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The Addams Family Greed mod

By mjenison

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

Hi all,

I recently got my TAFG restored and have been looking on ways to improve it.

I'm sure all TAF owners are familiar with this not-so-attractive area over the vault entrance.

Vault lamp bracket

I decided to add something that was in theme with the movie and also deal with the lamps at the same time.

Introducing the Greed mod (way to lend a hand, Thing!)

TAF Greed mod

I came up with a book model on my 3D printer. However, the book by itself looked kind of plain. So I pulled up Photoshop and started toying with some ideas. I wanted to make a book that was both similar to the book from the movie and the playfield, so I came up with this hybrid. Printed it out on some adhesive label paper and applied.

Greed book

The mod slides right over the lamps and the lamp holder. It installs in seconds and requires no tools.

right side

Once installed, it does not interfere with the view of the skill shot nor the Thing/ball interaction.


I'm happy with how it turned out. Hope you like it!

#40 3 years ago

Thanks for the comments! Gotta catch up on some other projects at the moment, but I'll post some more info later this week. If you're interested, stay tuned!

#67 3 years ago
Quoted from Captive_Ball:

Great looking mod.....any chance you are thinking up something for above the metal ramp? Same uncovered lights as this mod fixes.

I think someone already has that covered. Google "thing ramp sign" and it should be the first image. Looks good, I'd like to pick one of those up, but seems the ebay auctions for them are over.

#74 3 years ago
Quoted from leesparts:

Very Nice! Will it work with the Vault Mod that a lot of people have?


I can't say as I don't have access that mod and don't know how it installs. Is the installation of that vault mod in a fixed location or is the install location flexible? Some pictures I've seen of it on the internet seem to suggest it can be slid over to the left slightly.

1 week later
#86 3 years ago

Update: I've sent a few of these out to people for them to test installation to make sure the fit wasn't unique to just my machine. Hope to hear back from them this week.

#100 3 years ago

The feedback I've received has been mostly positive and I believe I have addressed most issues. Here's the feedback I received, for the sake of transparency:

1) The decal looks poor
The prototypes were sent out (unassembled) with the decal printed on some matte adhesive label paper that I had laying around, so I understand that feedback. I bought some glossy adhesive inkjet labels and the decals look professional now.

2) The decals don't stick well
3D printed plastic doesn't make the greatest surface for labels to stick to. Not only that, but some sanding must be done post-print to cleanup some of the support structure artifacts. To solve this, prior to putting on the labels, I spray the plastic with 3M Super 77 Adhesive spray, and then apply the labels. I tried pulling a label off after this process and the label tore instead.

3) The holes are hard to cut without tearing the decal
The books will come pre-assembled, so I will be the one doing the cutting with an x-acto knife. I do not have a whole punch that matches the diameter, nor do I think I could be accurate enough to get a hole in proper position to line up each time. After cutting there typically is some whitening around the cut, but I've been using an art marker to clean up the cut with good results. Once bulbs are installed, imperfections are hidden and would be very difficult to spot, especially since the mod is in the back of the playfield.

4) Concerned that the mod might slide off
Unfortunately, this I have the least control over. Each machine is slightly different, and the fit might be tighter or looser for some machines. On my machine, between the plastic and bulb friction, I feel the mod would not fall off. Since others may differ slightly, I'm going to also include a small piece of double stick tape that can be placed on the lamp "tower" prior to installation. I tried this out with mine and the mod is not moving.

5) You can't slide on the mod if you have LEDs
I didn't think to try this, as my machine doesn't have LEDs. The mod does work with LEDs, but you have to remove the LEDs first, and then install. Reinstalling the LEDs is a little tight. Using LEDs, however, has the benefit of actually holding the mod in place as well.

Here are some new pictures with the new glossy decals, with LEDs installed:

Glossy with leds

Players view of installation

#126 3 years ago

Hi all,

When I originally posted this, I just wanted to show people something that I made for my pinball game. I had done this before with a few other 3D printed projects and didn't get much feedback, and had no reason to expect this post to be much different. I didn't expect to see this much interested generated.

At this time I'm going to make these available, although slowly at first to make sure I can react to any issues and make adjustments before sending out too many, and I want to make sure everyone is satisfied. However, I'm not a pinball mods business and this sort of stuff isn't my day job; it's just a hobby and I can make these in my spare time. Hobbyist 3D printers are prototyping machines, and as such sometimes a print will have imperfections. I'm not a professional decal printing outfit, so the holes won't be die cut. These take over an hour each to print and assemble, so I can't mass produce these. However, if I farmed out these tasks like a normal business would likely do, the cost of the mod would quickly increase. But as it stands, I'll be able to offer these mods for $15 shipped in the contiguous 48 states (contact me for other shipping locations).

In addition, I'll be offering them in black with a weathered green book texture as well to co-inside with the movie version of the book.

Weathered Green Greed

Player View

Also, to show that selling these isn't about greed, I've made the 3D model available on Thingiverse for
those with the wherewithal to produce these themselves, including a template for making your own decal.


But if you'd like to support my efforts, please PM me with what color (red or green) you'd like and I'll
add you to the queue. Thanks!

#149 3 years ago

Hi all,

I will be going through PMs in the evenings, so don't panic if you don't hear from me during the day. I will be sending out a small batch initially, and hope to start producing the rest next week. I will be processing requests in the order that interest was expressed, so labnip has first dibs.

#160 3 years ago

Hi all,

I was waiting for feedback like this to make sure that people would be happy with the finished product. Also wanted to make sure the method I was using for shipping would work out.

As I wanted to collect some feedback quickly, I sent out a small batch of 8 that I had finished already (all red versions) to those who had provided a shipping address and wanted a red one. According to tracking not everyone from the original batch has even received theirs yet.

Rest assured, if you have received a response from me, your request is being tracked and I have not forgotten about you. However, there are people on the interest list that will be skipped over because they have not yet provided a shipping address. When requesting one, please provide your shipping address.

I have not provided payment information at this time because I don't want to have people's money when I don't even have the physical item built yet. I know pinside loves the pre-payment model, but I'm not going there

Once the initial batch has been received and everything looks good, I'll start down the list and provide progress so people can get a sense of expectation of delivery timelines.

Thanks for your interest!

#165 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Booyah !!!!

Surely, I'll screw this up somehow

Yes, you would have been first if I had your address at the time

You are still at the top of the list, so now that I have your address you'll be shipped to first. Hopefully all feedback will be gathered by sometime later this week and I can start cranking them out.

#182 3 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Did anyone need to use the tape?
If so where?

I've included the double stick tape as an optional insurance, but the mod may fit snug without it. I find the easiest way to use the tape is put it on the lower right part of the tower, then slide the mod on at a slight angle to make it past the tape, then squeeze. The tape in attached to the inside of the right side of the book.

#193 3 years ago


Shipping of the mod has begun. A shipment went out Saturday and today.

The green version is currently backed up, as I ran out of black filament, and turns out my backup spool I was counting on is the wrong type of filament (anyone need a roll of black ABS?), so I got caught empty handed and placed another order this weekend.

Red continues to be produced, and I shipped out up to order #44 on my wait list that I could (an address had been provided, didn't have a green version involved in the order, etc), which is well over order #100 at this point...

My main helper, my wife, had been printing these during the day at a rate of 8-10 a day, but recently accepted a real job last week and she starts next Monday, so production will slow to a crawl.

As such, I'm putting a hold on all further orders until I'm caught up.

If you've received a confirmation PM from me regarding this mod, I am still tracking your request and you will get a mod. Please do not contact me asking where you are on the list unless it is really critical for you to know. But no one is being forgotten or ignored; I'm just working through the backlog.

Any request after this point I'll be putting on a wait list. I will require your email address so I can alert you when I get caught up. But I don't want to get buried any further at this point nor have people waiting forever for their mod.

Thanks for your interest and understanding!

#194 3 years ago

Sorry, I am also backed up on sending out the updates for the Saturday and Monday shipments! I'll send PMs to those who were shipped to later this evening.

#207 3 years ago


Slowly catching up. Got another shipment of filament in last week and was able to crank out the green ones. Still need to clean them up and assemble them. Hopefully by the end of this week all will have gone out.

Glad to see no installation problems so far.

#217 3 years ago


All orders have shipped. Going to take a breather while waiting for some remaining payments to roll in, then start on the wait list in a week or two.

Thanks for all your interest!

1 week later
#232 3 years ago


Still waiting for some payments to come in. Orders are still on hold; please send your email address when requesting to be put on the wait list. The current plan is to start up again by the end of the month.

#234 3 years ago

Hi all,

Well, the first round of orders is over. Thanks to all those who participated! I'm especially thankful for those people who "tipped" on their order. That meant a lot to me.

Now for a difficult topic for me. I'm going to raise the price of the mod to $20 shipped. I'm doing this for a few reasons.

I underestimated the interest in these. I got so many orders initially that I had to stop taking orders for fear of falling behind. The 3D printer was running nearly all waking hours when someone was home. Unfortunately, there really isn't any time benefit when increasing the scale, as each is hand assembled. And I really didn't have an idea of what the scale of orders would be until I started taking them. In addition to building them, just managing the sheer number of requests, tracking payments and shipments took up more time than the
initial run of only 8 shipments that I did.

I underestimated the amount of time that would be consumed making them. A victim of my own success, perhaps. Now that I've done a lot of these, I have a much better idea of the time required.

Also, many people, openly and privately, acknowledged the pricing being too low. While in my mind originally I saw it as helping people get a cool mod for their game, I wasn't really being fair to myself in regards to valuing my time properly. It was apparent in the fact that I had people tipping me on payment. I don't want people to feel they need to tip because they feel like they aren't paying enough.

There are also other minor costs that I hadn't thought to include originally, so this will help offset those as well.

The good news is that, with the experience of the first round behind me, the quality is more consistent now, packaging has improved over time, and putting orders on hold allowed me to build up an inventory so that the time from order to shipment is much shorter than the previous 3 week lead time.

Looking at the price of mods, decals run around $10, 3D prints anywhere from $10 to $70, so I strongly believe that $20 shipped for a 3D model with the decal applied for you is still a good value.

If you're still interested, please PM me your choice and quantity, along with your shipping address. Thanks!

P.S. Also wanted to thank the Pinside community in general for their support. I took some of the proceeds from the first round and donated it to Pinside so we can keep having this great community!

#243 3 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

Sadly,mine got broken by accident Will you please send me a new Red one?? Payment to follow! !!

How the heck do you break one by accident??

#247 3 years ago


All orders have shipped (except for the one I received after I went to the post office).

Thanks for all your support!

2 weeks later
#261 3 years ago


All orders shipped again last weekend.

Thanks for all the kind feedback! I especially want to thanks those that have tipped; it was not expected, but extremely appreciated!

I love how people have been posting pictures of theirs installed! Everyone's game is unique in its own way; from the mods, to the different switch configurations on the bear ramp, to even the way people run their wires to the lamps that the greed book hides. Fascinating to see all the different variations of the same game!

Thanks again for your support!

3 weeks later
#264 3 years ago
Quoted from adunaph3l:

If you run another batch, and you can send one to France, I definitely buy one from you !

Still processing orders, and I do ship internationally. Just send me your choice and qty of red or green books and your shipping address, including full name.

2 weeks later
#270 3 years ago

Hi all,

I'm still here, accepting PMs and actively filling orders.

Just PM me your full name, address, and preference of color, and qty of each.
Red - similar to the book on the playfield
Green - similar to the book in the movie

3 years later
#290 45 days ago


Since I started providing these, the shipping cost has risen more than $1 and is no longer a flat rate.

As such, the price has been adjusted to help cover these costs.

Updated price is $22 total shipped to the contiguous 48 US states.

Quoted from mjenison:

Hi all,
I'm still here, accepting PMs and actively filling orders.
Just PM me your full name, address, and preference of color, and qty of each.
Red - similar to the book on the playfield
Green - similar to the book in the movie

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