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Tell Us About Your Avatar(s)

By Pecos

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I see Pinsider's avatars and often wonder what they mean. So, please tell us, if you are so inclined, what your avatar(s) mean. If there is a backstory, I would love to hear it.

For those who must, since I know that it will happen anyway, post a pic of your Stern 'James Cameron’s Avatar.' Some of us will appreciate the humour.

I'll start with my avatars:

This is my favorite. This is a Round-Tailed Ground Squirrel baby who posed for me on my garden hose. The garden hose is bigger than she is and that branch of seeds on the Bermuda grass looks like a palm tree in this close-up picture! This was taken with a Fujica 35 MM camera.

baby_ground_squirrel_540x480 (resized).jpg

baby_ground_squirrel_hose_lg (resized).jpg

This is Pecos. I got him as a pet in college and was the best pet I have ever had. The picture was taken by a neighbor using a 35 MM camera. I write up his many shenanigans here:

ground_squirrel_pecos (resized).jpg

This is Theodore. He is a Round-Tailed Ground Squirrel born in the wild. He lost his mother and was raised from a tiny baby with his eyes closed by a local Tucsonan. If you know anything about baby rodents, then you will know that babies that small don't usually make it. I just saw Theodore a few months ago and it was a real treat to see him close-up and personal and to hold him.

avatar_theodore (resized).jpg

DSCF3003 (resized).JPG

This is a close-up of part of the playfield on Double-Up. I think it is so very amusing since Christian Marche has so very wonderfully caught the expression on the face of this motorcyclist, as he hangs on for dear life with his attractive passenger's fingers all over his face.

crazed_face_freaked_guy (resized).jpg

ride_of_his_life (resized).jpg

And finally, there have been OXO and XOX avatars. ryanclaytor made the XOX image for me. Thanks Ryan! OXO is my favorite pinball. XOX is a pinball that I have designed in homage to those to designed and built OXO.

oxo_flash_1a_avatar (resized).jpg

XOX_lg (resized).jpg

There is an article to go with these two avatars too:

Here are a few that I plan to use as my avatar in the future:

This is a baby porcupine from Africa. He was so cute, he would follow us wherever we went. When I sat down to take a closer pic, he started chewing on my tennis shoe!

DSCF3020 (resized).JPG

Here we have the largest rodent in the world. The Capybara lives in South Central America and South America. For such a large animal, she was shy the day we visited.

DSCF3012 (resized).JPG

The Mexican Scarlet Macaw is rare. It is estimated that there are only about 250 living in Mexico.

DSCF3026 (resized).JPG

Can you tell that I love pinball and animals?!

#2 3 years ago

My current avatar represents what it takes to be a modern pinball collector.

#3 3 years ago

I picked my avatar because I love the Jurassic Park movies and my first Pinball was lost world Jurassic Park.

#4 3 years ago

Mine is from the animated neon sign in my business window.

LTG : )

#5 3 years ago

Mine is my daughter when she was little .... little no more

#6 3 years ago

Speaking of there any way to see just the avatars of all Pinside members all at once and scroll through them? I want to do one for myself but I don't want to copy what someone else may already have.


#7 3 years ago
Quoted from Dayhuff:

Speaking of there any way to see just the avatars of all Pinside members all at once and scroll through them?

You can always go to that Stern dark night thread and check the first post.

#8 3 years ago

My company logo. Yeah, not super exciting.

#9 3 years ago

My avatar speaks for itself

#10 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

You can always go to that Stern dark night thread and check the first post.

#11 3 years ago

I had a friend hook me up with a great artist who designed and painted this custom Metallica Sparky - it was a really cool kind act from a more or less stranger so despite selling the game, I let his art hang out. He did not charge a penny, he just wanted to see what he could come up with.

#12 3 years ago

Painting by Jacob Rolfe for a brewery in California. I have no connections to either just like the idea of a cat playing a mouse pin.

#13 3 years ago

Mine is from the movie The Dark Crystal.
It reminds me to always keep my spirit up when I know I'm right and everyone else thinks I'm wrong.

#14 3 years ago

I enjoy beauty.

pasted_image (resized).png

#15 3 years ago

Baron Karza, evil nemesis of the Micronauts. Man, I loved playing with my Micronauts when I was a kid.

#16 3 years ago

Mario and luigi as the boondock saints

2017-10-16-20-14-19- (resized).jpg

20171016_201555 (resized).jpg

#17 3 years ago

Mine is a picture of me when I was 2 years old, pretending to read Motor Trend on my parents' pink couch. It was only pretending for another year or two

#18 3 years ago

My first one was the queen of beans from Tommy, because I like odd "deep cut" avatars:

Then it was Joey from Friends eating fried stuff with cheese, because Friends was my favorite show in high school:

And now it's Homer with a foam hat and an air horn because every time I see this image it makes me laugh:

#19 3 years ago

My Pinside handle should have been blues-n-Pinball, my two favorite things. Some people think that my handle means blue pins. My avatar is of the blues master Eric Clapton, my favorite musician. My avatar picture will change to other masters of the blues.

#20 3 years ago

Need I explain it?

#21 3 years ago
Quoted from starfighter:

Mine is from the movie The Dark Crystal.
It reminds me to always keep my spirits up when I know I'm right and everyone else thinks I'm wrong.

Arnt you falcor from Never ending story?

#22 3 years ago

I am HEP
High End Pins

#23 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I enjoy beauty.

You horny old man.... oops, wrong thread.

#24 3 years ago

I'm one of the top donkey Kong players in the world, and play in the kongoffs for world championships. My best friend (of 30+ years and tattoo artist) designed my Avatar for t-shirts I had made up for my friends and family to wear to the kongoffs. I gave him the idea to incorporate my Husker football fan side and Kong into one. It's a cool custom rendition of the dk side art.

#25 3 years ago

Until I grow tired of it and change it again, mine is Pretty Boy Floyd's new album cover.

#26 3 years ago

It's my dog, Spanky. The picture isn't photoshopped at all...she actually stuck her tongue out at me like that and I was able to capture it. Kind of fits my attitude here on Pinside so I co-opted it as my avatar. She makes an annual appearance at Pintastic New England and is much smaller in person than she is on the big screen.

#27 3 years ago

About 8 years ago I was outside of a Target waiting for my girlfriend. This couple walked by arguing and bickering. He said something and she responded “Yes you do, and you ALWAYS do Brian” in a very angry tone. When my girlfriend came out of the store, I was still laughing, and described the entire situation to her. She started saying that to me regularly (in Jest). Needless to say, the name stuck to me. She still calls me Brian sometimes. My key ring says BRIAN on it, and of course, my avatar is the coolest iteration of Brian

#28 3 years ago

Mine is a picture of me very drunk at a baseball game with my then pregnant wife who was much more sober and much less amused. I didn't really pick it for any particular reason now that I think about it...

#29 3 years ago

My son when he was around 4 or 5 playing pinball in my basement arcade. He turned on the pins and lights himself and started playing while I was at my desk working. First time he’d done that. I went down there to see what he was doing and snapped that picture as soon as I rounded the corner. Thought it was cute and cool looking at the same time. I like the way the Christmas lights are showing on the wall too.

#30 3 years ago

The most fearsome war machine in history.

#31 3 years ago

Ultima IV -- captured my imagination like no other game...spent many hours on the Apple ][ playing it, even wrote a program to extract the map data and print it out, I had a huge map on my closet door.

Added over 3 years ago: Plus I just realized it is the Quest of the Avatar!!

#32 3 years ago
Quoted from coz6:

Arnt you falcor from Never ending story?

jk1 (resized).png

#33 3 years ago

My “Snowman” avatar is used because it was always fun as a kid to make them here during the winters of northern Minnesota. Now I am making them all over again with my own three young kids and reliving some great memories of my own...

#34 3 years ago

I picked it cause I like the Martian in mars attacks. A classic movie for sure. Love the humor and it was fitting along with the game attack from mars. I think why people choose their names is interesting. I choose bonzo442 because I'm a drummer and huge John Bonham fan so I combined that with my favorite muscle car the 442.

#35 3 years ago

A buck toothed fish at the Brookfield zoo in Chicago. I thought it was pretty funny

20160706_124706 (resized).jpg

#36 3 years ago

Mine is what trolls do on Pinside. Take you on a ride on the trolllolololololololoolololol coaster.

Same avatar the entire 5.5 years I've been here.

#37 3 years ago

Simpsons + Big Lebowski - the most typical Pinside avatar EVAR

#39 3 years ago

Mines a picture of a Gamorrean guard figure I've had since I was a kid. Bought a new macro lens for my camera and was messing around and shot that. yes i know its out of focus

#40 3 years ago

Mine is the logo of Lockheed Martin.

267915AC-E2A3-4C52-B8D9-9F7E8E40F167 (resized).jpeg

#41 3 years ago

I can't stand the Raiders as I am a Bronco fan.

#42 3 years ago

Famous Mobsters Wacky Packages card, printed the year I was born.

1EC37914-111C-437F-A544-4A4AA28B1561 (resized).jpeg

#43 3 years ago

Mine is the Space Shuttle that I won for getting first in the LAX pinball tournament many years ago.

#44 3 years ago


#45 3 years ago

A Pinball

#46 3 years ago

Cubs and Grateful Dead fan. Picture of a T-shirt I bought online to wear on our family trip to Disney World during MLB playoffs last year.

#47 3 years ago

My 8 second bucking bronco.

#48 3 years ago

Because Fletch is amazing.

IMG_6754 (resized).JPG

Come on guys!!!! It's all ball bearings now a days!!

#49 3 years ago
Quoted from loren3233:

I can't stand the Raiders as I am a Bronco fan.


#50 3 years ago
Quoted from loren3233:

I can't stand the Raiders as I am a Bronco fan.

Don't worry. Even Raiders fans can't stand the Raiders.

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