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The best or coolest ball locks in pinball

By Diospinball

1 year ago

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    #1 1 year ago

    Hey guys one of the things I really like when I play pinball are all the cool mechs, ball locks in particular can be really cool and fun, and I think can really help give a gym its unique personality. Because, if done right, its not just a physical mech, but can also be implemented in a cool and unique way into the code and strategy of the game.

    I thought it would be fun to list some of your favorite ball locks and why you like them and whats unique about them.

    My favorites are:

    Breakshot: A really fun and unique ball lock. Love the newton-esque element of hitting the centerpost and sinking balls into the back locks. It can be a dangerous shot, but of course the risk reward is always worth it. Just love the kinetic-satisfaction of this one. Simple, but really cool.

    Aerosmith:This ball lock really blew me away. It looks cool, and having the balls shoot up into it is really fun, and always makes locking a ball an event,or special moment.What i like about this game. Its approach to mb in the code allows you to take mb at I believe 3 balls or hold off till 6, but if you wait, you get higher jackpots. Of course in a multi player game if you had 5 balls in the lock and your opponent only just locked three he can take the mb and get all the balls you stored. His points would be locked at the 3 ball, and the ball saves won't keep putting more than 3 back out once you drain. But, more balls can lead to more points(and of course you don't lose your progress). So just a few interesting strats can come from that aspect. But, really amazing ball lock.

    Iron Maiden Prem/Le: A very unique ball lock for the mummy mb. Turning a normal ball into a captured ball, that is really, really smart and unique. Really feels like you earn that ball once you spell out all its letters, just smart integration.

    TNA: This one to me is just so simple, I'm surprised it hasn't been done sooner, and its also so much dang fun to lock a ball and to start the mb. Its just fun.

    Alien: I really don't like this pin. I think its a snoozefest, and just doesn't excite me at all. But, the ball lock. Man, that has to be one of the coolest things ever. I've played it more than a few times at galloping ghost and the only thing I really like about this game is the ball lock. Just an amazing mech(I hear its amazing so long as it keeps working. But, again the one at GG works).

    MM: Its not so much that the lock itself is so amazing. Its a basic lock. But, the shot itself is a nice one, and also I really like the fake wall aspect of shooting the castle. How when you shot the castle it triggers a cool animation of a catapult damaging the side of the castle making the whole bigger and bigger, till MB starts and the enemy soldiers come out and you have to dispatch them. Just how its implemented into the code is so dang good. To me it makes MB an event.

    BSD: Mist mb. Its not a traditional lock. But, I think for arguments sake you could say it is a ball lock, since shooting the ball would start you into mb. And that has to be one of the coolest starts to mb ever.

    Lastly for just a little bit of a minor honorable mention is Deadpool. I like the lil deadpool mb. I know they nerfed it a bit so you can't get it as much. And I know its basically inspired by TNA. But, to me its fun to lock and to hit and start the mb.

    I hope I didn't forget any of my favorites. I think this covers it. I'm sure you all will come up with some cool ones too. So I'm looking forward to reading what you all respond with.

    #2 1 year ago

    The Shadow sanctum lock. Never gets old.

    #3 1 year ago

    Flight 2000, coolest ball lock and multiball launch.

    #4 1 year ago

    The great grand-daddy of "cool", outside of the box locks (that even correlates to the story being told): Pin-Bot!

    #5 1 year ago

    Lost World Jurassic Park the snagger claw comes down and picks up the ball very cool mech

    Doctor Who simple just shoot the two saucers then the time expander raises which I always thought was cool

    Judge Dredd with the dead world mode very cool seeing the balls on the disc spinning

    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein thought it was a cool mech Frankenstein throws the ball

    Johnny Mnemonic glove grabs the ball and puts it on the grid awesome mech

    Kiss Gene blocking the balls and spitting them out for multi ball always thought it was a cool toy

    TSPP locking the balls on the couch it's simple but it's a cool look and design.

    #6 1 year ago

    Rollergames - Pretty cool that it periodically ejects and recollects locked balls instead of just sitting idle.

    #7 1 year ago

    Mousin Cheese Traps always makes me smile!

    Id love to see the mech reused today.

    #8 1 year ago

    WOZ monkey picking up the ball and moving it to the castle!

    #9 1 year ago

    Rollergames is cool when it juggles the balls around the upper track.

    #10 1 year ago

    Good topic and it turns out I like games with a fun lock sequence. There are a number of games with a good virtual lock too, but these were satisfying enough to make the list. Best Pinball Locks ->
    Banzai Run - qualify, lock on playfield, lifts into vertical playfield, shoot to top of vertical playfield, BR lock, flasher lightshow, ball empties onto lower playfield to begin multiball and attempt 1M point shot
    BSD - Stack 2 multiballs, 2nd locked ball misting across playfield, bash loose and begin multiball for 30M point shots
    TOM - qualify, trunk rotates, ball hops up onto trunk lock, trunk rotates to keep ball, starts lightshow and begin multiball
    TOTAN - bash genie, magnet grab, ball disappears into lock, bash genie to begin multiball
    STTNG - steep side ramp, into Borg ship lock, auto launches out of Borg to begin multiball.
    MM - bash bridge down, bash gate up, into lock and castle blows up
    Shadow - bash wall, magnet grab, wall lowers, thrown upward into lock and begin multiballLOTR - launch into ring lock, knock ball thru with another to begin mulitball
    TSPP - bash garage or treehouse ramp, vuk to upper playfield, lock behind mini lcd, up ramp into couch lock, begin multiball and lock balls into couch
    LOTR - start 3 game mulitballs, ring lock suspends ball in air, shoot ball out with another to start multiball
    MET - bash captive ball, magnet grab, hammered into playfield lock, starts lightshow and begin multiball
    Hobbit - start Erorbor, shoot ramp into windlance lock, ring button release, use upper right flipper at lit target, video show
    Alien - bash Xeno, magnet grab, light show, ball grab lock and begin mulitball
    Houdini - narrow lane, trunk opens, launches in air into trunk lock, catapult throw to begin mulitball
    JJPOTC - collect sails, qualify, load cannon lock, fire into dauntless hole and lightshow

    #12 1 year ago

    Lock on stranger Things Premium/LE is cool

    #13 1 year ago
    Quoted from Diospinball:

    Iron Maiden Prem/Le: A very unique ball lock for the mummy mb. Turning a normal ball into a captured ball, that is really, really smart and unique.

    See Stange Science and its Atom Smasher.

    #14 1 year ago

    You gotta have the STTNG Borg ship lock on this list

    #15 1 year ago

    Houdini trunk throw.

    #16 1 year ago

    Shadow Sanctum

    WOZ has two good ones - the monkey capturing Dorothy with the accompanying video clip is brilliant. The munchkin hut lock is also very cool in the way it releases a ball back into play when a ramp shot is made and "lock" is not lit.

    #17 1 year ago

    Ripley's Believe It or Not shot by the shrunken head reminds me of Shadow Sanctum shot.

    Not bad.

    #18 1 year ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

    Mousin Cheese Traps always makes me smile!
    Id love to see the mech reused today.

    Yes, not only are the traps fun, but the way they pull the balls down below the playfield to open up other shots is clever too. A great way to make use of the under playfield space.

    #19 1 year ago

    I'm liking my Jolly Park where you have to lock the 3 balls on the mini playfield using the "magnet flippers". Also fun to just see how long you can keep the ball bouncing around up there using the magnets.

    #20 1 year ago

    I haven't played it yet (who has?) but just on design and potential I can confidently state that the Danesi Lock 2.0 on Rick and Morty will soon be universally acclaimed as the absolute best lock in pinball.

    Well, very very cool, at least.

    #21 1 year ago

    The most fun ball lock on a game I've owned? Although my memory might be off...might be a mode and not a true ball lock for multiball. Still damn cool.

    Rescue 911. The helicopter flies down the playfield to pick up a ball, then flies back up to the top of the playfield and drops a ball into the hole. Especially fun when you change the setting so you have to press a button to time the ball pickup instead of the helicopter automatically grabbing it without input.

    #22 1 year ago
    Quoted from epotech:

    See Stange Science and its Atom Smasher.

    this one is very cool and not easy to do

    #23 1 year ago

    TNA is pretty cool

    Have not seen it in person, but the ball lock looks to be about the best thing in Stranger Things

    Raptor pit in JP is also very cool as is the Trex, though it doesn't hold the ball, so not technically a ball lock

    always thought the fishing reel ball lock in FT was neat

    #24 1 year ago

    Strange Science ! Seeing the balls locked and loaded in the Atom Smasher.. waiting to pour out on to the playfield !
    Capture (resized).JPG

    #25 1 year ago

    Ah ...just noticed someone mentioned the Atom Smasher already

    #26 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ive:

    Strange Science ! Seeing the balls locked and loaded in the Atom Smasher.. waiting to pour out on to the playfield !
    [quoted image]

    Its a bit like Heavy Metal Meltdown's ball lock then. Never played either of those games in person. But, I did play HMM as a virtual pin.

    And wow... So many great ball locks that I failed to mention.

    I've never played the shadow. I'd like to own one and of course play on someday.

    I know one person mentioned Fishtails. I think that is a cool one.
    Can't wait to play a Prem Stranger Things as that one looks amazing.
    But, I don't think anyone mentioned Bride of Pinbot. That is a really cool and fun mech. Not the best. But, I think an honorable mention.

    #27 1 year ago

    Guys guys guys… there is no contest here.

    The machine shakes while the dinosaur eats the ball.

    DE Jurassic Park!

    #28 1 year ago

    I always get excited for Firepower multi release, with the countdown and sounds. It still takes allot of concentration for me to get them all locked..

    #29 1 year ago

    TNA - I'm a huge fan of in-line drop targets so combining that with a ball lock is great.
    TS - "Magnets, how do they work."
    FT - Pretty simple, but the real is a nice theme integration.
    Congo - The lock isn't anything special, but it's a physical lock and the volcano erupting is cool.

    #30 1 year ago

    TNA. I like to see more of this down the road.

    #31 1 year ago

    F14!! One those lights on the head get going it’s a rush every time.

    #32 1 year ago

    Tz gumball machine effect....
    Jjp potc with the moving chest lid lock
    Bsd mist mb lock

    #33 1 year ago

    I can't believe that the thread made it this far without mentioning one of the greats -- The Addams Family w/Thing!

    That's my vote.

    #34 1 year ago

    Demolition Man’s cryogenic claw is pretty cool too. A game that gives me an opportunity to control and interact with a captive ball, is a game that gets pinball right.

    #35 1 year ago

    My favourites are

    MET Prem/LE Hammer Lock
    AS Toybox
    TAF Thing

    #36 1 year ago
    Quoted from pinballaddicted:

    My favourites are
    MET Prem/LE Hammer Lock
    AS Toybox
    TAF Thing


    C’mon guys, how is a hammer smashing the ball through the Playfield into a coffin not the greatest ball lock of all time?

    Aerosmith a close second. Makes me miss the game just thinking about it.

    TNA and TAF tied for third.

    #37 1 year ago

    What about Star Wars and the hyper loop?

    #38 1 year ago

    The upper ball lock on BBB is still one of my favorites

    #39 1 year ago

    CSI. Locking the balls in the skull eyes is pretty cool.

    #40 1 year ago

    Cirqus Voltaire comes to mind!

    #41 1 year ago
    Quoted from cooked71:

    C’mon guys, how is a hammer smashing the ball through the Playfield into a coffin not the greatest ball lock of all time?
    Aerosmith a close second. Makes me miss the game just thinking about it.
    TNA and TAF tied for third.

    I agree. A hammer smashing the ball through the playfield in to a coffin is the best ball lock of all time.

    I miss our MET Roadcase. Only game I ever regretted selling.

    #42 1 year ago

    I really like the katana handle in DP; Shadow sanctum is my personal favorite...clever and fits the theme perfectly!

    #43 1 year ago

    Houdini and Baywatch are a couple of my favs. The Shadow is up there as well.

    #44 1 year ago

    Haven't played it in person, but the Alien ball lock looks pretty kick ass to me. As for games I've played, the Nascar lock gets alot of shit but I think its really cool.

    #45 1 year ago

    Airborne has a cool lock on the left side of the apron.

    #46 1 year ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:Mousin Cheese Traps always makes me smile!
    Id love to see the mech reused today.

    It's also used in Data East Secret Service.

    #47 1 year ago

    Old school - Bally's Capersville

    #48 1 year ago

    I think the Shadow is the winner.... at least for the games that I have played.

    #49 1 year ago
    Quoted from illawarra92:

    Old school - Bally's Capersville

    I watched some youtube videos on it. Sadly... None of them were particularly good examples of what I would call stellar gameplay.
    I see there are two traditional ball locks at the top of playfield. You release those a bit like how you would in fireball or 4 million bc.
    Then there is a weird thing to the right that I can't make out. It reminds me a bit of the tar pits in 4 million bc. Is that what you were talking about, or the ones at the top?
    No idea what the mech at the middle right of the playfield does.

    Game looks interesting. Never heard of it. But, I like both Fireball and 4 Million BC. Hope to own one of those someday.

    From what I can gather. The middle right playfield mech. You can shoot and lock a ball into it.
    Then hitting some shot or shots will cause it to drop down a level. Then once you hit enough shots it drops down into the shooter lane.

    But, what i don't get is. Sometimes the saucers at the top appear to lock a ball, and sometimes they just spit it right back out. Don't get the why that is.
    Just curious about the rules is all.
    And yeah... That appears to be a cool ball lock.

    #50 1 year ago

    My favourite is still the sword lock on lord of the rings, love how the balls can be locked up an the ramp continues to function normally while not in multi ball by just releasing one ball, still amazes me.

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