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the BEAST of the EAST, friday at the A-Town pin show


12 years ago

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    #1 12 years ago

    They came from all over
    Maine to Miami - Dirty Jersey to points West ,
    the biggest show in the East Pinball Wizards at Allentown PA.
    Some of the photos from Friday enjoy

    ad_bar.jpg stsp1.jpg exh_con.jpg tom_tz.jpg 6millman_tn.jpg dp_2001_vamp.jpg

    #2 12 years ago

    Thanks for the pics! I'm getting excited for the Seattle show in June...

    #3 12 years ago

    Surf Champ played very well and was in reach of rolling her at over 85,000 but then blew ball 5 , also first time for 6 mill man and Ted N .
    Barracora called out to all with a perfect back glass - unreal

    el_D_Atl.jpg scuba1.jpg SC_Mibs.jpg es_spy_hun.jpg FF_Pin_up.jpg spidy.jpg

    #4 12 years ago

    Looks like a spectacular show .. and not huge lines waiting to play. Thanks for sharing so many pictures.

    #5 12 years ago

    Sure tomdotcom thanks
    You will have to show us what the Seattle show is all about
    -you never know what will turn up

    #6 12 years ago

    Yeah BD you have to go Friday,
    Sat. you end up in line 5-6 deep waiting and ........

    #7 12 years ago

    Spanish Eyes - heard it was a good EM ,
    what was so amazing about this pin was the bottom jet bumper would often bring the ball back into play just before leaving the field.
    Also a first time on a CCM table -wha woo! Gin with some odd looking drop targets but played smooth nothing to really shoot for but always thought a CCM (bad rap) would suck.
    Derby Day (56) looked good on the internet along with St Louis (49) but after trying dont think I'll be buying...sigh
    Black Hole - super clean PF,- man who ever owned it knew what he or she was doing on this table was in fantastic shape.
    Was a spot set up on Pre War pins but weren't ready to play when I was there - one cought my eye called Air Races great artwork with detailed metal casting at the bottom - wow just makes you want to grind your finger nails all over it, too bad the glass kept me out and off it.

    ccm_gin.jpg spn_eys.jpg st_Lou.jpg blk_hole.jpg air_races1.jpg

    #8 12 years ago

    Who was Alvin G? no idea but someone had two set up side by side,
    played the "Al's garage band goes on a world tour" -better then I expected.
    Pistol Poker looked interesting with it's top playfield but sadly a 'pin hog' was on it and would not leave- so I did.

    agbwt_pp.jpg dd2.jpg

    #9 12 years ago

    Love seeing those really old ones. I've sent some feelers out to museums on the 1870's piece I just picked up.

    #10 12 years ago

    Good lord!

    Some pieces of true American History there.

    Looks like it was a blast.

    #11 12 years ago

    The timid reaction of a first time flipperless pin player is priceless ,
    I became Mr nice guy (yuck ) and showed a few how to set the old games up with out a start button. you push in the coin plate and that drops the ball trap door sending 5 balls into the machine.
    I thought about going back today but after last nights Smiterieens/ Patti Smith show I'm feeling hung over...any good recovery recipes?

    #12 12 years ago

    Do all of the machines that have the paper in the corner of the back glass mean they are for sale?

    #13 12 years ago

    Autumnfade , chicken broth/soup, chocolate milk are may favorite hangover cures.

    #14 12 years ago

    first time at a-town. all i can say is wow! i didn't wanna leave. i headed up with Fusion (2hr trek). got there around 4ish... stayed till close. we played and played and played. only time i stopped was for a cig break and a walk around the flea market. (which i thought would've had more...but it was friday). i'm sure alot more is there today and will be sunday.

    i got a great deal on a set of tommy plastics (1/3 of what online vendors sell for) and a cpl other things.

    games... stand-outs for me were. spectrum, totan, new spidey, pin-bot (best deal there that i saw ...$800) ...and had the best game of shadow i've ever had (700,000+). wanted to play that black hole but never got around to it. it was gorgeous.

    all in all prob. played close to 30 games. no wait times really. longest wait was for spidey (5-10 mins). that and the black hole were the only games i saw with a wait.

    can't wait for next year.

    oh yeah.. played one game of IM. it was ok. i expected more.

    #15 12 years ago

    thanks BD ,
    chickin n choc milk
    I'll try it

    #16 12 years ago

    Mikes Hard Lemonade with a shot of Vodka and a squirt of lemon. You don't taste the Vodka and the Lemonade doesn't have the beer smell to make you sick. This got me thru 12 days in Ios, Greece with 4 hours of sleep per night. I would get home from the clubs and go to bed at 6am, wake up at 10, swerve to the croissant cart, stumble over to the bar and get one of these. Then amble over to the beach until dinner. It's a poor man's Mamosa. I used to keep a 6 pack of these in my Fridge at all times until I got married.

    #17 12 years ago

    Burger king or mcdonalds is the best hangover food in my opinion.

    #18 12 years ago

    I guess you have better luck finding an open game on Friday. There were a great many pins, just way too crowded to enjoy. I lasted about an hour before retreating to my personal collection. That's the beauty of owning pins... No long annoying lines!!!


    #19 12 years ago

    Is that your JD? And are those new stickers on the front right before the flippers? i have no idea what that part of the machine is called lol. By the way how is the gameplay on your JD i have yet to play one and i am a big fan too. Is it possible for you to make a video of you playing? there arent many good videos online of this machine.

    #20 12 years ago

    Yes, Those are called custom rule cards. You can download them on Ken's Custom card page. I will post a video soon. I got spanked in a short tournament In Allentown today. Some ringer scored over 13 million on TOTAN to my measly 2.4 million. Some of those boys can play!

    #21 12 years ago

    That area with the instruction and price card is called the Apron.

    #22 12 years ago

    My bust, I didn't know you could buy stickers for the apron. Thanks Sealclubber,

    #23 12 years ago

    When was the last time you ever heard or used the word -"Coquette"


    #24 12 years ago

    Anyone else drooling the entire time over that brand new Attack from mars at the show....
    wow that thing was nice looking. I grabbed the guys card but now cant find it - anyone know who he is - i think he was from CT.

    nevermind - I found it, Doug Huse
    guy does amazing work.

    #25 12 years ago

    I think I saw that table -very nice
    trying to figure out that pin with the green ramps?
    the ramps were so steep was impossible to get the ball up them,
    any idea the name of it

    #26 12 years ago

    That Ironman with the LEDs was nice as well. I won the B division P3 tournament and won $200, and two free Division B entries at PAPA. Woo Hoo!!! The games set so hard is really a challenge. I played half of those machines that you have pics of up there. lol Not too bad for my second tourney. The show did really clear out by Sunday.

    I probably saw some of you guys, I was the blonde dude with glasses over in the tournament corner most of the day.

    Picked up a LED set for my T2 as well, time to get her cleaned up. Good times!

    #27 12 years ago

    First time I played a Black Hole...lol (pinball machine) It was in really nice shape.

    #28 12 years ago

    Yeah that 'Black Hole' was amazing ,
    the playfield was outstanding

    #29 12 years ago

    dglover - That TOTAN lamp didn't really spin. On mine, when you whack that puppy sometimes you need to ball save to let it slow down, because if you hit it again you stop it. Not good if you love the lightning...lol

    I also like how on Sunday someone got all three balls stuck in the bottom ramp in a triangle on the Black Knight.

    I didn't care for the TOM with the LEDs, the pinkish-purple was just blinding on a really nice machine. They should hang 4 pairs of sunglasses off the side like those ones you get at the optometrist - plastic Gargoyles

    #30 12 years ago

    I just put the super brights from cointaker in my STTNG - it actually looks really cool, I even managed to not have to use as many bulbs in some of the GI lamps since they are so freaking bright. I will be making some adjustments here and there but overall the inserts look pretty darn cool. I'll try and post some picts.

    http://cointaker.com/category.sc?categoryId=60 These things are no joke

    Yeh I didnt like that ToM layout at all - ToM needs warm colors / reds yellows I'll keep my ToM the way it is maybe just some inserts.

    One cool thing I did on the STTNG was put super bright purple lights in the bird of prey ship, helps light up the entire upper playfield with a nice purple glow but positioned right you the dont shine in your eyes.

    Yeh there were two TOTAN's there the one needed some help especially that lamp, something was def wrong there and I think the one flipper was a bit weak

    #31 12 years ago

    Fusion, I bought my LEDs for T2 from the same vendor. I'm glad to hear they are no joke, because there is a ton of bulbs in that bag! lol

    I'm glad to hear you like the mod on your STTNG, I have that game as well. Maybe that will be my next move once I get Arrrgghnold back in action. I'll take your advice once I get the bulbs for it. How much did they charge you if you don't mind me asking. They sold me my T2 bulbs for $170, which I think they normally sell for $190.

    #32 12 years ago

    yeh I only got the inserts and half the back box as kind of a test - i will now go back and buy the other ones I need: quick link its not finished but looks good so far

    the only down fall of the super brights is they are not wide angle so for bulbs that go horizontal you may need somehting else - I paid 100 bucks - but like I said its not for the entire game and non of the flashers yet


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