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The "BAD" Part Of This Pinball Hobby ...

By DB62

4 years ago

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    #1 4 years ago

    Someone made a post, about whether to purchase "Color DMD's" or "Inviziglass". I responded to his thread with this:
    I completely detached my retina AND macula in my left eye. I had 4 major surgeries and my eye was held together with silicone oil for a year. I only have 2% vision in that eye now, so glare really bothers me when playing my pins. Is this PDI glass really that good and removes almost all the glare?

    Then, someone responded to my comment with this:

    Quoted from jfesler:

    Db62 given your collection.. I will brashly assume you can try out at least one sheet of anti reflective glass.

    See this is what pisses me off about this or any other hobby that you might be involved with. This guy does NOT know ANYTHING about ME, or what I have gone through in my life. Just because I have some higher end pinball machines, does NOT mean that I have a lot of money at all. Trust me when I say, that I am way on the other end of this spectrum. My family income is average at BEST! I also have a major disability, that I am not going to even get into on here, nor should I have to.

    The reason I have the pin collection that I do, is because my family likes pinball and arcade stuff and wanted to have a game room, dedicated theatre and big hot tub at HOME, where we can do these things TOGETHER as a FAMILY or they have a nice place to bring their friends over and have fun, or watch movies or sports in a SAFE place. So WE had to and HAVE to sacrifice every day, on MANY other things to have that collection, so please do NOT assume that I have a LOT of money, because we as a family do NOT.

    We do NOT:
    Go on vacations.

    Do not have newer cars or have purchased a new car (mine is 15 years old, with over 250,000 miles on it) and I have NOT been able to drive in over a year and a half now).

    Splurge on many events or entertainment, outside of the house.

    Shop at the store with MANY coupons and my wife goes on double coupon day at that ... LOL

    Don't go out to eat a lot or do fast food.

    We are very frugal in a lot of other areas as a family, because WE ALL ENJOY THIS PINBALL HOBBY, TOGETHER, AS A FAMILY!

    LOTS of other stuff!

    I do NOT:
    Drink or go out to the bars at all. I should NOT have to explain, but I do NOT drink because of the many medications I must take.
    I sacrificed many things, while bringing up my family, so I could do, what I have done ... but this took a LOT of time to happen.

    My other eye is starting to have problems and if the same thing happens to my good eye, I would be legally blind in both eyes and then the pinball hobby is over for me, as would most other things. I don't want pitty from anybody, but you do NOT know shit about me or my family, so do NOT "assume" anything on my part. That is like seeing a person in a store and think they look great, yet they have cancer and will be dead in 2 months. They look fine to you on the OUTSIDE, but you don't know that they are very sick INSIDE.

    Do NOT "ASSUME" or "JUDGE" anybody, if you know absolutely NOTHING about them. THANKS for letting me vent!


    #6 4 years ago
    Quoted from Ed209:

    Maybe it's just me but this seems like a really silly thing to get all worked up about.

    Everyone has there opinion ... but if you have nice stuff, restored cars or a nice home, people just THINK you have lots of money. They do NOT know what you or your family had or have to sacrifice over many years to get that. You are ALWAYS being judged by someone and there is a lot more to it, than what people see and think.

    #9 4 years ago
    Quoted from PinballKen:

    I will brashly assume you have not invited me over to play such an awesome collection because you are too busy.
    Sorry to hear about the vision problems. Now that they know what happened to one eye do they have a better chance of saving the other one?

    LOL ... I will have you over one day, when I have everything in order, which is hopefully very soon. Yes, they are trying different things on my other eye and watching it very closely. I am just hoping for the best, thanks for asking.

    #10 4 years ago
    Quoted from TimeBandit:

    Whatever is the issue here is not bad with the pinball hobby. It might be bad with life in general but poor old pinball need not be dragged into it.

    Sure it does ... the comment was made by him, BECAUSE of my pinball collection, but you are right, that it also does reflect life in general.

    #14 4 years ago
    Quoted from MrDucks:

    I think you also should have quoted his entire post. He went on to give information as to where to get it, explains that your result will depend on the environment, and then his personal opinion of it.

    That part of his quote has NOTHING to do with what I am talking about here, or what he "BRASHLY ASSUMED" by his comments on my pinball collection. That comment by him, basically meant I should EASILY be able to AFFORD some PDI glass, because of what my pinball collection represents ... that's the point ... That was what he "ASSUMED" and was his "JUDGEMENT" of me, who he doesn't know ANYTHING about at all ... which is wrong and people shouldn't do that.

    #32 4 years ago
    Quoted from ssbodyman:

    If it makes you feel better I'm not that impressed with your collection

    I NEVER said it was impressive

    #33 4 years ago
    Quoted from Razorbak86:

    I posted a YouTube link on the original thread showing a visual comparison between PDI Glass and Invisiglass.
    Hope this helps.

    Thank you and it does. I appreciate that.

    #34 4 years ago
    Quoted from erak:

    This post makes me laugh my ass off. Getting pissed off about saying "brashly assumed"
    Brash or brashly: intrusive or presumptuous, as persons or their actions; insolently rude; uncivil:
    So basically jfesler said he was being a @#$! to assume the guy could afford a piece of PDI glass. And tells him info about said glass.
    Then DB62 gets pissed and thinks the guy was being a @#$! to assume he could afford a piece of PDI glass. And doesn't care what he had to say about it.
    Oh PINSIDE, you so crazy!

    Topics like this, are the answer to this Question.

    Notice the word RUDE & UNCIVIL?

    #35 4 years ago

    I would have thanked him for his reply, advice and opinion ... if he wouldn't have put that 1st comment in there about my collection.

    That was NOT needed at all, I was just asking for advice on the PDI glass, so why even say that?

    To the people that have private messaged me ... THANKS! I also appreciate the well wishes with my eyes.

    To the people on here that have answered the glass question and tried to help with JUST their opinions and advice ... THANKS!

    #44 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    I have invisiglass on TRON, you know you are always welcome over to see it in person!
    Just bring beer, I know you can afford it. Lol!

    Thanks Corey, I will do that sometime. Your very lean and buff these days ... so I will also bring you some pizza and ice cream ... you can consider it a cheat day for yourself

    #45 4 years ago
    Quoted from jfesler:

    Db62, never meant to cheese you off. Sorry if that is how it came out.
    I don't know how you'll ever know if this stuff is worth it short of seeing it in person. My first look at your profile was to see where you live - to invite you over. We live a country apart. If you can find someone local, check it out in person.

    THANKS for the apology! ... I apologize to you also!

    It was a bad day/night yesterday for me and then I got some bad news.

    I then read your post and it did hit a nerve ... how about we just say miscommunication on both are parts and leave it at that, with NO hard feelings at all?

    #55 4 years ago
    Quoted from pezpunk:

    DB62, honestly, your complaint seems kind of bizarre to me. jfesler's comment was pretty innocuous and i don't think he meant any harm. it seems to me like you might have some unresolved rage or anxiety regarding your pin collection and perhaps how it relates to your family's economic state. i say this because you seem to have zeroed in on a couple words most people wouldn't have noticed, and felt compelled to respond by creating a new thread calling him out, and writing a long and emotional justification of something nobody was really questioning.
    edit: glad to see you guys have made up.

    Ummmm doctor, thanks for your advice, but I have NO unresolved rage or NO problems with how it relates to my family's economic state at ALL.

    There is that assuming and judgement thing again!

    #66 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    Anyone that posts drain thread, just fucking do it. Don't post about it and look like a little bitch. Your shit is pathetic. Man the fuck up.


    And, it is NOT a smart idea to mess around with the "FLANKSTER"!

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