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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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#6 7 months ago

All in on the Premium. It’s just a shame I have to wait until August.

#85 7 months ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

- Polished some of the lcd art and animations

I am glad to see that the LCD animations are being polished. That April animation looked awful. Super pumped for my Premium.

#92 7 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Oh boy..... Stern just delivered possibly the most loaded Pro Model ever made, with dynamite theme and look, AND it’s code complete (V1.01) at launch?!?!?!
SDTM Unboxing and First Impressions very soon...stay tuned...[quoted image]

Can wait to get my Premium from you.
I constantly look to see if there is new content online so I will be looking forward to your unboxing video.

#119 7 months ago

I just got my mousers in and think they will look good scattered around the play field. Was a little worried about the size but I think they will work great.

image (resized).jpg
#128 7 months ago
21D68C2A-2F27-4155-8FAD-FB64CB08BA3D (resized).jpeg
#197 6 months ago

I do hope to see more Premium love soon. I am not one to second guess myself but all this Pro love is giving me some apprehension. I am sticking with my guns though. I know they haven’t been seen yet but I am sure they will worth the wait.

#268 6 months ago

Just ordered this to enjoy while I set up my New TMNT when it comes in. Cowabunga dudes!

2E285DEF-6D1C-4D00-A10B-80BA3B81AE89 (resized).jpeg
#347 6 months ago

Can stern please just start on the Premiums. I want to see some behind the scene photos of my new machine so can show my daughter a picture of the assembly line and say the one in the photo is hers.

#386 6 months ago

Let’s see more pics of TMNT in the wild!!!

#436 6 months ago
B3295285-F693-4A34-9F3A-AAE9829B51FD (resized).jpeg
#484 6 months ago
Quoted from Thegeekyhusband:

Got it in the home and streaming now: https://www.twitch.tv/habermania
[quoted image]

enjoyed the stream last night. That co-op mode is going to be a blast to play with my daughter.

#508 6 months ago

Just want to let everyone know that I spoke with Stern personally and I convinced them to run the TMNT premiums next. So those who are waiting on your Pro sorry. Lol.

#513 6 months ago
Quoted from kh39540:

You serious Clark?

Just doing my part.

#645 6 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

Pretty pumped - just sent in my money for a premium. Should be here in 2 weeks.

That gives me hope for my Premium coming before my daughter’s birthday.

1 week later
#949 6 months ago

Has anyone streamed a TMNT LE yet?

#953 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yep. Jack dangers reveal stream was on one, spacecitypinball did one last weekend, I’m sure there are others.

I thought the reveal with Jack Danger was on the Pro. I will have to check that out thanks.

#979 6 months ago

I totally forgot about that Video. Thanks for the reminder. I am going stir crazy waiting on my Premium.

#1133 6 months ago

I am trying to wait patiently for my Premium.

6ED328CB-87E1-4683-8577-D58F987C812E (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#1376 6 months ago

I would love for the premiums to be ready sooner rather than later but I would like to see Stern fix some of the issues they are having first. Good things come to those who wait.

#1487 5 months ago

Are they done with the LE run yet? I would love to see the Premiums hit the line.

#1640 5 months ago

Even after seeing all the issues again with the clear coat I am still excited as hell for my TMNT. I know that doesn’t help with the whole boycott Stern for having bad Playfields. I do hope they get some stuff straighten out by the time the Premiums roll out but I know the clear coat will be a gamble. Cowabunga!

#1645 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Haha. A covert way to say you're out?

Lol no I am still all in for my Premium. I just want some of the hardware issues to be solved before they hit the line. Wishful Thinking I know.
Let’s just hope Stern is keeping an eye on this thread and takes some notes.

#1748 5 months ago

This is what Stern said on Facebook.

Hey everyone!

We have been getting a lot of inquiry here about the status and availability of TMNT premium.

TMNT premium is currently slated to go into production in mid August, approximately two weeks from today. Of course, like all things, this is subject to revision or change.

We have communicated this already to every authorized Stern Pinball retailer in the world, so to anyone who is ever wanting the latest information about availability and expectations your dealer is actually the first and most definitive source to reach out to!

Thanks again!

1 week later
#2064 5 months ago

One week to go before the Premiums hit the line. The next couple will of weeks will be grueling waiting for my pin.

#2153 5 months ago

That is crazy they let that t-molding get through. Are they color blind?

#2199 5 months ago

I just got hit up for payment on my Premium. Looks like they will be in the wild soon. Super excited but I hope all is good with the QC. Cowabunga!

#2389 5 months ago

Premiums come out to play-ay! Premiums come out to play-ay!

62F19A9F-3560-4BC4-A18F-914694B9C72B (resized).jpeg
#2682 5 months ago

Just got my Premium in and the artwork looks bright and crisp. No pooling that I can see and it has the artwork under the star post with a washer. After work I will finally get to flip it. COWABUNGA!!!!

#2715 5 months ago

This game is totally radical!

B4FA1C2B-2AAE-4445-887A-3DF0A79A6AB0 (resized).jpeg8E7621CC-F44F-4304-82D1-47526D6B62F6 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#3240 4 months ago

Is anyone shellshocked about the new release of the Avengers? I for one am happy with my choice. I love My TMNT and it looks good next to my IMDN.

#3242 4 months ago
Quoted from Jakers:

Avengers does look like a fun game, the theme just doesn't appeal to me personally. That subway sure would look good in TMNT though.

I have never been an Avengers fan but I do love me some ramps and it has it in spades. I will wait about two years and get one. Who knows what they will come up with next by then.

#3245 4 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

I will get one but not sure what model. I have a tmnt LE which is the most I’ve spent on a pin so not sure what to do. I’d love an avengers LE but they are so expensive. The tmnt le i think looks a lot better. I’d assume we end up with a premium. I think the premium is a better choice than the pro. LE would be awesome if you have the cheddar for that one.

I agree on the premium being the winner of the three models. I don’t know if I am the only one but Captain America’s looks like he has a underbite or something at the bottom of the playfield.

#3258 4 months ago

I am not a big Avengers fan but I do love me some TMNT. I believe the theme of your game has to speak to you if your going to spend that kind of money and mine screams Cowabunga!

#3283 4 months ago

I just had my best game last night and only got 52mil. I have a lot of work to do to get the Cowabunga Wizard mode. Lol. I think it’s going to be like battling the beast in IMDN. Impossible.

#3439 4 months ago

Is it just me or did TMNT get more exciting after the reveal stream and Avengers got a lot less exciting?

#3444 4 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Regardless of Avengers, there is no denying the excellent game that John, Dwight and the rest of their team provided us with. I am very happy with my TMNT LE.

I very much agree I love my Premium. I just wish the topper wasn’t such a miss.

#3496 4 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Why? They are two independent games.

I am not saying the games are alike or one will be better then the other. I am just saying after watching the fist stream on both games. I came out of the TMNT steam with a bigger smile on my face then I did with AIQ.

#3586 4 months ago

This game is kicking my ass. I have it kinda steep but dang. SDTM all night. I haven’t rage quite in a long time but I did tonight. Tomorrow is a new day and I plan on making TMNT my B!@$h. Sorry for the rant.

1 week later
#3852 3 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

I'm going to ask an incredibly stupid question here: did they make the pro version of this too good? I see very little incentive to go premium on this machine.

I love my Premium and probably biased but here is why I think the premium is worth the money.

The Van is awesome when the multi ball stars. I can see how that’s not a big future but it was a must for me and it helps with the theme integration.

The diverter is fun and is more aesthetically pleasing then the pro’s ball lock. The extra mode isn’t that cool but hay it’s there.

The pizza spinner spinning both ways is a little bigger of a deal then some people think. I haven’t played the pro but I would assume that the disc spinning both ways would help with the left out lane drains. It also adds a little more randomness.

The cabinet art work is a personal choice but I like the premium’s side art and back glass better as well. The Krang bouncing while taunting you is a nice touch.

1 week later
#4115 3 months ago
5B4B17D0-3759-4716-92A4-185256F7BD4C (resized).jpeg
#4192 3 months ago

I just ordered a signed translite by Zombie Yeti off of his website Zombieyeti.com.

1 week later
#4342 87 days ago

This not my pumpkin but it sure is cool.

A4E464DC-FED3-4804-9E3C-9FD58D377D21 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#4666 75 days ago

I need some help. I am about to do a Titan rubber swap and I can’t decide what colors I want to go with. I am also not sure if I should get the low bounce flipper rubber or their standard. Any ideas would be appreciated.

#4685 74 days ago
Quoted from Yobits:

i am in the same boat, i was planning on all green until i seen someones pics of matching colours in this thread, i am also getting low bounce and standard for flippers, but plan to install low bounce first, which hopefully makes things a little easier,
here is the image someone posted for multi colour, Titan already has sets listed in DB for all green and Glow in the dark[quoted image]

I was going to go with the glow in the dark but Titan is out of the of the post sleeves. Now I will probably just go all green.

#4686 74 days ago

How difficult is it getting to the back rubbers? Do you have to remove all the ramps or can you just get away with just removing the wire forms?

#4736 72 days ago

Not sure if it’s my pizza spinner or not but ever so often I shoot the pizza parlor and it doesn’t register the ball. Could this be due to the ball catching some air or maybe a bad switch?

#4757 72 days ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

I used to have this problem and it seemed to just go away, I figured a code update fixed it at some point, are you up to date? It didn't make sense for it to be jumping the switches AND the post at the end.

I haven’t updated to the latest code. I will try that this weekend. Thanks.

#4846 67 days ago
Quoted from acons017:

I fitted them on my premium. It looks good but the playfield is too busy for them to really have an impact. Would recommend art blades instead. I think it would suit the game better.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I just put some new Titans on the front half of my machine but didn’t want to tackle the back yet. Did you have to take out the ramps to get the all the rubbers in the back?

1 week later
#4992 56 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving shell heads.

FD07AC8F-C732-4EF9-9C2A-9FC55965C6E7 (resized).jpeg
4 weeks later
#5323 27 days ago

Merry Christmas everyone.

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