want you all to hold me accountable for finishing it (my garage is filled with half finished ideas like this).

Really the question is why not make 2 of those, so I can have one as well?! Two is always better than 1!

1 week later
#2252 3 years ago

I need some new code!! Sorry my problems are a little different than most the others just waiting for the game.

It is worth the wait tho, LOVE IT!!! Great code will put it over top, I really hope it gets all the attention it deserves to take it from good to amazing!

#2297 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

I hope the next version of software has a better bowling alley opto test than the current one as it just says an opto was triggered. A pictorial map of the pins would be good to see what's going on. I honestly haven't dug into it too much, waiting on the orange ball guide part.

Mine seems to work great as far as I can tell. It always works on the roving pin thing if I aim it correctly but I almost always get a strike on full pin thing if you hit anywhere near that front pin, it seems to be a strike, almost too easy. Do people see pins left a lot doing that?

1 week later
#2378 3 years ago
Quoted from burningman:

so, decided to do a little work on the Bowling Alley...

Brave man, I'm afraid to touch anything on my game, most seems to be working great right now. Barry did e-mail me that they have a new left ramp lock/diverter that they'd be shipping out, really that hang up has been my only consistent problem so far. Here's to hoping for some new code soon! I want them to make this game great. MAKE LEBOWSKI GREAT AGAIN!
CdUjFrd (resized).jpg

#2389 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

So, I am still going to see what Barry has mailed us (he said they should be here soon) to see if it still is applicable

"Us" meaning you all requested something from them specifically or are they sending fix kits for all of us or something of the sort? I had been told from him like a week or two ago ago they were going to be sending a new diverter arm thing for the left ramp but hadn't heard anything since on follow up with him

1 week later
#2449 3 years ago

Love the pingraffix thing, just wonder if something more than the rug could look good there. Hopefully lots of cool mods and add-ons start coming as more people get their game.


#2453 3 years ago

Atta Boy. Go Pack!
sweater-exlarge-169 (resized).jpg

#2473 3 years ago

Did anyone get that left ramp diverter fix from DP/Cointaker yet? Mine was on the way, just wondering how hard it is to install.

#2476 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Update, ok there was something wrong with my assembly. There were supposed to be caps on both ends of the rod(per Barry). I didn't see any loose parts so I'm now assuming my rug mech was assembled by a nihilist and not likely to effect anyone elses machine. Sorry if I made anyone anxious about this

Oh great I fire-sold mine for $2,000 in fear of them all being lemons.
"Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you"

#2494 3 years ago
Quoted from taz:

Any rumors on status of updated code? I'm tired of hitting the scoop for nothin!

Ya would be nice to see something soon, love the game but has gotten a little old lately. Need some new life added into it.

#2499 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

*cries* ...at least you get to play it.

True, my first world problems continue!

2 weeks later
#2525 3 years ago

We need some new code! I'd like to start a group or thread for code recommendations pertaining to added rules, sounds, video clips, etc. basically anything to help give them ideas how to make this game the best ever. I have so many ideas as I'm playing and need to start writing them down more often and plan to do so. I'm more than happy to talk with Barry and figure out who the best person or method is to relay this suggestions to them in a nice summarized format or if someone else has closer ties(**burningman cough cough**) and is willign to, even better. As more people get and play this game I think you'll all see, while it is an awesome start there is SO much more that can be done and added to make it amazing.

#2560 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Ok played about 15 games, the game seems to be working perfectly with just one exception, the shot that goes around the bowling alley and lights the bowling lights (to go bowling) is not registering hits/loops. What's strange is that in test mode the switch works every time but when you start a game the switch stops registering. Has anyone else experienced this? Everything else on the game works flawlessly.

Never had that problem, if that is the only problem I'd say you are steps ahead of most of us from early ones.

2 weeks later
#2599 3 years ago

Ok has anyone installed the left ramp diverter "fix" that DP sent, the new little metal part to replace the old one so it wouldn't get jammed up top. I CAN NOT get it to work, it is slightly larger(if you hold them up against one another one the new one I have is like 1/8-1/4" larger it seems in length) and doesn't seem to work in that slot in the ramp, it gets stuck now and can't move up and down cause it is rubbing the ramp. The metal piece just seems too big for that slot in the ramp. So frustrated, tore it apart and put it back together like 10 different times tonight and just gave up for now. Anyone else replaced it and had problems? Figured I'd check here before waiting for a week to hear from DP. :-/

#2604 3 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Nope. I have #30 and it has always had diverter issues.
Sorry bemmet, I haven't gotten around to installing the new piece they sent me.

I'm in touch with Barry, I just am hoping if someone else trying to install this "fix" either successfully or unsuccessfully to know if it might be a problem with the part or just a problem with my brain. If anyone who has the part/fix, compare it to the old metal diverter if you get it off the game. What I am noticing and thinking is the new piece is slightly longer/larger and is getting jammed in that slot in the plastic ramp. I beat my head against the wall trying to bend, shape, nudge, wedge the piece in there to work properly and it just was not going to work. It fits but then it won't move up and down as it is supposed to.

#2607 3 years ago
Quoted from JimB:

Time to create a TBL issues thread so those of us still waiting don't get excited every time we see a new post here....

Or use it as an opportunity to see we are helping iron out issue for people getting it later and be thankful for the information. I don't need 5 different threads on one game personally.

#2613 2 years ago
Quoted from genex:

I have an early (#9) machine and the diverter is the original and has worked fine.

Really?! Does it have the small metal tab at bottom that keeps it aligned in that slot? Mine constantly would get stuck when the metal diverter slid too far right on the ramp, then you have to take glass off to nudge it back into the slot, rinse and repeat, would happen at least every other game so it was unmanagable.

#2616 2 years ago
Quoted from genex:

I'll check on that next time I am at the location it's routed at - not sure if it has that tab..

Still curious if ANYONE else has tried to put that metal tab diverter fix from DP on their machine. I gave up and went back to the old one, I couldn't get it to work for the life of me. Put the old one back in, everything fit perfectly and worked mechanically(obviously with the diverter still getting stuck). I just really think that "fix" they sent is not the right size.

2 weeks later
#2653 2 years ago
Quoted from BigLebowski:

This week I got around to replace the old diverter with the modified one. The new one has exactly the same dimensions as the old one as you can see on these pics:

Ok thankfully I think I can breathe a sigh of relief, mine were definitely not the same size, the new one was a tad longer. I think I just got a bad replacement part is all. Hopefully be getting a new one once they are back from vacation. I would still provide your additional feedback to them on the replacement that you had, hopefully thy can continue to refine it better.

1 week later
#2667 2 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Mine was. Photo exaggerates it but believe this is why I had to shift the coil slightly

First I heard of this, so you confirm the "fix" didn't work as is and you had to make further adjustments to make the new diverter fit in that slot? I am waiting for Barry to get back from vacation and we are supposed to talk to try and work this out. I have seen a few people claiming they had same issues I did(which was it did not fit or work at all). But then it seems a few people had it work(or made it work). I really want to get to the bottom of this so myself and others can get the correct fix and it doesn't have to be some larger adjustment to the machine. That is a Stern solution/fix and I don't like those!!!

In my opinion if a diverter that was the exact same length/size as the original was made with that additional metal tab on the bottom to keep it in that slot, it would work perfect, not sure why they felt the need to change the size of it?! It feels like an error was made.

#2670 2 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

At this point I want to just take the ramp off to get a good look at the whole thing, but am having difficulty deciding the right way to do it. The plastic portion of the ramp looks like it is just secured with 4 screws. 2 at the entrance of the ramp, which aren't an issue, and 2 screws at the back attaching it to the piece that lets the ball travel under the playfield. After those are out, I think I'd be able to slide it off the metal habitrail. The issue is the screws at the back have nuts on the bottom that are very difficult to get to. Basically, I think I could get them off, but am not particularly confident I would be able to get them back on.
Anyone take their ramp off have any tips on the procedure?

It is hard to explain but I will warn you, I scratched the living hell out of my ramp getting it off and on and trying to make this diverter work. There is this metal post/tab thing in the back that hold the ramp steady and it scratches it bad removing and putting it back on repeatedly. So much that I insisted Barry send me a new one(which he kindly did agree to). This has been one of the more frustrating "fixes" I have done and eventually just gave up, put the old one back on until I can work with Barry and DP to find a better/correct solution

#2680 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I would suggest in the future getting a fully dialed in game from a collector.

Or a Collectors Edition Dialed In??????!!!!!

That JUST happened

#2681 2 years ago
Quoted from kapper:

I hate hearing all of these issues out of the box on this one. It makes me worried to get mine - I really need a reliable game as I'm not technically very good.

I'm in the same boat. I try and fix things but I'm horrible at it so don't take my issues as huge issues for DP and TBL. TBL really hasn't been that bad at all for me just stupid things I did more so than game issues. Although I want this dumb diverter thing worked out, that's basically been my main issue.

#2699 2 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Diverter battle rages on.

My replacement was just too big and didn't work in the slot in the ramp as is, it would get stuck and couldn't move up or down. Would require either further modification or a new(better designed diverter), I am waiting for the latter as I've frustrated myself to all ends trying to use the replacement.

#2701 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Emailed Barry on 2nd Jan for an update.
No reply as yet.
Gotta say that all the problems the game is having is a little disheartening as the build quality was a big factor in people buying

I do believe he was on vacation, don't remember the exact dates but his e-mail had an away message when I had tried to contact him awhile back. Assume you should have gotten the same?

#2708 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Is the lower bowling alley fun? Is it more of a novelty or is there good points to be earned by getting strikes/completing frames?

Not really fun, it has it's novelty, right now it is just get strike/spare and the "roaming pin" where you are trying to hit just one pin while it moves. I am hoping they'll put a ton more options into there like hit the 7-10 split. Have to hit 2 pins with one ball, I imagine they can do a ton more options. Just hoping they up the variety on it a ton cause right now I just avoid it as not worth many points from what I can see and it gets old.

#2712 2 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Diverter saga update:
The diverter arm is most certainly magnetized.

I'm lost on what issue yours is, I'm just having problems with the replacement diverter arm not fitting/working where it is supposed to at all. The old one works, just has those hangups. Seems you have some larger problem? I have a call with Barry his weekend and hoping to get some more resolution.

#2723 2 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

The car looked like it was bouncing around a bit. I wish they would put out a 'dialing in' guide for the car. Iike , with the two handicap targets, what is the 'deployment' logic.. does iy need to set off the outer one first, or either one to stop. For instance , right now the car always sets off one hit after coming to rest. But have no idea what to dick with to improve it.
Mine has also been a bit funky on the retraction/homing lately but I haven't had a chance to look at it.
Nice to see the new car modes publically

+1000 I am always tweaking that damn thing. I understand the logic behind how it works but dialing it in is a PITA.

1 week later
#2748 2 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Also I'm looking for a TBL, if someone is looking to sell

Ok you sell me those bowling ball mods and I'll sell you my TBL.......wait a second

#2766 2 years ago

For what it is is worth I had Barry on the phone this past weekend for help with some "issues" on my game(not really related to the game not functioning, just some replacement parts I wanted), so he is indeed alive.

I did ask him at the time about the bad boards and he had said it was resolved and the games were getting updated, not sure I got any specific timeframe however, so I apologize. Also the new code should be dropping soon, they were fixing a few bugs and thought it would be released soon.

I completely agree with most in here, they need more public communication especially to people who have orders pending. I have voiced this to them many times and hope the communication gets better, it truly is an awesome game and the potential of it once the code is completed is SO exciting, I hope more get to experience it soon! Until then.......................................
CjZJaB (resized).jpg

#2801 2 years ago

We have prepared another software update for your The Big Lebowski™ Pinball machine. Updates 0.46 and 0.47 were thoroughly tested by a small group of beta testers, and now we release 0.48 to all TBL owners. Your machine can be updated from 0.45 directly to 0.48. The full change log is below the update instructions.

Update instructions:

This is a delta update, meaning you have to be running 0.45 or later to be able to install update 0.48.

Download the .zip file of update 0.48 (without renaming the file and without extracting the zip - some browsers have a setting to do this automatically, so disable that if needed).
Download Update 0.48 (178 MB)
Copy the .zip file to the root of a USB stick (meaning not in a subfolder).
Start your pinball machine and insert the USB stick in the right front USB port of the computer in the backbox.

Enter the Service Menu and go down to "Software Menu" -> "USB Update".
Now you should see update 0.48 listed. If not, retry after reseating the usb stick.
Select 0.48.
Wait for "Preparing delta update", "Copying" and "Installing" to finish this will take a few minutes. Don't navigate the menu or turn off the machine during this time!
The menu will then jump to where you can "Select" the new version.
Select the new version and confirm the NO / YES question by pressing the "right" (Volume +) button.
The game will restart using version 0.48.
That's it, you are ready to enjoy the new code! Now let's see what has changed since version 0.45:

Version 0.46 - December 28th 2016

- Added three car modes:
* "Kill The Dude's Car": hit the car 8 times before the ball is over.
* "Car Chase": race Dafino by shooting the mini playfield ramp. If you hit
The Dude's car that will delay him. The chase is paused when the ball
leaves the mini playfield.
* "Car Impound": hit the car 4 times before the ball is over. The upper
flipper disables after every hit.
- Each character's jackpot value (base 100,000) is increased by 25,000 when a
character's shot is made when the name is already spelled.
- Character Multiball now has white arrows on the character shots that are
not active. These increase the corresponding character jackpot value.
- Multiball jackpot rounds now consist of the major shots on the main pf,
with super jackpots alternating between left ramp lock and mini pf ramp.
- Multiball now has white arrows on non-jackpot shots. These increase the base
jackpot value by 25,000.
- White Russians can now be "stacked". Meaning that when selecting a currently
lit WR, an additional WR (4 sips) will be added. The multiplier for the
second WR is 3X, the third 4X, etc.
- Lighting Rug Modes now starts easier (3 hits) and gets progressively harder
after every 2 rug modes (4 hits, 5 hits etc.). Both are settings.
- After lighting "Let's Go Bowling" you can't spell BOWLING anymore before you
have played "Let's Go Bowling".
- Starting a Rug Mode now contributes to the bonus.

- After spelling a character's name, the letters now stay solidly lit.
- Character Multiball intro lightshows added.
- Character Multiball improved shot indications.
- Added a visual countup effect to the current player's score.
- Lane skillshot can now be lane-changed before the ball is launched.
- Start button:
* the special function popup now takes longer to show up. This fixes the
issue that only a really short button press would start game / add player.
* solved retrigger issue were after removing a player / stopping the game
a start button action would occur when releasing the start button.
* the start button functionality now only works in freeplay.
- During attract mode lightshows all RGB LEDs now cycle colors.
- Bowling Alley stepper motor now reacts quicker to its EOS switches,
preventing it from stuttering on either end.
- Kickback/Trampoline animation now uses shot from the movie as background.

Service menu:
- Added "Install Presets" menu with difficulty presets for all the rules
related settings.
- Added "Adjustment Menu -> TBL Rules -> Light Lock Difficulty".
- Added "Adjustment Menu -> TBL Rules -> Timers -> Skillshot length".
- Added "Adjustment Menu -> TBL Rules -> Timers -> ZERO countdown length".
- Added "Adjustment Menu -> TBL Rules -> Nihilists" with 2 settings for the
1st Nihilist Showdown targets hits & the increase for subsequent showdowns.
- Added "Adjustment Menu -> TBL Rules -> Rug Modes" with 2 settings for the
1st Rug Mode hits & the increase for subsequent rug modes.
- Added "Adjustment Menu -> TBL Rules -> Bowling -> Subsequent LGB pre-lit
letters decrease".
- If you experienced a delay when entering the service menu this was likely
caused by the player profiles menu being repopulated every time. Now the
player profiles only get loaded when this item is selected.
- Stepper motor test modes now match the in game speeds of these motors.

- Fixed music and GI being off initially after tilting the previous ball.
- Skillshot award animation would sometimes be cutoff.
- The default lanes skillshot would not correctly stop in case the ball never
entered a rollover, sometimes resulting in a skillshot animation at the
start of the next ball.
- If an Extra Ball was earned through Mystery and simultaneously Nihilist
Showdown was started at the scoop; the Extra Ball would not be lit and
could theoretically carry over to the next ball/player/game.
- Fixed Ball Saved animation + sound being triggered in a rapid fashion
causing a loud sound and weird visual effect.
- When a Bowling Challenge was completed, the wrong ball icon would show.
- Improved USB updating to properly handle update files that accidentally
contain copy suffixes like "(1)" or " - Copy".
- Player Profile editing would crash if there were less than 3 initials.
- USB & Internet update code now correctly calculates required free disk
space for delta updates.

Version 0.47 - January 19th 2017

- Increased spinner scoring from 1,000 to 5,000 and it can now be multiplied
by the white russian (every spinner "rip" counts as one white russian sip,
so you can rip the spinner 4 times with all spins multiplied).
- Spinner scoring / progress towards mystery is disabled during mb play.

- Spinner hits are now visualized with an icon and show progress towards
liting Mystery.
- In "Let's Go Bowling" the launch button can now be pressed after 0.25 second
after the bowling ball launcher starts moving, this used to be 1 second.
- During "Where's The Money?" the rug will now move a little when hit.

- Ball gates not disabling when ball drains within two seconds of activation.
- Shooting the right ramp and then immediately the MPF ramp will no longer
spot a second Walter letter.
- Tilt bob now doesn't register as long as the player hasn't scored any points
that ball. This prevents tilting through to the next ball.
- Car Mode "Car Impound" would show previous car hit animations if those were
cut off after an earlier hit by the ball draining the MPF quickly.
- Starting Nihilist Showdown while a Car Mode was running would confuse the car
logic after Nihilist Showdown.
- Tilting during Car Mode selection would skip the next Car Mode selection.
- Fixed car repeatedly trying to close with a bouncing motion.
- Fixed car going inside at the start or during a car mode.
- Fixed music and GI being off initially after tilting the previous ball during
- If Nihilist Showdown was ended right after hitting the wave's last nihilist,
the mode would sort of keep running.
- Fixed various LEDs coming on when pressing the flipper buttons during Bowling
Challenge or Car Mode selection.
- Fixed some arrows (like lock) being visible during Rug Mode intros.
- The individual Character Jackpot values would not correctly carry over to the
next ball.
- Maude jackpot increase for each rollover is lowered to 10,000 to balance out
the fact that multiple rollovers are activated for each Maude shot.
- Fixed lit scoop awards being awarded when a Rug Mode was started and the intro
- Fixed Rug hit indication arrow not working after playing "Where's The Money?".

Version 0.48 - January 27th 2017

- Made "Car Mode Completed" message more consistent (and informative) with
"Rug Mode Completed" message by adding the award value to it.

- "P-ROC NOT FOUND" error message did not show up since version 0.46, that's
fixed now and the message is corrected to read "P3-ROC NOT FOUND".
- Fixed Rug Mode music starting too loud.
- Fixed erroneous car hit registration at the start of a Car Mode.

Known issues:
We have not been able to consistently reproduce these issues, please report
all memorable circumstances to us that might help solve these issues:
Issue 0.48.1: Sometimes the background music stops in the middle of a ball
until the next mode, multiball or ball.
Issue 0.48.2: Sometimes when the ball enters the shooter lane for a new ball,
a skillshot award will already be awarded or at least displayed.
We hope you will enjoy the new code! We will keep developing and perfecting the code until it has reached its full potential.

And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@dutchpinball.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you,

Team Dutch Pinball

#2807 2 years ago

I don't think a lot has changed in regards to this but I really hope to see the character multiballs change a lot rather than just hitting their shot over and over again for small jackpots. Some kind of progressed "story" mode for each(sort of like rug modes) with varying shots would be much more interesting. They are so bland and boring right now. To even further on that, stacking them together could be different "story modes" as each character had unique interactions with one another(I.E - Donny and Walter would Have a Shut the $uc& up Donny mode), (Dude and Maude have baby thing), etc, etc.

I just want to see those Character modes have much more to them!

#2832 2 years ago

Possible bug report on .48 update. I have never had this game reset before in hundreds of games, started the main multiball from left ramp and game shut down/restarted randomly. Didn't have any other modes running that I know of.

#2840 2 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Possible bug report on .48 update. I have never had this game reset before in hundreds of games, started the main multiball from left ramp and game shut down/restarted randomly. Didn't have any other modes running that I know of.

Ok it isn't specific to the multiball, I had my game shut down and reboot 4 times yesterday, all randomly at different times. Screen goes black with some little lettering I can't see and reboots. No one else getting this? I never once had my game shut down before in the past on the old code

#2889 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Do you agree that if DP were to share the specific issue(s) they were having, we'd all know and there'd be no need to continue with pointless speculation? They'd likely feel better afterwards and should probably consider doing this sooner, rather than later. It always comes out anyways, in the end.

I have tried to express this sentiment to Barry many times about just keeping people updated and when he agrees I always think maybe they will do better and keeping communication updated and then never do and always seemed to be waiting on a just a new NSNL to keep people updated but those became way too far apart as well. Kind of a bummer and I'll continue to hope that communication gets better as I really have high hopes and expectations for Lebowski and DP moving forward. I think we all think the same thing and we are just sounding like broken records here, unfortunately to no avail it seems at the moment.

#2901 2 years ago
Quoted from mrbillishere:

Getting back to the .48 delta update for a minute...
I just installed it on my machine and on the first game I played, early into ball three switches stopped registering and eventually when I shot the ball into the scoop it just stayed there, never a ball search, etc. After a couple of minutes to make sure I wasn't just being impatient, I powered it off.
I'll go back to .45 and make sure it isn't a mechanical issue, but really, if it was, that would be a rather big coincidence.
How did it go for other folks?

I'm still getting resets on my machine, didn't have any issue like you mentioned that I can remember but I've had my game shut down and restart at least 5 times. I can't seem to link this to the P-Roc issue(I never had this issue prior to update). So my plan was to go back to old code and see if it is still happening, just haven't had opportunity to yet.

1 month later
#3699 2 years ago

I'm kind of getting burnt out on this whole thing, I'm not enjoying having my game right now(I know boo hoo poor me, I really do feel for those that have money in and nothing to show for it). I'm not playing it much anymore as the code is only a shell of a game still. I have such high expectations and this was a dream theme for me and I love the layout and think it can be a phenomenal game if ever finished but it just isn't fun right now.

Has anyone sold one on here yet that actually had the game in possession, kind of stopped paying attention? Not saying I will sell it but I might consider it strongly without any good news coming out soon or at TPF. Not even sure what it might be worth to anyone to be honest, obviously someone with money in with DP has little interest in paying for another one.

#3701 2 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

You've got 20 games to play and you're sitting around worrying about the code for one of them? Not being patient NEVER pays off. Just hang tight and let the chips fall where they will. Trust me, the value of your game is only going to go up. And those that say it won't, want one, don't own one, and are hoping to get one. Just remember that.
Now go play some pinball.

Well I know some people will take that attitude but again I like playing them, I don't buy them for value or trophy pieces, right now that is all TBL is, a trophy with a lot of drama around it. I enjoy pinball for a relaxing getaway, not drama...... I guess we'll see

#3705 2 years ago

Hey whatever guys I knew I would get some "boo hoo" comments but little over the top, it's a forum I posted a feeling about it all, I'm entitled just as much as everyone. Lets not be stupid and compare it to cancer and other life problems, I got enough real shit in my life too. I'm not comparing pinball to people dying nor did my comment put it on that level, so don't put it there acting like I did, that's just childish and immature. But appreciate all the not thought out comments above. This is part of the not fun aspect of it all that I talked about, turns people into worse people just talking about situations like these.

#3707 2 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

I think everyone is in agreement that you are definitely entitled.

You're just the clever one aren't you, well luckily I was handed everything also and didn't have to work for it I'm sure. But you know all about me I'm sure so why do I need to tell you. Sorry I have bothered your day, move on.

#3709 2 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

What could DP possibly be talking about at the show, other than the TBL fiasco? And if that's all they have to talk about, why not do it through email?? Surely they aren't trying to sell the game to new customers(until everything is straightened out)

Is DP still going to be at TPF as of right now for sure, maybe I missed something? Or is the assumption they will be and no one is 100% sure yet?

#3714 2 years ago
Quoted from highdef:

I get where you're coming from Rarehero, but keep in mind that Bemmett had (or still has?) trouble with his unit.

I get the frustration, I have been there along the way with everyone else through all the initial DP stuff, I would be frustrated beyond belief not having my game still, I'm not stupid I really do get it. Spending hard earned money on toys is a luxury in life for us all but we all have the right to be upset when it is taken from us still, we are all here cause we enjoy pinball(or used to). Me commenting on it probably hit sore spots for people but there is no easy way to communicate the message. I was commenting with the possibility I might consider selling my game, I think that speaks volumes to how I'm not having fun owning it either with no clear path in site for the future of it all either. I'm not here to fight with people I got enough drama in my real life to even want to care about some keyboard warriors, I just tried to relay a message in a forum...go figure.

To the other point, yes I have been trying to help and productively get things better with the game along with talking with Barry earlier on and encouraging better communication which he constantly agreed to(obviously that didn't work too well). I had some issues with some promised replacement parts coming for a few issues before all the news struck, was even on the phone with Barry and others to diagnose them and then it has been radio silence for like 6 weeks now with no parts and no further communication despite multiple attempts by me. I have heard some people say code was still being worked on despite all the negative news, so maybe that is a good sign that better days are coming and DP does believe that. I am in same boat with everyone, just want communication and the truth.

Here's to hoping for better news for everyone involved in the near future.

#3820 2 years ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

I haven't been posting in this thread recently as having received my game it seems insensitive to be complaining given the situation that many others are in - but does anyone else with the game still have any unresolved issues?

I have some minor issues but Barry did finally respond to me a few days back and indicated a couple of the parts I needed were going to be sent out.

1 month later
#4740 2 years ago

I believe some new shit is coming to light soon.
tumb (resized).jpg

1 month later
#5430 2 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Having some fun with her as well today at burningmans. It really is one of the best games ever made. Let's get her done DP!!

Ask him to sell me that Sopranos......

It really is an awesome game I hope they work it out, quite depressing to see all the drama with these newer companies.

#5497 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

3) Already released software is considered complete except for wizard mode, players shouldn't expect much change much. This was most disappointing part to me, because a lot of great ideas for code refinement have been mentioned and everyone reviewing this game says it needs more polish. I believe this position will change once games were going out, but it will require a shift in current thinking. A software writer would need to be brought onboard, but better yet, would be for DP to release their code as open source and allow p-roc'ers a chance to - Make TBL Great Again.

Bummed to hear this as well, while the code is decent I believe SO much more coud be done to bring some of these modes to life. Especially the character multiballs, all bland and the same. Add some variation to them. The bowling modes need some different things as well, they have full bowling and hit roving pin modes, maybe add 7-10 split mode, acid trip mode where totally randomized to hit a pin or something, many more options to vary this up some. I could go on and on, if I knew how to code I could make this game amazing. Ok I couldn't code ever in my life but I have a shit ton of ideas for this game!

But I guess first things first, lets hope the games get made and delivered to all the poor souls waiting..........

3 weeks later
#5895 2 years ago
Quoted from jackofdiamonds:

Some dude on FB posted he can't get parts for TBL #34.He routed it but then pulled it due to maintenance or lack there of.
He also mentioned that there was a lawsuit that seems to prevent any kind of tech support (parts,warranty)
Anyone know anything about a lawsuit?

While it hasn't been easy(or fast) with everything else going on I have gotten small parts 3 different times now. Barry has worked with me along the way. I would definitely be concerned if say major board or something went out right now, not sure how easily that could be obtained but I did get a small replacement board in the game just a month or two ago(turns out it wasn't the issue and was just a loose wire) but parts were sent to me nonetheless.

3 months later
#6322 2 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

I still would consider buying one if everything turned around and they were readily available, but the code needs work. What I played on location would not hold up in a home environment. I encourage you to find a way to play before sending money in to anyone.

While I 100% agree the code could be so much better it really isn't horrible, especially if you compare it to a Stern or something and their BS effort at getting good code on machines lately

1 week later
#6413 2 years ago
Quoted from genex:

If that's what the PROC fix is I know my operator for my TBL has had that fixed and we haven't seen that error since we originally were getting it. I'm happy that he's provided input to DP on fixes that were implemented since he's one of the best tech/Ops in our area so his insights are quite valuable...

I have had the P-Roc fix on for like 3-4 months and think I had one P-Roc error since. It definitely reduces it and probably eliminates it for most. Even when you get it, just retightening the connections does the trick.

2 months later
#6625 1 year ago
Quoted from Buzz:

Sweet. Looking forward to my pin. Glad to see momentum going in the right direction.

Yep a wooden box picture, you're just about there..........????

1 week later
#6659 1 year ago

Can they maybe show us another side of that wooden carton?

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