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The Beatles - Beatlemania official owners and fan club!

By Psw757

9 months ago

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#93 8 months ago

Ok. I’m halfway there on buying this pin. Music pins can get stale real quick so wondering if there is/ will be a way to change or add songs to the gameplay?

#95 8 months ago

This could be that quick game/ casual player pin in any collection.

#108 8 months ago

I played a gold model yesterday at a distributor’s showroom. They didn’t know there was an updated code or the middle drop bank plastic replacement. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and can see it belonging next to a couple of longer play/ deep games as a way to get a quick fix. The top magnet is strong and a nice feature..... this game plays fast with some quick sdtm drains if you blink. It’s way better than Seawitch.

2 weeks later
#116 7 months ago

I played this pin a couple of weeks ago but don’t recall hearing typical pinball sound effects along with the music..... yes/ no?

4 weeks later
#143 6 months ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

I'm having such a good time playing this game. Very pleasantly surprised. Gotta be the best sounding Stern I've owned.

How many games do you have on it?

#146 6 months ago

I’m thinking about buying this title and was just curious about the ratio of games played to game satisfaction or boredom.

#151 6 months ago

That’s good to know because I haven’t found a game that peaks my wife’s interest. It’s also a game that non pinheads / kids would like.

1 week later
#167 6 months ago

Fifty five years ago tonight, February 9th, 1964 “ Ladies and gentlemen, “The BEATLES!”

#172 6 months ago

Has anyone installed a playfield protector on this title yet? Difficult process?

#175 6 months ago

Thanks! I was referring more to a full playfield protector?

1 week later
#183 6 months ago

My Gold arrives soon. Two questions: What are you all doing to protect the playfield on this game and where? Mylar? Cliffys in shooter lane?

Anyone replaced flipper buttons with Pinball Life Britebuttons? ..... purple could be cool.

#191 5 months ago

I join you this Tuesday.... can’t wait! It’s a surprise for my 17 year old son who is a guitar playing Beatles fan. Oh...... “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”, I forgot, it’s also for me

#192 5 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Here is a relative size pic. I think it would fit. If not, it would not be too wide by very much. One could make a platform to sit on top of the back box.
[quoted image]

Wonder if theses would all fit laying on their sides on the back wall/ plastics?

#196 5 months ago

Mine comes tomorrow. Any setup suggestions welcomed. Playfield pitch?

#201 5 months ago

Officially joined all of you Mop Tops tonight. What a blast to play! My 17 year old guitar playing son loves the Beatles so that makes it a little more special to play this fun pin together.
I think I need to dial back the flipper power as I am getting a lot of air balls. What is the consensus on placing the rubbers back on the outline pins?

#214 5 months ago

I was wondering the same thing last night. I put the rubbers on and made the right outline too tight. I thought it was a misaligned post! I’ll file down the rubber a bit ....it at least helps protect the balls from scratching.
Does anyone have their upper left flipper set to low versus normal?

#218 5 months ago

My game is still the old code( 1.08) My distributor said that the latest code took care of the overly strong flipper and sling issue.... so new code “ normal” should be fine.

#223 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

In the meantime, as rebelguitars suggested.
Go to your local Home Depot and get a small piece of lexan, remove the plastic behind the four target and trace to roughly 1.5 -2 times the depth so the piece of lexan sticks out over the drops.
Drill out and install, works perfect while
waiting for the stern fix, no airballs while waiting!

The Lexan thickness should be no thicker than the original plastic?

#225 5 months ago

Ok, thanks, I’ll give it a shot!

#228 5 months ago

what about the type of drill bit?

#235 5 months ago

I had two cut at my local ACE then my contractor/ neighbor drilled the holes and rounded the edges...$1.99.

#237 5 months ago

What a difference a day makes. Installed a nice homemade plexi shield over the FOUR drop targets, downloaded the updated code and kudos to Jonathan at ASOA for walking me through the audio fine tuning( lowering the base and increasing treble in the back box)
No airballs and great sound!
I thought the new code awarded a ball save if you went behind the fab targets and then drained?

#238 5 months ago

My bad... just saw where the left outlane ball save defaults to NO.

#241 5 months ago

Stern sent one out to me yesterday. Just send them an email with your shipping address and game serial number.

#243 5 months ago

I would guess that it is clear. If it is thinner / cheaper grade I’ll keep my homemade version on. My corners are even rounded off so looks pretty good and has worked really well.

#246 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I wasn’t sure if they printed the art that was on the original plastic onto part of the airball shield, like the other up by 1964 targets.
Would eliminate stacking of plastics and be a cleaner install but I guess that would be asking too much of stern, lol

Oh yeah... that would make more sense and look way better.

3 weeks later
#263 4 months ago

Ordering today..... you sold me!

#265 4 months ago

Has anyone filed down the leading edge of the shooter lane metal ramp to avoid ball hop?
Also, the whole shooter rod/ spring action feels a bit rough.... at least compared to other games I have owned. This is my first Stern NIB. Is this normal for Stern? ...is there an effective fix you have used?

#271 4 months ago

Stern sent it right out. You need to include your serial #.

#273 4 months ago

It is twice as wide as the one I made, which worked fine, but certainly fabricated better!

#279 4 months ago

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap songs are bad also..... basically wants to sexually assault under aged girls.

1 month later
#287 3 months ago

Agreed. Now ponder this. Would you add to your new Beatles pin with another one based on later songs like Sgt Peppers in a modern pin design? I really think that I would.

#289 3 months ago

What if it was produced by JJP ?

1 week later
#301 3 months ago

Score of 9.1MM? Man, my high is 2.6 and J thought that was epic!
You must have stuffed sweat socks in the outlanes!

#304 3 months ago
Quoted from ernierains:

No, didn’t cheat, but haven’t had that kind of luck in a while. Achieved it with the 4 ball multi-ball. The key is hitting extra ball and/or keeping the ball going so you get credit for all five songs.

That’s fantastic! I’m gonna try the sock thing.

#307 3 months ago

Wow, that is incredible. Despite my best efforts at ball control, there is so much fast,random ball action on this game that high scores like that feel unobtainable.

#318 88 days ago

That’s cool. Did you make it?

2 weeks later
#346 69 days ago

It’s a great game ! Everyone that comes over to my house is drawn to Beatles.... smiles all around. It’s got the best opening scene in all of pinball....” Ladies and gentlemen...The Beatles!”

#348 69 days ago

Mine is perfect with more plays.

#351 69 days ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Good to hear. Keep an eye on it and report back if you see any bubbling at posts. It seems to get worse quickly once it starts.</blockquot

Is this your game?

#362 66 days ago

Has anyone designed replacement cards for the apron?

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