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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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Post #1141 TMNT fresh out-of-the-box Issues and Fixes FAQ Posted by Stosel (6 months ago)

Post #1580 Lights rebooting on the back of the machine - FIX Posted by HookedonPinonics (5 months ago)

Post #2172 playfirlo colour differences Posted by Phatchit (5 months ago)

Post #2390 Left Outlane Fix Posted by NoQuarters (5 months ago)

Post #2457 DIY Krang Mod Instructions Posted by ABE_FLIPS (5 months ago)

Post #4037 Glider Servo DIY replacement Posted by PinHead50 (3 months ago)

Post #4120 Link to Amazon product page for replacement servo for glider Posted by PinHead50 (3 months ago)

Post #4327 Sloppy soldering at factory causing overvoltage error - fix Posted by Blackzarak (3 months ago)

Post #4374 Replacing bad glider servo with amazon better one Posted by arcadenerd925 (88 days ago)

Post #4698 Center Ramp non-registering opto fix Posted by spidey (76 days ago)

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#10 7 months ago

Waiting on the pro, my first pin.

#28 7 months ago

But we would have it in our home already lol

Quoted from Mrawesome44:

Only reason the code is so far along is because of covid. Had there been no covid the game would have shipped barebones and under .70 like most of thier titles.

#73 7 months ago

I would gladly sign an NDA to get one in my home.

#100 7 months ago

What does everyone do with old glass when you replace with hd glass?

#116 7 months ago

I’ll have to play with the standard glass and see how it is in my room and spring for HD glass later if it is too bothersome, thanks!

#173 7 months ago

Isnt that just the pop bumpers cycling till you get a match 3 for the actual reward?

Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

Anyone can explain to me how the naming of code progression works? Like 1.01... I never understood this since it seems those are just numbers- including marketing strategies. From what I understood 1.0 means the code is somewhat "finished".
I was looking at the new DF stream and saw all those dispaly errors, always when there are multiple awards like add-a-ball or bonus held...
how can this be 1.0 code? This was the case also on the reveal stream, its such an obvious bug.
just compare this to the JP 0.9 code, seemed to be much more polished.
and another thing, why is the theme song so redundant... repeating it self over and over again in so many ways aaaarrgh
it weakens the impact of the themesong in the important parts like MB... that could have been such a magical moment.
beside that, the game looks very nice, the flow looks so goooooood
[quoted image]

#256 6 months ago

They all look nice, not a deciding factor for me amongst any of them.

#297 6 months ago

A pro on the resale market already lol.

#301 6 months ago

I know, that’s what I’m saying, it sucks to have to sell something your just bought. That was more of a shake my head in disbelief chuckle about the whole situation.

#308 6 months ago

I want that whole lineup!

Quoted from holden1090:

Just got our TMNT PRO!!
[quoted image]

#467 6 months ago

I’ve heard that complaint. They might change that in a code update.

Quoted from V8haha:

Does 123 foot bug anyone else?
I’m constantly trying to progress towards a mode or multi ball and the ball rolls over 123 foot.
When that’s running you can’t progress towards anything else. So annoying!
You should be able to still hit the ramps and work towards lighting an episode.
Stern please look into this!

#491 6 months ago

123 foot locks you out from starting things, but if those things are already running it should let you stack.

This is my recollection from watching streams.

Quoted from billrz:

Sounds like the 123 foot is the same type of annoyance that the loopin supers mode on GB does . And that was put into the new code! ... I hope they figure it out. The amount of times I’m trying to finish a mode only to have looping supers start and everything else stop and immediately drain trying for supers is crazy. I just time it out now. Stern please fix before I get my le. Lol

#494 6 months ago

How’s the stern mat compared to titan?

Quoted from rodcom:

Turtle power LE 239!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

#605 6 months ago

The faster y’all get your LEs, the faster I get my pro, so I wish you the best.

#663 6 months ago

My distro just told me they are starting to build more pros now so they must be done with LEs. Depending on how many pros they are making now, could be prem on the line next week.

#849 6 months ago

Nah, they will send you a piece of metal with adhesive on it to place there. Problem is already solved no need to do development.

Quoted from Turtlepower169:

Hopefully stern sends us all a ramp with a legit built in metal piece. 9k and we have to install metal piece with tape.

#957 6 months ago

At this rate I would be happy with next week.

Quoted from delt31:

Anyone hearing about getting their pro this week? I haven't heard.... Looking like next week.

#1030 6 months ago

Pro doesn’t have diverter to load van.

Quoted from Esoteric_rt:

Is this seemingly problematic diverter only on the Premium/LE version?

#1258 6 months ago

So final battle challenge is kind of like escape nublar challenge?

#1261 6 months ago

Just don’t adopt everything from JP right? Hahaha...

Quoted from iceman44:

I love that in JP. Glad they adopted same idea in Turtles

#1432 6 months ago

New code 1.10 is supposed to do just that right?

Quoted from gawcol:

Small warning (no problem!)
Ok it was late and I immediately paniced, but I'll just tell so you know it's nothing.
After unboxing, I checked everything and before starting to play, I opened my door to put the settings, then suddenly several tech allerts appeared.
Node board 1 no communication, then node board 8, then node board 9...
Immediately took the glass out, checked all connections again, restored factory settings, I went completely nuts...
1 hour later, after I calmed down, I noticed there's the small button again next to the coin door that disables the 48v (they left it out on older spikes).
Pulled out the button and all errors immediately gone.
Just sharing coz when you're excited and unboxing, the easiest solution is not always what you think of first
Actually it would be better if it was in the code that these errors not appear when the buttons disables the 48v
When you're in the setup screen and you close and open the coin door again, these errors come and make you stressssss

#1467 6 months ago

This fast and the furious?

Quoted from FNwoz:

Has anyone done anything with the Turtles van? It would be cool it light up underneath or behind it. Maybe an led strip?

#1680 5 months ago

What’s the build date?

Quoted from freddy:

Just arrived!
[quoted image]

#1684 5 months ago

That is my hope and not a leftover from the first batch.

Quoted from MutterFudder:

Get off pinside then!
But seriously great to see the next round of pro's in the wild. Eagerly awaiting a call from my distributor!

#1689 5 months ago

That seems useful. Anyone else found a need to use this?

Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

if it doesn't work you could try this shape, it was made for tmnt
[quoted image]

#1864 5 months ago

DEA, L+R, 4L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 1L, 2R

Quoted from epichoff:

Does anyone know the deadflip code?

#1866 5 months ago

the initial to remember how many left flips, 4,5,1. The other code is ABC.

#1879 5 months ago

Put it in while you are on the attract mode. It will play a short video clip. Press both flippers, then 4 left, 1 right, etc.

Quoted from cldgin2:

What do these codes do and how and when do you put them in ?

#1886 5 months ago

What size washers are correct to put under those ball guides?

#1889 5 months ago

Thanks, so like #10 washers.

Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

I use 0.46 inch (=11,7mm) outside diameter and about 0.2 inch (=5.2) inside diameter.

#2013 5 months ago

That’s some amazon level speed delivery.

Quoted from PokerJake:

Pro just arrived today, build date of yesterday. Flawless playfield and no issues after a dozen or so games. Fun game so far but not sure of its longevity, need to understand the rules better.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

1 week later
#2370 5 months ago

Pinmonk sells that flasher cover in the US.

Quoted from FNwoz:

Your machine looks great. Do you have a drain led strip in there. Also where did you get those ramp flasher covers. I think I want to ditch the white as they are too bright. Love the powder coat too. Great work!!!

#2493 5 months ago

Which is ironic because first runs went to location where they don’t care as much.

Quoted from vireland:

You can fix the clear pooling. You're stuck with the bad print quality. I'd take soft clear issues over print quality issues all day if I have to pick a defect.
The first run pros will be the desirable ones - good print quality AND mostly or fully cured clear.

#2665 5 months ago

Finally got my pro today. Delayed a week because the driver just plain missed picking up my game lol. I must be the last one to receive a pro. Build date is 7/30, but the playfield is from 5/18!

#2667 5 months ago

Yeah, took half day off after the pin arrived haha.

Quoted from HEAD_boss_HOG:

you must be pumped !!
super fun pinball for sure.

#2759 5 months ago

Game feature adjustment #9 trough eject power, 176 min 255 max.

Quoted from djWHEAT:

Which setting is this exactly in the service menus? I found one that I thought was it, and it was set to a number (260 I believe), what did you end up setting it at? Or am I looking at the wrong setting?

#2779 5 months ago

In diagnostics, the coil for spinner motor is right before the coil for pizza magnet.

Quoted from Rob_G:

Unfortunately there isn't anything in there for the pizza spinner. The best way to test it is start a multiball.

1 week later
#3044 4 months ago

I do hit this sign sometimes. Would you be willing to make one for me and sell it to me that I can just bolt on?

Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

Yes the left orbit is a brickfest
Luckily I built a airball protector for the right ramp. There was already one person reporting of a broken ramp because of hitting the sign with airballs.
Here is my posting from earlier in this thread including an on-the-fly shot:

[quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image]

#3156 4 months ago

Check under playfield, something seems loose.

Quoted from billrz:

Does everybody’s pizza have this much movement ? While it’s not spinning. How am I suppose to level the pizza with the playfield when it has this much movement ?
I can’t add video to this thread, had to upload to YouTube. Is that normal ?

#3216 4 months ago

If you go into adjustments you can add a lair ball save. Put a couple seconds there.

Quoted from JackOfPots:

I'm having a few issues. The first is that after a successful lair shot it often drops into the inlanes and bounces for a left outlane drain. I'd love some advice for that. Can't be intended and feels very awful. The second is that I'm not sure if the glider is working as designed. If I shoot a left ramp shot to try and build glider value or anything really it jerks the glider center and makes it go to the left flipper regardless if I have it on the right side or not. Also on the glider I try to manually calibrate it and can only calibrate the center position? If I move left and right to try and select another position it just chooses center again. It's calibrated much further right than left by default and can't figure out how to adjust it.

2 weeks later
#3606 4 months ago

Just installed vireland flipper cooling kit, backhand the crap out of everything now.

#3725 4 months ago

I’ve had this problem too and does appear to be the balls being slightly magnetized. Seems to only happen to me when I take all the balls out to work on the playfield and put them back in. After manually loosening from the ball lock the problem doesn’t seem to return.

Quoted from DaddyManD:

Just got my Pro yesterday and we LOVE it! One major problem that happened twice already. The balls lock behind the van and the white post pulses too fast and won't allow the balls to drop down through. The machine then displays MALFUNCTION. Shut off machine and back on and the ball search goes on but same problem. Have to manually push down the white post with my finger to release the balls. ANyone else have this issue? I contacted Stern and distributor. Saw someone on YouTube with same problem.

#3832 4 months ago

Did same for my first one too. Just look up how to unbox that’s about it. Cliffy or something for the shooter lane if you care. Come back if you notice anything weird.

Quoted from BrotherSir:

Jumped in on a pro for my first pin. (Im)patiently waiting for it to arrive!
As my first, anything I should know?

#3913 3 months ago

Rubber per the manual is correct except if you have a star post at lair exit, as most people should, that should be 5/16 instead of 3/16

Quoted from Yoko2una:

I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Did you just go by the manual (I haven't looked in there yet) and just order the entire elastomer BoM?

Yeah, I haven't figured out what I want to do there yet. Because it's active when completing 1-2-3 Foot, Training, and Weapon, I wanted to put some sais or other TMNT weapon there, but I haven't come up with anything worthy yet.

#3957 3 months ago

So shiny can’t even tell it is there.

Quoted from vireland:

If you want the lane guides to shine, you have to remove them and buff them out with red then white rouge. I just took a cheap Harbor Freight grinding wheel and replaced the grinding wheels with buffing wheels. Red rouge on the left, white on the right. You can make lane guides mirror finish, and if you do that and get rid of the grain, ball trails take a LOT longer to reappear.
Here's a ToM I did a long time ago. It really does make the lane guides shine like chrome with a mirror-like finish.
[quoted image]
These days ball trails don't bother me that much, but if I restore another machine, the ball guides get this kind of treatment.

#4002 3 months ago

Most notable difference for me is ninja multiball start.

Quoted from Pinballnewb01:

Just installed a shaker on our TMNT Pro.
I still have to update to the newest code?
Is their much difference in it?

#4053 3 months ago

First freeze ever happened at end of turtle power multiball on 1.22 pro.

1 week later
#4242 3 months ago

In your settings it is probably set to auto, it will settle back to 2.

Quoted from joelbob:

Extra ball used to be after 2 modes and now it looks to be after 3 modes in v1.22. When did that change?

#4314 3 months ago

The stern slim tapered posts wore out earlier on my center ramp and right ramp due to many bricked shots lol, less than 500 games I think. My slings seem to be wearing out a little too, flippers seem fine, but I don’t use the low bounce.

Quoted from Yobits:

Thanks, i was thinking about getting both, but seems Low bounce will be better, waiting for LE coming in December, this is first table and its for the wife, i am in Asia so just trying to get everything i need before hand, took a long time reading through this thread lol

Yes that is what i did plan to order, although i didn't see the kit, i now see titan lists them all individually when you search by game....
But after seeing thunderbirds pic the matched colors look great to me
i may get a set of both to see how they look, i will definitely be getting 2 full sets of rubbers so i have full replacements,
are there any rubbers which wear out quicker than others ?
i think some mentioned buying more post rubbers, i assume the thin sterns are what i want not standard, or do they make some difference ?
and can anyone please tell me how many of each size silicone washers are required ?

#4330 3 months ago

I’ve had too many locked balls that were magnetized in there that cause the coil to not lower. Clear the balls out manually and check for magnetism to see if that is your issue.

Quoted from Gahendo:

Tried searching didn’t see anything. Kids turned on my premium and getting an upper lock failure. Anyone else had that? Going to take a look this afternoon.

#4431 86 days ago

They are pretty equivalent as I’ve been told. Easy install, holes are already present in the cab. Just plug connector into board.

Quoted from DaddyManD:

I am a newbie to shaker motors. DO I order Stern or Pinball Life's? Easy to install? Looks like it's worth it on the TMNT Pro from what I am reading here!

4 weeks later
#5009 56 days ago

That’s standard on pro.

Quoted from Soulstoner:

I got a TMNT Pro on Friday and it came with green T moulding already. Did they not before?

1 week later
#5093 49 days ago

That has been brought up as a bug for sure.

Quoted from BrotherSir:

Anyone else have Battle Again carrying over not just from ball to ball, but from game to game? If I end a game with Battle Again lit, then start a new game and choose Leo, it still will keep it lit. So I'm essentially getting the benefit of Mikey AND Leo (or any other turtle).

1 week later
#5156 41 days ago

You hit the 4 turtle shots in during turtle power multiball the right ramp and it gives you add a ball.

#5187 37 days ago

Yeah I used to get failed eject during multi ball with magnetized balls. Take some out and check them.

Quoted from Soulstoner:

During multiball modes, balls are having trouble launching into the shooter lane. To the point where I'm usually stuck with 1-2 balls for the entirety of the mode. Could the balls be magnetized to each other? I'm using the stock balls that came with the machine. Ejecting balls seems fine otherwise.

#5209 34 days ago

The pro has the clear plastic because the wireform is higher, premium shouldn’t have that. Pretty sure that screw should be a countersunk head screw to prevent that though. Wrong screw replaced with plastic protectors installed?

#5214 34 days ago

Promo pics of premium has a different screw there.

Quoted from PinHead50:

It’s the correct screws on a premium. That’s an odd place for the ball to land
[quoted image]

1 week later
#5409 22 days ago

Id buy that for 5100 if I didn’t have one.

#5446 20 days ago

Would still check magnetism. I had that issue, problem was magnetism.

Quoted from Norcalpin:

Exactly like that. So it looks like it's a code thing. I'm still on the original code, hopefully updating to the newest code will prevent this.

1 week later
#5547 13 days ago

1-2-3 foot combo multiplies that value of the spinner.

Bonus hold is free points. You get it now and again later.

Quoted from Soulstoner:

Couple scoring questions:
What does the foot value that is built up via the spinner apply to?
What is the purpose of a bonus hold? It doesn’t multiply with the next balls bonus, only adding to the final total, so I don’t see the point of it.

#5550 13 days ago

Spins build up that value to be awarded when you complete 123 foot. 1x for first part, then 2x,3x for the second and third shot of the combo.

Quoted from Soulstoner:

So every spin grants the value presented on screen cumulatively?

#5558 12 days ago

Aiq you will be placing and moving gems. TMNT is gonna be right up your alley for brutally quick.

Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Good stuff! I just parted with XM Pro. I'm pretty out of the loop on new stuff.. but I know I need something with 3 flippers. I'm considering TMNT, JP, or IQ. I'm a fan of brutally quick, but think I prefer something a little less demanding on the multiplier side (since I already own SW Pro). Any input on which of those may fit well (since I think you've owned all of them)?

#5600 9 days ago

Oil the pizza spinner if it is loud. Level it if necessary.

Quoted from GeekedOnPinball:

I just bought a teenage mutant ninja turtles pro. It gets delivered next week. I am wondering if there is a list of things to check that may be problematic on the machine? I’ll do a lot of the typical protections on it like shooter lane and cliffys where needed. Any areas the playfield needs protection other than the normal stuff? Any problems with any of the mechanical things question?

#5644 4 days ago

Generally if you have a shot lit on the center ramp.

Quoted from Pinash:

What conditions cause the outer orbit post to activate? There are a lot of instances where I expect the ball to travel around the orbit, but instead it's caught by the post and dribbles down.

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