Thanks Joe: Custom Laseriffic Topper - Riverboat Gambler

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By ChrisS

5 years ago


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#1 5 years ago

I wanted to publicly thank Joe and his artist for helping create this custom topper for my Riverboat Gambler. This was the first pin I ever purchased back in 97' so I was looking for something interesting to finish it off. After a few revisions his artist came up with what i thought is a great looking topper.

Joe was also great because there was a bit of R&D involved with this system 11 hook-up. He and Mike over at Pinball Life worked it out and its an easy add to your machine.

I know so many of the Laseriffic designs look amazing but if you have something you want to try as a custom design give Joe a call.

Again many thanks guys

fgregerg.JPG fwf3f3.JPG

#2 5 years ago

oh man that's classy. Well done.

#3 5 years ago


#4 5 years ago

Now that is good! Bravo bravo!

#5 5 years ago


#6 5 years ago

Looks GREAT! Congrats!

#7 5 years ago

Thats pretty wicked!


#9 5 years ago

That looks fantastic. Nicely done!

#10 5 years ago

Hey Chris.. that does look really good up there. I am glad you like it.


#11 5 years ago


That thing looks bad ass. Joe keeps pumping out quality stuff for each topper he has shown. Nice work!

#12 5 years ago

Now that's impressive.

#13 5 years ago

That boat looks perfect

#14 5 years ago

Looks amazing

#15 5 years ago

You do amazing work! I would love to see one made for my Who Dunnit... Hint, hint

#16 5 years ago

Yeah it looks even better in person. The camera phone and the way the camera perceives LED's don't do it justice.

#17 5 years ago

That'll look great on Maverick as well.

#18 5 years ago

That's really nice!

#19 5 years ago
Quoted from kwiKimart:

That'll look great on Maverick as well.

Originally I was just going to add the maverick topper to the RBG but then I hit Joe up and we ended up here. I'm much happier.

Yeah it could look good on that machine as well.

Hit Joe up. I'm sure he would be happy to sell more of these

#20 5 years ago

I will if it's ok with you Chris.. This was your custom design. What I need to do is figure out the hook up for power on Maverick, but I have to finish WPC WPC95 Stern and yes Sys11 lol!

#21 5 years ago

Its Ok by me. Happy to share it with the rest of the pinball community.

#22 5 years ago

Thats what a topper should do, improve and add to the look of the pin and not have the name on it again.

#23 5 years ago

The ONLY time you will see a NAME on my toppers is if the customer requests it through my custom service. Otherwise I believe since the name is everywhere already, something different in relation to the game needs to be done.

#24 5 years ago

Very nice topper! dont want to take away from your post but thought if you were interested in RBG at all...I have a really nice example for sale or trade in Lancaster PA, its #69 of only 100 that were diamond plated so the playfield is perfect, cabinet is nice as well, email if you want some pics..

1 year later
#25 3 years ago

That is beautiful-

#26 3 years ago

I love when old threads are resurrected.

Were you searching RBG or were you just looking through all the pages.


1 week later
#27 3 years ago

I have a RBG that need a bit of help and I I did a search and went plugging through each topic.

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