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[[Business Sold]] - Custom Chrome Cap Decals [For LED Bumpers]....

By Jean-Luc-Picard

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

UPDATE: The chrome cap decals will be back in production. I sold the business to my friend. The new store will be up soon.

NEW STORE: www.metal-mods.com

I am no longer associated with this product, however my friend Jason will do an excellent job.

You can contact Jason for requests while he gets his store front set up.
Please email him at jason@metal-mods.com

******************BELOW IS BEFORE THE STORE CLOSED******************




(+) STEP 1 - peal off the decal


(+) STEP 2 - Get some windex


(+) STEP 3 - Mist the back side of the decal. The more windex, the longer you can slide your decal


(+) STEP 4 - Apply the decals, you can slide it around till it lines up. Make sure the decal is free of bubbles.


(+) STEP 5 - Grab the out ring. I would recommend not spraying, or misting extremely light. This part you want the decal to stick quickly. If it is too wet, you will have a hard time getting the decal to make the corner. If you put too much on anyway, no worry just blow on it and it will evaporate fast.


(+) STEP 6 - Apply one end first. "The spot facing the player"


(+) STEP 7 - With (2) thumbs smooth down the decal working your way around evenly.


(+) STEP 8 - Work both sides to a point
(+) The reason you have extra decal is because the cap is not flat. It is a curved surface. We work it to a point so we can compensate for the curve. Otherwise you will have kinks and an uneven decal. Don't be alarmed, when done correctly you will "NOT" see the seam. However, to make it even more invisible you point the seam away from the player. AKA back, or side near the ramps. Again, You will not see this seam in game "with" or "without" the game on.


(+) STEP 9 - Cut the decal as clean as you can


(+) STEP 10 - with a finger catch one end and let the other end fall. Adjust the end already down and lower the other flap to line up with its edge. "Center part is still wet and not aligned, later I slide this back to align it before it drys"


(+) STEP 11 - Smooth out the decal, free of bubbles. Wait for it to dry "till it no longer slides"


(+) STEP 12 - When dry, spray with windex


(+) STEP 13 - wipe and buff till it shines free from gunk or finger prints. "Use a soft cloth, not paper towel"


(+) STEP 14 - Make it shine!


--------------------Star Trek The Next Generation -------------------

If you have chrome cannons, chrome works great.


-------------------- Williams Logo -------------------------------



Black Knight 2000Black Knight 2000Black Knight 2000

Indiana Jones - Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword
// Error: Image 265504 not found //

#3 5 years ago
Quoted from Freeplay40:

Impressive work! Those are beautiful. Now where did you get the chrome vinyl and how were they cut?

Thanks Got it from a T-800 Model 101, brought it back from 2029 AD. J/K I have a 36" Laser Vinyl Cutter.

#8 5 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

I would like a couple sets of these. Will look cool on a couple different games.

Cool, what other games would these work on. I could also make other designs to fit other machines.

Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Still torn on if I want these led rings or not...neat though.

For normal caps, the center works really well. But I really enjoy the LED rings now that it isnt blinding me.

Quoted from Steve0:

May l please have a set or 2 of these for my Terminator 2,


I will calculate the price soon.

#12 5 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Hmmm, I may be interested in only the center decal...

Quoted from Cheeks:

The other game I have that features a chrome-ish theme is BoP. Even though the pops are under the mini playfield, I want to use the LED rings and diffusing some of that light will help from blinding out the pinbot image above. I'm also switching from red to purple caps and lights under there.

I may have to send/sell them as a set since when I cut them the center is cut inside the ring.

Quoted from Schwaggs:

I'm in, PM me the details when ready...

I will figure this out tonight. Cant remember how much my chrome vinyl roll was. I will calculate how much sq/inch per roll was + labor/blades etc. Shipping. $0.70 US & $1.36 International. "This depends if they give me the do not bend stamp, issues in SF post offices." China town seems to be the only place that doesn't charge $2 (extra) for the do not bend.

#15 5 years ago

I will weed them for you

#17 5 years ago

sure, just need to know the popularity for what machines etc. For T2 I only see chrome.

#21 5 years ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

NICE! We can weed them ourselves....

Can you just mail them in an envelope with a piece of cardboard with it?

I can weed them but I don't see this to be an issue. You can just use your fingers, you don't need to use a blade or needle. Grab one corner and peal back and its off.

#22 5 years ago

I will send them weeded.


#24 5 years ago

Just like you would weed a vinyl garden. lol.


Added Price to first post:

#26 5 years ago


#27 5 years ago

Please send as "gift". For the pinheads that just sent payments not as gift that's ok. Was my fault for not requesting that. Sorry

#29 5 years ago

Thanks I am happy to provide custom center designs to fit other machines. Just let me know the machine you would like decals for and I can come up with a design for you. I have, Chrome, Chrome Green, Chrome Blue and Chrome Gold or Chrome Red if needed. Why only chrome? It reflects light better on top and on bottom. Compared to normal vinyl. With the LED-rings I recommend staying with chrome. But, I can pick up small rolls of other colors if we have enough interest.

Another option is adding a few designs to the out ring. If it fits the theme better.

#30 5 years ago

You guys may be curious what the backside of the decal is like since it will be on top of LED's. You will benefit from the reflective backside which will reflect light back to the playfield and not your eyes. So no light is absorbed/wasted or blocked


#32 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Think of it as a mirror blade for your pop cap.

haha, that and bling for your pop caps

#34 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

I've been putting 1in.x12in. or shorter on the pf wood side rails under the plastics for quite some time. All the light from the bulbs is reflected back and not 90% absorbed by those black rails. See the dif., it's like having 2 bulbs back there. I call them mini mirrors. Same thing as your stickers.

OH DANG! that looks great! I bet that not only lights up the plastics more, but shoots out towards the middle of the PF. This is a great idea if you don't want to add mirror blades. I never added the full blades since most of my pins have almost zero clearance and hang especially near the joint.

In this case, red cap, red reflection.

#36 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

That thing looks like molten metal. WOW

haha, it is. I only have one hand now.

#38 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

(running around in a circle) OH MY GOD....OH MY GOD!!

haha, I think I would be passed out on the floor If it was molten metal. But thanks for thinking I could handle the pain with a simple fire dance

#40 5 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

JLP, would it be worth installing these on a 'standard' lit cap, or would they end up blocking out most of the light?

They look great by the way, good job.

If you have standard LED, the center is perfect. As well a center decal is perfect for any machine and cap, plenty of light passes as well it hides the bulb, so center decal would work on many themes. "I can design caps to fit the pin". However since T2 is soo chrome theme. I could cut you a thin "50%" out ring that would hug the center core. "Or pin strip the outer edge with a 50% trim" Still get your chrome but also get your light via a single LED/Bulb. Recommend a 5-LED or super bright. But I really think a center only looks better with a single light, a recommend not using the outer ring for single lights.

If you or anyone wants to see what a Standard light looks like with a center only I will pop one in tomorrow.

#42 5 years ago

Single RED led. With center and with both.


#47 5 years ago

Just an Update: Everyone that sent paypal's the decals went out in the mail this morning. I did not include any instructions. Please use the instructions posted above to help you install them.

I tried my best to inspect each decal, but if for some reason you have issues with a batch please PM me and I will help you out. Remember to clean the decals with windex after you install them with a "soft" cloth.

#52 5 years ago
Quoted from Spitfiren8:

Just installed these. Super easy install due to great instructions. Thanks Jean-Luc, these are a must for the brite-mod caps!

Awesome! Super happy they worked out for you

#54 5 years ago
Quoted from Robotoes:

Nice work. I think for the right game, this is a good solution to use with ring LED pop caps.

Yeah, really need to match the themes. I ordered some LED-Rings for my ST:TNG and I have chrome cannons so I think a star trek insignia will work great for the design. Can also use Red Chrome instead of silver. Also will be making decals for LED-caps on Fishtales "Green or Blue chrome". Just got the caps in the mail so will design the decals sometime next week. Personally, I can not use these LED caps without the decals. The LED's are too bright by themselves.

1 week later
#56 5 years ago

Just added ST: TNG cap decals & Williams Decal to the first thread

2 weeks later
#57 5 years ago

Just checking to see if all the international people received the decals and if they made it in one piece?

#59 5 years ago
Quoted from kimzone:

hey bro i am from new zealand i got your Terminator 2 decals last week thanks

WOOT! Glad to hear they made it.

#62 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

Do you think you could do some with the bolt from Black Knight 2000? Either a single one, or a circle of them like the lightning wheel?

Sounds awesome. I will try something tonight. It may be better with a single bolt but I will see what I can do. The more I cut the more unstable the vinyl gets and the more difficult it is to apply to the cap.

#64 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

I was thinking the Williams W in the center and the bolts around the edge but it kind of defeats the purpose of the decal and looking at your application instructions it would be difficult to line it up. Thanks for looking into it, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Yeah, I thought of that as well. But the out ring is not that wide, it would make the outer ring buckle and be really hard to apply to the cap. As well, you would still be blinded by the light if we have bolt holes in it

I made 2 examples. The second one may or may not work. I have to test cut it first, but I think it will hold up. You will just have to be careful and use a bit more windex than normal.

To view, click the image path below.

#65 5 years ago

Let me know if either of them work for you and I can cut them.

#67 5 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

I agree on the bolt. I'd like to see 2 lightning bolts and 1 BK Helmet in a set

The BK Helmet will be tricky. Since this area is very small I have to simplify this a lot. Let me know if this works.
If this works, I can cut some examples and offer them. Same price, and you can pick the ones you like.

*See image link below

#69 5 years ago

I can make custom designs to fit your pin yep The chrome vinyl that I have is the best choice because it is chrome underneath, however my blue,green,red are not. May just be because of different manufactures. But, if possible I recommend staying with standard chrome. You get the most reflection, other colors are darker and absorb light. And to be honest when you play the machine you don't really see "silver/chrome" You see the colors from the LED's and the lights near the caps more.

#71 5 years ago
Quoted from videorob:

Something with the trademark X in the center?

Modified the logo a bit, had to widen the gaps and smooth it out. But how about something like this for x-files.

*Click Image Path below

#72 5 years ago

Reason I am not embedding the images. I rather keep my wire-frames less noticeable for tempted thieves. But I also dont want to waste my blade/vinyl on concepts that may not be desired/wanted. When we have some people who want them I will then cut examples and add them to the list. All I need is one person to give me green light on a concept and they will be added.

#75 5 years ago

Ahhh been trying to get an IJ. I have my shadow for sale and I have to wait for it to sell first. Indiana Jones is my Holy Grail machine. The pop's are near the plane. Maybe a propeller. Or 3 skulls. 3 Indiana head silhouettes. I vote skulls.?

#76 5 years ago

I just made a page for future orders. No longer need to PM me for paypal information. The only thing different is I no longer can send as gift. So, I calculated the PayPal fee into the price.


#77 5 years ago
Quoted from msj2222:

Any ideas for IJ. I just added those pop bumper ring lights and I need something to tone them down. BTW, my T2 looks great now..Thanks. The best $7 I spent on anything pinball related!

If not a skull, how about Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword Insignia?

Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword.jpg


Indiana Jones - Crusades-108.jpg


#80 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

Watermark them with your website name.

Yeah, I will do that today. Thanks for the reminder.

Quoted from NextoPin:

Man, If you just made 1 then I wouldn't have to decide. Then I scroll down and there's another one! It's like being in the beer isle at the store! Look at this pic, see the yellow art around the pop bumpers? Is that something you can work with?


I LOVE both the bolt ones, the helmet is so so, but that's because of how it has to be made more than your skills. I'll be ordering some for sure, just want to see what you can come up with for that bumper art. Maybe that yellow pointy ring with a bolt in the center?

These are great, I think you will do well selling them.

Ahh yeah, pretty limited with what I can cut out in terms of detail. However, the detail isn't the problem, its weeding tiny little areas and having a decal that won't tear or curl up the second you try and lay it down. But yeah, the helmet is simplistic, thats for sure

So you are thinking the circle with the 4 bolts sticking out. One reminder is we cant have any floating objects. Unless you use transfer paper or you apply the bolt separately. Otherwise you need to have a connection point.

#82 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

Yea, the yellow "bolt rings" might be difficult given the space. I would like to see a 4 bolt version of the other one you made, I think it will go nicely with the "Bolt Rings" on the playfield.

Post edited by Jean-Luc-Picard: Updated Design Below

#85 5 years ago

Not a problem, not picky. This is more balanced with the circle and makes more sense. Like this?
You can pick up the BriteCaps at PinballLife.

(4) bolt option added to the order page. I will update the photo with a real decal tonight.

Post edited by Jean-Luc-Picard: Bolt direction edited - See comments below

#86 5 years ago

Also, just wanted to make a note. I either cut/ship same day or within 48hrs. It all depends when I get home from work and am able to tackle orders. Now that we are using the order page I am able to mark your order shipped in paypal.

#88 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

I love it. It's exactly what I meant.

I'm going to have to order a set of each because I can't decide.

Sweet! Glad it worked out.


Just updated the page. If you visited it in the past hour you prob saw a bunch of weird S**t happening. lol, I was updating the html live. But, the little simple/crappy page is done.

I decided to call these things PCD's lol


Added a menu, I have a feeling I will be doing more machines...

#90 5 years ago

Black Knight 2000 (4) Bolt example added to the Store Page.
Remember the photo is of the decal slightly bent so you get distortions. But everything is balanced, identical etc.

Post edited by Jean-Luc-Picard: Updated Bolt Direction - See Below

#92 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

You found your calling with this mod.

Make It So

#94 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinfidel:

Nicely done JLP. Great idea. They look sahweet!

Happy to help. Cuz when my pins take a dive I sure need the help

#96 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

Can you make it so the bolts are all going in the same direction? It creates a funny asymmetrical shape in the middle.

lol, so many ways to position a lightning bolt haha.

Like this?


#100 5 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

That does look better

Yep, I agree. Much better. I will update the cut example tonight.

#101 5 years ago
Quoted from Xenon75:

I think this would be awesome on F-14 as well. A bullseye target or an outline of the F-14?

Sorcerer would also look cool with these. Maybe the dragon head, a wand or something else from the playfield?

For F-14 I will try working with the F-14 on the translite. I will see if I can do something with the cockpit windows. As for Sorcerer and High Speed, since it already has printed caps, you can remove the LED's from the BriteCaps and hot glue them to the existing caps. I did this with Star Trek 25th. But if you wanted to remove the caps and use the ones that come with BriteCaps and add a custom chrome design we can see what we can come up with.

#103 5 years ago
Quoted from Xenon75:

Sounds great! I know that Sorcerer has the printing, what about a clear cap with that same design? Having that design glowing back at you would be awesome!

Yep, totally doable. You have (2) options.

1. I add a linkage point to the center circle. This makes the design one piece without floating parts.
2. I cut it with the floating circle. You first add the outer design. Wait for it to stick if you used windex. Then add the circle.

I have not offered #2 because it requires the user to line up the creative. You can use transfer paper that keeps the design in place as well. Which is how people do letters on windows for example. But in this case, it should not be that complicated. Just eye ball the center.


#105 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

Perfect! You might even be able to make them slightly larger, Thanks for taking the time to adjust them, I hope more BK2K owners like them and buy them from you also. Order coming soon!

Yep, when I re-draw them with cad lines I adjust them to fit. This is just a quick Photoshop sketch. But, they do need to keep some distance from the edge or the decal will become unstable and difficult to apply to your cap. For example the last one I cut is much closer to the edge.

#107 5 years ago
Quoted from Xenon75:

Eyeballing them and installing them separately should be easy enough!

Yep, in this case very easy. Squirt a little windex and just slide it around till it looks good lol.

I will work on

1. F-14 (The F-14 from the translite) in this case we only have one pop bumper.
2. Sorcerer (Based on the current design)
3. High Speed (How about the police badge star, this is also seen on the translite) It would be like you are hitting the police each time?

Maybe something like this badge? Drew a Sh*ty little sketch to get the "wheels turning" lol.

high speed backglass.jpg

#109 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

For High Speed, you could make some cool rims, since you are using chrome, maybe aluminum slotted? or spokes?

Speedometer/tachometer gauges

Shift pattern

Them are great ideas. Only issue, will they look like rims or just a funky/fun pattern? The Police reference I think fits the theme more and it accents the police insignia on the translite? As well the police badge is often silver/chrome as well. I thought about the Speedometer/Guages as well. But they are already on the playfield in many places. However, I will listen to you all pinsiders since I do not own a High Speed, what feels right to you?

Anyone else think the Chrome Police Badge works?

#111 5 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

I like the tachometer idea for HS.

Awesome. Should work well since its a round design. I was just not sure before since you will now have (5) guages that I know of. (2) on slings and (3) caps. But I think it will look just fine.

I think it would need to be the kind that dont have numbers and just bars but also have the display in the middle. What would you guys like the RPM's set at. I think it would be cool to have (3) different RPM's for each cap. The arrow would point and the RPM would be in the middle of the design. However, this will need to be a simplified a bit and we may not have enough room for the RPM number in the middle. "Almost positive the number will not fit, but I will try"

As for this design and the others, I will see what I can do this weekend. I will be tied up at work the rest of the week with some high priority projects.


#112 5 years ago

Looks like my wife gave you future U.S decal owners a special treat. I asked her if she could pick up some stamps and she came home with this. lol. Enjoy I am not a huge fan of HP. But my wife is and I enjoyed her enthusiasm so I told her I will post it.


#113 5 years ago

(4) bolt example added.


#116 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

They are 2 color, they have lights on the top AND the bottom of the ring.

Yeah that was a pleasant surprise when I got them. The bottoms really light up the PF nice, the bottoms are white and the top are color. But they "just" released more colors as well more cap colors.

#118 5 years ago
Quoted from Xenon75:

How are the other games coming along?

Sorry, the high priority projects at work that I mentioned have eaten my spare time. I will do my best to get to it this week/weekend. Should be wrapped up with the first stage of production at work soon.

However, I may have some time today if I finish one of my other deadlines early thats EOD. Will keep you posted.

#120 5 years ago
Quoted from joeraptor2003:

I like these a lot. Isn't weeding fun??

Depends how many you have to do and how many parts need to be pulled lol I use my non magnetic soldering tweezers. They are extremely sharp/pointy. Prob the best tool for weeding.


#121 5 years ago

Concepts: When I make them cad lines some parts may need to be adjusted.
Since these are not for my machines, I will let you guys decide.

High Speed: *since (6k) RPM's is the cut off line until your engine starts to burn. You will have x3 "6's" 666. lol... I will also make the police star one as an option. *The spaces between the bars will need to be thicker, to prevent the decal from folding up when you pull it off.

#124 5 years ago
Quoted from Snux:

For the Tomcat one, just wondering if the image from above would be more stable, like this guy has on Ebay or similar

ebay.com link » 2 F 14 Tomcat Top View Diecut Decal Sticker F14

Yep, since it doesn't have windows. The design I have you would have to be very careful to prevent that window area from tearing. I can make it one silhouette as well. The one advantage is the one from the translite is on a perspective so it fits the square real-estate better. However, I will try out a top view and see how it fits as well if not, make the perspective shot solid.

Quoted from Xenon75:

Looking good! Let me know when they are ready!

Cool, I will cut some test examples soon. After I figure out the F-14

#127 5 years ago
Quoted from danczaz:

Maybe this A and F can be used

I will see what I can do, for sure One Issue with letters, they either cant have centers or they have connection points. "like a stencil" So the calligraphy font will be an issue. However, bolt's radiating from a lightbulb is a possibility.

Quoted from Snux:

For the Tomcat one, just wondering if the image from above would be more stable, like this guy has on Ebay or similar

ebay.com link » 2 F 14 Tomcat Top View Diecut Decal Sticker F14

Solid version from the translite.


#129 5 years ago
Quoted from danczaz:

Maybe if you did AF you would just have to manually place the inside piece of the A... Just an idea...

Anther issue are them tiny swirls. If I did the font it would need to be chunk-ified.

How about based off the font used in the actual TV show.

Without Linkage, add the center manually.

#131 5 years ago
Quoted from danczaz:

Looks good... There are 5 pops on TAF. I'll try some... Just tell me how to pay!

When I cut the examples I will put them on the site. First post has more details as well the URL. http://www.jean-luc-picard.com I have some to cut tonight for some recent orders so I will also cut all the other examples. For TAF the price will be calculated different since it is 5 pack. Should be added tonight or tomorrow night.

#133 5 years ago
Quoted from danczaz:

Sweet.. Just post on here when done and I will order! Thanks

Sure thing, will do


This one was requested by my friend. For Twilight Zone Different design for each cap.

Twilight Zone 1

Twilight Zone 2

Twilight Zone 3 : To prevent this from turning into an accordion will need to place a piece of masking tape on top to hold it together while you transfer it.

#134 5 years ago

Have examples ready. Will add them to the store tomorrow.


#139 5 years ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

Cool idea, but are we now modding mods?

Yes. Yes we are

Yep lol, it is To be honest, at first I made this for myself only. I was asked and told to do this by friends and pinsiders by request. It's funny that you say that. I was on the phone the other day with a friend of mine. I explained to him its a mod for a mod. lol, he then requested the TZ cap decals. The thing is the mod light is amazing. But it blinds you to death. All I am trying to do is help the community and help personalize an amazing mod such as BriteCaps. If BriteCaps wants me to stop I will, but I would like to think I am helping them. It's like a sandwich without bread. The ingredients are amazing on their own, but they are even better with some bread on top of it. I like how the community gets involved with ideas and the creation to personalize the caps.

Quoted from videorob:

I think X-files is out though.....No caps on the bumpers...unless there is a way to wedge them under the ramps. IDK

oops, I forgot who requested them. With BriteCaps you get a cover, not sure if they fit. If someone can confirm that BriteCaps will not fit under the ramps I will remove them from the store since they are pointless. If they do fit, then they are priceless?

#141 5 years ago
Quoted from videorob:

LOL....I requested them. Upon adding Led's to the machine I saw that there was really no room to fit a cap over the bumpers.....unless someone here knows of a way????

Sort of a mod to add a mod to a mod. Simple, right?

haha, I apologies. Hard to remember everyone's comment's. Maybe it's possible. For example ST:TNG cut one of the caps to fit under the ramp.

Speaking, of... In this case it would be a MOD, MOD, MOD. You could cut out a flat acrylic disk. Since the BriteCaps as well the center light is low profile so you could mount the acrylic disc flush to the bumper. Add the ring via hot glue "BTW, that is how they are held on". Then, you would have the ultimate low profile cap. You may need to consult with Agent Molder I am sure he has some extraterrestrial materials you could use. Remember... You just need to "Believe"

BTW, forgot to include the Police Star Badge for High Speed.

#143 5 years ago
Quoted from videorob:

Nice idea... I might have to run a few experiments....

Make it so!... You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

giphy (4).gif
#144 5 years ago

Store is now updated with the new designs. http://www.jean-luc-picard.com

#146 5 years ago

BTW, Adams Family. The center of the A was slightly enlarged and they are cut on another sheet so its a bit easier to apply. Included 6 in case you lose one.


#149 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

Any chance you can do GNR?

Sure thing. I have never payed it. But I would assume a Rose design would work?

Quoted from danczaz:

Perfect!! Hopefully I won't need it!

If you run into troubles just let me know

#151 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

Also maybe a gun and rose together or the letters GNR . Would have to see the designs .

Sounds good, I will work out some designs this week.

#152 5 years ago

Update: I need to adjust the price for the F-14. I did not calculate it correctly. As well International postage is now $1.95 + Paypal In the end thats how much I had it listed for lol. For the ones that already sent a payment, I will send them out. But it will be updated shortly.

#154 5 years ago

Sweet lights up very nice!

#158 5 years ago

Sweet. Just an FYI, USPS damaged someones envelope. If anyone else has issues with damaged envelopes please let me know and I will help you out.

#159 5 years ago

EDIT: This was about something that is no longer needed. I thought it would be easier for people to put masking tape over the hypnosis spiral for TZ to prevent it from turning into the accordion. The material is strong enough it holds it's form. You just need to be a tad bit careful is all. Pretty easy

#161 5 years ago
Quoted from jonninemonic:

Looks really good!

Looking for something for my Cactus Canyon, a Marshall Star outline or simply a cactus?

Anyone has any ideas for AfM?

Sounds great, as well as the other requests. I will get to them soon just tied up with projects. I will aim for sometime next week. As for the Marshall star, that is something I can cut quickly. So I could add that before Guns N Roses.

1 week later
#163 5 years ago
Quoted from jonninemonic:

Looks really good!

Looking for something for my Cactus Canyon, a Marshall Star outline or simply a cactus?

Anyone has any ideas for AfM?

Ahhh weekends are not long enough... How about this for Cactus Canyon


Let me know and I will add it to http://jean-luc-picard.com/

#165 5 years ago

So the list that I will work on this week.

1. Gun's N Roses
2. Attack From Mars "Flying saucers?"

#166 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Clicked on the little square and a black screen came up.

little square? Please let me know what that means and I will update the site.

#168 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Well that picture wasn't there 30 minutes ago. There was a little blue square there before.

Pinside's server not accessing the path. The photo was prob re-uploading after a failed attempt and it comes up as a dead link until it pushed.

#171 5 years ago

I can put one on an extra cap if you like. However I do not own a Adams Family. I would have to install it on another machine. In a few days I will have caps for my Indiana Jones. I can put an Adams Family on it and take some photos if you would like. But if the other's have a photo that would be better.

#173 5 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK, finally pulled the trigger. Got the lights from Comet (on sale) and the decals on the way.

The nice thing about comet is you can buy just the LED so its half the price

#175 5 years ago

Added Cactus Canyon to http://jean-luc-picard.com/

Heads Up: Server maintenance tonight, 25 August between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am MDT

1 week later
#176 5 years ago

Just got my LED rings for Indiana Jones today. I plan on revisiting the cap design for IJ. I had an idea, and it may be a bit gutsy for some. Since the movies are all themed around Nazi's as the villain. I was thinking of putting Nazi Insignia on the caps. People add the nazi blimp mod so it can't be that bad of an idea. My original idea was to have Ark, Stone, Idol but they may be a bit tricky to capture. What do you think? Bad Idea? My idea is when the ball hits the bumpers it's like Dr. Jones beating up nazis. So it's in a positive perspective.

#177 5 years ago

Update: I just opened up my new roll of Chrome Vinyl and they sent me the wrong product. This stuff is not reflective on both sides and very very very thin. I contacted the company and hope to have this resolved soon. Any new orders will have to be delayed until I have the correct chrome.

#179 5 years ago

Still trying to sort out the Vinyl issue. The seller has not responded and I will file a claim in a day or so if I don't hear from them. Issue is, I can't find the Chrome Vinyl that is chrome on both sides from other sources. EVERY one of them has a white backing. blahhhh!

#181 5 years ago

So the seller got back to me... Just said sorry for the inconvenience and just refunded my credit card. Did not answer my questions about the correct product. I do not think the seller speaks any English. I found another roll that looks like its silver on the back but its 2.5x more expensive. Not sure what I can do...

#182 5 years ago

Good news, his google translator seems to be working now. Should be placing an order for 4 rolls in the next day or so.

#184 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

Good news, I was about to place my order. Let me know when you are back up and running.

Should be soon, he takes 24+ hours to respond to my emails so I hope I can place the order tomorrow. As well the language barrier slows things down. This is why I am ordering 4 rolls so I don't have to deal with this for awhile.

#187 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

Since we are in a holding pattern, what type of equipment do you use? I hear they are expensive.

It's a 36-inch Laser Point Cutter, they are a bit pricey. That said, I am now reminded that technically the money I spent on the machine means the money I get from the decals is not even remotely close to a profit yet lol. Oh well...

#188 5 years ago

Just received some orders. I suppose it is ok if you place an order but do note it may take more than a week until I get more chrome. I should be ordering soon, but it takes about a week+ to ship. So, it is up to you if you want to place an order you will just have to wait for an unknown period of time. But once I get the chrome I will start cutting and ship ASAP.

#189 5 years ago

While we wait for it to arrive. In regards to my previous post about Williams Indiana Jones caps. Since the films are heavily themed around Nazi's as the bad guy. As well, when you hit the bumpers its a fist fight with the Nazis.

This is going to be hard to swallow for some people. But keeping an "open mind" it is based off the theme of the movie. So I went ahead and made them. This was the last of my Chrome at the time. I will take some photos of them installed. something with the Red light and chrome fits the creepy insignia well.

If people add the Nazi blimp, this should be acceptable?

#190 5 years ago

Chrome ordered and shipped today. Let's hope it is the correct one this time lol. Should have it in 4-7 business days.

EDIT: Shipping says Friday, September 19, 2014, by 8:00pm But I wont be able to pick it up till that Monday.

1 week later
#191 5 years ago

Double sided chrome is finally back in stock. It is a slightly different product which cost a bit more, but most importantly it doesn't have white adhesive. Shipping is added via checkout and decals are now sold individually rather than sets.

The store is now open: www.jean-luc-picard.com

#193 5 years ago
Quoted from twitami:

Where are the Sega ones?!

I have a few pending requests and happy to add any design request to the list. I hope to get them designed soon. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to tune in. Since I do not own these machines you owners will have a better perspective. Below are the concepts I will try out.

1. Gun's N Roses [ Crossed Guns]
2. Attack from Mars [Flying saucers]
3. Demolition Man [ The Man icons from the ramps ]
4. ?

#194 5 years ago

This was another concept for Indiana Jones. May need to be modified as some parts are very delicate.


#195 5 years ago

EDIT: GNR Concepts edited next page.

#196 5 years ago

More Concepts / Stretches. AFM would have a different cap for each. A Flying Saucer in 3 different flight positions?


#197 5 years ago

Demolition Man Concept/Sketch. "Modified logo used on ramps and is the logo on posters/games etc" need to adjust the spacing on the bottom wedge.


#200 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

If possible I think the guns would look better if the were straight instead of facing up.the handles should cross each other. Take a look at their logo and you will see what I mean. Just my opinion.the guns also should be western or six shooter type . This would also look better.

Very helpful thanks . My knowledge of Gun's & Roses is about null lol I will update the concepts sometime tomorrow.

Quoted from mojozone:

Bought some bk2k ones. Thanks

Just cut them and they are in the mail Thank you.

#201 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

If possible I think the guns would look better if the were straight instead of facing up.the handles should cross each other. Take a look at their logo and you will see what I mean. Just my opinion.the guns also should be western or six shooter type . This would also look better.

I notice the also use this logo with the guns crossing barrels. The reason this works better is because it fills the circle better compared to horizontal. I will add a few variations with the new revolver.


#202 5 years ago

So, Issue with having the grips overlapping is since we are cutting out a solid shape it turns into a pair of bull horns. I could add some extra cuts to define the grips but it also has to be scaled down rather small to fit. Some more concepts.


#204 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

Number 5 looks to be the best.

Sounds good, I will turn this one into cad lines. If anyone has any thoughts on AFM and DM let me know, otherwise I will prep them as well.

EDIT: If you would pick (2) what would the other be. Be happy to provide another one as well.

#206 5 years ago
Quoted from BriPin:

I forgot to post a thank you. I love my BK2K Chrome Caps! Thanks again JLP!

SWEEET! that is the first time I have seen them installed. Looks really cool It's an army of knights!! lol

#208 5 years ago

"You can do it, You can do it"

#209 5 years ago

Just wanted to post a Thank You to Art & Comet Pinball for adding me to the Mod page. The best part about this mod is it combines the community. Share ideas, opinions and make something custom...


#212 5 years ago
Quoted from DMC:

Have you tried doing any Stern ones? I'd be keen on something for IM that's a cheap alternative to the premium ones by Hooked and Pinball Life's Arc Reactor set.

I have not made any for stern yet. However I would like to make them for Stern and Sega. Are the caps the same size as the Williams?

Quoted from pinball_customs:

hese look great, I'd love to see something done for Tron! I know someone out there makes custom molded caps in similar style, but I'm not keen on the fact they all say "TRON" on them.. it's kinda redundant. Also with this, it would give me the opportunity to play around with different coloured caps -- Blue (sam), orange (clu), white (flynn)

I would need to experiment with adding grooves/notches to the outside ring. If its minimal it should be fine. But I would have to be careful on how much I cut away so it doesn't become unstable.

#214 5 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Capt' - no Sterns usually use cheap plastic substitutes. IE a sheet of plastic with a dome.
I'm not sure a standard popcap will even fit in the Star Trek. I don't know about Tron.

Ehh, Stern... Why cant you be more like Williams/Bally. Or Data East, or Gottlieb or even Sega. lol

#222 5 years ago

Wow, I guess I never noticed the caps on Sterns. The only stern I have is TSPP. But the smoke stacks are pretty cool. But I have to say Williams/Bally style caps are the only way to go. Sterns look so cheap in comparison.

I think you could still hot glue the rings if the disc if it is wide enough?

#225 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Anybody got a led ring and a Stern disc? Jean Luc here's an idea, maybe you could offer a clear or colored plastic disc that the rings AND your custom decals would fit on a newer Stern disc style pop bumper. Just a thought.

If it is that simple I would be glad to offer that. I could use my friends CNC machine or just make a jig and use a hole saw bit without the center bit. I guess I could remove my TSPP smoke stacks to test with.

The cool part is, the disc is flat. So it could be a completely custom design that utilizes the entire disc and not just the center like the Williams type.

#226 5 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

I'll check when I get my Comet Rings - hopefully tomorrow... but I'm about 80% sure the inner diameter of the ring will easily slide OVER the disk. So, nothing to hot glue to.

What we need is a "smaller" ring; but I'm also somewhat sure that the LEDs on the ring bottom will be an interference problem with pop ring (the mechanical thing which pops the ball). If it doesn't; you still have the problem of shadows due to the ring. I'm not sure I'd want the led spotlighting the mechanical pop ring.

I've spend quite a bit of time with those stern pops for my Star Trek PopCaps. That's why I'm designing a custom board which fits inside the body of the pop.

To the sounds of it, I think we would just need to provide a spacer to allow clearance for the ring?

#228 5 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Like I said; I think the ring is bigger than the stock cap. Which means it'll interfere with the plastics just like a Williams cap would. But no use arguing about it... when I get a ring in... I'll do a quick check.

Oh my bad, I missed that. I was multi-tasking tying to figure out why my Star Trek 25th was blowing fusees lol. But now both the caps and fuses are figured out.

#230 5 years ago
Quoted from DMC:

Now that you have the cutting machine, you can really go nuts and make all sorts of stuff for us. Mylar shapes, target decals, plastics decals etc. how about a video of the machine in action. Everyone loves a good mod manufacturing video.

I would love to make more items but the chrome decals can be time consuming as is. My career can be very demanding without notice so I cant go too deep down the rabbit hole. It is crazy how precious time really is. I may make a video, but in the meantime think of a robotic surgeon that can make cuts at high-res. It works like a printer but with a blade.

#232 5 years ago
Quoted from DMC:

No worries. I'll keep an eye on the website.

btw, Lived in Sydney for almost 3 years, never saw any pins and I would like to think I found myself in most of the pubs and arcades. Was awhile ago so I assume the pin community has grown. Where are the pins at in Sydney now days?

#234 5 years ago
Quoted from DMC:

Huh! How about that. Sydney's going strong at the moment with most of the action in the City, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs. New locations are popping up every month with new locations north of the bridge and soon in Campbelltown. The good thing is that all of the operators are actively taking responsibility for their business and the hobby by running leagues and tournaments. Social media is a big part of the strategy. There is more than enough happening now in pinball in Sydney where one can't attend all the events that are occuring, whereas a year ago it was hard to find anything outside of the stalwart zball league out of Newtown. Were you sent here for work?

Wow, that is amazing. Pinball, in Sydney... And to the looks of it,... Its getting big.

I did not move for work. I always loved Australia as a child. Maybe it was Crocodile Dundee... I moved to San Francisco for the first time. Had a great job... But my boss was psychotic and his behavior made the entire branch of a rather large design studio shut down in SF. So... I go. I am a bit bummed out. I have a friend from Rio who recently moved to Australia. I sell everything I own and fly to Sydney to my friends apartment hoping to find a design job. 24 hrs before my flight I get this random call for an interview in SF. I go... went great and then I pop the question. Can I work remotely. From Sydney, Australia. Shocked to hear. They said yes. 12 hrs later my friend was deported back to Rio because he never got a letter in the mail saying his visa was not renewed. I get to Sydney, no friend. But I loved it. Met an amazing girl from the Philippines who just came to Australia the same time on a work visa. Years later I used up every visa possible and had to go back to California. Got home. Missed her. And we have been married ever since. I am also very happy she loves pinball.

#237 5 years ago
Quoted from Shoot_Again:

Product looks good. I was checking back to see if you made something for tron.

When you do PM me and take my moneys...

We just have to find a way to fit the LED ring on a Stern. Our buddy Zitt is on it. As IJ would say... We have top men working on it.... Top... Men

#238 5 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

Hi JP how about one for The Shadow?

I guess you could stick one up your Sanctum. "just a joke, not being rude lol "

#242 5 years ago
Quoted from vader1979:

I have a request, how about some caps for DE Star Wars. I think the rebel and/or empire logos would fit very nicely on a pop bumper cap!

This should do the trick


#244 5 years ago
Quoted from vader1979:

Beautiful!! Exactly what I was thinking!

Woot! I will try and get sample cuts of all the latest concepts and add them to the store tonight. jean-luc-picard.com

#246 5 years ago

Had some issues with the Guns, the trigger is so tiny and sooo hard to weed. I have to take a needle and not breathe. Very touchy.


Star Wars 1
Star Wars 2

Demolition Man


Indiana Jones

#248 5 years ago
Quoted from vader1979:

Damn, too late to tell you... I just noticed while playing my SW that the screw holes on SW are on the left and right sides of the cap, instead of top and bottom like u have them now. If I put them on the way they are now, the bottom of the logo would be facing the left side of the cab. Is there any way to change the hole location? PM was also sent to you in regards to this.

Its all good, these are just test cut's. I can cut another one later with the holes on the right/left. But will have to wait till tomorrow I just powered down the machine.

Also, you will need to use the new caps. The caps you have now have grooves in them and it will not work with decals. As well, you may need to first make sure Williams/Bally style caps will fit on a DE.

#250 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Can you not set the cutting depth deeper and just cut all the way through, so you don't have to weed everything? Just knock the cut out parts that might be clinging straight through?

I could, but the blade would not last long. You don't want the blade to pass the backing.

#252 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

When are the GNR going to be in the store? Nice work! Make it so! Lol. I picture the captain talking when you send me emails. It's a trip.

Lol, when I type... I have Patrick Stewart's voice in my head. Only issue is the tiny part for the trigger. Would it work without that part? Otherwise I can run with it as is.

I should have them in the store sometime tomorrow.

Anyone know if DE holes are the same spot as Bally/Williams? Tomorrow I can also see if they fit, if they do I will update Vaders design to be horizontal holes and add them as well.

#254 5 years ago
Quoted from vader1979:

I also added a pic of my machine showing the caps. Does that help?

The main issue is we need to confirm that this style cap will fit on your DE. Decals will not work with the caps you have right now. you need the smooth caps like the photo attached. Tomorrow when I get home I will try fitting one on my DE Star Trek.

If anyone already knows the answer to this please let us know.


#257 5 years ago
Quoted from vader1979:

Ok, let's try this again! Looked at caps very close. The ridges are there, but they are on the inside of the cap. The top of the cap is smooth!

Oh thats right. Now I remember. In that case, you would only need the centers. I have a sticker on my DE Star Trek and the outer ring makes a really cool light refraction. However, I will need to make a new size to custom fit the DE caps since the diameter is different I think. So, I will have to get back to you with an updated DE template. Need to take some measurements.


Quoted from MJW:

I think they look fine. I understand about the trigger being so small.

Are you saying you would be ok if we removed that tiny part? I could make the trigger a bit longer but remove the part that was suppose to be the trigger guard.

#260 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

If you have to choose between the two I would leave the trigger guard on. Would be nice to have a trigger and a trigger guard but looks like that's not possible. Maybe you could post a drawing of what's possible.

I can leave it as is. Just a warning that little spot will be subject to unpredictable edges. I will use a needle to pick it out. Just won't be as super clean as other designs.

#261 5 years ago

Recent decals added to the store http://www.jean-luc-picard.com/

Vader, I will have yours added soon. Just to confirm you need all (4) designs to have the screw holes horizontal?

#266 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

Is it just a matter or repositioning the left bumper ? Can you make me one with the screw holes horizontal?

ohhh dang... Issue would be you will lose some space on the sides since the screw holes will be in the way of the guns. But I am happy to send you an updated design. I never had to do any repair on any of my bumpers. Are we able to rotate bumpers?

But maybe guns can be slung in many ways?

#269 5 years ago

It's all good. I will update the design and send you the new decal. Either tonight or tomorrow.

When you cut the ring just let one end fall. Then line up the other end on top. It is very unnoticeable however if you can you put the seam in a less visible spot. Either back or near a ramp etc.

#271 5 years ago
Quoted from vader1979:

Have you had a chance to get my Star Wars ones done yet? Also curious, could the outer ring work with that crease in the middle of it? Or would it not lie flat going all the way around? I guess only way would be to try it! You will still send the outer ring part as well correct? Worse case is I just use the center part, which is the coolest part anyways!

Had a pinball party this weekend and I am still recovering so I cant function right now. The outer ring will need to be larger. I will experiment with that a bit. I will work on it tomorrow after work.

#273 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

You sure do party a lot.

lol, I am definitely still feeling the consequences this morning. It was a good party, Baby Pac-Man had a stuck ball and the stupid key lock system wont open. Other than that, everything ran well.

EDIT: Question... Why do you say I sure do party a lot?

#274 5 years ago

Added Star Wars to the store. The out ring will now fit. I had to adjust the size, the edge on DE caps are slightly narrower.

As well MJW, updated the hole location. The gun was scaled down a bit to fit. So you will also be getting 2 new vertical ones. 3 total. Will ship them tomorrow.

#278 5 years ago
Quoted from vader1979:

Order made! Thanks for doing these for me! Will post pics when I get them installed!

Sounds great, I will send them out tonight after work.

1 week later
#282 5 years ago
Quoted from vader1979:

Here you go. DE Star Wars chrome caps installed! They look great!

Awesome! Funny I just commented on your post in the DE:SW thread. For some reason my recent activity did not push to the top and I missed I had new comments on this thread. Very happy they turned out.

#284 5 years ago
Quoted from cduvarney:

I sent you a PM, but you also asked me to add my request to this thread. As we discussed, I am interested in buying three chrome decals for my Start Trek: The Next Generation Pinball machine. I would like the logo to be the communicator from the ST:TNG episode "Future Imperfect". The logo can be found here: http://www.trekprops.de/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/commbades_5708.jpg

PM or e-mail me when the design is done and on your website, and I will immediately order three for my machine. Thanks for your work on this!

Make it so! and great idea. I will post an example on the thread as well let everyone know when they are added to the site. Thanks for the great idea.

#285 5 years ago
Quoted from cduvarney:

I sent you a PM, but you also asked me to add my request to this thread. As we discussed, I am interested in buying three chrome decals for my Start Trek: The Next Generation Pinball machine. I would like the logo to be the communicator from the ST:TNG episode "Future Imperfect". The logo can be found here: http://www.trekprops.de/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/commbades_5708.jpg

PM or e-mail me when the design is done and on your website, and I will immediately order three for my machine. Thanks for your work on this!

How about this?


#286 5 years ago

Star Trek TNG - Future Imperfect Logo is now added to the store.


#288 5 years ago
Quoted from NextoPin:

Future Imperfect Logo

Quoted from NextoPin:

Don't be so hard on yourself, I think it looks great!

lol, funny

#290 5 years ago

Awesome Thanks for sharing, very happy they worked out!

#292 5 years ago
Quoted from MJW:

MJW said:
GNR pics. Very custom thanks to jean luc. Thanks for making it so

image.jpg 136 KB

oops, cant see your comment or photo. Think pinside messed it up.

2 weeks later
#293 4 years ago

In the process of making decals for Star Trek 25th. Put on just the out-ring with the stock sticker and it looks pretty cool.