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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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Post #1141 TMNT fresh out-of-the-box Issues and Fixes FAQ Posted by Stosel (6 months ago)

Post #1580 Lights rebooting on the back of the machine - FIX Posted by HookedonPinonics (5 months ago)

Post #2172 playfirlo colour differences Posted by Phatchit (5 months ago)

Post #2390 Left Outlane Fix Posted by NoQuarters (5 months ago)

Post #2457 DIY Krang Mod Instructions Posted by ABE_FLIPS (5 months ago)

Post #4037 Glider Servo DIY replacement Posted by PinHead50 (3 months ago)

Post #4120 Link to Amazon product page for replacement servo for glider Posted by PinHead50 (3 months ago)

Post #4327 Sloppy soldering at factory causing overvoltage error - fix Posted by Blackzarak (89 days ago)

Post #4374 Replacing bad glider servo with amazon better one Posted by arcadenerd925 (86 days ago)

Post #4698 Center Ramp non-registering opto fix Posted by spidey (74 days ago)

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#525 6 months ago

Here I was thinking the LEs hadn’t shipped yet... I put my deposit in the day the leaked pics surfaced and sent my cashiers check two weeks ago - still no machine.

#570 6 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Im in same boat as you! Dunno if stern has finished the Le run yet....

My distributor replied and said mine hit the truck last Tuesday so I’m guessing early this week it’ll be here ‍♂️

#617 6 months ago
Quoted from TheGunnett:

#5 has arrived, Thanks to Melissa & Chris @ Cointaker!
The paint glows under my LED lights and I’m very impressed so far.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

These are the first photos that have made me happy I got an LE! It looks so good under the UV light!

I’ll admit, I bought the LE so I could get my game faster but I initially preferred the premium art and actively disliked the bright green armor. Maybe the LE will stick around after all with a nice UV light in my game room

#640 6 months ago

LE #111 is home safely and had about 6 hours of play on stream for day 1 so far.

image (resized).jpg
#642 6 months ago
Quoted from wipinball:

What's your Twitch handle? Still patiently waiting for my LE (it's hard) and I need a fix!

Today we were streaming under Pinball_With_Friends so the video is up on that channel. I will occasionally stream under ThePinDoctors too - especially if I’m doing repairs or improvements

#654 6 months ago
Quoted from Gtrefraction:

Do you think you will like TMNT more than Jurassic Park?

That’s really hard to say after only one day.

I know Jurassic park inside and out so I can tell myself exactly which shots are next in line before they’re even lit.

Also, the one thing that will likely always be better about JP is original theme music vs whatever they call that remake they used for TMNT - it’s not bad, it’s just not the original so I don’t get the goosebumps when I hear it

#655 6 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

For those who have there games in hand, how are the playfields looking and holding up? Any pooling around posts? Or major dimpling like stranger things?

I’ll start by saying I don’t understand the obsession with going over these machines so closely but with that said I gave my playfield a quick inspection this morning (because I knew people were going to ask) and on my LE it appears to be pristine

#735 6 months ago
Quoted from TheGunnett:

I really only got to play the game for about 90 minutes last night. I upgraded to the new code last night 1.04 hoping it might have been a bug but it did not help. Several times after “TurtlePower” multi ball mainly ( could be both Multiballs) but after the Multiball the next time I hit the ball up the right ramp it locked in the van and ended my ball.
It actually happened on the launch of my 2nd or third ball where it immediately went into the van and didn’t even allow the ball to relaunch with the ball save still flashing.
Is this a software bug or possibly something wrong in my setup or an opto?
Anyone experiencing this?
It’s extremely disheartening but I assume that it can be fixed easily when I understand what is actually causing it.

YES, this has happened twice to me so far

#753 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Yes - those people were fools. They paid for no reason. I can understand overpaying for TBL, Rick and morty etc....games you CANT get or have to wait a year plus to get.
JP2 LE was available way after it was released.
Buy Buy Buy!

I got my JP2 LE in late October so I’d have to say you’re right

#841 6 months ago

Anyone else’s LE drop the turtle power balls straight down the middle immediately? Is there an adjustment I need to make to get them to hit at least one of the flippers?! lol

#961 6 months ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:

Has anyone streamed a TMNT LE yet?

I streamed mine last Tuesday when I got it

#966 6 months ago
Quoted from Crater:

Well I've had my pro for about a week now.
WOW... I am just floored by how far this code is already. The game is really a lot of fun, and I can see how it would appeal to a wide range of skill sets.
I have played a ton, and had a few notes on the game that I thought others might benefit from.
- The multiballs are really interesting right out-of-the-gate. The Turtle Power multiball is so cool because you can keep it going by collecting all the turtles and hitting the right ramp to add another ball. The Ninja Pizza Multiball is also cool because the toppings really do create a different type of multiball scoring and so you have to alter your game to really go for the points. Just really cool.
- I like how many different paths there are. Training and Leveling your character, the foot spinner and the 1-2-3 foot combo shots, the weapon hurry ups, etc... there's so much going on, and I find I want to reach the end on all of them.
- The episodes are just a ton of fun. I feel like they are interesting and not just "all shots are lit... hit them all". Each one has a slightly different progression and it really makes it fun to choose your episode. Also, I love the 2 locked episodes that can only be reached by playing the one that precedes it.
- When you hit that Krang Combo, it is one of the most satisfying combos in pinball for me personally. It just feels good.
- The playfield is mean (in a good way). I love games that really make you slow down and think about risk/reward for every shot.
- Co-op mode is GREAT. My girlfriend is always frustrated when we play together because I've been playing pinball for most of my life and so I sometimes get large scores. Now she is actually getting into the game and learning rules to pinball because we can progress the game together in a co-op fashion rather than me shooting-the-moon every time and her getting frustrated with her skill level. She also likes the chance to put her name into the high-score board.
- I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone about how stunning this machine looks...between the artwork and the lighting, it's just a masterpiece.
- I could go on and on, but I think I'll finish with the callouts in the game. They are fun and funny. I find myself not skipping animations and wanting to hear all the callouts just because I really enjoy all the voice acting and some of the good one-liners they have. It's AWESOME!
Could be improved:
-Almost all the flaws I've seen are software-based except one. Mind you, this is for the PRO and not the other models. The one problem I've noticed with the machine is the sideways middle ramp shot. I'm hoping someone has some advice for me on this (like flipper strength or something), but one of the objectives for the Cowabunga Wizard mode is to do a "Max Krang Combo" which is 3 upper loops and then the middle ramp in succession. It's a very difficult maneuver which I've done now twice (and that was just going for nothing else other than that combo). One of the problems is that when you loop that upper orbit multiple times, the ball really gets going and when you manage to hit that ramp afterwards, a lot of times it air-balls and just hops the sensor so you don't get credit for it... it's sooooooo frustrating because it's already difficult. I wish they would have put some sort of top-plastic over the ramp to prevent it (maybe they did and it didn't work).
The code problems I've noticed are very minor, but I'm hoping they get addressed to really polish the game:
- The "Player [1,2,3,4]" at the bottom of the screen should be reduced to reflect the actual amount of players in the game. Even if you're playing a 1-player game, players 2-4 are still shown at the bottom of the screen.
- The pop bumpers sometimes award items that you can't get in your current scenario (add-a-ball when you're not in multiball, add-time when you're not in a mode, etc...)
- The "weapon" inlane light should be visible during the animation for starting the skill shot. If you are playing Raph or Don, then the ball is about to come down the inlane and it'd be nice to know which one is lit before the animation ends rather than guessing.
- Scoring is much too Bonus-heavy right now. There's a few exploits in bonus multipliers and I think there should probably be a cap on multipliers or at least take away the pop-bumper bonus multiplier increase awards because it's easy enough to get to the top-lanes.

some good points! Didn’t think about the player 1,2,3,4 showing with less players.

I play Raph a lot and I’ll say I’m kinda confused by the skill shot - sometimes the diverter stops the ball, sometimes it doesn’t and I haven’t noticed a pattern as to why. When it stops the ball i can usually tell which weapon lane is lit, but when it doesn’t stop its impossible to predict and it just flows down to the left flipper

I will say that I find the pop bumpers are tough to get to on the LE because you pretty much to hit the orbit and it has to be in a situation when there isn’t an inner loop or center ramp shot lit because otherwise it guides the ball that way instead

#1058 6 months ago

I finally caught the "Turtle Power" lock error on camera while setting up my stream for later today - this is for xaqery and anyone else who hasn't seen it or wants to confirm that what they saw is the same.

At ~1:15 into this clip I make the right ramp to start Turtle Power Multiball but it locks the 4th ball in the van and then ends my ball. At ~5:40 into the clip I start Turtle Power Multiball in the NEXT GAME and I end up with 5 balls initially (the van balls almost always drain SDTM)


#1323 6 months ago
Quoted from Jared:

TMNT 84 Checking In.
Confirmed 587 plays in the last 9 days.
Several thousand balls have been around the game at this point.
I’m pleased with the condition of the playfield after heavy play volume. Though the OCD in me wants my collectible to be pristine, no divots or indentions are visible to the naked eye from the position of the player. Extremely mild clear coat divots are visible from certain angles when reflecting lights.
My rear ramp has taken hundreds of diverter hits while on location, it’s scraped up, but the potion that is scraped is under the cover and does not affect gameplay, so I’m OK with it for now. I’ll order another ramp if I lose sleep over it.
I pulled the game back home to get wiped down and cleaned, I’m going to paint the van door neon orange (it bothers me that the door is not orange) and adjust the diverter nut. After cleaning and waxing, I’ll put the game back out on location a while at some different places to get it some more plays.
Funny, my BKSOR LE and GOTG LE both have less than 200 plays, as I unboxed then here at the house and they have never left. I’m a busy guy, haha. TMNT has more plays than both combined in less than 10 days.[quoted image][quoted image]

I’m at 476 with HUO in 14 days lol

#1451 5 months ago

Is there a way to search within this thread and not all of pinside?!

I’m having a really hard time enjoying my TMNT LE and I’m wondering what pitch you guys who love your game are set at... I started at 6.8 because I tend to like my games a little faster but this game is so fast I’ve started to adjust down and I’m at 6.5 now but still can’t get into it. I want to love this game - help me lol

So far the only thing about this game that consistently makes me happy is the Krang toy glowing and popping up and down

#1456 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If you don’t like the game incline isn’t going to help at all.
[quoted image]

I’m just hoping fixing the pitch will fix the flow.

I love my JP but when it isn’t setup correctly it’s almost impossible to play. If it’s balanced and at 7.0 it plays like a dream

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