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That Pinside bitch thread

By o-din

1 year ago

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    #285 1 year ago

    Oh thought this was a thread about dogs...…...sorry

    #286 1 year ago

    Vid1900 MIA.

    #308 1 year ago

    The bitch, the bitch, the bitch is back

    The bitch (resized).jpg
    #329 1 year ago

    Robo calls on my cellphone

    #343 1 year ago

    The stupid new NFL rule that allows for reviews of possible pass interference calls. Can we think of any other asinine ways to lengthen game time?????

    #354 1 year ago

    What the hell happened to Whysnow? Anyone know why his account is frozen? Iceman44 deactivated??????

    #357 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Iceman44 must have deactivated cause they booted him for 30 days

    I thought his 30 day boot was just over.

    #359 1 year ago

    Like the never ending story, people just disappear without explanation

    #365 1 year ago
    Quoted from SteveO:

    People who say "idea" with an "r" at the end. Hopefully my new boss does not read this.

    Upper Northeastern Atlantic border states are known for it.

    #386 1 year ago

    Grocery Stores period.

    #395 1 year ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Stater Bros rules!
    And prices are low without some stupid membership card.

    Dude the stores here are packed, people don't watch where they're going with carts... ARGGGHHHHH and every one of the SOB's! turn in to cripples the minute they come through the doors and ride the disabled carts, but it gets better, they them see someone they know who also happens to be riding a cart and both stop side by side blocking the entire isle looking at you like you've done something wrong.

    #405 1 year ago

    They were called Hardy's here in Ohio but they had a fish sandwich ca that I loved.lled the whaler

    #450 1 year ago

    Wendy's here in Cincy have got these order stations now where you type-in your order for faster customer service and enhanced customer experience they say...…………………..BS now takes 3-4 times longer to get your order and then 9 out of 10 times it's wrong when you get it...…, but hey, that's progress!

    #458 1 year ago
    Quoted from Eightball88:Just bustin’ your balls....carry on

    Hate it when my balls get busted

    broken balls (resized).png
    #530 1 year ago

    They no longer run Speedy Gonzalaz cartoons; popeye never lost his pipe, even in a fight; the Amazing Kreskin turned out not so Amazing; and what's up with Mr. Green jeans, he wears Blue???????

    #532 1 year ago

    I will send Mr. Peabody and Sherman to investigate.

    Quoted from o-din:

    Is the Frito Bandito obsolete now too?
    "The Frito Bandito you must not offend!"

    1 week later
    #612 1 year ago
    Quoted from AlexF:

    I have both.

    I have both as well. Wife works from home so we have to have a landline.

    #636 1 year ago

    If this guy is not banned forever something's wrong and it will be hard for the Mods trying to eject others members while this genius is given a pass......

    #638 1 year ago

    Maybe they figure with all the ass to kick on his list no need to ban him, he'll be on the road for sometime to come.

    #640 1 year ago

    I'll be at Pincinnati, see you there, look for me at the Champion Pub pin.

    1 week later
    #833 1 year ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    It's the food you need to eat long before bed. Why do you think old people have dinner at 4:00 PM?

    Cause we get up at 4:00 AM.

    #834 1 year ago

    Prevent Defenses!!! Who in Gods name invented such an absurdly asinine defensive strategy? I'll tell ya....some idiot!

    #842 1 year ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    No. But they were pretty cool. One the handle just broke off in my hand, so I'm still nursing it along with no handle. I've tried to find replacements, but I think they might have been one offs with no particular marking. When you get attached to something like the perfect coffee mug, it is hard to let them go.

    Have you been putting them in a dishwasher? I only ask as I had two coffee mugs that over time became brittle from that and the handles came off in my hand too.

    #860 1 year ago

    The loss of an opportunity to trade my S&H green stamps in for a new bike as a kid.

    #862 1 year ago

    Yeah I get a lot of that on my CL and Offerup ads. Can be exasperating to say the least

    #864 1 year ago

    That they closed down all the Service Merchandise and Western Auto stores. I bought my first bike and BB gun at Western Auto and some pretty nice jewelry from Service Merchandise back in the day.

    #866 1 year ago
    Quoted from robertmee:

    We still have Western Auto in our area. Few and far between, but they are around. Dealers bought individual stores to keep the name alive.

    Boy I have a ton of childhood memories tied into that store, it was the go-to place for all our favorite toys!

    #867 1 year ago

    Are there any real boobs left in the world??????? Seems even our society has become as fake as boobs these days.

    #868 1 year ago

    Why are persistent and obviously known to all Trolls allowed to roam this site apparently untouchable while others make one, two post and are ran off????? I mean there are a few (5-6) that get away with murder on a daily basis.

    #870 1 year ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I was going thru mom's house over the weekend and found a whole box of those

    Yep my Mom put them in cigar boxes, she actually got stuff too. I remember a couple sets of Tupperware, seemed like that never wore out lol.

    #873 1 year ago

    Wouldn't do any good, know of at least 4 others who have complained, still here. I don't really see any advantage to blocking someone' you still know either from the obvious gap or from the side comments. I deal with it just wanted to bitch a little Thx.

    #875 1 year ago

    Bell bottoms and Nehru shirts, why did we ever leave!

    2 weeks later
    #904 1 year ago

    Are we headed for a lock???????

    #933 12 months ago

    robocookie (resized).png
    #939 12 months ago

    Freddy's Steak Burgers that just opened here in Cincy has much better burgers than Steak and Shake. I've eaten there 4 times now and each time the burger was great so I'm gonna favor them for a bit.

    2 weeks later
    #957 11 months ago
    bitching (resized).jpg
    1 week later
    #960 11 months ago
    star trek (resized).png
    1 month later
    #969 9 months ago

    I feel like an idiot but would do it again as I thought I was protecting my family!

    Had to call 911 last night as I woke up and thought the house was full of gas. I awoke to the smell of rotten eggs and when I went to my basement it was overwhelming. My first thoughts were "my god I've got a major gas leak" and had to get my wife and myself out now! Got her out and called 911. When the fire trucks and Duke energy showed up, they found no gas leaking...... Turns out the city had been flushing the sewer mains and somehow this caused the water to be sucked out of the lowest drain trap in my home and sewer gas had came up through the pipes. Ran some water and within an hour my home was clear. I felt like an idiot but I'd do it again as I honestly felt us to be in danger. The fireman and Duke energy worker tried to assure me I did the right thing as they thought the same as me at first but, damn I felt stupid. Never felt so stupid in my 63 year young life!

    #971 9 months ago
    Quoted from bssbllr:

    Your stupid feeling to me seemed as the only smart thing to do. Good job!

    Yeah I know but, it just didn't seem to wipe the egg off my face feeling, I'd do it again though lol.

    #974 9 months ago
    Quoted from bssbllr:

    fucking music sucks, automated systems suck

    Like being stuck in a damn elevator!lol

    #982 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Seriously, methane gas is very flammable. Ask me how I know.

    Nope and I'm not going to pull your finger either lol.

    4 weeks later
    #1005 8 months ago
    Quoted from Fremen:

    People who throw their cigarette butts on the ground or out the car window. (Hope i offended some people). Is it not bad enough that i have to breath your second hand cancer smoke? Is it so hard to just throw them away?
    And when I see someone flicking one away and I politely remind them that they are littering and ask if next time they can throw them away, I usually get blasted with an obscenity.

    I have a corner lot so every damn day people pull up to the stop sign open their door dump the ashtray or throw out their McDonalds bags...……. Really pisses me off!

    #1006 8 months ago

    Don't you just hate it when you see these thread titles that are so ambiguous that when you open it up, it's just like this damn thread, hell when I first opened it I expected a thread about dogs, c'mon your killing me.

    2 months later
    #1141 6 months ago
    Quoted from DCRand:

    Cigarette Butts 2: The number of cigarette butts I have to blow / sweep up in front of my house when cleaning up leaves, lawn clippings. Have to pull them out of the clipping pile, because oh yea, they have the half life of uranium and don't exactly compost.

    I have a corner lot and apparently proper etiquette is to dump your ash tray, throw any thrash you have in your car out at the stop sign. I've bitched at many of them, does little if any good people just don't give a rats ass.

    #1144 6 months ago
    Quoted from mcclad:

    I live on one side of a cul de sac right down the street from a Burger King, Mcdonalds and Wendy's. Cars are constantly getting food to go, parking across the street from my house, and throwing their trash out the window. I wish that I knew where they lived so I could go and litter in their neighborhood.

    All jokes aside, I had a guy come by walking his dog and watched him let his dog poop in my yard and when I went out to get on him he did begrudgingly clean it up with a bag I provided him. Wasn't but 3 days later and this guy is out in front of my home letting his dog poop and sure as shit off down the street he went. This time I didn't say shit to him. I went out got in my truck and keep circling the neighborhoods till I saw him go in a home. Perfect, went home got the poop put it in a bag and took it to the house opened it and dumped it in his mailbox. Have not seen the SOB since in my neighborhood.

    #1148 6 months ago
    Quoted from poppapin:

    Great payback to that ahole, but then thought about the poor mailman!!

    I wasn't out to punish him and I doubt he put his hand all the way in to the bottom but, I can't help but smile thinking about him jamming the mail in and shit being smashed all over bottom half of the aholes mail. The ahole should just be thankful he didn't have a mail slot in his front door or he'd be trying to figure out why his dog shit on the floor.

    #1153 6 months ago

    I've been questioning why I stay on pinside lately...………..Don't get me wrong, I've met a lot of good people on here but over the last few years it has gotten to the point I question is it worth it. I see constant trolling by certain members that is NEVER addressed while others simply make a comment and bam......gone. You can't bring up any conversation without someone calling you racist or ignorant, uninformed, BOOMER, or their fav., old white men, do I need to elaborate further. Damn sad what this forum has become, it used to be about pinball and all the joy it brings into our lives now it just another podium for the masses to spout HS 24 hrs a day.
    Need an example just sit back and read the responses this post generates form the membership.

    #1166 6 months ago
    Quoted from mof:

    A cat shits on my front lawn.

    Cat shit really stinks and god forbid a male sprays you hedges......ugh takes for ever to get rid of that smell!

    #1167 6 months ago

    Some of you need to read the definition of cowardice and how it applies to your actions.

    #1173 6 months ago
    Quoted from Tranquilize:

    Well, if you don't fund the schools, you have a bunch of idiots everywhere... We have Catholic schools that are publicly funded, which I do have a problem with.

    With all the kids out there eating tide pods and licking various items in the grocery store for the Corona virus challenge, I'm sure not funding schools would make much difference in the level of stupidity. Judging from their everyday actions funding them might move the stupid arrow more towards the tax payers.

    #1174 6 months ago

    Are there any Americans left on pinside?

    #1177 6 months ago
    Quoted from Tranquilize:

    Are there any Mongolians left on pinside?


    3 weeks later
    #1255 5 months ago

    That nowadays IQ is directly proportional to the amount of cell phone battery life.

    #1259 5 months ago

    Why do I get the feeling that soon, very soon the most appropriate word that is going to used to describe pinside may be comrade?

    #1261 5 months ago
    Quoted from skink91:

    Why do I get the feeling that you would prefer Mein Freund?

    German for "friend" somehow just does not seem to describe the ambiance that pervades the site these days.

    3 weeks later
    #1282 4 months ago

    That skipping school and smoking pot got me in a lot of trouble, now smoking pot is legal and the schools are closed, damn these kids are living the American dream.

    1 week later
    #1297 4 months ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    How about the Minnesota State Patrol "Leader" who gave the order to the flunkies to arrest the news crew which was plainly identified with press credentials and equipment. Would anyone think that he or she should be fired immediately?
    Then the State Patrol puts out a bullshit tweet.
    Arrest was broadcast live and is being replayed.

    Let me state this up front in an attempt to ward off the troll comments that would (will) occur otherwise. I do not condone unjust police aggression in any form, against any race, it is not acceptable, but I also don't condone some of the "ambulance chasing" tactics favored so much by our media sources. They seem to lay in wait for something to occur and then swoop in not with intentions of reporting facts, but of presenting a situation that benefits them rather it's just ratings chasing or agenda promotion.

    What I read said they (news crew) had been asked several times to take up a new position but did not, they were then warned they would be arrested if they did not comply and we saw the result. Just my opinion but I think they thwarted the police directives with being arrested in mind, great ratings and using only their minority crew goes a long way towards generating negative public sentiment towards the police. They only made the situation worse.

    #1300 4 months ago
    Quoted from gambit3113:

    ou can't support arresting the media and claim you are a defender of freedom and liberty. Those two positions are mutually exclusive.

    If they were warned they should have been put in custody. They were ask to move out of safety concerns, not told they could not film or report, they were ask only to do so from a safer position and refused to do so. I'm sorry but I think they got what they wanted to happen and I also believe it was planned, not in advance mind you but the situation presented itself and they decided to act the victim.

    #1303 4 months ago

    Those businesses will not come back and reopen just as happened in Baltimore and Ferguson Mo., why should they, I don't blame them.

    #1313 4 months ago

    That when I was a kid and we got our vaccines they lined us up in the school gym so you had to watch everyone before you cry when they got their shot, like walking "the green mile" I tell ya.

    #1314 4 months ago

    No worries it's a bitch thread we all give them voice.

    #1319 3 months ago

    Well a news reporter shot by a protester in Louisville and another crew shot with pepper bullets. Still think the cops that arrested the CNN crew were not correct when they ask them to move to a safer position????

    #1337 3 months ago
    Quoted from RTR:

    How come peeing inside the shower is fine, but when I stand outside the shower and pee in, it’s not?

    One requires aim, the other is fire away!

    #1348 3 months ago

    Why can I go to the TNT Amusement thread and join in on the controversy (obvious trolling) brewing there, yet I'm banned from discussing current events in another thread because of the controversy it causes...………......…………………...……..

    #1355 3 months ago
    Quoted from Chisel:

    Fascism, and small men that have a little bit of power that can't stand a differing opinion so they invoke censorship to sanitize anything that doesn't match their personal feelings.

    I hear ya brother.

    #1374 3 months ago

    Why would the Mods lock the new thread "Whats the next pin?". Looked in the thread and nothing crazy or disrespectful posted? Is this the next socialist site, I thought it was just a talk forum. The thread was started by Hulk7979. Just struck me as odd it got locked. Maybe we should start saying "in before the talk" instead of "in before the lock".

    #1375 3 months ago

    When you have to go to McDonalds to get a mask. Healthcare people and the population at large are having a tough time getting masks but Mikey D's can get enough that they are giving one away with very purchase WTF?

    #1378 3 months ago

    They are going to abolish police.....maybe pinside should follow suit and abolish mods?

    #1380 3 months ago
    Quoted from skink91:

    “In Before the Talk

    Now you're getting it

    #1389 3 months ago
    Quoted from ForceFlow:

    Well, RGP is always open if moderated forums are not your cup of tea.

    Not having moderators is not the problem here, it's how it's being done is where the problem lies.

    #1391 3 months ago
    Quoted from RCA1:

    And miss some others that are gone.

    There are many great pinsiders no longer on the site unfortunately. Lot of bias going on here with the current way things are done.

    1 week later
    #1424 3 months ago

    I carry everywhere I go and will never consider not going armed under any circumstance. Sorry to hear you're going to be alone on fathers day, play some pinball and arcade games and the day will go well.

    #1441 3 months ago
    Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

    I always thought birds started making noise at sunrise, not ones around here, still pitch black when they start singing.

    Sounds like Mocking birds.

    #1442 3 months ago

    When you use a lame pretense to cover the actual content of a thread and it gets glorified and sanctified by those who rule.

    #1443 3 months ago

    When life gets so ridiculous that you can no longer order black coffee, Italian sausage, Irish stew, Spanish rice or god forbid "white rice" without being labeled insensitive or racist.

    #1445 3 months ago
    Quoted from RCA1:

    Did that happen?

    No not as of yet but it won't come as a surprise "when" it does, not "if".

    #1457 3 months ago

    I never thought in a million years I'd say this but I'm considering getting a part-time job, retirement is getting pretty monotonous. I've done all my house repairs and updates we had planned and I've been fishing damn near 4 days per/wk although in truth fishing is something I never tire of lol. May go metal detecting if it doesn't rain today, found a lot of interesting stuff over the years but not anything really valuable some jewelry but mostly coins

    #1458 3 months ago

    damn you guys! All this buying and selling lately has me wired for sound and thinking I need another pin, no one told me this addiction worsens with age!

    #1477 87 days ago
    Quoted from LTG:

    6 figure income and 25% accuracy

    Hell yes you would be a superstar if you just got it correct 50% of the time........yeah time, time magazine for it!

    #1485 87 days ago
    Quoted from mooch:

    Might be fun to join the local TV Weather Team.

    Looks like it's hot from coast to coast today

    #1492 87 days ago

    How much more proof do you need man, Big foot is bronco busting Nessy for God's sake. Now where is my Roswell alien autopsy picture...

    1 week later
    #1528 79 days ago

    That I can't watch my favorite cartoons such as popeye because they've been deemed to violent but I can get online and play a game of fortnite where the object is to kill everybody. What a load of BS!

    #1533 78 days ago
    Quoted from swampfire:

    Are you guys making this up?

    No not made up.

    #1535 78 days ago
    Quoted from Jaybird815:

    I really hate when I try and take my daily nap at work and my phone just constantly blows up, it’s like they know!

    They do know you have a tracker on you lol

    #1541 76 days ago
    You're Old (resized).jpeg
    #1543 76 days ago
    Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

    Tv commercials....had a nice dinner, finished and commercials just ended.

    Yeah it was time for the 30 minute infomercial.

    #1548 75 days ago
    Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

    women become bitchy to husband.

    That's a side effect and here I just thought it was PMS who knew!

    #1563 74 days ago

    I posted about the bias on pinside a month ago and all I got was moderated and then banned from thread, why? because I dared speak of an opinion that was not their own.

    #1594 72 days ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Downvotes never hurt anyone. That way everyone can express that they disagree with your post without ten follow-on posts all saying the same thing. Keeps the threads shorter.

    To stay on topic, my bitch is people that bitch about downvotes. I always have to downvote those posts

    That does not change the "fact" that we (conservatives) are being excluded simply due to our opinion. I had someone attack me over my disagreement with the rioting going on and when I responded I was banned and those same people ( who initiated the attack) are still there with the same little band of followers from Michigan and Minn. happily circling their masters feet.
    Pinside rather you like it or not is in fact one sided and you either go with the mob or you go, simple as that it is a one way street.

    #1595 72 days ago
    Quoted from Jaybird815:

    Yeah 99% of people in that thread definitely lean one way politically, and if you don’t think it’s the second coming of the Black Death you’re wrong. What a bunch of chicken littles.

    Quoted from o-din:

    You got two guys going back and forth shitting all over *****, collecting thumbs up, and then post something about one of their losers in response, and it gets deleted?

    One of them makes me want to punch his stupid kid avatar in the face.

    Surprised we get to see any of WhoDey's posts at all.

    What a one sided, political circle jerk.

    These statements are fact rather you like it or not and we should not be moderated for expressing our opinion while certain others are given free range to insult, degrade, and belittle others at will without consequence. Appears that to be "woke" means being narrow minded in thought and deed rather than being aware.

    #1598 72 days ago
    Quoted from RCA1:

    I came here for bitching, not complaining!

    Quoted from Colsond3:

    I haven’t been in that thread since April. It became annoying very early.

    Sorry I'll zip it.

    #1601 72 days ago
    Quoted from RCA1:

    Again? Is that what the little red triangle means.
    That is sort of "A" shaped, so it must be "The Scarlet Letter"

    Hover on it and it'll tell you.

    #1606 70 days ago

    We never had all these teachers going to bed with us when growing up. I had a Spanish teacher and Math teacher, oh boy they were hot hot to put it mildly but alas whether it was higher standards, sense of morals, or we were just too damn ugly the dream was never fulfilled..... Damn those Boomers sense of morality anyway!!!

    #1610 70 days ago
    Quoted from RWH:

    We never had all these teachers going to bed with us when growing up. I had a Spanish teacher and Math teacher, oh boy they were hot hot to put it mildly but alas whether it was higher standards, sense of morals, or we were just too damn ugly the dream was never fulfilled..... Damn those Boomers sense of morality anyway!!!

    Oh and I am a Boomer too!

    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Sending dick pics was a bit more involved in your day as well. These modern kids get all the breaks!

    Have to agree cause the only way you could have done that is take the pic and hand deliver or mail it, so no private pics!

    #1613 70 days ago
    Quoted from zr11990:

    So you only took dick pick if you had one worth showing off.


    #1620 70 days ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    As for not believing in god, look

    What who mentioned religion?

    #1629 68 days ago
    Quoted from Atari_Daze:

    At least no airbags popped.

    Lucky they didn't deploy and lucky that's all the damage it did, I've hit a couple and seen many, many more and generally the damage is far worse, dodged a bullet if you still have a windshield intact. Happily no one was hurt.

    #1631 68 days ago
    Quoted from Atari_Daze:

    Part tally w/o hood and front center grill (before paint / labor) 1653.49. At least I can drive it a while. Of all things in the world, just a slight inconvenience.

    Well I'd consider it much more than a slight inconvenience being out the damage cost for you but thankfully no personal injuries. Your insurance going to cover any of it or is the deductible close to damage cost? Hope you come out of it unscathed when all is said and done.

    Shame it wasn't a true Whitetail Dear you "hit" but then they are very elusive and hard to find in the wild.

    #1634 68 days ago
    Quoted from ReadyPO:

    Last one I hit (or should I say it hit me) essentially totaled the car. However I drove away, the deer was picked up off the pavement with a spatula, so I consider it a win

    Lol it is a win if you suffered no personal injury that's a fact considering a totaled vehicle is the usual outcome.

    #1635 68 days ago

    Sorry guys just noticed they removed my pic, did not mean to offend anyone, I'll keep it to myself next time.

    #1637 68 days ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Not removed, just tagged NSFW. Which of course it is.

    True I should have resisted but the milk is spilled now so I'll live with the consequences. Oh I can see it again, guess I wasn't in sync with the site momentarily, still will not repeat again.

    #1646 66 days ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Chris Farley's little sister

    Berta's sister off of 2 1/2 men.

    #1656 62 days ago

    Never mind not appropriate.

    #1659 62 days ago

    Well that escaleraed fast.

    #1672 56 days ago

    I don't like the idea of self driving cars dumbest idea I ever heard of I mean who the hell you gonna give the finger to?

    #1684 53 days ago
    Quoted from Atari_Daze:

    WTF is wrong with people!

    You mean all these non-violent people?

    #1694 49 days ago
    Quoted from beelzeboob: Uranus is out

    Thought I smelled something, could you put Uranus away please.

    1 week later
    #1757 41 days ago
    Quoted from Gunnut40:

    Odin was one of the few who backed me up when said I twister is good a machine

    My brother had a twister he sold and I thought it was a great game too.

    #1758 41 days ago
    117362085_1243599089311299_3633462101741865721_n (resized).jpg
    1 month later
    #1807 7 days ago
    2020 (resized).png
    #1817 5 days ago

    Can't understand why they have not closed or banned Gameseaum's ad account as it has broken every rule pinside has on it's list. Should we push to push him out, that is the question.....................................

    #1818 5 days ago
    Quoted from zr11990:

    Did you say something conservative?

    zuckerburg truth on fb (resized).jpg
    #1822 3 days ago
    orgasms because i care (resized).jpg
    #1828 3 days ago
    Quoted from poppapin:

    Naw, that's not the conservative way.

    Lefthanded comment? Not sure what you mean by that?

    #1831 3 days ago

    One of the best threads on here.

    #1834 3 days ago
    Quoted from pacmanretro:

    Great....and here I needed to bitch about having to post my apparel pics in other threads....

    If this closes, where will we ever be able to bitch?

    Is that all you got man! Raise hell and get your clothing bitch on LOL!

    #1838 3 days ago

    Steven was very unappreciative of such an appealing and relative piece of art, some people just don't understand street urchin art.

    #1843 2 days ago
    Quoted from Atari_Daze:

    'merica is way behind in recycling.

    Never thought I'd be happy with our government dragging their feet until I read that article lol.

    #1845 19 hours ago

    Damn closed another thread just as it got interesting lol

    We experienced a house fire
    By NintenBear (25 days ago)- Last post 7 hours ago

    #1847 16 hours ago

    Never take your dog to the zoo
    dog chasing rino, was drunk that day (resized).jpg

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