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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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Post #4698 Center Ramp non-registering opto fix Posted by spidey (74 days ago)

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#68 7 months ago

Shoots good, very wonky feeds so it takes time to get used to. Rules aren’t clear at all, it’ll come in time.

0A22C0D1-2289-4638-81C3-5089EFB7A2CE (resized).jpeg
#93 7 months ago

So more I played and slept on it. This is going to be a very popular game. It’s a pretty fresh experience honestly. Good to see stern put out a game that feels well rounded

#96 7 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:


Hell Yes!!!

You chose wisely. What a hell of first pin!

it’s the best pro they’ve done, not many pro games have much in the sense of a light show

#105 7 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

I know you're a fan of Pinstadiums Robert, what do you think for TMNT?

Yes, when it goes into certain modes it’s a dark game and the art is great, so vision is nice. Again just preference

#210 6 months ago

This should be an excellent game for mods. I do hope we steer from the action figures though. I should have an LE hopefully next week or this week. I’ll post pictures and I’ll coat the speaker panel and coin door for reference

#295 6 months ago

Mmmmm pizza time

2A95B5FC-4829-4810-AF8C-D35427194246 (resized).jpeg
#312 6 months ago

Y’all trying to convince your self the pro is the best option. You crazy, I’ve played both and the premium/LE is the way to go. Diverter is cool and useful, the van is kick ass and a fun shot, light show is way better, I was really shocked how much I like the Krang toy. I thought it was lame but in person it’s kick ass. Only negative for premium is the diverter does cover some play field and can block view. Nothing terrible just an observation. The LE is the best art package. I’ll coat the speaker panel, coin door and such soon. Blue looks way more saturated for some reason on my phone than in person.

181EFDE2-1659-4794-9B2F-4DC61FF20C9F (resized).jpeg5ADAB34B-99B9-492F-AD25-702565FCE317 (resized).jpeg5D2794A0-ED83-4B14-91A3-8F8A80DD80CD (resized).jpegA4C57A61-73A1-4D43-9495-982D6AAE3798 (resized).jpeg6FAC1D67-58BA-49D0-85EF-6446B1D13903 (resized).jpeg9B724EAE-FA13-43E2-80BA-E1A56904C8C8 (resized).jpegF121B6F0-1F26-4682-A6CE-BCEC7BD40990 (resized).jpegF6841679-9544-432B-871B-531001CB508C (resized).jpeg
#366 6 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

You're a nice fella, and I'm happy you're happy about your purchase, but the light show is the same, 8 balls vs 6 is sorta a negative to me, and the art package is an opinion. I vastly prefer the pro vs LE art package. But if you're happy, then that's all that matters.

I played the pro and it’s the best stern pro in a long time. I just think people who really really want this game to wait and play a premium before they jump into a pro. I’m completely for what makes you happy

#379 6 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

I mean, 1800 dollars more for almost nothing worthwhile. But I assume your question was rhetorical. I have no horse in this race as I own nor bought either version, but the diverter and ball lock are not worth 1800 to me. The diverter looks ugly and covers the playfield, not to mention it's on the lockdown bar. 8 ball multiball is chaos. 6 is even daunting. And the spinner going both ways? I just don't see why I would spend the extra for that.
Honestly if you're gonna spend higher prices, why not just get a jjp? I say tmnt pro looks to be maybe their best value yet.
With that said, I feel most games you SHOULD do premium. Twd, jp2, sw are all no brainers for me. But even that is debated.

Really what it comes down to is personal value. I love pros. I’ve bought several games pro version,Then after playing a few weeks, I liked the game so much that I wanted the full game. It’s like tv shopping your gonna enjoy it cause you picked it out. Are there better tvs or what ever out there, sure but when you don’t have them side by side really the comparison isn’t there, play whats fun. If you think your really gonna love the game check out the premium and LE. I honestly only bought the LE for the art otherwise I was going pro, when I got the LE I was just surprised I liked the in Game changes.

Let’s just be happy that we had a great game released

#538 6 months ago

I really hope they come up with an option to cancel multiball. Pizza ball is a little too easy to fire off

#548 6 months ago
Quoted from Xaqery:

1 2 3 FOOT combo -
- Completing 1 2 3 is a prerequisite for Cowabunga.
- Once you have 1 2 3 completed it will not light any more at ball start. So you can focus on other stuff.
- PICT O POPs may light 1 2 3. In a future release I will make it so PictOPops does not light it if you dont need it.
- 1 2 3 can be worth lots of points. The spinner builds the value. The first shot awards 1X, the 2nd 2X and the 3rd 3X the value. So thats a total of 6X whatever shows on the FOOT symbol of the UI.
Multiball difficulty -
I will add adjustments so that the two main multiballs can be made harder if desired.
Thanks for the feedback!

Not to pick but can we also get a more notable que when a topping is collected or the ability to collect more toppings and a cancel on the multiball for a risk reward? You can only cancel once etc

#567 6 months ago

Speaker panel, coin door, shooter all done to match the LE finish. Also installed dougs speakerlightkits.com have it cycling all the turtle colors

1F0F2E6E-106A-417E-B44F-1A8EDABA1845 (resized).jpeg475298C5-3612-480B-B0D6-7D39FC3EAA47 (resized).jpeg69D238EA-4037-4E70-8EC9-9A9C7454149F (resized).jpeg7397CC8F-BCC2-428F-81F4-840B6E92C2B9 (resized).jpeg9C15E349-2218-4BD6-AD79-71E91B190983 (resized).jpegA2ABC9BC-1F15-4352-8ADD-C2F013F6BBC1 (resized).jpegC604CBF5-9982-4E13-A03F-984CB725B7F7 (resized).jpegD4DFD32E-1913-42EB-85E3-6D1FAD2136C7 (resized).jpegD778D5E5-8150-4A57-91EA-316DA392719C (resized).jpegE1FAF77A-0B4A-40B2-B80B-64FA70BFF9E1 (resized).jpegED4E26B8-0FD0-4466-9FEE-3E3E9C83AA6F (resized).jpegF733F689-6437-4612-8255-1799F759AD28 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#872 6 months ago
Quoted from protocol_j:

Any advice on solving my airball problem?
A shot directly to the right-side stand up target at the entrance to the left ramp sends the ball into the training sign, off the glass, over the lair and down the left outlane.
I adjusted the pizza wheel, which seemed a tad low, to be completely flush with the play field but this doesn’t seem to help.
Is it smart/safe to bend that stand up target bracket forward a couple degrees?

Yeah you can bend it forward few degrees and use common sense. I’m guessing you’ll need a switch adjustment too, once you shift it. I’m not really having this issue so if you don’t mind take a picture and we can compare any differences in our games

#981 6 months ago

So I think you guys are going to be even happier with the new update on the code. I still feel it could use some more polishing as far as score balancing goes but a very nice addition to what’s already a great game. I know this maybe an unpopular opinion but I think this game is better than JP

#1169 6 months ago

Me and my buddy came up with these for Elvira. We will have a set here in the next few days for turtles to match the art on the game in green slime. Would you guys want similar cut outs on these so that the protector doesn’t change the color of the art? Or solid? Also I think he sells these on the pinside shop and eBay for anyone asking. The dripping will be a differnt art more to match the game then a rehash.

0D8F75A3-C730-403F-B04E-F57D3F6F72B4 (resized).jpeg419D3266-6766-4BD2-8270-9A5B5E5D4BFE (resized).jpeg54122BF0-65B2-4C86-8F3C-53B31472AA8E (resized).jpeg86DA3083-AE8A-4212-B778-EB5786ADA76E (resized).jpegAE157488-7C0E-429F-BDB9-D9917C74EC70 (resized).jpeg
#1181 6 months ago

Got these ready to go they are in fluorescent green. I’ll have some installed pictures next couple days. Once I verify they fit and we are happy he will be selling these on the pinside shop

65BF887F-182B-4C07-8744-485E13255FD7 (resized).jpeg
#1355 6 months ago

Plastics installed by silver ball design and they are excellent. They look amazing in person

165DE996-F297-4042-9904-D38204748707 (resized).jpeg3EC63C56-971F-49A1-8B60-9C707CB3FBB4 (resized).jpegBCDACE18-839D-48A6-A8BC-B0F339218088 (resized).jpegCD28C7C7-8775-4F5C-82DB-20F7D396A2A0 (resized).jpegDB7319BB-DDD2-4951-9D0A-8C62823509C3 (resized).jpegDD9AF5E3-8F16-4092-99AD-24D14CB8A84F (resized).jpeg
#1443 5 months ago

Anyone else having an issue where the game is locking too many balls into the van? Mine has done it a few times and the diverter can’t close cause it has too many balls in the diverter

3 weeks later
#2426 5 months ago

My LE gilder motor quit working, every time I hit the center button it would do a mode board test and the lights would flicker. If you have this move the glider to the middle and unhook it from the playfield. My motor ended up shorting out and was dragging my node boards down. Just a heads up if you see it. Contacting stern to see what the replacement options are

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