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The Addams Family Greed mod

By mjenison

3 years ago

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#201 3 years ago

I bought this pin without having seen the movie. I just watched the movie last night, and this mod is so very well integrated into the movie, it is insane. In the movie, the "Greed" book plays a significant role as a prop, so this mod is cool on a whole other level. Bravo!

#202 3 years ago

I'm on the list.....

Awesome idea....

#203 3 years ago

Got it.
it's bigger than i thought it would be, and I really like that about it. The pix don't do it justice.
This is probably the fastest mod I've ever installed. Taking the glass off took longer.
It comes with tape, but I didn't need it. It slides right into place and has a nice "locked-in" feeling once there.

Here's some pix:

Before installation

After installation




#204 3 years ago

Can't wait the green batch to start running.

I'm really looking forward to installing this mod on my TAF.

#205 3 years ago

I got mine too. I am shopping mine and will add pics when done. Fits great and super cheap. Thanks!

#206 3 years ago

Got mine and installed !
5 minutes easy , glass off, book in , glass on. I didn't even use the adhesive, it's nice and snug.
Looks killer, such a great idea !

#207 3 years ago


Slowly catching up. Got another shipment of filament in last week and was able to crank out the green ones. Still need to clean them up and assemble them. Hopefully by the end of this week all will have gone out.

Glad to see no installation problems so far.

#208 3 years ago

Got mine! Love it. Easiest mod to install ever and looks perfect.


#209 3 years ago

thanks again for a sweet non-greedy GREED mod !

are you making a gold GREED book for TAFG ?

#210 3 years ago
Quoted from fast_in_muskoka:

thanks again for a sweet non-greedy GREED mod !
are you making a gold GREED book for TAFG ?

Before that Jenison will make a new mod for the Thing entrance

#211 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Before that Jenison will make a new mod for the Thing entrance

I hope he does, it needs something badly

#212 3 years ago



#213 3 years ago

Hoping to get my email soon!

#214 3 years ago

Got mine installed, looks awesome.


#215 3 years ago

how do I get one?

#216 3 years ago

So Jealous.....Can't wait until it's my turn for the "non-greedy greed mod"

#217 3 years ago


All orders have shipped. Going to take a breather while waiting for some remaining payments to roll in, then start on the wait list in a week or two.

Thanks for all your interest!

#218 3 years ago

Awesome! Installs perfectly with the bug plastic on!

Thanks Jenison! Now, off to the Thing entrance, PLEASE!!!!


#219 3 years ago

Pics of the book Mod in the machine I just restored for a client.







#220 3 years ago

Just received the mod in green. Looks awesome. Such an easy install. Thanks again.




#221 3 years ago

Payment sent!

What a refreshing way to provide to the Pinside community.

A great idea / product at a rock bottom price.

No payment until you receive it.

Looks fantastic when installed.

This guy and his mod are awesome!

Thank you!

#222 3 years ago

Got a message, can't wait for this to show up... now I just need to finish fixing the game.

#223 3 years ago

Got mine and I love it. Thanks again for a great product. Great seller!!!

#224 3 years ago

Payment sent!

Thanks for a great product.

#225 3 years ago

Payment sent.
awesome mod!!!

#226 3 years ago

Just take my money already!

#227 3 years ago

mine arrived. will take out and install this weekend. sending a payment as well. thanks, ant

#228 3 years ago

Mine arrived and it is awesome. Literally took 5 seconds to install. Fit is perfect. Great mod.

#229 3 years ago
Quoted from mjenison:

Hi all,
I recently got my TAFG restored and have been looking on ways to improve it.
I'm sure all TAF owners are familiar with this not-so-attractive area over the vault entrance.

I month ago you started this!! Awesome..Bringing GREED Joy around the planet. Got mine today...yes.. in the machine in a blink.
Looks awesome. Thank YOU again!!!
GREED Never looked so good, Gomez would be proud...RIP

#230 3 years ago

I installed the Greed Book Mod on my machine.


Blog Post :

Video Post :




#231 3 years ago

payment sent my friend. thanks, ant

#232 3 years ago


Still waiting for some payments to come in. Orders are still on hold; please send your email address when requesting to be put on the wait list. The current plan is to start up again by the end of the month.

#233 3 years ago

What an awesome looking mod. Well done.

#234 3 years ago

Hi all,

Well, the first round of orders is over. Thanks to all those who participated! I'm especially thankful for those people who "tipped" on their order. That meant a lot to me.

Now for a difficult topic for me. I'm going to raise the price of the mod to $20 shipped. I'm doing this for a few reasons.

I underestimated the interest in these. I got so many orders initially that I had to stop taking orders for fear of falling behind. The 3D printer was running nearly all waking hours when someone was home. Unfortunately, there really isn't any time benefit when increasing the scale, as each is hand assembled. And I really didn't have an idea of what the scale of orders would be until I started taking them. In addition to building them, just managing the sheer number of requests, tracking payments and shipments took up more time than the
initial run of only 8 shipments that I did.

I underestimated the amount of time that would be consumed making them. A victim of my own success, perhaps. Now that I've done a lot of these, I have a much better idea of the time required.

Also, many people, openly and privately, acknowledged the pricing being too low. While in my mind originally I saw it as helping people get a cool mod for their game, I wasn't really being fair to myself in regards to valuing my time properly. It was apparent in the fact that I had people tipping me on payment. I don't want people to feel they need to tip because they feel like they aren't paying enough.

There are also other minor costs that I hadn't thought to include originally, so this will help offset those as well.

The good news is that, with the experience of the first round behind me, the quality is more consistent now, packaging has improved over time, and putting orders on hold allowed me to build up an inventory so that the time from order to shipment is much shorter than the previous 3 week lead time.

Looking at the price of mods, decals run around $10, 3D prints anywhere from $10 to $70, so I strongly believe that $20 shipped for a 3D model with the decal applied for you is still a good value.

If you're still interested, please PM me your choice and quantity, along with your shipping address. Thanks!

P.S. Also wanted to thank the Pinside community in general for their support. I took some of the proceeds from the first round and donated it to Pinside so we can keep having this great community!

#235 3 years ago

For MOD of the Year! Wish there was awards for this type of pinball work, you deserve it! $20 is still beyond fair, don't feel bad about price. Amazing MOD.

#236 3 years ago

Truly one of the best mods out there.
Congrats on your success and $20.00 is still more then reasonable.

#237 3 years ago

Please send me a pm with payment information and I will immediately pay for mine..


#238 3 years ago

Hey Jenison, no pressure but... (and I may speak for the majority of us TAF owners), we're all relying on you for an awesome "Thing Entrance" mod!!!!

#239 3 years ago

PM Sent! I don't think anyone has an issue with your price. $20 shipped, are you kidding me? What pinball mod can you buy for $20 shipped?

Can't wait for the "Thing Entrance" mod....

#240 3 years ago

A bargain at twice the price. Thanks for doing this, mine looks great.

Agree we need that "Thing Entrance" mod!

#241 3 years ago

Sadly,mine got broken by accident Will you please send me a new Red one?? Payment to follow! !!

#242 3 years ago

Thanks for uploading the file on thingiverse, I printed one out for my brother before he got his own printer and it turned out great!


#243 3 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

Sadly,mine got broken by accident Will you please send me a new Red one?? Payment to follow! !!

How the heck do you break one by accident??

#244 3 years ago
Quoted from tstone:

A bargain at twice the price. Thanks for doing this, mine looks great.
Agree we need that "Thing Entrance" mod!


Just got mine and its great.

#245 3 years ago

Did you like it? I ordered too!

#246 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Did you like it? I ordered too!

Yeah, snapped on in seconds and is real tightly held in place.

#247 3 years ago


All orders have shipped (except for the one I received after I went to the post office).

Thanks for all your support!

#248 3 years ago

Got the book mod yesterday in the mail, took a few seconds to put in my game. This looks like it belongs in the game in the first place, and is easily removed if needed, just a well executed mod all around. Definitely worth more than the asking price, love it ! Thanks for making these Mark and sharing with the pinball community.


#249 3 years ago

Another happy customer. Just got mine, installed immediately. Great work!



#250 3 years ago

Ditto as above. By far the easiest to install and one of the best looking mods around. Pinsiders like this is one of the reasons I check this site everyday. Some of the best mods I have for my pins comes from here. Complete stranger to me, but to take the time to make these and sell them at a great price to other TAF owners deserves high praise.

Plus, he didn't want the money until you got his product and was happy with it. WOW!

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