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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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#17 7 months ago
Quoted from djWHEAT:

In for an LE. My first Stern LE, and my 3rd Dwight game (Munsters B&W PREM & WhoDunnit are my other two). This is a theme come true for me, and I expect it to get a ton of play with my friends and family, esp with the various modes.

Hey man! So glad to see you jumping in on LE. Any chance we will see it as window dressing or even a livestream from you on this awesome game?

Thanks for all You do.

#62 7 months ago
Quoted from MutterFudder:

Pro order waiting room. Excited to get in about a month or so!

I can just hear it now, the sweet sound of leg bolts threading into place.

#120 6 months ago
Quoted from BaxterStockman:

There's something about the multiball coming out of the turtle van that I just need that. Plus I love the art on it more.

I can't afford it, but I desperately want the balls to roll out of the van.

#123 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Couldn’t give a rats. When multiball starts, don’t care where my balls drop from. The pro looks so good. Can’t wait.

Agreed, Pro will be a blast. interested in the flipped to spinning pizza "moment". It might be more tactfully interesting.

#148 6 months ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

I don't know about yall but mine is playing brutal AF.

Yours? You got one for Ur home or do you have a location?

#177 6 months ago

I have heard folks don’t like the mystery award pop bumpers. I like those much more than having to put a scoop on the game To slow the whole thing. Excited to figure it all out!

#181 6 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Question. You guys think this game code is deep enough to last a really long time in a home? I’ve heard a few guys talk about getting through the modes already, so just curious on opinions of people that played it.

Nick from Buffalo Pinball mentioned that he, as an owner, stays away from mode based games due to the potential for them becoming stale. So, there are some that don’t like mode based games for the home.

I think linear mode based games could tire you out fast , but being able to have random modes helps add diversity. Having different characters to select at the start will provide different strategies as well as different high scores to chase. Finally the combos, hurry ups, and trainings look like they’ll offer side objectives that could be a lot of fun.

#217 6 months ago
Quoted from Xaqery:

Guys -
I am probably going to be fired for talking about this but, the PRO was way over budget.

Thanks for sharing. It does seem loaded!

#239 6 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

Just got an email from my distributor that my pro is ready for pickup . Good thing I only live 20 minutes away from him. Will report back tonight hopefully


#344 6 months ago

Going to a local venue to see the Pro today. Haven’t heard about my Pro yet. I expect I’ll get it in the next batch.

#377 6 months ago
Quoted from BaxterStockman:

It's all opinion. To me, the ball stopper on the pro is an eyesore. The glider is great.

I agree. I bought a 3d printer recently. If someone can find a way to measure the ball stopper and scan it in, I'd love to take a stab at designing something over it, or print stuff others design.

#408 6 months ago

Played approximately 18 games on the Pro at Pinball Gallery in Malvern, PA. my thoughts:

The art: cabinet , backglass and playfield are awesome, and incredibly colorful in person, and I even love the lcd animations. Lots to watch and see.

The flow: one of the fastest games I ever played. Hitting the right ramp or right orbit whips around to the upper left flipper. Upper flipper also has a repeatable orbit, Or a center ramps that feeds down to the right inlane. I was missing a lot, flipping too late, forgetting to flip or throwing it down an outline. And I love every minute of it.

Even tho it’s a Borg game, it doesn’t feel like any Borg games I’ve spent much time playing. The shots feel tight but makeable (not houdini, actually makeable). Lower left flipper sometime feels like Jail, but then you dial in the right ramp or the right orbit and you are back in business.

Scoring: This is not a high scoring machine. I think you need 10 mil to get a high score by default ... and I did not do that. I was so excited to play it, i didn't even take a picture of a score.

Overall: Great to get to pick your own turtle, which adds a variety of skill shots available. Man this game is going to take awhile to learn the shots, but it feels great and every shot I hit felt great.

Finally, the combos, weapon hurry ups, and LAIR stuff could be a game in an of itself. So much to do!

atPG (resized).jpgatpg2 (resized).jpg
#409 6 months ago

This game has a shaker motor installed at the Gallery and that thing was cooking! Every Turtle Power Multiball felt like the game was jumping out of its shell, and there were a few other episodes where I completed a shot or two and the shaker made it feel like a real payoff. So, solid, but not overwhelming shaker motor integration.

#434 6 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

What are you talking about? It is a huge hit here and arguably more than rick and morty as they've already sold way more than rick and morty has.

I had the same reaction to the post, but it is hard to compare them yet as the majority of TMNTs that have been released are on location, where as almost all R&M are in homes, so no one is doing "deep dives" on TMNT yet. Give it a month and there will be a boatload of TMNT videos/threads/posts and reviews to look through. And at the end of July, there will likely be 2-3 TMNT owners per R&M owner, but R&M won't have more than 750 owners... and can't.

#464 6 months ago

Got my Pro today!

tmntpor722020 (resized).png
#468 6 months ago

Got it in the home and streaming now: https://www.twitch.tv/habermania

minetmnt (resized).jpg
#475 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Like how you've got all bases covered, steps for the kids, stool for us old farts. Nice!

Always keeping an eye out!

#485 6 months ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:

enjoyed the stream last night. That co-op mode is going to be a blast to play with my daughter.


#486 6 months ago

Here is the video from last night’s TMNT Pro Livestream:

I’ll be streaming TMNT pretty exclusively (I only own it and Wonka)
Feel free to reach out if you want me
To show off anything specific. I have a “roaming camera” to use if you need close ups or something.

#496 6 months ago

Close playfield pics

1C51FAAE-4C68-4D36-9FDB-E1B4DE2D33FC (resized).jpeg733B401C-0FC8-47D6-81A4-44F554C1D3E8 (resized).jpeg7D589086-D0A1-4C42-8BD5-611CC165DEFB (resized).jpeg9C9F9AA0-A7B9-4486-8468-8F97E8EDC001 (resized).jpegD924DFFE-705A-4E09-B03B-6E7ED4488172 (resized).jpegF53E429E-DA42-4282-8C92-9BDBD5A2827F (resized).jpeg
#517 6 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

thanks for the images!
is this clear coat chipping?
and what is that circle?
thanks![quoted image]

I investigated the first picture. It was like plastic shavings. Must of come off the edge of a plastic that didn’t have a completely cleaned edge ... or something. They picked up immediately and came from something else.

2nd pic is the edge of the Mylar protecting the surface around the pizza spinning disc.

#522 6 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

thanks, I'm a littlebit concerned as you can see

yup, wanted to get an answer to you quickly.

#523 6 months ago

This is a #prouddad moment:

#553 6 months ago
Quoted from Xaqery:

1 2 3 FOOT combo -
- Completing 1 2 3 is a prerequisite for Cowabunga.
- Once you have 1 2 3 completed it will not light any more at ball start. So you can focus on other stuff.
- PICT O POPs may light 1 2 3. In a future release I will make it so PictOPops does not light it if you dont need it.
- 1 2 3 can be worth lots of points. The spinner builds the value. The first shot awards 1X, the 2nd 2X and the 3rd 3X the value. So thats a total of 6X whatever shows on the FOOT symbol of the UI.
Multiball difficulty -
I will add adjustments so that the two main multiballs can be made harder if desired.
Thanks for the feedback!

I appreciate this. Would there also be the possibility for MultiBall High Scores, as well as potentially how many episode a player completed for their high scores? I was always fun to see high scores based on progress in the arcade games, showing you that you might now I have the highest score, but you did progress further than someone else on the scoreboard.

I wonder if there is also some way to better communicate that foot value on the spinner = values in 1-2-3 combo. Many a call out at particular milestones? This may be in the game already.

#565 6 months ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

I started just aiming for the corner of the Splinter target in the LAIR lane and I'll either brick the shot 8-10 times in a row or I'll hit it 3-4 times in a row.

Didn’t think of aiming for Splinter . Gonna try that.

Found a little success from left flipper trapped, subtle flip to get ball moving. And then flip ball backwards into lair, holding flipper open. No need to flipper release as ball generally doesn’t reject .

#806 6 months ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

What kind of scores are you guys seeing? Is 70 million decent? Anyone break 100?

I am just breaking 30mil in the Pro.

#825 6 months ago

Speaker kit and vireland quiet fan kit installed. Quiet fan is awesome. Green looks great.

FA2F995D-BFAA-481B-BF7F-3F154081BA59 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#1219 6 months ago
Quoted from djWHEAT:

Thanks to everyone for the tips on the LE Diverter into the Van. I am #484 and my diverter was definitely eating into the ramp (there was a noticeable mark). I ran my fingers over the side of the ramp and it was rough. I decided to break into my wife's crafts and grab some felt (thick enough to protect the ramp, but not thick enough to effect the ball). .

Gotta love those crafty wifeys! They teach us how to mod!

#1289 6 months ago

Here is the reveal of the Final Battle Challenge mode in code 1.1 update:

uploading to Youtube Now...

Annotation 2020-07-21 211058 (resized).png
1 week later
#1671 5 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

How are owners feeling about this game long term as far as depth? Looking at tmnt and jp2 as my next game but want one that’s going to be challenging long term. Opinions on pro vs premium on tmnt also?

I think JP has more depth but at my skill level I might not ever be solid enough to see it all. TMNT is a little more straight forward. There is such variety in what to shoot for, it will take time to identify what to do and if there is anything to avoid. I am about 100 or so games in on TMNT and loving it. It has Iron Man speed and difficulty, with GoT depth. I think both games are winners. I prefer the more kid friendly TMNT with easier Multiballs and rules and added co-op over JP (JP is jut a little less attractive to look at and have as furniture in your house.)

#1713 5 months ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

Hi Folks
I know the game is new but ....
For a Prem vs a Pro
Are the rules solid enough where the Pro stands alone or is the premium/le the true way this game is to be enjoyed

I have a Pro and planned to upgrade to a Premium.... but:
Due to the reported issues with the diverter, the problem with the mechanism that is locking balls in the turtle van, and the software getting confused when its staging balls in the van, I am sticking with the Pro. Tons to do, shots take time to learn. Great variety in strategy and shots. And the Pro is more difficult due to the lack of a diverter, so it may have longer playability b/c it wont be as easy to reach the end game.

#1791 5 months ago

250 games on a Pro at home and spent the weekend with a buddy that generally only plays pinball at my house.

We played for about 4 hours, mostly co-op and some a Final Challenge and he got some solo games in it.

One thing he said:
If you lose your patience with this game, it will eat you alive. If you are thoughtful about each shot and each reaction, it is very rewarding.

I thought this was a nice bit of insight from a new player on the game.

1 month later
#3820 3 months ago

Still Loving my Pro since the July 2nd delivery date. about 350-400 games. recently waxed and cleaned and began swapping out rubbers for titan pinball rings (GotD). Looks good and plays wicked fast.

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