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That Pinside bitch thread

By o-din

10 months ago

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    #152 10 months ago

    I totally hate slow drivers in the fast lane. And I watch my mirror all the time and get the hell out of the way for the occasional car faster then me. Then it pisses me off when the car that passed me is now holding me up for some reason. Look asshole I was cruising at 90, you wanted around, I let you go, now you are doing 82 and holding me up.

    #153 10 months ago

    It sucks the area I live has so many businesses with names in other languages.
    It sucks all the foreign country flags flying around here.
    Press one for English.

    #166 10 months ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    pinside rules prohibiting political Discussion

    Reminds me of a joke a lot of older people have told me.
    When you get old, you can not trust the government or a fart.

    I am now old enough I understand the fart thing they were talking about.

    #171 10 months ago

    I hate when I decide to speed up when the light turns yellow and the car in front of me decides to stop.

    #177 10 months ago

    People in the express check out with clearly more than 10 items.

    #184 10 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Does one twelve pack of beer count?

    Counts as one item.

    #188 10 months ago

    The biggest damn thing I have hated my whole life is when I need to go to bed before I am sleepy, and have to get up when I am sleepy.

    #195 10 months ago

    I hate clicking on a topic hoping to learn some tricks of shots to make for a good score and it is endless with cliffy stuff and other mods and not one single thing about actual tips for what to aim for to have a great game.

    #197 10 months ago

    I really like Pinside and reading all the stuff and sometimes trying to post something myself just goofing off.
    But I really hate the fact that now I have got to get my ass in bed so I don't feel like crap when I need to get up again.

    #305 9 months ago

    Eye sores. Both kinds. When I was younger I had pink eye a few times. And the eyesores like abandoned property.

    #439 9 months ago
    Quoted from jrpinball:

    Hardee's used to have great fried chicken. Why they discontinued it, I don't know, but there's was awesome.

    When I was a kid KFC had awesome fried shrimp. Now all KFC has is the smallest chicken I have ever seen.

    Red Lobster used to have awesome hush puppies, then they went to the biscuits...the biscuits are ok, I like hushpuppies better with seafood though.

    #441 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    In the 70s the colonel got ribs! And they were tasty. Same sauce they used to put on the chicken.

    The 70s was when I was eating KFC shrimp and I do not remember any ribs at the local KFC. The KFC a mile away has a buffet, and when it first started it was ok value. Now they are higher than Golden Corral and only have 1% of the selection.

    It is amazing how much fast food prices have gone up while what you actually get gets smaller. Krystal is about the biggest joke, they used to have their tiny burgers for 25 cents, and that is all they are worth at the most...now like 1.19 for one...hell no.

    #442 9 months ago

    I just got back from a beach trip, and I have no clue why the hotel felt it was necessary to blast the music playing at the pool right in front of my balcony and I was well away from the pool. Other than that and a bad sunburn not much to bitch about.

    Leaving Saturday for Niagara Falls and some amusement parks, and I hope when I get back I have nothing to bitch about and can just visit the please delete to comment.

    But if I have something to bitch about I will try to entertain.

    1 week later
    #562 9 months ago
    Quoted from emkay:

    Quoted from SteveO:
    People who say "idea" with an "r" at the end.

    Quoted from littlecammi:
    And yet the same people drop the "r" off words that do end with it.

    I had (RIP) a close friend who ALWAYS said Walmark. Ask him to repeat it, he would enunciate WAL-MARK. It drove me nuts until a couple times of hearing this, I realized he was trolling people like me who bitch about things that don't actually make one lick of difference. I knew what he meant, he knew I knew what he meant and he knew damn well there was no K in the name of the store.
    Now my wife and I call it Walmark and just laugh when people correct us.

    In elementary school it was brought to my attention that I pronounced the letter t as d. I can pronounce it correctly when singing, but not talking. Anyway I always liked to make people laugh, so as a kid around my friends they got a kick out of me saying "my mudder likes peanut budder".

    In later years I would create words like bestest, and bestest to the 3rd power. And betterest. I can say those t's, the th words still goes as a d.

    These days I goof off with all kinds of stuff, like Happy Christmas and Merry New Year. I call Walmart Wally World. I have a friend that breaks a lot of wind, and I say bless you (pretending it was a sneeze). And that friend is not trying to be gross or anything, she is embarrassed about her problem, but I try to make her smile.

    Anyway my current bitch is while I was just driving through Ohio, too damn many drivers would not move over to the right on 71. So for the most part I just rode the slow lane passing all those idiots. There were a few decent drivers there, but Ohio was the worst, and in other states on my trip it was always a Ohio plate driving badly. New York was the 2nd worst.

    And me and my gf kept getting into it on the trip. 2 damn hours to do your hair so the first rollercoaster we ride it will be messed up anyway? And going to Niagara Falls...look...we are going under the falls, and doing the boat ride, your hair and makeup will be toast, can't you just wait until after all that to get dolled up for dinner?

    #625 9 months ago
    Quoted from DennisDodel:

    Then I shall not bother to look.

    Yeah, no nudity just throw it in the nothing thread.

    #629 9 months ago
    Quoted from robertmee:

    You guys need girlfriends or wives if you require nudity from an internet forum.

    I had a wife once, but her husband came and got her.

    Quoted from Dayhuff:

    I've done without a cell phone for 51 years

    I have to have landline for burglar alarm, and flip phone because I travel a lot and I have tenants. I had a tenant call today with a ac issue, I keep a phone book with all my repair guys in any vehicle I am in.

    #655 9 months ago

    Traffic has sucked on the interstates around here this week. It is too damn hot outside.
    That concludes my bitching for the time being.

    #657 9 months ago
    Quoted from pacmanretro:

    I'm pissed that there isn't enough bitching in this thread for me.
    I'm going back to nothing...

    I just got back from nothing because I seen a fresh comment here.

    #669 9 months ago

    I have a gripe. About 3 times now I have spent about 45 minutes each time trying to start a serious and thoughtful tread here, and when I hit post I get this: Error! You (1000) have insufficient user level for this call (y:0, R: 10).
    All the work and research and it will not go through and I have no clue why.

    #716 9 months ago

    It sucks that I just had to pay 5247.00 in property taxes... that is a damn pro NIB.

    #725 9 months ago
    Quoted from Mr68:

    SF1IzaP (resized).jpg

    Only time I have ever heard that was tenants that ended up being sorry as shit and left the place in a mess. Thanks former property manager... you sucked.

    Now I use a friend that is a real estate broker to find tenants, they are all awesome, and even though property taxes have doubled and most landlords are raising rents, I will never go up one penny on a tenant.

    #729 9 months ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    Is that for a year or six months?

    A year. It would really suck if it was 6 months.

    #733 9 months ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    I pay a few grand more than that for essentially a starter home in a decent but not great part of Los Angeles.

    I know prices are high as hell in CA, I spent some time there 2 years ago.

    #735 9 months ago

    I'm bitching now that I set a Oktoberfest off family friendly I have not heard anything yet that was not family friendly.

    #767 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I just let that mofo have it! Blowing all that shit at my house. I told him don't come around here any more. I'm at the end of my rope with those assholes.

    Around here the idiots blow the crap into the road and into storm drains and then when it rains the streets flood because the drainage system is clogged with leave/grass.

    #777 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I do like the fact that now they will be coming in the afternoon on a day when I am home so I can monitor their crap.

    I am center of dead end with large lots and acreage, and empty nesters on either side that pay me to keep their place up, so I am very lucky with all that.

    #779 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    then they blow a fn dust storm over here. From every side.

    Is there any way you could build a tall wood fence to keep most of that out of your yard and house?

    #781 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Never needed them back in the day, so why now?

    My guess is either lazy assholes that do not want to do yardwork, or maybe older people that can not do their own yardwork.

    If you was referring to "them" as leaf blowers, yeah that is also lazy in a way.

    How high is your block wall?

    #784 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Now I'm the only one left on my street I think

    Hell, if you still take care of your own, why not undercut the assholes that tick you off and also take care of the yards around you. Win-Win, you make extra money and don't have to put up anymore with crap you hate!

    #786 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    there is no winning a battle that was lost decades ago.

    Sorry man, I did not realize it went that far back.

    I love reading your bitchin', keep it up.

    How about some revenge though... get yourself a big ass blower and when the yard people come around blasting crap your way, have one better putting it right back on their ass!

    #788 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    If you can't beat em join em

    YES! Get some revenge, I would.

    #790 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    go to a plan B

    Go to whatever plan to blow dust back on them to see how they like it.

    #792 9 months ago
    Quoted from punkin:

    just hose it on the neighbours lawn after they have finished

    I think more like he is not pissed at his neighbors, but instead the yard people they hire. I think hose the yard people with what you are talking about.

    Am I right o-din? If mad at neighbors also, round up could work some wonders.

    #796 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Neighbors are oblivious. It's not their fault.
    The fault is it has become standard procedure and there aren't enough left that don't use them to do anything about it.
    Probably everybody at city hall now hires a gardening service too, so they wouldn't care either.

    That is why I would have my own high power blower, to blow the crap right back on the idiot workers that are pissing you off in the first place. Enough dust coming back in their face they may or may not learn to not point any leaf blowers toward your house.

    #798 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    What's wrong with this picture?

    The fact you was out driving instead of being at home playing pins and bitching about something on pinside.

    #802 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    an overly super PC young relative

    I am so glad I don't have any of those.

    #810 9 months ago

    Getting sleepy f'ing with my want to drink some more beer.

    #813 9 months ago
    Quoted from whitey:

    Quoted from onemoresean:
    Acid Reflux f'ing with my good night's sleep.

    Had it for years, once I stopped drinking
    Alcohol of any sorts ! It’s long gone

    My acid problem went away when I stopped drinking coffee. I drank the hell out of coffee for a long time. Not a cup in years and no acid.

    #815 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    No problem with the alcohol, most nights I don't even remember when I went to bed.

    I always know when I went to bed, I just never know what I had done on the internet, email, pinside, etc. until I get up and look.

    #816 9 months ago

    Cups? I was drinking pots! Like 5 or more 60 ounce pots.

    #818 9 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Why do you think old people have dinner at 4:00 PM?

    Because they get a better senior citizen discount for eating early?

    1 week later
    #879 8 months ago

    I got the point. I was only trying to be funny and think outside the box, and I learned to chill out about certain things.
    And very funny how some threads start going in a certain direction and I am like um, somebody's about to get some moderation going on here.

    Amazing thing is you should not use the F word here, and I see it all the time(I may have even accidently did it after a few beers), but all I know is I like this site, and everyone here, so I am trying to stay in bounds while also being funny or helpful when I can.

    1 week later
    #895 8 months ago

    I currently have 2 things to bitch about:
    1. American Disposal trash pickup Atlanta area will try to get more money out of you after you cancel service...for stupid crap that is 100% their fault. STAY AWAY FROM THEM, READ THE COMMENTS, 1.3 rating. I never chose them, company before them I did like sold out to them or whatever.
    2. I have to get up earlier than I want in the morning to travel further than I want to travel to do a job I really do not want to do in the first place. The joys of being self employed. Price it high so you will not get it, get it anyway and get to bitch about it while making 2x what you normally make.

    Hell, I need to get in bed so early I am going to miss the Redskins 2nd half comeback.

    #896 8 months ago

    I forgot I had a 3rd thing to bitch about.
    3. Too damn hot. First day of Fall and high should be 78 and it is 93!

    #898 8 months ago

    Not so much a bitch, but just a comment. (or more like I had too many beers and now rambling).

    Recently I was talking to someone a lot older and richer than I am that I do business with, and trying to talk up owning pinball machines and all the fun...….and while you will lose some on resell of a NIB, it is worth it for the fun and being in your own home and not even having to travel to have a great time.

    He replied back, "oh, you should buy CD's so you make a little and don't lose money".

    Yeah, f that, interest rates do not pay crap, I have never trusted the stock market or any of that( I did once have friends swear how great Enron was), but the big thing is I am getting old, I want to have all the fun I can while I can.

    Now hell yeah, if my savings account paid 10% interest like it did when I was young, I would be saving like no tomorrow.

    I treasure advice from old timers, I am almost one of those. But this dude clearly has never been into pins if he thinks making maybe 200.00 a year on interest now is better than having a really nice pin.

    #902 8 months ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    a decent 401k

    I just never trusted any of that. I hear people say theirs are up or down(up for a while now). I like rental houses. Next housing crash I hope to pick up more. I like when they go way down because of a recession or whatever, because not only can I pick more up, but also the property taxes are cheaper on mine for a while.

    Another good thing about rental houses is the rent does not go down when the value goes down. I am a good landlord, I have never raised anyone's rent. If a house becomes available I adjust the price up then.

    Long ago I could have been here bitching about tenants and the sorry property manager I was using, but every since I fired her and took control of everything myself everything has been awesome.

    One more thing is I only buy within 5 minutes of where I live, I know others that buy way off somewhere because they found a good deal, hell no, keep everything close, traffic around here sucks.

    #921 8 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    He doesn't know what he's talking about.
    Pinball is a way more fun and a much better investment than these obsolete old things. Vinyl gives you better sound quality anyway.Unknown

    I have tons of those CD's, I bought K-Tel's inventory when they went bankrupt, like 80,000 CD's. What I have left is on Amazon, seller jsindustries

    It sucks all this technology came out and ruined CD sales and book sales, and for that matter has closed Blockbuster and most CD and book stores.

    #924 8 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    When shit hits the fan again and the stock market goes into another nosedive, I'll just sit back and watch this time with a big smile on my face.

    I do a lot of different investments, none stock market related. I have said it before but I just have never trusted anything about the stock market.

    I do have a uncle that bought tons of Home Depot stock right when it came out. Last time it was low he was whining that he lost millions. I doubt he actually lost anything, he is smart enough not to sell low.

    #926 8 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    The fact that it has gone from 6,500 to 27,000 in only ten years tells me it's not going to be pretty when shit hits the fan again.

    I 100% agree with you.

    All that mess causes a whole lot of heart attacks I would think.

    #932 8 months ago
    Quoted from pinfixer:

    Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:
    I just never trusted any of that. I hear people say theirs are up or down(up for a while now). I like rental houses. Next housing crash I hope to pick up more. I like when they go way down because of a recession or whatever, because not only can I pick more up, but also the property taxes are cheaper on mine for a while.
    Another good thing about rental houses is the rent does not go down when the value goes down. I am a good landlord, I have never raised anyone's rent. If a house becomes available I adjust the price up then.
    Long ago I could have been here bitching about tenants and the sorry property manager I was using, but every since I fired her and took control of everything myself everything has been awesome.
    One more thing is I only buy within 5 minutes of where I live, I know others that buy way off somewhere because they found a good deal, hell no, keep everything close, traffic around here sucks.
    .....somebody's been listening to Dave Ramsey.

    I have heard of a Ramsey guy, he is chef on tv I think. Yeah, I think that is Gordan or something, but I have heard the name Dave Ramsey but I have no clue about any of his stuff.

    What I do know is one of my best friends already was a real estate broker with plenty of rental houses himself and he told me to get the John Adams Landlord Survival Guide when I was firing my property manager.

    I know big time rental property stuff is not easy, but when you have the right tenants it is awesome!

    To each his own, we are all different and like different stuff. I really don't think anyone is right or wrong, we all just like different stuff.

    When things are great I know stocks and other stuff are awesome, only downfall for me is higher property taxes. If stocks and other things tank, that is when I do good.

    I just really think the stock market has been way too inflated for a very long time. Right now the housing market is way over inflated also. A correction will eventually happen, and people have to have a place to live, and that is why I like houses.

    I figure if things ever got so bad there basically was no money period anywhere, I could tell my tenants to start veggie gardens in their yard, and pay me rent with some of the food you grow. I damn sure hope things never get that bad, but if they did I have great tenants that would be happy to give me some of their food for in return a very nice roof over their head. I am not a slum lord, I buy nice houses that I would not mind living in myself.

    And no, I don't have a buried bunker with weapons and 5 years of food. I am not one of them.

    I just personally like houses for investment, and pinball machines for entertainment.

    I wish all of you the best always!

    And as far as bitching, it is f-in fall, and still in the 90's here and breaking records. I am so damn sick of this hot weather.

    #942 8 months ago

    Ants. Those tiny bastards sneak up and bite me more and more. And they are everywhere, no matter where I am, if outdoors I see ants and they try to attack.

    Mosquitoes are pretty damn sneaky also.

    #952 8 months ago

    I gotta bitch about getting older. When I stand up now my knees make a popping noise and hurt.

    When I play my pinballs my right shoulder hurts.

    When I take a dump,...never mind.

    Just always keep in mind that the older you get, the less that you can trust it is just a fart.

    2 weeks later
    #958 7 months ago

    I have had a cold now for a solid week. It gets better then worse again. Some of the worst congestion and sinus headaches I have ever had. I am sick of this shit. Only good thing is the doctor did give me some awesome cough medicine, knocks my ass out for hours.

    2 weeks later
    #962 7 months ago

    It may have already been said in here, but as I was driving 5 hours today I was thinking how anyone driving faster than me(15 over) is a idiot, and anyone driving slower than me and not moving over is a asshole.

    I was passed by about 20 cars going way over 15 the limit, and not a single one was ever slowed by me. I watch my mirror and get the hell out of the way. It would be nice if all drivers could show that courtesy, the assholes.

    When someone flies by me in a 70 and I am doing 85 really I never think anything about it. Could be a woman about to have a baby, could be a undercover officer, whatever. And no need to think about it, they are not holding me up.

    4 weeks later
    #966 6 months ago
    Quoted from pacmanretro:

    Seen crotch rockets go between cars/lanes like that a number of times.

    I drift toward the line a little when I see that bullshit coming in my rear view mirror.

    2 months later
    #1051 3 months ago

    I am so glad I have games to play. TV is not very watchable at the moment, seems like 5 minutes of a show, and 55 minutes of political ads.

    #1063 3 months ago

    Unless I have more than 3 stories to go, I just use the stairs...so much more relaxing.

    #1065 3 months ago
    Quoted from mof:

    the stairs

    Actually the only stairs I ever deal with is at the beach on vacation, and they are wide open outdoors and easy to see.

    I do know what you mean though, a few times I have went to a office building for whatever reason and in a office building it is a lot harder to spot the stairs.

    And that reminds me of why I like stairs also, at the beach the elevators do not smell very good, from people having a tad too much to drink.

    #1068 3 months ago
    Quoted from hwyhed:

    When you let a person in in traffic, and they don’t wave/acknowledge the kindness/patience you showed..and those assholes that tailgate piss me off too. Same thing for holding a door open..yes, some people do look at you and say thank you, but it seems more rare.

    90% of the time traffic stuff is ok around here, and 99% of the time the holding doors is a good experience.

    Even my girlfriend gets ticked about me tailgating, and when I do that, someone is holding up traffic in the fast lane in the first place, and some asshole is trying to get ahead in a slower lane(I see them in my mirror), and I am nope, wait your time in line also asshole.

    I do tailgate to head off assholes trying to cut in line, but never once have I ever tailgated trying to push the car ahead of me out of the way. UNLESS, there is only one car in front of me anyway, holding up everyone.

    #1075 3 months ago
    Quoted from jhanley:

    If you own a boat I'm sure you have experienced it. About 10 percent of boaters don't know common courtesy when putting in their boat and taking it out at the boat ramp. Complete idiots.

    I forgot all about this because I have not went to the lake much in a while, and when I do go in the daytime I know a place that is not too busy. If I go to the busy dock it is only to take the boat out to night fish.

    Anyway, long ago I found a way around all this bs. I keep a 2 person tube on the boat that I use as a dingy to row back and forth to the shore. If a long line waiting on the dock, just anchor the boat, use the dingy, and never even have to mess with the dock and slow idiots.

    That launch has 3 boat ramps that mover very well, but at the dock always some assholes just hanging around forever tied to the dock. (and actually the extra 3 minutes I take to row back to get the boat is more than made up by the fact I can back a trailer a whole lot faster than most people).

    #1077 3 months ago
    Quoted from jhanley:

    When we took our boat out I wouldn't even tie anybody up. My wife would get close to the dock and I would dive off and go get the trailer while she circled.

    I would do that also when the water was warm. Before I started using the "dingy" and not even going to the dock if the water was cold I just wanted close enough to step off onto the dock while a girlfriend would circle.

    There was only one time I was the jackass at the dock. I was helping with a large family get together, taking girlfriends family out on the 3 person banana boat, and the damn tow rope drifted and got wrapped around the propeller. And I was not at the dock, just near it blocking trying to hurry up with that mess.

    The single most thing that has ever pissed me off on a lake was late one night fishing under a bridge in a no wake zone some bitch came hauling ass through there in about a 30 footer, and the wake slammed the hell out of me. She did not slow down one bit. A little while later I seen that same boat coming again and I gave them a big cussing. It just turned out they was stupid as hell and had no clue. After being mad so long I was laughing at them trying to put that boat on a trailer, took them a hour, and from noises I could hear I think the boat was damaged. (the ramp was only about 300 yards from the bridge I was at).

    #1090 3 months ago

    A whole day later and Odin did not hit the 50k mark. I hope he is saving it to announce he won the lotto.

    1 week later
    #1109 3 months ago

    I hate sitting behind school buses so much that when I have to go anywhere in the morning I leave by at least 6:25am to get ahead of them.

    I can be almost anywhere at 7am, or 8am, but because of buses 7:30 is impossible.

    Afternoons are ok. The reason mornings suck is almost every stop the bus will sit there 5 minutes to wait for the kid to come out of the house, and walk to the bus.

    When I was a kid there was no 5 minute wait like there is now. If you were not right there ready your ass got left behind.

    With technology getting better maybe someday everyone can stay at home and have class over the internet. That would save a whole lot of money. And hell, it would be better as far as kids not bringing all the colds and flu's home also.

    #1115 88 days ago

    And flies and mosquitos.

    #1120 86 days ago

    Cops going the speed limit or barely above on the interstate. We all just pile up behind them, everyone is afraid to pass.

    #1121 86 days ago

    Snakes on a plane.

    Just kidding with that one, but I do like that movie.

    Seriously, spider webs. I get so tired of walking into those, sticky as crap and takes forever to get off it seems like. Even hours later and after a shower you still feel like you have some web in a eyebrow or whatever.

    #1124 86 days ago

    Just common sense in general anymore. Or maybe I am old now and no one understands.

    If I say I want a half foot of gravel added to this area, that = 6 inches.

    A foot and a half = 18 inches.

    Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

    I just checked out a couple movie clips on youtube for snakes on a plane movie.

    If ever in the area stop by and see it for free. Not great, but not too bad. While we went to bugs here, I was just trying to be funny with the snakes on a plane comment.

    98% of the time I am trying to be entertaining, and 2% I need help or advice with something here.

    And while we are on bugs, fleas! And they are very hard to get rid of.

    #1125 84 days ago

    Not being funny now. This is a serious question.

    A lot of people are getting sick, from a cold, the flu, or this new virus.

    And the big complaint is trying to get a test.

    What does this test do? Does it get special drugs needed to help with this?

    I am honestly confused about all the posts about trying to get a test.

    About 5 months ago something kicked my ass so bad I could barely breathe, and I had a weird ear issue also. I was never told if flu or whatever, but the medicine worked very well.

    Now the ear crap was very weird, mold was growing in my ear, and it took them a while to get the right ear drop for that, but when they did...BOOM..one dose and my ear was fine. And I had been in so much pain with that ear I had thought about suicide I could just not take the pain anymore.

    I am a regular person with good hygiene, and damn, it was weird how ear crap and some flu had me messed up a while back. And no travel at all, so that was never a issue.

    All I know was the flu stuff was steroids' and anti-biotics, and the ear stuff after a whole lot of failed attempts was some kind of ear drop.

    And if anyone here ever has this weird ass very painful ear thing, let me know, I will try to help.

    Sorry for the long rant, but for real, what does the virus test accomplish?

    #1126 82 days ago

    While ago I went to the grocery store to pick up some beef, but the shelves were empty and all they had was chicken, so I left empty handed.

    Can't bitch about gas prices right now though, 1.89 at a lot of stations. But things are too crazy and not going anywhere anyway.

    And damn poison ivy/oak. While ago I helped my uncle(he is around 80 years old) do some yardwork at his house, and damn my good deed has screwed me, I have bumps itching like hell all over my arms.

    AND, if things could not get any worse, my 30 pack of beer just went up a dollar.

    #1128 82 days ago
    Quoted from Daditude:

    What about seafood or game meats?

    I love seafood, but too pricy. I am trying to save money on food for more games. Only have seafood maybe 3 times a year now. I used to have seafood 4 times a week, before I got tight on food costs to save for games.

    Not sure what game meats are. Maybe deer? I do not hunt, but I do like when a friend cooks some deer tenderloin. I do fish, I have just not had time for that in a while.

    #1130 81 days ago
    Quoted from Daditude:

    Lamb, bison, quail, cornish hen, etc.
    Of course..deer and javelina are great too...but stores don't typically carry those.

    20 years ago I had some Lamb, and liked it, just a tad pricey. 30 years ago I helped a old man to get 7 quail on property my Dad once owned. (he did not invite me to eat any quail that he bagged, and I did not care, I was just showing him a good time with the hunting stuff he liked). I care less about hunting, I like deer, and around here a lot of them are pets anymore. I have pics on my flip phone of a deer right up close wearing a dog collar.

    Anyway, I am ready to bitch about hoarding. I can see some extra toilet paper, but water? My aunt is 80, and on a respirator, and she needs distilled water for this machine. My uncle is looking all over, and can not find much.

    Why in the hell would people hoard bottled water anyway? I mean if your tap water sucks you can always boil it, or use a filter system. I totally care less, except the fact it is stressing my aunt and uncle.

    And one last bitch, I am so tired of all this crazy mess, and I will be glad when everything gets back to normal.

    #1151 78 days ago

    I hate line cutters. It can be on foot at a grocery store or amusement park, etc, or on a road in a car with a lane closed.

    On foot, if they look like they are big enough to kick my ass I stay shut up. If I think I can take them, I will say "HEY, THE END OF THE LINE IS BACK THERE!!!

    In a car, (aggravates the hell out of my girlfriend), but I tailgate big time so the assholes can not jump ahead in front of me. I have been tempted to tie some old tires around my car and play bumper cars with some of those idiots.

    On the other hand, I am very easy going, when driving I see sometimes a 18 wheeler is going to need my lane, and I get out of his way. I watch everything, and help all I can. But if someone is just being a asshole, not getting in front of me on the road.

    1 week later
    #1168 71 days ago

    While some taxes are ok, property taxes really piss me off. The main thing with property taxes is school tax, and I have never had any kids, and I have been out of school for a very long time, but still paying for it.

    Even 40 years ago, my uncle who had never had kids, told me one time: "if anyone working for the school ever messes with you, I want to talk to them, because I pay so much in school tax they better treat you well".

    With all the money that is supposed to go to education from the lottery, school tax should be done away with I think.

    And while I used to be ok with tax for firefighters, now even they go out looking for ways to fine you, like the police does.

    (I have not had problems yet, but I have seen it happen to others first hand).

    #1179 65 days ago

    It really pisses me off that there are companies I do work for that I have to constantly remind that I have sent them a bill, I am ready for payment.

    They have plenty of money, but for whatever reason paying me is not a priority. And I bill some companies monthly, and some quarterly, so I have already waited long enough.

    In the meantime, when a company does work for me, I pay them the minute I know the total.

    Anyway, I have no problems getting a company to work for me, and they treat me right with their bill.

    The companies I work for I guess I need to start charging late fees like a rental house or something, it just gets ridiculous.

    3 weeks later
    #1181 45 days ago

    Everything was fine yesterday with my radio station. Today, it is another format, in another language.

    I guess I will have to go back to CD's.

    #1212 43 days ago
    Quoted from swampfire:

    property taxes

    Not sure if property tax funded or what, but it has been pissing me off the county has not been maintaining their right of ways along the roads for years now. I have almost been in several wrecks because of the lack of visibility at stop signs.

    Ditches are in bad shape also, causing roads to flood worse. Lawn service people with leaf blowers constantly just blow leaves across the street to a wooded area and leave the mess in the ditch.

    2 weeks later
    #1276 27 days ago

    The cops that are over the highways now slowing down traffic that was actually moving awesome with less people traveling.

    #1280 26 days ago
    Quoted from zr11990:

    racketeering revenue

    Yeah, 30 years ago, 16 over the limit and points on my license and a 55.00 fine.

    3 years ago, 11 over the limit, no points, and a 247.00 fine.

    These days everything road related is a lot safer, and speed limits have gone up in places, but not enough.

    It just sucks that they can not catch the real idiots, the ones weaving in and out of lanes passing everyone, while everyone at the time is already going 20 over.

    I mean really? You are not happy going 90 in a 70 you have to do more stupid shit?

    Maybe I am just getting old, but 90 is a good speed, unless no one else around, and no where for a cop to hide, then maybe 110 just to blow the dust out of the muffler for 45 seconds.

    1 week later
    #1283 16 days ago
    Quoted from RWH:

    That skipping school and smoking pot got me in a lot of trouble, now smoking pot is legal and the schools are closed, damn these kids are living the American dream.

    And I hope it stays this way.

    I do not smoke pot, but I think the good stuff smells really good. (and I have smelled the cheap shit people were smoking and it did not smell good). But I do think it should be 100% legal, just like beer.

    And I big time hope schools stay closed. Too many parents just depend on the school system or others to take care of their kids while they keep pumping them out for the free babysitting.

    I used to have to leave here a extra 30 minutes early to not get caught in school bus traffic, with no school going on DAMN traffic has been so light now for weeks I love this.

    Also nice is the fact a certain NFL team that most of us hate will most likely not be that great anymore.

    You made me forget what I was going to bitch about.

    Just pass me a Natty Light, because it just not get much better than this!

    #1287 10 days ago
    Quoted from cait001:

    Install ad blocker on your browser and never see another youtube advertisement.

    I have never installed anything, and sometimes it says your song will play in 8 seconds, or click the button in 5 seconds to go to the song.

    And normally just the first song, after that I do not recall any more commercials while I may use the site for 2 hours.

    Anyway, my bitch is tattoos. Why do people do that? Even ones someone is proud of, to me I just think what were you thinking, it does not look as good as you think.

    Funny as hell though that most of the time anymore when the police are looking for someone and post a picture almost every time whoever they are looking for has some face tattoo that makes them easy to spot.

    #1329 4 days ago

    The thing I find ironic is that all this protest against the police, is actually putting more money in the cops pockets.

    I bet there are a whole lot of cops making some great overtime pay right about now.

    I protest with my money. A while back a speed trap in the state of LA pissed me off. Now if I am passing through that state, I will gas up in MS or TX, and never ever spend a dime in the state of LA.

    And it was just a bullshit high dollar ticket, I was not even going fast enough to get any points on my license.

    #1334 4 days ago
    Quoted from Scribbles:

    And this thread is officially off track. Removing from favorites now.

    At any given time any thread on Pinside will get off track, and most of the time that is one thing that keeps this site fun.

    I am so glad that Pinside allows talking about other stuff other than just a pinball machine.

    We all have one thing in common...pinball, but at the same time there is a whole lot more going on all the time.

    This community is awesome, some very helpful like LTG, some just entertaining.

    The Deeproot thread has to have the Pinside record for getting off topic, and I still read it daily for the entertainment now, rather than the "holy crap, 45 new posts, must be something going on", click on it, still nothing.

    And threads getting off topic is the last thing I would complain about these days. The whole world is getting too crazy for me.

    And not knocking you down a bit Scribbles , just saying hang in there buddy, hopefully we can have some more good complaints here soon.

    And I currently have a bitch: I had that last beer when I knew I should have not, and that is on me.

    #1345 3 days ago
    Quoted from Agent_Hero:

    Seems strange to have a moderator who has only been around here a year.

    He has been here a lot longer than a year. I think maybe his year said 8 before his info changed to mod, and year went to 1, and points went from around 120k to 223k.

    He is cool. Actually all the mods are, but he is in more conversations and has sent me pm's long ago.

    And as far as a bitch, my back is hurting from leveling a ping pong table.

    And after I have not played in years I suck.

    #1353 17 hours ago

    I want to bitch about jet skis.

    When I was a teen, I could go to the beach, and rent a sail boat, and I loved doing that.

    A few years later, jet skis had taken over, no sailboats to rent anywhere.

    And the jet skis make way too much noise and the exhaust stinks, just ruined the beach...kind of...about that same time the ladies started wearing those bikinis that were basically a tiny string that I could not even tell a string was there...thought the beach had gone nude and that was a good thing.

    Anyway, fast forward to the lake. I am just on my boat fishing, and every damn time I turn around some idiot on a jet ski is passing too close and tearing up my lines. (there is a 50 foot rule, and rules for no wake zones, and most jet ski people either do not know the rules, or are just totally stupid, because it is pretty much common sense stuff).

    Actually I could have some fun with this. I have some deep sea fishing weights that weigh a half pound, I could have a rod ready with one of those.

    Maybe they get knocked in the head a few times while getting too close to someone fishing, they might get some sense knocked into there heads.

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