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9 months ago

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#70 8 months ago

I am debating whether or not to purchase Beatles, and my main concern is long term challenge - specifically what type of adjustments are in the game to allow for making it more challenging as one gets more adept at the various shots and rules. I noticed that the manual posted at the Stern site does not provide any info on feature adjustments, so wondering if someone can give me a sense of what adjustments are available in the current version of the software. Thanks.

#71 8 months ago

As a followup to the post I just sent, here are two specific examples/questions regarding rules and what adjustments might be available to make the game more difficult:

(1) After plunging ball 1 and starting the chosen mode let's assume you do not make enough shots to complete the mode. As you start ball 2, is the mode you started and did not complete credited to you (i.e., you don't have to play it again and complete it to work toward the Hard Day's Night multiball) or do you have to go back to the mode and finish it it to get it lit solid (to get credit toward Hard Day's Night? Do the adjustments in the game allow for altering how modes are credited and what is needed to complete them? I wonder, because if you don't have to chose the mode again and complete it, that means you will get credit for three of the five modes needed to get to Hard Day's Night simply by plunging the 3 balls in regular play. Also, if you earn an extra ball, does that mean a fourth mode of the five could be started just by plunging balls?

(2) Also as it relates to starting a mode each ball simply by plunging, do the adjustments allow for changing this at all? For example, I understand that when you complete a mode during a ball, you have to knock down all of the Fab Four targets to set up the loop magnet shot to start the next mode. Do the adjustment settings, for example, allow for having to knock down the Fab Four targets before starting any mode rather than immediately starting the chosen mode when a ball is plunged?

I feel the current rules are probably effective for those not very familiar with the game to get them into playing it, but the above questions relate to what I mean by adjustments that might be there that allow for making the game more challenging over time so that one does not get to the point where it becomes too "easy" from frequent play via owning it at home. This is my biggest concern regarding purchasing this machine, but Stern has provided no info on the flexibility of the software to address this.


#81 8 months ago
Quoted from pinzeverywhere:

There is an adjustment which requires you to spell FAB-FOUR before the top loop will light to start a song. It is "Choose Song At Ball Plunge". Factory setting is YES.
Also, increasing the song timers will make it more difficult to start new songs, which means everyone still gets 3 songs, but not too many people will get the 5th song (and thus, HDN multiball)

Thanks for the information.

1 month later
#159 6 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

According to the Feb stern of the union we have a code update coming this month.
Any guesses what may be changed/added?

My guess would be that the update would include code added to support the yet to be released "interactive" topper.

3 weeks later
#203 5 months ago
Quoted from jamesdeloris:

I have had my Gold since early December. We love it. I put the rubbers on the outside posts. If you continue to get air balls -off the 1964 drop targets - after dialing back (we have our setting on "normal") I would suggest going to a hardware store and getting a little sheet of Lexon and cutting an overhang that covers "1964". It took me about 30 minutes and looks pretty good.

I think he was likely referring to air balls off of the "FOUR" targets (the 1964 targets already came with a clear plastic extension that stops air balls from these targets), but I agree with your advice to measure and obtain a lexan piece from the hardware store to cover the FOUR targets area. The lexan is just a few bucks for a sheet and the hardware store will cut them to your required size for free with purchase. So, you only need to drill the two holes into the sheet for installing above the FOUR target area.

#220 5 months ago
Quoted from BackFlipper:

I just put mine on today. It really is a beautiful topper. Each of the letters in Beatlemania has its own LEDs. It lights up in patterns very similarly to the kiss topper. I would highly recommend it.


Since you now have a topper installed, I was hoping you could enlighten me as to what effects are provided by the topper. I assume the Beatlemania letters light up as you spell Beatlemania via successive loop shots and work toward a Beatlemania award. Do each of the four Beatles heads light up as you hit the associated targets for John, Paul, George and Ringo? Also,it looks like the Beatles Heads may extend some from the background wall. Are they interactive in any way (e.g., are they on motors or springs, do they move)? Any information would be appreciated as I'd like to know what the topper does before I purchase one. Thanks.

#233 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Anyone else noticing some new sounds and callouts with the new code?
I know I’m hearing some different stuff depending on the type of drain. I had three balls go out at once during All my loving and I swear I heard someone laugh.

Yes, I have been hearing lots of new quotes. In particular I noted several new ones that occur when balls drain. This was an important addition as I was beginning to get tired of the frequency of hearing "the next one will be completely different" when the ball drained. Now, there are enough different ball drain quotes that this particular one does not annoy me anymore. I should point out that I have also heard new quotes that are associated with other actions, but none come specifically to mind as I type this.

#234 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I cut mine with a dremel tool but it cuts pretty easy, can probably cut it successfully with a saw having fine tooth blade as well.

I believe that Lowes and/or Home Depot will also cut a purchased lexan piece to any desired size for free. I know I had them do this for me, but can't recall if I bought the piece at Lowes or Home Depot. That means all that is left is drilling the holes in the piece that has been cut to your desired size.

2 months later
#294 3 months ago
Quoted from Oldgoat:

Haven't played one, and can't seem to find any info on average game length. So, I'm hoping y'all can provide some feedback as far as what your typical game time is and a sense for your skill level. (Yes, I know that you can adjust things to make the game more/less difficult. I'm just curious to know what people are seeing).

I would be willing to bet money on the odds that Beatles likely has the lowest average game times of any recent pinball machine from either Stern or JJP. So, if shorter ball times and quicker, but still high scoring, games are what you are after, Beatles is a great choice. Perhaps because it is modeled after a game from the 80's, it's game times are much more in line with other machines of that era (10 minutes or so can be a pretty good game), which is one of the reasons why I chose to purchase it. I would consider myself to be an above average (but not top tier) player and I prefer shorter game times, as I'd rather play 4 good games over the course of an hour on 4 different machines instead of playing an hour trying to grind out a good score on one machine with long ball times (which seems to be how most of the modern games are designed to be played).

#311 89 days ago

Just experienced my most fulfilling and frustrating game on Beatles to date. I've owned the game for over 4 months now and still haven't gotten to taxman multi-ball. My high score before the game I describe below was 12.1 million. Now, here's what happened...

Was having an amazing game and managed to play Help multi-ball. Completed two of the modes and went back and managed to continue and complete the other three. So, there I was will all modes completed and ready to get taxman multi-ball going. I also noticed that the extra ball lane was lit. The ball rolled down the extra ball lane and I hit the ball a few times and then it drained before I could start tax man. No problem, as I was certain I heard extra ball music and the announcement of an extra ball, so I should have been able to plunge the extra ball and start taxman multi-ball...

But, instead, the game went into game over mode and I saw I had a new high score of 12.5 million. But what happened to my extra ball and set up for taxman? Turns out the game was set to allow 3 extra balls maximum during a game and I had been doing really well at making sure I collected them such that I had collected and played all 3 before I rolled down the lit extra ball lane on that last ball. Oh so close to taxman multi-ball, but, oh well, "back to the drawing board".

Just had to tell this story, as I'm wondering if anyone else has come closer to taxman multi-ball without actually starting it or if anyone else can top this story for Beatles game play elation and frustration at the same time!

#313 88 days ago
Quoted from ernierains:

How does one change the “three extra balls max” setting? Thanks!

Go to the Service Menu. Choose Standard Adjustments. Look for the one that sets the number of extra balls allowed per game.

1 month later
#368 42 days ago
Quoted from n49th:

Just a heads up to those in the Edmonton, AB area:
A Beatles Gold Edition is now on location at the Rec Room off Calgary Trail.
Plays well, but already has a couple of issues:
1. The “F” drop target in the FOUR bank stays down (even when starting a new game).
2. The rubber inside the Super Jackpot area behind the FAB drop target bank is just lying on the playfield. Fortunately, it does not seem to interfere with the the drops, SJ target, or the path to the left inlane.
Nonetheless, I happy to find this one on location (pretty rare anywhere let alone in in Canada).

Does the FOUR bank give you credit for completion when you knock down the other three targets in FOUR? If not, the game won't be much fun as so many elements of success are linked to completing that FOUR bank (e.g. receiving the lit four target completion award, starting a second song mode on the same ball, increasing the jackpot value as you are about to start HELP multiball, lighting the magnet jackpot in HELP multiball...).

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