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The Beatles - Beatlemania official owners and fan club!

By Psw757

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Well, who else is excited for this and joining the club other than me?

#4 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

What's the pricing and what 8 songs?

Less than 8k for the gold

All my loving
Can’t buy me love
Ticket to ride
Drive my car
It won’t be long
I should have known better
Hard day’s night

#5 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Less than 8k for the gold
All my loving
Can’t buy me love
Ticket to ride
Drive my car
It won’t be long
I should have known better
Hard day’s night

9th song added - Taxman

#7 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

I like last 3 songs they added.

I would have liked to see Day Tripper but the 9 they got are pretty good.

#8 1 year ago

Anyone else joining the club!

#12 1 year ago

What do you all make of Joe K comments about there being a possible wizard mode?

#15 1 year ago
Quoted from BackFlipper:

I was at Stern yesterday. All 3 versions were on the line. The graphics and display are amazing. The game really comes together because of it. Nobody in this club will regret this purchase. It was an expensive investment, but it's the frickin' Beatles. I can't wait.

Did they let you play it?

#16 1 year ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Which podcast was that? The only reference I remember in one of them was to “wizardy things.” Looking forward to seeing the video content.

I think it was the head 2 head with the Gary Stern interview immediately after Joe.

Pretty sure he said its an approachable game with enhanced rules that aren’t as easy as you would think and also believe he said something along the lines that there is even something there for those who like to dig deep and enjoy wizard modes.

I took that to mean there maybe something other than the 5 modes and 2 multi-balls, what else could he mean by saying that?

#18 1 year ago
Quoted from Theo_Ioannis:

This set is great for topper.....$200 bucks at amazon.......about 10" tall
amazon.com link »
[quoted image]

That is pretty cool. Wonder if it’s wider than the head of the machine?

My distributor said there is supposed to be a factory topper available for purchase.

#20 1 year ago

I’m hoping we see a video of actual gameplay this week.

Odd that since they are shipping so soon and nothing yet.

#22 1 year ago

Not sure what this is but can you download and share again for us non Facebook people?

#23 1 year ago

No IAAPA pictures or video?

#24 1 year ago

Anyone have any concrete info on shipping yet?

After seeing the videos today I’m really excited to get this!

#26 1 year ago

For those that have played it at IAAPA, are the song lengths adequate and integrated well?

Does code seem complete or are there any areas where polish is needed?

#27 1 year ago

Sound of crickets...............

Am I seeing lit apron?

#30 1 year ago

Watched some of the videos that were posted and don’t recall seeing taxman or help in any of the gameplay.

Anyone know how these are actually integrated?

How is the sound quality of the songs and callouts?

#32 1 year ago
Quoted from Hawks:

I’m in for a gold model, have been watching some vids and it looks really nice
I like the layout, as it’d be very different from everything else that’s in my very ramp-centric collection
However I’m really hoping the code will be fleshed out
I’m thinking a proper wizard mode is essential (maybe tied in with Taxman, that’d be great)
I understand that a hard days night multiball can only be qualified by completing the 5 main tracks, but surely that couldn’t constitute as the wizard mode
That’d be too easy for seasoned players, I know of people that have played the game at IAAPA and have managed to reach AHDN multiball in just a few plays

I think all nine songs are utilized for something already and taxman is a main gameplay song from what I understand.

A true wizard mode would likely need the addition of a 10th song. Daytripper would be a good time for this!

1 week later
#37 1 year ago

Anyone get their machine yet?

#39 1 year ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Mine arrived Wednesday. It’s really fast and the ball times are fairly short. Songs/modes are selectable. Great animations. I love it, it’s a nice change from the other games in my collection.
[quoted image]

That is friggin cool, do the heads bobble when titling?

#41 1 year ago

After watching the dead flip stream where he got to the final mode it makes me hope that perhaps in a code update they either add 1 additional main gameplay song just to reduce the frequency of taxman and can’t buy me love. Would love to see Day Tripper in this game?

Another thought would be if you do complete hard days night rather than rinse repeat add some sort of super wizard mode.

Just a wishlist as a pending owner, looks superb otherwise!

#42 1 year ago

The Beatles are arriving Friday! Anyone else get theirs this week?

#44 1 year ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Congrats. I've put a little over 100 games on mine already.

wow, you've had it a week right? Best score so far?

#47 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I wonder what happens when you flip the score? Does it just go back to zeros or is there a 100,000,000 indicator?

That would be quite the feat to do with the glass on!

#50 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I thought Taxman was going to be the drain song.

There are times where your playing but aren’t in one of the 5 modes or the wizard and mini wizard jackpot mode.

So during main gameplay you randomly get can’t buy me love or taxman. I’m hoping they can get a third song in future update. There is no text or inserts associated with these main game play songs to my knowledge.

Come on Stern make it an even 10 songs, 9 is a odd number and 10 sounds much better!

#53 1 year ago
Quoted from Madkao:

Got mine. Loving it so far. Still trying to figure out the rules. Any suggestions as to where the rules can be found on the internet? Thanks
[quoted image][quoted image]

Watch the deadflip stream on twitch. They covered a bunch of rules.

#54 1 year ago

The Beatles have landed!

391E0B29-FA38-43F4-94E3-01E70A45D889 (resized).jpeg
#57 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Are you going to save your box?
Your serial number is 285896.
Can you lucky owners post your serial numbers for comparison? I'd like to understand Stern's serial numbering system. Such as, will pin number 1964 have a serial number that reflects that?

I’ve never saved a box before not sure why I would start now. My kids make them into houses for a bit, lol.

#61 1 year ago
Quoted from chad:

"Over the top" Gary comes on screen and congratulates you

I have to say, not sure what is different about the speakers on this title but this game has the best sounding sound I’ve heard in a pinball machine. Lots of bass so the bass guitar sounds awesome. Most machine sound hollow and shitty. I’m impressed.

The gold armor is killer too, what a nice looking machine!

4C5100F1-761D-44E8-BF22-857C3A53A6C7 (resized).jpeg
#62 1 year ago

What’s everyone doing with the really nice looking door decal that doesn’t fit?

#64 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Between Stern Electronics and Stern (today), Gary Stern was Data East. DE had some great sounding stereo. I have a DE Robocop and the sound is super. Perhaps some of the DE engineers continue work for Stern.
If my guess is correct, you also have excellent sound separation, as well. Only 22" between the speakers and the sound separation is killer.
Do you also have a single speaker mounted to the bottom of the cabinet?

Correct on one speaker in bottom cabinet. I’ll have to take a closer look but it sounds more like a woofer and there are several more speaker adjustments in the menu. Not just treble and bass but frequency response and tones level for each speaker etc....
It sounds really really good!

#65 1 year ago

Anyone getting the occasional airball of the center drops?

#69 1 year ago
Quoted from sohchx:

By the way, does anyone have the song list available??

Can’t buy me love
All my loving
It won’t be long
I should have known better
Drive my car
Hard day’s night
Ticket to ride

#72 1 year ago
Quoted from iluvak9:

As a followup to the post I just sent, here are two specific examples/questions regarding rules and what adjustments might be available to make the game more difficult:
(1) After plunging ball 1 and starting the chosen mode let's assume you do not make enough shots to complete the mode. As you start ball 2, is the mode you started and did not complete credited to you (i.e., you don't have to play it again and complete it to work toward the Hard Day's Night multiball) or do you have to go back to the mode and finish it it to get it lit solid (to get credit toward Hard Day's Night? Do the adjustments in the game allow for altering how modes are credited and what is needed to complete them? I wonder, because if you don't have to chose the mode again and complete it, that means you will get credit for three of the five modes needed to get to Hard Day's Night simply by plunging the 3 balls in regular play. Also, if you earn an extra ball, does that mean a fourth mode of the five could be started just by plunging balls?
(2) Also as it relates to starting a mode each ball simply by plunging, do the adjustments allow for changing this at all? For example, I understand that when you complete a mode during a ball, you have to knock down all of the Fab Four targets to set up the loop magnet shot to start the next mode. Do the adjustment settings, for example, allow for having to knock down the Fab Four targets before starting any mode rather than immediately starting the chosen mode when a ball is plunged?
I feel the current rules are probably effective for those not very familiar with the game to get them into playing it, but the above questions relate to what I mean by adjustments that might be there that allow for making the game more challenging over time so that one does not get to the point where it becomes too "easy" from frequent play via owning it at home. This is my biggest concern regarding purchasing this machine, but Stern has provided no info on the flexibility of the software to address this.

There are various levels of difficulty for each mode in the settings and standard I believe is the easy setting, might be using wrong term. I haven’t had that much time to dig into all of that but I will say while the rules are pretty staight forward, I wouldn’t exactly call it easy. There are a couple streams on twitch by some very high level players and it seemed to be challenging for them at times.
The game is fast and furious and pure fun, on average ball times not super long.

#73 1 year ago

Anyone else getting a very occasional wild airball off the middle FOUR drop targets?

I tried reducing upper left and right flipper power to soft and don’t see an adjustment for the lower flippers. Reducing power didn’t seem to eliminate it.

Happens from lower two flippers and upper left. Ball goes airborne to the left usually off the side art and hits the plastic and down onto PF.

#75 1 year ago
Quoted from sohchx:

I have questions. Is there a skill shot and if so what is it, and does the switch behind the lower left bank of drop targets only register when lit for jackpot? I knocked the targets down, but while down and the ball hit the switch nothing seemed to happen. I'm also wondering why Stern didn't incorporate song select before ball shots as they have in previous titles.

There is song/mode select with the flipper, you can move the flasher around. All my love only available on ball 3.

I think the 2 skill shots are the short plunge justnout of gate and over the star rollover and the other being a plunge to the magnet and down through the pops.

The jackpot target should only register when jackpot is lit, not sure why it would do anything else.

#78 1 year ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

I believe there’s a skill shot with a medium plunge to the right flipper and making the loop shot.

So medium plunge to right flipper then left loop? Kind of a combo skill shot.

What’s the 4th skill shot, I think I posted the other two.

#80 1 year ago
Quoted from pinzeverywhere:

There is an adjustment which requires you to spell FAB-FOUR before the top loop will light to start a song. It is "Choose Song At Ball Plunge". Factory setting is YES.
Also, increasing the song timers will make it more difficult to start new songs, which means everyone still gets 3 songs, but not too many people will get the 5th song (and thus, HDN multiball)

Does increasing song timer increase how long the song plays within the mode?

Played a couple games today and didn’t notice the holiday surprise. Yes I have my date/time set. When does this happen?

#83 1 year ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

Short plunge=skill shot worth 10k
Medium plunge to upper right flipper and make the loop=super skill shot worth 25k
Plunge to the top of the orbit to drain into the pops=super duper skill shot worth 100k
Plus there’s a super secret skill shot I’ll let you find.


#84 12 months ago

Just a heads up, Stern is currently making a airball plastic for the middle bank of drop targets.

Several have been having some serious airball flyers.

Call/email Stern, David would be the one to speak to.

#87 12 months ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Are they sending these out free of charge with proof of ownership? Or is it being sold as an upgrade?

Sending free and was notified late last night they are ready and shipping ASAP.

#88 12 months ago
Quoted from sohchx:

I'll have to try again because I attempted to change the songs using the flippers just as you would any of the stern titles, but the song would not change. Maybe the owner has it disabled if that's even possible.

There is a setting to make all songs available each ball so he may have that turned off however I thing all my loving multiball is only selectable on last ball. Like a consolation prize I guess..lol

#89 12 months ago

Anyone crack 10 mil yet?

#91 12 months ago
Quoted from sohchx:

I've just barely cracked 1 mil all this week. I really need to see the rule set and what scores big.

It’s really getting the multipliers and collecting lots of chapters but I’m sure there is some other scoring to be had.

My high is 7 mil.

#92 12 months ago

What’s the general consensus on Outland rubbers? To install or not?

Not looking to make game easier, I like brutal and fast!

#97 12 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

Ok. I’m halfway there on buying this pin. Music pins can get stale real quick so wondering if there is/ will be a way to change or add songs to the gameplay?

oga83 is working on getting the code working in pinball browser so I would assume changes can be made.

The sound package is very good though, smooth transitions and sound quality is superb.

#103 12 months ago

There are definitely some other subtle changes in this code update.

I think I’m hearing a couple new call outs, don’t recall seeing the timers for the modes displayed, score is now displayed in corner during match sequence(don’t think that was there previously), there was some imagery added for the super duper hidden skill shot which I haven’t figured out how to shoot yet!

This is such an enjoyable game and definitely going to be difficult to get to taxman multiball!

#105 12 months ago
Quoted from RonSkol:

It(Beatles) being my 1st pinball machine, what software did you use to unzip the '.spk' code ?

Pretty simple

Download file from Stern site to blank 8gb flash drive.

Remove backglass on machine and insert the drive into USB port then turn on machine and follow prompts.

Takes a couple minutes to update

There are instructions in the read me file on Stern site to walk you though the process.

#107 12 months ago
Quoted from RonSkol:

That was my 1st mistake, reading the install instructions... The 'read me' mentions unzipping once the code is downloaded to create 3 files to be copied to a USB. That was where I was struggling. Thanks for your help. I'm up and running new code.

#111 11 months ago
Quoted from Cserold:

Got to taxman multiball. Assuming this is as far as the the game goes currently. Is that accurate?
[quoted image]

Wow! 23 mil is over 3x what I’ve seen anyone score on this including the streams from Stern. Nice Job!

Yes Taxman is the final mode currently.

#112 11 months ago

Finally got into the code on pinball browser to take a look at the sound files.

I’m wanting to work Daytripper in some how.

Can’t buy me love has a 2 minute track that I haven’t determined if it is a loop of full song yet.
Was thinking about cutting it in half and mixing the new track in.

Ideally I would like to take taxman out of main gameplay since it is in the wizard mode and randomly on game over but I think it is one song request for all 3 uses.

Any thoughts on this?

#114 11 months ago
Quoted from Cserold:

Thanks. My previous best was like 6.3M. The game had that feeling of "I'll never do this again" Strangely, I was ready to step up and play it again right away....which isn't always the case when you get through a game.

Man, it would be bad ass if you would work some other songs in. Replacing Taxman is an cool idea for the reasons you stated. Excited to see what you come up with.

I’ll let you know what I come up with but I figured it couldn’t hurt to email stern saying you now have this song you could potentially here 3 different times in a single game.
Get another added so you can only hear taxman 1-2 times.

Minor gripe but can’t hurt.

1 week later
#115 11 months ago

Question, sling shot power setting range from 9 to 64 with default being 11. What would be the setting to weaken them a tad?

#117 11 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

I played this pin a couple of weeks ago but don’t recall hearing typical pinball sound effects along with the music..... yes/ no?

They there, the pops are drum sounds, spinners have sounds, pretty sure all the rollovers have sounds including the star.

Not sure what your referring to?

#119 11 months ago

Any news on the Beatles topper?

#122 11 months ago
Quoted from BackFlipper:

Two simple questions? How do I specifically advance to a new song during a ball? How do I advance the drop targets? Thanks!

I may be wrong but was under the impression you need to drop the Fab Four targets followed by the 1964 then shoot a loop, magnet will hold and new song/mode can be started. This may not quite be 100% correct though.

#123 11 months ago

What is interactive about it? Do the band members light up when collected on PF?

#128 11 months ago

What’s the word on the topper? No mention in the stern of the union, avail for purchase?

1 week later
#130 10 months ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

I had a chance to play the Beatles (silver I believe) at Sunshine. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it as a nice mix between retro and modern games. However I'm a bit confused at how the video assets are implemented. The graphics they created are full screen, but the video clips from the ED Sullivan show are not full screen and have black borders visible. While this can sometimes be an aesthetic choice, ( can be with rounded corners) to make a video seem more CRT TV set like, I noticed the borders are not consistent (meaning the video was placed unevenly- I think closer to the top and left).
Is this just sloppy work on the part of Stern?
Bring a filmmaker and video editor I like notice things like this but I'm surprised such a high profile release was sent out this way.

Never noticed what your describing, usually busy playing the game.

#133 10 months ago
Quoted from Sparky:

These are pics of the tv installed in Pinsider Backflipper's game.
Video is of three or four tv concerts, screaming girls in the audience, Ed Sullivan, etc. I think it's about 20-30 mins before it repeats.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Tv looks cool, I’m mulling it over!

#136 10 months ago

Any update on availability of the topper or how exactly it’s interactive?

#139 10 months ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Anyone know how you get an add a ball during MB?
I’ve done it a few times but have no idea what I did

Not sure the exact shot sequence. I’ve had it happen pretty early in the mb and well into it also. I was beginning to think mystery award but not sure.

#142 10 months ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Damn. Same here. Hopefully someone can chime in.
What about the super secret skill shot?

Super secret shot is pretty slick!

Took me a long time to figure that one out.

#148 10 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

I’m thinking about buying this title and was just curious about the ratio of games played to game satisfaction or boredom.

I’ve got about 300 plays on mine and definitely no boredom at my house. Very enjoyable game and a nice change of pace/gameplay style.

#155 10 months ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Anyone put together some custom rule cards? Kind of surprised Stern didn’t include some. Game shipped on free play so I feel like it was intended for home use..

Hopefully someone makes a nice set. I hate those POS yellow cards.

#158 10 months ago

According to the Feb stern of the union we have a code update coming this month.

Any guesses what may be changed/added?

#161 10 months ago

New code 1.10 is out

New setting to allow more songs during main gameplay, did they add additional music?

#163 10 months ago

From Stern site
- Added additional topper lamp effects.
- Added adjustments to allow each drop target bank to be disabled (rules will compensate)
- Added adjustment to allow more songs to play during mainplay. (default = NO)
- Mystery Award will choose "Add Time" once per timed song.
- Custom message is now displayed every pass through attract mode (was every 10 passes).
- Increased Extra Ball points award to 200,000 and Special points award to 400,000.
- Added flipper power adjustments for lower flippers.
- Upper flipper power was not persisting across game power cycle. This has been corrected.
- Slingshot power has been modified and the default slingshot power is now 20.
- Super Skill Shot and Super Duper Skill Shot values are now increased with each successful shot.
- Super Duper Skill audit was not being recorded correctly.
- Reduced the window where a jackpot shot via the left orbit will not score if a ball
is being auto-plunged as the result of a ball save or add-a-ball.
- Removed the Bonus X Extra Ball award. This was not a part of Sea Witch rules.
- Added new adjustment "LEFT OUTLANE COURTESY SAVE" (default: NO) which will activate a ball save
if a shot which hits the super jackpot target (behind FAB) results in a quick left outlane drain.
This is valid during single ball play only.
- Increased Secret Skill shot value to 75,000
- Added additional display messages for Beatlemania Multiball/Hard Days Night
- Added additional display messages when a song advances to the next scoring level
- Mystery: Increased Light Extra Ball award percentage slightly
- Mystery now progresses in a certain award order when in competition mode:
25K, ADV Bonus X, 2X POPS, 50K, 2X Left Spinner, Beatlemania Letter, 2X Right Spinner, Hold Bonus, 100K
Add A Ball will always be awarded as the first award after All My Loving or Beatlemania Multiball Starts
Add Time will always be awarded as the first award after a timed song starts
- Added adjustment "Taxman Qualifying Difficulty" (Default = HARD) Setting this to EASY means that a single jackpot
during All My Loving multiball and getting to level 3 on all other songs will qualify Taxman.
- System Change (Version 2.21): Added Custom Coin Door Editor - See below:

Added Custom Coin Door Editor.
- You can specify the UNITS PER PULSE for the base coin and the number of PULSES
generated by each coin switch (left, center, right, 4th, 5th, 6th). The
UNITS have a range of 1 to 10000 and PULSES have a range of 0 to 100. For
example the USA coin door has a UNIT of 25 and the left and right slots
generate 1 PULSE and the center slot (the DBV) generates four PULSES. The
coin mechanisms accept quarters and the DBV dollars. Therefore, the UNIT is
25 (for 25 cents) and the left and right generate 1 PULSE for a single quarter
and the center slot generates 4 PULSES for a dollar bill being four quarters.
- If Standard Adjustment "Game Pricing" is changed to a selection with different
UNITS PER PULSE than the active CUSTOM coin door, the custom coin door will
be reset to the factory default for that Game Pricing selection.

#170 10 months ago

Played this game once and loved it so I picked it up last week and was very surprised to discover all the modes for such a basic game really one of the best Stern games out right now.
P.s. Had to get Coil Stop replacement first day. Now that Stern is making parts Lead-free...
[quoted image
Yep great game, glad your enjoying it!

#182 10 months ago
Quoted from Adrian:

$14,000 Aussie dollars a lot of money but I'm happy

Fun and happy are priceless regardless of currency! Jmho.

2 weeks later
#199 9 months ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Great . . . thanks for the update!

In the meantime, as rebelguitars suggested.

Go to your local Home Depot and get a small piece of lexan, remove the plastic behind the four target and trace to roughly 1.5 -2 times the depth so the piece of lexan sticks out over the drops.

Drill out and install, works perfect while
waiting for the stern fix, no airballs while waiting!

#215 9 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

I was wondering the same thing last night. I put the rubbers on and made the right outline too tight. I thought it was a misaligned post! I’ll file down the rubber a bit ....it at least helps protect the balls from scratching.
Does anyone have their upper left flipper set to low versus normal?

Yes, reduced upper flipper power to low and dialed back the sling shots 2 settings as well. I really recommend cutting the lexan airball protector while waiting for the stern one to ship. You will get a crazy airball when you least expect it!

#219 9 months ago

If anyone is interested in the new code with an interesting sound nugget added with pinball browser let me know.

#224 9 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

The Lexan thickness should be no thicker than the original plastic?

It’s thicker, you can get at HD in a small sheet like 8x10 size.

Once you cut to size, remove the two nuts and plastic and put the lexan down then plastic and install nuts.

#227 9 months ago
Quoted from frunch:

What tool do you recommend for cutting the lexan?

I cut mine with a dremel tool but it cuts pretty easy, can probably cut it successfully with a saw having fine tooth blade as well.

#231 9 months ago

I want to say the stuff at Home Depot is .3 or .38 thick. Really can’t see it breaking.

#232 9 months ago

Anyone else noticing some new sounds and callouts with the new code?

I know I’m hearing some different stuff depending on the type of drain. I had three balls go out at once during All my loving and I swear I heard someone laugh.

#236 9 months ago

Anyone have any good video of the topper in action?

#242 9 months ago

Clear plastic or did they get creative and throw some art on it?

#244 9 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

I would guess that it is clear. If it is thinner / cheaper grade I’ll keep my homemade version on. My corners are even rounded off so looks pretty good and has worked really well.

I wasn’t sure if they printed the art that was on the original plastic onto part of the airball shield, like the other up by 1964 targets.
Would eliminate stacking of plastics and be a cleaner install but I guess that would be asking too much of stern, lol

#248 9 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Yes, but if it were to break you will only need to worry about that one small cheap piece instead of the more expensive art piece.

True but the other airball deflector is made that way so why not have it uniform in appearance?

#250 9 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I don't have one of these pins and only can make opinions based of what I can find on the computer.
I thought that there were no air ball issues with the upper four drops and that the plastic does not look like it is jutting out over the drops which, IMO, it is not a deflector but just for beauty.
Please tell me what I am not seeing.

Not sure if the plastic above the 1964 targets was designed to mitigate air balls but it does project out over the drops and if it wasn’t there I would imagine airballs would be created at this location as well.

Take a look at a good picture and you will see the clear plastic that runs from left of Ringo target near flasher all the way across, the whole thing including art is one piece and covers the targets completely.

#252 9 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

This pin is hard to find pics for. I did find this but it looks look a home made job sitting on top of the factory art. I do have a Seawitch and air balls are no problem on that pin. And I can see where a new more powerful pin like Beatles would have an issue with air balls in mid-play field, like my Robocop I made a deflector for, b am having a hard time understanding how air balls would be a problem up in the back so far from the flippers.
I don't what kind of material Stern is using to make these new plastics, the the stuff of old will break. If the center piece is unbreakable then one piece would be fine, but if it can break you will be glad the deflector is a separate piece.
And i have to agree that an additional piece is cheaper for Stern instead of having to retool.
[quoted image]

Well shit, I was wrong. Went down to look at mine and it is two separate pieces but upon closer examination they had to put that on there due to airballs in testing. Not sure how they missed the four target issue.

2 weeks later
#257 8 months ago

Anyone else come up with nice custom rule cards?

1 week later
#267 8 months ago

Finally got my air ball kit from Stern.

Surprised it’s more than just a plastic, did you all have issues requiring that metal deflector shield? Seems overkill.

#272 8 months ago
Quoted from ZNET:

May I ask how long it took to receive? I recently sent a request via an online service/tech inquiry on the Stern website. I'm wondering if I will receive an acknowledgement or simply the deflector in the mail.

Called tech support Friday and received in mail Tuesday..

#274 8 months ago

I didn’t install the metal deflector yet. Haven’t had a ball land there but does it look out of place and diminish the art package?

#275 8 months ago

On a different note, for you topper owners. Still happy with it?

1 month later
#308 6 months ago

12 mil and change are my high score and achieved hard days night mb but not the final taxman wizard mode. Didn’t have level 5 made for every mode.

Such a fast fun game and really a favorite of most guests we have over.

1 week later
#335 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinball7:

Got this score with no extra balls, Tight Tilt and not being allowed to choose all my loving Mulitball on ball 3. Gosh I love this game![quoted image]

That is a crazy score for this game!

Did you get to the Taxman MB Wizard mode?

3 months later
#397 3 months ago

Love this game, love the music and when people play it they just hit the start button over and over again.

Worth every penny to me!

2 weeks later
#421 71 days ago
Quoted from Oldgoat:

adaminski Thanks for the info....I normally quote the post, but yours is so long I figured I'd save the space.
Anyhow, very helpful. I'm looking at adding a quick-playing game that you can play when you don't have a lot of time and as my wife and I are big Beatles fans, this one is under consideration.

If you like the Beatles the game is a must have because game play and theme integration are about perfect. Nice to have a difficult but easy to understand game in the lineup.

1 month later
#439 36 days ago
Quoted from Spectreman:

Greetings all,
I was playing today, and I heard a call out that I hadn't noticed before. After finishing the mode for the first song of the ball, Cousin Brucie stated something along the lines that it was time to start a second on a two-for Tuesday. Today is a Tuesday, so does the machine use the date to determine whether it is a Tuesday and then use this call out or is it just a coincidence? Either way, it was fun to hear.

Possibly, it uses the date in December to give Christmas specific call outs from the Beatles through 1/1.

2 weeks later
#450 22 days ago
Quoted from TREX:

Got ahold of Mike. Sold out...…………...…………...……………………......………………………………… Working another angle.

If you find someone who has more than one send me a PM, been looking for a while. I’ve called just about every distro.

2 weeks later
#457 7 days ago
Quoted from ejg10532626:

Quiet club of pinball that like/love this title, so I wanted to start here.
I like mine - couple clear coat issues aside.
Code is fun, very adjustable for difficulty, and adds to the game well. Sold Seawitch I like it enough.
That being said, DOES ANYONE KNOW if we will see one more honest code updates from Stern, with more play features.
(Not just a clean up).

Not sure....

What would you like to see added?

My only beef with the game is the fact that you could potentially hear taxman and can’t buy me love multiple times and taxman again for a wizard mode. Wish they had 1 or 2 additional non mode related songs in the game.

#459 7 days ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Agree! Great modern interpretation of an early classic. The cherry on top would be added high scores for achievements like most loops, spinner rips, etc...similar to Iron Maiden and seems relatively easy to implement.

Those are good ideas!

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