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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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#283 6 months ago

Just got a call from FedEx Shipping that our LE arrives tomorrow! Cant wait

#388 6 months ago

LE 202 set up in the house. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks to Zach and Nicole at FlipNOut pinball. Awesome service!!

20200701_134747 (resized).jpg20200701_135013 (resized).jpg20200701_131804 (resized).jpg20200701_134750 (resized).jpg

#405 6 months ago

So after playing the LE today for about 2 hours here are my thoughts...... FREAKING AWESOME! Congrats to Stern on this one. They really should feel extremely proud on this game. Checks all the boxes and is a homerun. Looks amazing, shoots amazing, the code is very diverse with lots to do, the call outs are fun, the music is fun...It's just an all around fun game. Really looking forward to getting use to all the shots on it to really make this a flow monster. Two shots that are difficult are the side ramp and lair shot under the flipper. Was having a real hard time trying to get the ball to go in the lair. When I was watching the initial streams my concern was the game was going to be easy to get to Cowabunga.....No. Once you start playing and see all the things you have to collect...its a lot. I can say that getting the 5 April hurry ups are going to be some work. And for anyone bashing the mono targets...they are awesome on this game. Dwight really incorporated them great. They feel good and they really work well with the code. So pro vs premium arguments. You can't go wrong with any model. To be honest I would be perfectly fine with a pro if I didn't get the LE. Not once did I use the diverter....now I will say again I only played for 2 hours so I am still trying to understand the flow and code so my mind was not thinking on hitting the button. I am sure once I get all the shots down and get some strategy the diverter will become very useful. But you will be fine without it. I can't say what the difference would be with the pizza mech going both directions for I have not played the pro but seems to be similar. Krang mech is fun but of course not needed. Just adds to the whole package. I did like that I was able to stage a ball during multiball in the lair area which you can not do on the pro. Turtle van opening up is very cool but again you will be fine without it. My daughter loved it and wanted to see that more than anything so it is a very nice feature. Whatever you choose to get you will by HAPPY! Have fun everyone. If you don't have fun on this game and smile... you don't like pinball.

#417 6 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Sorry I had to. I didn’t want to be one of those people but you wrote it so many times Please know I type this with kindness intended.
Great write up and mini review. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

I made the edit! I'm an idiot sometimes. I blame it on my excitement. Thank you

#526 6 months ago

This game is special everyone! Just so much fun. My wife and I and 2 other guys streamed for about 3 hours last night and we only played coop. Couldn't get enough of it. Thanks chuckwurt for stopping in on the stream. It was a lot of fun! Game is going to be hard to get to Cowabunga. I just want to keep hitting that start button.

Here is the link to the stream. Fun game!


#550 6 months ago
Quoted from Xaqery:

1 2 3 FOOT combo -
- Completing 1 2 3 is a prerequisite for Cowabunga.
- Once you have 1 2 3 completed it will not light any more at ball start. So you can focus on other stuff.
- PICT O POPs may light 1 2 3. In a future release I will make it so PictOPops does not light it if you dont need it.
- 1 2 3 can be worth lots of points. The spinner builds the value. The first shot awards 1X, the 2nd 2X and the 3rd 3X the value. So thats a total of 6X whatever shows on the FOOT symbol of the UI.
Multiball difficulty -
I will add adjustments so that the two main multiballs can be made harder if desired.
Thanks for the feedback!

Xaqery I for one think your code design on this game is great! We are really loving it. I do not mind having multiball easy to get to for I really am only focusing on my cowabunga objectives (jackpoto Grande and 3x Mondo) when I am in those multiballs. It is nice that if I miss those objectives I do not have to grind to re light my locks. It is nice that I can easily get back in there. Your Max Krang Combo and 3x Mondo Jackpot objectives are brutal! I love it though. You took this layout and made a majority of the cowabunga objectives to be all done with combos. Great implementation and thought out. The family is loving the coop mode and we appreciate the work you and your team put into this game. Couple of suggestions/questions

1. Any tips on April hurry ups. I find this one to be a hard objective on collecting 5. I guess I am not going for the April stand up that much but I need to get in the habit of doing so for it lights a battle again which is really useful. I do like how you have to start a mode to get April going again. So I guess I answered my own question that I need to try and get at least one April hurry up per mode.
2. Let's say you have all of your objectives complete by ball 3 except for Foot 123. If you start on Foot 123 but then miss it, will there be a way other than the pict o pops to re light 123? It would be a bummer if you miss it on ball 3 and then there is no way to get to Cowabunga. Thanks Dwight!

#551 6 months ago
Quoted from jeffgoldstein2:

Code has grown on me this weekend. Nice job Dwight. Took a bit to get into but i am enjoying it a lot more!
Once you get turtle power multiball, how do you get it a 2nd time?
Also does the game have a mini wizard mode when completing any of shredders missions? Or half of the missions?

If you play thru 4 of the episodes you get into the Team Up mini wizard. Really fun mode.

#629 6 months ago
Quoted from PinballZach:

I really wanted to like TMNT (Badly) it was a dream theme for me, sold our Deadpool in advance and everything for it. I've gone to play a Pro twice now and each time I found myself "trying" to like it, but I still just can't get myself to buy. Starting episodes is strange as I know you need to hit both ramps to light it, but there is no insert or light indicating which ramp I still need to shoot to get it going. The game just seems too easy to me. I mean when you do start an episode, when you drain I noticed I was spotted the episode, without having to work my way through it to advance in the game. Again I really like the theme, but unfortunately I don't feel it was done right. Except for the art, the art is amazing!

Once you hit both ramps (indicated by a yellow insert) your start episode insert will be lit by the turtle van. That will start your modes. If you complete your modes you get bigger points and better perks going into your Team Up mini wizard mode. It also shows on the right side of the LCD which modes you completed and which ones you did not complete. I have not made it to Final Battle so not sure if the completion of those modes gives perks in that. As far as the game being easy.....Get to Cowabunga ultimate wizard mode and then let us know if it is still easy.

1 week later
#967 6 months ago
Quoted from Crater:

Well I've had my pro for about a week now.
WOW... I am just floored by how far this code is already. The game is really a lot of fun, and I can see how it would appeal to a wide range of skill sets.
I have played a ton, and had a few notes on the game that I thought others might benefit from.
- The multiballs are really interesting right out-of-the-gate. The Turtle Power multiball is so cool because you can keep it going by collecting all the turtles and hitting the right ramp to add another ball. The Ninja Pizza Multiball is also cool because the toppings really do create a different type of multiball scoring and so you have to alter your game to really go for the points. Just really cool.
- I like how many different paths there are. Training and Leveling your character, the foot spinner and the 1-2-3 foot combo shots, the weapon hurry ups, etc... there's so much going on, and I find I want to reach the end on all of them.
- The episodes are just a ton of fun. I feel like they are interesting and not just "all shots are lit... hit them all". Each one has a slightly different progression and it really makes it fun to choose your episode. Also, I love the 2 locked episodes that can only be reached by playing the one that precedes it.
- When you hit that Krang Combo, it is one of the most satisfying combos in pinball for me personally. It just feels good.
- The playfield is mean (in a good way). I love games that really make you slow down and think about risk/reward for every shot.
- Co-op mode is GREAT. My girlfriend is always frustrated when we play together because I've been playing pinball for most of my life and so I sometimes get large scores. Now she is actually getting into the game and learning rules to pinball because we can progress the game together in a co-op fashion rather than me shooting-the-moon every time and her getting frustrated with her skill level. She also likes the chance to put her name into the high-score board.
- I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone about how stunning this machine looks...between the artwork and the lighting, it's just a masterpiece.
- I could go on and on, but I think I'll finish with the callouts in the game. They are fun and funny. I find myself not skipping animations and wanting to hear all the callouts just because I really enjoy all the voice acting and some of the good one-liners they have. It's AWESOME!
Could be improved:
-Almost all the flaws I've seen are software-based except one. Mind you, this is for the PRO and not the other models. The one problem I've noticed with the machine is the sideways middle ramp shot. I'm hoping someone has some advice for me on this (like flipper strength or something), but one of the objectives for the Cowabunga Wizard mode is to do a "Max Krang Combo" which is 3 upper loops and then the middle ramp in succession. It's a very difficult maneuver which I've done now twice (and that was just going for nothing else other than that combo). One of the problems is that when you loop that upper orbit multiple times, the ball really gets going and when you manage to hit that ramp afterwards, a lot of times it air-balls and just hops the sensor so you don't get credit for it... it's sooooooo frustrating because it's already difficult. I wish they would have put some sort of top-plastic over the ramp to prevent it (maybe they did and it didn't work).
The code problems I've noticed are very minor, but I'm hoping they get addressed to really polish the game:
- The "Player [1,2,3,4]" at the bottom of the screen should be reduced to reflect the actual amount of players in the game. Even if you're playing a 1-player game, players 2-4 are still shown at the bottom of the screen.
- The pop bumpers sometimes award items that you can't get in your current scenario (add-a-ball when you're not in multiball, add-time when you're not in a mode, etc...)
- The "weapon" inlane light should be visible during the animation for starting the skill shot. If you are playing Raph or Don, then the ball is about to come down the inlane and it'd be nice to know which one is lit before the animation ends rather than guessing.
- Scoring is much too Bonus-heavy right now. There's a few exploits in bonus multipliers and I think there should probably be a cap on multipliers or at least take away the pop-bumper bonus multiplier increase awards because it's easy enough to get to the top-lanes.

For the Max Krang Combo, don't worry about trying to get it all in succession. When you hit the Krang loop it lights the center ramp for the Krang combo. You have a good 10 seconds or so to hit another Krang loop and so on. So if you only make one Krang loop and miss the second one, trap up and get the ball back up to that upper flipper and try and hit it again. When you hit it a second time it saves it and you have again some time to get it up there to get a third and then to cash it in on the Center ramp. I have been getting the Max Krang Combo more often now and I have never been able to get it in 4 clean shots. Its always been hit the loop then bank, set the shot up, then bank it, then get it again, etc. I have not timed it out but I noticed you have a good amount of time to complete it.

#968 6 months ago

This game really shines in Coop mode. playing by myself on 1 player can be pretty frustrating. Getting to Cowabunga is a feat for sure. Will take a long time trying to get there by myself. Tonight my wife and I played coop for about 2 hours straight.Then my brother came over and we played coop for another 2 or so hours. A ton of fun. We were two objectives away from Cowabunga. We did get to Final Battle and that was a lot of fun. Such a great mode. This game is meant to work together and its a ton of fun doing it that way.

#997 6 months ago
Quoted from protocol_j:

Has anyone figured out the rules for multi ball modes? It's not in the rulebook and I'm not good enough to be able to look at the screen while keeping balls alive... Generally, going for lit shots always seems to get it done, but it would be great to know why.
--I'm assuming a blue lit target "defeats" a foot soldier, but it seems like this isn't always the case. Do you need to trigger 1-2-3 Foot first?
--What qualifies Super Jackpot?
--Is Jackpoto Grande the same thing as Super Jackpot?
Turtle Power-
--What's the difference between the green shots and the turtle skill shots?
--Sometimes the right ramp triggers a restart of the mode, returning all lost balls. How is that shot qualified?
--How do you get credit for Triple Mondo Jackpot? Is it just getting Mondo Jackpot three times on the same ball? Can you get it in both MB modes?

From what I understand both the Jackpoto Grande and Triple Mondo act the same in both Pizza and Turtle Multiball. To light the Mondo Jackpot (white insert at the krang loop) you need to make 6 jackpot shot in the Pizza Multiball (blue) and I believe 6 green shots in the Turtle Multiball. If you make the qualifying shots, the white Mondo Jackpot will light up. If you make that shot that will then light the red Jackpoto Grande shot at the Lair. If you make that shot you collect the Jackpoto Grande objective. To collect the Triple Mondo Jackpot you need to hit that loop 3 times when the Mondo insert is white. You do not have to hit in succession but you need to get them in a certain time period. I have not timed it out but it gives you a good 7-10 seconds before you have to light it again I believe. I think it is similar to the Krang combo.

#1196 6 months ago

We are currently having an issue with our Turtles. Every 10 seconds the back half (prob 30%) of the playfield goes black and seems to cycle thru all the lights. Anyone else encounter this. Pulled the playfield up to see if any loose connections but don't see any. I can post a video of what it is doing if that will help.

#1230 6 months ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

For the "glider moving left all the time" issue, I was able to isolate it down to the servo board itself (I think it's called that). Originally my playfield lights at the top part of the playfield would go out in 10 second intervals, the disc would grind. Eventually this bricked my 9A5 and Node 9 boards. Got replacements sent, installed them, disc works fine, but the same 10 second issue started occurring again. Have another replacement part incoming which hopefully will fix the issue.

This is what we are dealing with at the moment. We have emails with Stern trying to fix the issue. Our back lights are going out every 10 sec and you can hear the glider diverter trying to move. Makes a clunk noise and the lights go out and do a flicker. In the test menu when you try and test the glider diverter the lights will go out and then flicker back on. I guess the game will be down until we get a replacement board.

1 week later
#1478 5 months ago
Quoted from billrz:

Added couple more toys. But there’s not much room for anything. This is maxed out for me. I think it’s great,casey Jones isn’t perfect,but he’s a favorite character of mine,and he’s in the game! Splinter above the lair, and a foot soldier climbing out of the sewer on his 123 combo shots!! Perfect ! First day alone with my new LE. Omg it’s so perfect,didn’t have to adjust anything,small scratch from diverted on ramp,but it looks like they remedied that on mine at least (build date July 16). My turtle power light is on when it shouldn’t be,and the Michalangelo shot under the van stays lit when it’s not suppose to be (I’m pretty sure anyway). Great game !! Ps. No idea why these pics upload sideways . Sorry
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

The turtle power insert should be lit. You have to make the shot 4 times. On the 4th time it will be blinking to let you know that its ready for multi ball

#1551 5 months ago

LE 202. Hard to see due to lighting but def have pooling occurring by our Lair shot and down by the drain. Apron is too tight down there and digging in. With further inspection we now have chipping in the lair area. Not significant but def frustrating....

20200728_211216 (resized).jpg20200728_211340 (resized).jpg20200728_211244 (resized).jpg20200728_211322 (resized).jpg20200728_211803 (resized).jpg20200728_212109 (resized).jpg20200728_212725 (resized).jpg
#1580 5 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

It’s a shit show man. My JP2 LE and NST LE don’t have this so why do they keep regressing on this? Have you emailed Stern?

I have not. The game is sitting like a brick right now since we are waiting on a new glider mech since ours stopped working and it effects the game by turning the lights off every 10 seconds and does not stop the ball at that place anymore. I don't have much trust in Stern to fix the playfield due to their inability to fix the hundreds of other playfields out there.

#1597 5 months ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

can anyone tell me how to get the krang max combo ? this was the only thing that i need.
for pro modell: is the use of the button on the lockbar only for ball launch and pizza eating ? i see it sometimes flashing during multiball, but not sure if it do something ?

You need to hit the Krang loop 3 times and then hit the center ramp to collect the max krang combo. It does not have to be in one combo. I have not timed it out but you have a few seconds to hit the loops before it restarts.

1 week later
#2087 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

After owning this game my assumption is no question correct - the speed on the ramps is way too fast to effectively use the diverter. It's actually so fast that just handling the ball is sometimes challenging. Just fyi based on owner experience
Thank you Stern for saving me money!

The point of the diverter is to not make the change when you have already made the ramp. You need to trap up first and plan your next shot. From a trap is when you need to decide how you want the diverter to feed your ball. It works great this way.

#2334 5 months ago
Quoted from Waxx:

If you guys haven't changed the setting for LANE CHANGE BATTLE AGAIN then you should. It feels much better to change the ball save with the flipper buttons than to have the sling change it off the slide it immediately rockets out through (nice ball save).

I didn't even know you could change it! I love changing the ball save by flipper on my TNA. Such a great feature.

#2536 5 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

The game is so hard, its just frustrating every time. I made i to the wizard mode two times.
Brick shots everywhere, just tell me one save shot... not even talking about the left outlane.
The code makes it not rewarding and with all those hurry ups interupting episodes (sound) i do not feel connected to story.
What i also really miss is the kinetic satisfaction, not even close to JP2 or DP. I want do FEEL the game.
I am sure the game will drop down the top 100... I really wanted to love this game. I will wait for the next code update but you cant fix physics, just code.
just some info how you get the Extraball (super boring)...
Take Michelangelo plunge around the orbit hold up the upper flipper and the ball will hit the pizza target, let it drain.
Ballsave, repeat. On the 3rd ball shoot the ball lock, plunge around the orbit again and get your pizza slice, repeat until multiball.
Everytime you lose a ball make the orbit plunge and collect a pizza slice. you can only collect in between modes.
with 14 slices you light your EB... boring but the extra ball will help you for mode progression.

So you are saying you made it to Cowabunga 2 times already?

1 week later
#3038 4 months ago
Quoted from Jakers:

Yes, it is on a premium. I just went into the glider test menu and sure enough, when I move the glider the back half of the GI pulses a bit. It doesn't go out and reset but the back half definitely pulses like it looses a bit of power. That's so frustrating and it also looks like there's no option to disable the glider. Is it possible to unplug the glider (while it's in the middle position) and still play the game? I've only played 8 games on this thing. I'm still on code 1.11. Haven't had a chance to update yet.
lapsedgamer what was your final fix for the problem?

The fix is to have to get a whole new glider assembly. You need to reach out to Stern and let them know the issue. They will then have you go thru your Distributor to make the claim. It was about a 2.5 week process for us....Very responsive from Stern but just took awhile with shipping and what not. You can unplug the glider from below the playfield for now but not sure if you can center it thru the test menu if it is out on you. Best thing to do is completely remove it from your game.

Edit: I am not sure if unhooking the glider will fix the back half GI going out on you though. I just kept playing the game with the broken assembly while waiting for the new assembly. It was annoying though have to deal with that.

#3041 4 months ago
Quoted from Soulstoner:

Still waiting on my TMNT Pro in Canada. Anyone in Canada receive theirs yet?
Seriously considering shifting my deposit over to Iron Maiden or Jurassic Park and getting TMNT next year instead. Is that even possible, or is the deposit already paid directly to Stern?

That's up to your Distributor. Ask them if you can move your deposit. You will prob be waiting just as long for those games as you would for TMNT. Everything is on backorder right now on all latest releases.

1 week later
#3312 4 months ago
Quoted from shaub:

Yeah, I totally agree. I feel like the game is pretty much what it's going to be and I enjoy it as it currently is. However, I still can't help thinking about how tweaks and changes would help to elevate it further and provide more depth to the overall framework that already exists.
I've heard Dwight talk about "breadth" in the code as well as "depth." And to me, depth is the way things become available to you later in the game as you progress: play episodes, unlock Team Up, play more episodes, unlock Final Battle. But breadth would be the things available right from the start or that progress more or less independent of other features: Play an episode, Complete Training, Krang Kombos, Weapon Hurry-Ups, 1-2-3 foot combo, both MBs, etc.
The real trick, in my opinion, is to take all that breadth and not only provide different things to do, but to incentive those things through points, progress or just being an enjoyable feature. If a feature isn't worth playing or just isn't fun, then it might as well not exist.
For example, I think Training is fun, I like the way you qualify and start it, and I like the way the game induces tension with the timer counting down and the red lights flashing when you miss the needed shot. (I feel like I'm really letting Splinter down). But I'd still like more incentive to focus on progressing through it, plus it's directly linked with the perks, which are further reinforced by the "Choose Your Turtle" mechanic, which gives the entire game some extra character.
1-2-3 Foot, on the otherhand, feels likes it just sort of starts without you saying so, so if you're working on doing something else, like starting episodes or going for training or something, it feels intrusive. Like it pops up saying "STOP STOP STOP! Shoot me! Shoot me!" and then you have to decide if this semi-random feature is worth your time, and, if you haven't been focusing on building the spinner value or starting 2X PF, it probably isn't. So then it times out and goes away, you can't bring it back until after you drain (again, lack of control over the feature) so then you likely forget about it until the next time it semi-randomly starts again. Rinse and repeat. It's ultimately a shame, because completing the combo is actually pretty satisfying but as it stands if you complete it early, you don't get much value for it and it goes away.
Contrast that with the Krang Kombo, which is also not very valuable and is also a satisfying combo to complete BUT is a feature you do have control over. So when you hit the loop shot once, then quickly think either, "sure, lets try that again" or "Nah, I'm gonna stick with my current plan and if it times out, no worries." You don't get locked out of it, it will still be available if you want to focus on it, but it's also not intrusively blocking the other things you may already be focusing on.

I agree with your assessment on the 123 Combo. Even if its not worth a lot of points at first though it still is an important deal to get for you need it to get to Cowabunga. Def needs to have an increase in point value because it is not an easy thing to achieve and once you do its kind of depressing what the point outcome is. But honestly I don't care where I collect it or how much it is worth. As long as I get it for Cowabunga. Speaking about Cowabunga, I have a feeling this is going to be almost impossible to get to on single player. I just think there are too many things stacked against you. Yes you can always play better but there is a point of just being not achievable. I don't know, I am sure my mind will change the more time I get on this but every other pin I play I never think this is impossible. I always think I will eventually get there. Not on Turtles. Getting to Final Battle. Sure. But getting to final battle while also getting everything else you need while trying to fight the brutality of the layout.....going to be tuff!

1 week later
#3473 4 months ago
Quoted from JediMcMuffin:

Premium/LE owners: Has anyone else had an issue with the ball not dropping smoothly off the plastic guide above the upper flipper? I'd say I can't even attempt 50% of the middle ramp shots because of this. I'll try and take some slow motion video. Contrastingly, if I drill the ball through the right orbit and it comes around at the playfield level I can hit the middle ramp almost every time, but off the plunge no bueno.

Yes you need to unscrew 2 screws I believe for that ramp and shift it over to the left a little. We did it to ours and it helped a lot however I need to do it again for it is happening (not as bad) again.

#3480 4 months ago
Quoted from acons017:

Would you mind sharing images of the 2 screws? Encountering the same problem.

Wont be home for a bit but just look at the ramp. It is easy to see which screws hold that ramp in.

#3599 4 months ago
Quoted from Aquapin:

Yes, which is so frustrating considering how hard the center ramp follow up shot is. Not sure if this is a hardware or software issue though. Registers fine in test and single shots.

It's a hardware issue I believe. The ball is either going too fast for the opto to pick up or it is jumping over the opto. Someone in the thread suggested putting a piece of tape on half of the opto and others have said that a plastic piece needs to go on top of that center ramp right at that turn and towards the opto so the ball does not hop and jump over the opto.

1 month later
#4477 80 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

LE/PREMIUM V1.23 - October 22, 2020
- Fixed an issue where the van can lose count of the balls.
- This issue is not new. If you were seeing this issue somehow your game
is losing a ball. Its possible your van opto is/was intermittent. One
reason it could be intermittent is it has moved or otherwise needs
physical attention. It could be on the edge of not seeing itself.
- Scoring was not correct in WINDOW SHOPPING. Now the orbits score
significantly more if you keep shooting the same orbit over and over.
- Pizza slices were awarding an extra ball sooner than they should have been.
The default is 55 slices.
- Added Volume to DJ MIXER.
- Added new background videos to DJ MIXER
- Added a Topper Test to test the Eye Servo
- Added numerous topper effects.
- Added Neutrino Pizza Party -
- Can only be started after you have trained and reached 3rd level
- Can only be started when nothing else is going on.
- To start hit the two Dimension X targets then shoot the left ramp before
it times out.
- Can only play once per game.
- Improved how and when we count balls in the game and in the van
- Improved ball search with regard to the van. If the game needs to ball
search and the van opto is blocked the game now assumes the "lost ball" is
in the van.
- Battle Again will no longer reset at the start of the ball.
- Increased the base, inc and max values for foot awards collected throughout
the game.
- All awards for all episodes will now be larger based on how many episodes
you previously completed in the game. The game is designed to have low
scoring episodes but completing them is where the points are.
- Mondo and Grande jackpots during Turtle Power Multiball are now worth 2X and
3X for the 2nd and 3rd+ passes through the same multiball.
- Mondo and Grande jackpots in Ninja Pizza Multiball are now worth more even
in the first pass through the multiball.
Moved to system 2.60 -
- New Standard Adjustment "START BUTTON ATTRACT MODE ILLUM."
- This adjustment, which is only available and active when the game is in
FREE PLAY mode, controls the behavior of the Start Button Light.
Values are:
- "ALWAYS OFF" - Start Button Light is always off when in attract mode.
- "BLINKING" - Start Button Light will blink when in attract mode.
This is the DEFAULT and previous behavior.
- "ALWAYS ON" - Start Button Light is always on when in attract mode.

Awesome! Looks like some good scoring changes and glad the ball search got fixed for the van.

#4516 80 days ago

Played a ton of coop with my Brother tonight with the new code. Tons of fun! Great job xaqery! I will agree that the shaker motor is way too intense at the start of Pizza Multiball. Every where else it's great. I collected all the turtles in team up tonight and got to Pizza Party! Never knew that existed. I am guessing this is different then Neutrinos pizza party?

#4543 79 days ago

This game....My Wife and I purchased an LE when it came out cause we were massive Turtles fans. Of course the first couple of weeks I loved the game and played it all the time. Then something happened. For some reason I couldn't stand it. It just irked me to a level of frustration due to it being brutal (layout and code) that I stopped playing it. It sat there for weeks and I would just look at it with spite and regretted the purchase. I then one day decided to just camp on it and get the shots down and learn the flow of it......wow. I now can't get enough of the game and honestly can say this game has the best flow and feel of any game I have played! Its so damn good getting combos down and zipping thru it. Can't say enough how much I love it and glad I kept going at it. When you get these shots down this thing becomes a flow monster and feels so good. I feel a lot of people who don't have this game or played it a couple times are discounting it. This game will turn out to be one of the best flowing games out there. Love it!

1 week later
#4732 72 days ago
Quoted from Jadin2rank:

Hey everybody! So I have owned my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for about a month or so now, and after watching Deadflips stream on the new code the other night, I realized his outside orbit shots were connected and it flowed great. I looked into my machine and realized that I have a stop post in the dead center of the outside orbit loop, so obviously that was why every time i shoot the left orbit, it comes right back down. Along with the right orbit always going to the pop bumpers. Now to get to the point, is there anyway I can do anything so that my pro would have a complete outside orbit loop (Like a way to keep that post down)? I just find that it plays with a lot more flow when games have a completely connected outside orbit. Any sort of help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Regarding the left orbit shot, if there is something lit on the center loop or center ramp then the post at the left orbit will always be up. It is to set up your shot to that loop and ramp. When there is nothing happening on those two shots then the left orbit is a full orbit. The right orbit I believe is the exact opposite in that if you are not in a mode or have any hurry up, the post will be up causing your ball to drop into the pop bumpers. So it all depends what is going on in the game that determines how the orbits work. The game is perfect for this for the orbits will always feed to your upper flipper if it is needed. In summary, if you have anything lit on center loop and center ramp the left and right orbits will feed to the upper flipper as needed. If there is nothing going on then the left orbit will fully go around and the right orbit will drop your ball into the pop bumpers.

1 month later
#5344 26 days ago
Quoted from kpg:

Interesting! I'll give that a try for sure.

Agree. One day I just practiced Leo all day and was just constantly going for the lair shot. I eventually got it down and it is one of my favorite shots. Practice the timing of releasing the upper flipper when the ball gets up there and that shot will become an easy one to hit.

1 week later
#5443 18 days ago
Quoted from Mizzou0103:

I’m considering adding TMNT and was wondering how you all find the depth of code? Have you all beaten the final wizard mode already? For reference, I’ve had Deadpool for about 18 months and finally beat the wizard mode, so I want to make sure the game will keep me occupied for at least that long.

I don't believe anyone here has reported getting to Cowabunga which is the final wizard mode on TMNT. Turtles is a hard game, layout and code wise. Cowabunga requires you to complete 7 objectives. 4 of those being a hurry up type of objective, 2 being getting the super jackpots in the multiballs and last getting to Final Battle which is achieved by playing the 8 modes in the game. Its very challenging to collect all the objectives. The game forces you to veer off the path to get the hurry up objectives which causes a very frantic style play. That with the layout and the amount of combos that can happen, make this game an ass kicker but a ton of fun once you get the hang of it. The code also offers additional modes with the Training modes which allows you to level up your turtles, Team up mini wizard mode which is achieved by finishing 4 of the modes to get you to Final Battle and Coop mode which allows players to choose different turtles to work together. I have been close to getting to Cowabunga on 4 player coop and have not heard of any others playing 4 player coop and getting to Cowabunga. I would say there is plenty to do in the game and it will take you awhile to beat it.

#5470 17 days ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

I've gotten to Cowabunga twice, both in 4-player co-op mode. One time was with my son as I dragged him into Ball 3 when I saw it was going to happen, which was super fun. In a 1-player game, I've hit all the criteria except Final Battle, because I barely made it to Team Up in that game. A bunch of random events and virtually no mode progression.
Whoever makes it to Cowabunga first on a one player game will almost certainly know it early on in a game because they got into a MB and quickly got Krang and Triple Mondo done. Jackpoto Grande is one shot and easier than what Krang and Triple Mondo require. If you can check off Krang and Mondo quick, now you know your main objective is to baby step your way through the modes (no need to win them... heck, drain the 2nd ball on Team Up too since it's just a roadblock), while being cognizant of the checklist items when they appear. Don't wait until Ball 3 for Weapon and 1-2-3 Foot, but don't center you entire strategy around them as you'll never get into modes. Just defeat them when you stumble into them along your mode quest, and definitely get the two main EB's.
If I had xaqery's ear for one moment, I'd kindly suggest that Krang and Triple Mondo are both too similar and too difficult. Both require 3 (TIGHT) inner orbits, but Krang is at stupid fast speeds, and then needs a center ramp shot (which may not register at said speeds, depending on your setup). Triple Mondo in a MB at least doesn't require it as a combo so you have a chance. I'd suggest either making Krang's requirement ANY number of Krang combos (even if just one Krang loop, and then center ramp), or nix it all together and have that requirement change to a Training Mode completion requirement. I think both ideas still make you touch all corners of the rules while also not neutering it or having a bunch of players just say "play better". IMHO it's like a 98-99% perfectly coded game.
As others said above, it's not always about Wizard, but instead high scores... but if you can have both, a deep and broad game with tons of scoring objectives AND that rare chance to pinball immortality bragging rights, that's a damn good combo.

Awesome to hear you made it in Coop! Yeah the game requires a lot of strategy to make it all happen to get to Cowabunga and you have to manage what you have checked off and continue to work on items as you go thru. April hurry ups are a hard one as well but you just have to make sure you knock out one April per mode and keep track of them. I have been getting all 5 more recently but its def not easy. I find Triple Mondo the hardest since it has to be done in the multiball. Max Krang I am able to get every once in awhile. For Max Krang and Triple Mondo, you do have some grace period so it doesn't have to be 3 loops in a row and then the center ramp (for Krang). I do not know the specifics but I believe there is maybe a 10 sec grace period that you have to make the successive loop shot so if you hit one loop and then miss the second one, you still have some time to get back up there to try again. The mondo insert and krang insert will be flashing. Once they stop flashing you timed out and have to hit a loop to start it again. You can also hit other shots while its going on. I do agree that those two objectives are the hardest but knowing you have some grace time to make them you can relax a little and regroup to make the loops.

#5472 17 days ago
Quoted from Vermont:

Can you complete things after the final battle that you still need, such as multiple April Hurry Ups? Or are you out of luck, because it doesn't reset without completing an episode?

Yes you can still complete objectives after Final Battle. If you beat Final Battle or drain and you still have a ball then the Final Battle ladder resets and you play the modes again so you can still get an April Hurry Up on each mode.

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