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By Psw757

9 months ago

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#184 6 months ago

My Gold arrived today. We love it. For those trying to decipher serial numbers, mine was manufactured 11/29/18.

3 photos:
1) Coming off Nitro van
2) Tommy flipperfreak installing the Pinball Life shaker.
3) My dog Dobby and the Precious approve.

Highly recommend Nitro Pinball in B.C., Canada if they are in your geographic range. Makes for a nice road trip from Seattle.

D0EECE94-B487-4EE3-982B-FE887CCE893B (resized).jpegFBA3D711-DF7B-4508-A59D-C33B925D79F5 (resized).jpeg9B75814A-0A65-476A-8288-60C446C37602 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#211 5 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

What is the consensus on placing the rubbers back on the outline pins?

Quoted from jamesdeloris:

I have had my Gold since early December. We love it. I put the rubbers on the outside posts.

Thanks for the reply @jamesdeloris . I noted that there were no rubbers on pins between outlane and inlane, but there were 2 extra rubbers in the goodies bag. The right lane below the upper right flipper is especially brutal - if the ball bounces around there at all, it catches on the rubber on the right slingshot and goes to outlane, and no jiggling so far has been able to help. I take it that the rubbers on outlane posts reduce right outlane drains?

I know I can just try it, but figure the rubbers were not there for a reason, and am curious. I read through installation pages and the user/service manual, and did not see anything. Thanks!

#217 5 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

If you installed the smallest rubber (3/8 O.D.), you shouldn't have a problem.

Thanks snaroff for the comment and the photo.

3 months later
#345 75 days ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

How is the shaker integration in the game?

Mine came with shaker (distributor supplied at no cost). My comments are influenced by the fact that I really like shaker integration on most modern games.

One thing I like on Beatles is the shaker feedback when you complete level 5 in a mode (ie, complete mode). There are a lot of bright flashing lights in general, and the tactile feedback lets me know I can start being less aggressive completing the mode and concentrating on keeping the ball alive in order to complete timer & try to start the next mode or get the extra ball if lit.

I like feedback on jackpot shots too.

Beatles is a challenging game. On 3-ball with 3 maximum extra balls (I may increase that soon!), I just had my best game today at 16.2 mil. One completed mode away from being able to start taxman multiball. I’ve only completed all 5 modes once, and ball drained 3 seconds after completing the last mode.

DAE787F5-F546-41F7-8943-20C76CF88EBC (resized).jpeg
4 weeks later
#370 47 days ago
Quoted from n49th:

1. The “F” drop target in the FOUR bank stays down (even when starting a new game).

Something similar happened to my game, only it was the "R" in FOUR bank. There is a plastic ledge that the targets rest on. It runs the length of the 4 target drop, and is screwed in a few places. It broke at the screw location near the R in FOUR. If not fixed, the plastic will break further and other drop targets won't reset. Easiest to take the whole drop target mechanism out in order to remove broken ledge and replace.

Stern replaced it for me, and I also bought a couple for backup. Unlikely the ledge for 1964 will break, but the FOUR gets pummeled from front by lower flippers and from sides by both upper flippers. And the right upper flipper can really whack the ball into the side if you're doing fast loops and have timing error!


I know this doesn't help location pin repair, but figured someone might also see this problem.


2 weeks later
#372 31 days ago

Finally got to Taxman multiball!!!! My new highest score, 20,399,120.

Pressure was on, as I had used up all extra balls (using max of 3, default setting), and completed the fifth mode on my last ball. If you hold ball in flipper, the timer will pause after a few seconds, so I had to put ball in play 1 extra time after completing fifth mode.

Once qualified, I was able to send the ball around the loop to start Taxman multiball on 1st try from lower flipper. The callouts and build up for Taxman were great! Wish I had the chance to take a video, but my phone was in the office.

We've had the machine since February. I have outlanes closed up as much as possible (ie, easy). Rest of game is factory default settings. Played so much that the factory rubbers were disintegrating, so I replaced all with white Titan competition last month and cleaned and waxed.

I will admit, Stern Star Wars Pro has made me a much better player on other games.

Beatles_Pinball_Taxman_GC (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#379 8 days ago
Quoted from rodcom:

HELP - just got a New Beatles this morning and am having a small problem that often when it switches players - it is "locking in the mode" and then auto plunging rather than allowing it to be selected. Any ideas? Have reset the machine and am updating to 1.10. Stuck switch? Other ideas?

There is a setting to allow or disallow mode choice. Cannot recall the default setting. This may not be your problem, though.

My machine is set to allow mode choice. A small percentage of the time (<5% I would guess), on a new ball (any player, and ball #), the mode choice is set by machine and I cannot change it. Part of the time I believe that it happens because I pressed flippers to skip bonus too soon after ball drain. Part of the time I think there is a switch or software problem (like a "race" between switch * software). Not enough of an annoyance to make me try to solve the problem, but it is there.


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