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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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#44 6 months ago

I’m excited to see some unboxings

Pro ftw

#74 6 months ago

Digging that pro translite even more in these recent pics.

#108 6 months ago

Crazy what you get with the pro vs LE price difference. 9k+ for LE and pro sub 6? 3k+ difference is nuts.

I know you can say the same thing for other stern games but this one is diff b/c they packed the pro more than I've seen in some time.

#122 6 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Couldn’t give a rats. When multiball starts, don’t care where my balls drop from. The pro looks so good. Can’t wait.

Seriously hardly necessary

#126 6 months ago

The time has come for turtles impressions.

No bullshit. No shill - coming up.....

#132 6 months ago

Impressions.....first, shout out to Helicon Brewery who if you didn't know by now, is the premier pinball bar in western PA and probably the world. Also got to meet Coolpinballdino too! Chris and Chris at Helicon really do bring it with all the new games including MMR Royal, TMNT and Hot Wheels.

Speaking of Hot Wheels, don't believe the BUY BUY BUY hype. I played the game and was so BORED, I reset the game with money still in it. I've been a fan of American Pinball simply b/c they give you a lot for your money and the quality is sky high. This game is SO cheap looking that when you stand over it, the game SCREAMS budget. On top of that, the hot wheels integration with the dinosaurs and the dumb storyline.....it was just a carwreck. No pun intended. PF way too open - just not fun at all. I would take their earlier two any day of the week over this one. I was disappointed b/c buzz has been good but then again, I realized the pump was really strong on this one and should have known better. Awful.

OK - so turtles. Long story short, stern is going to KILL with this one. I will say up front that the worst things about it include some oddball callouts (w/bad voice acting - although not ALL bad, just some), the layout is great but felt very familiar, April is still in there and has to be the worst art I've seen in some time and the code is not the clearest on what's going on.

Otherwise - wow.

- pro is loaded.
- Light show is really good for a pro
- Turtles van looks surprisingly good!
- Although familiar (which is why I think JP will likely be above this one) - the layout is really fun and feels great
- Pizza spinner moves that ball big time.
- Overall art package on the game and on the cabinet, including that translite is so good
- I actually had a smile on my face smashing that center button for the pizza mode. reminded me of the beat-em up simpsons where you smash to inflate the balloon
- The game is so fast, I would really struggle to hit that center button for the diverter. This experience confirmed my assumption no question. I was also really impressed by how much the ball moved with that pizza.
- Left ramp and right ramp just look great with one being metal, the other clear plastic. Random comment but it stood out. In fact the entire game just looks great. It's the complete opposite of the feeling i got when standing over Hot Wheels.
- code definitely felt good but again, a little confusing and I've actually seen the reveal videos. I wouldn't say this is a negative though at all - I just didn't get a full appreciation on how it all comes together but what's good to know is there are def many things to do and it didn't seem redundant.
- TMNT cover, which is terrible compared to the original (absolutely terrible) - is OK when you're actually playing b/c you can't really hear it that well but it sounds like the song you want to hear so I was OK with it. Pinbrowser can come soon enough though.
- love the selection screen in the beginning. Nice touch with some add strategy.
- LCD overall was very good. Yes, some rough scenes but it's solid.

Prob some more I'll add but overall, this is going to be a homerun for stern. I didn't even get involved with the coop which will be another great feature.

#136 6 months ago
Quoted from pickleric:

I am really excited to play the pro and to me it has the best looking art package. I agree its most likely going to be a winner and have strong sales.
That said...
I struggle to agree that the pro is loaded.
We have a few ramps, a spinner, three flippers, color GI, two mono targets on the sides, and a spinning disc with a magnet.

For Stern, the pro is loaded. When you see the game in person you don't walk away thinking it's empty like so many they've released in the past.

In general, is the game loaded? No. But this is Stern and you have to compare accordingly.

#188 6 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

The same can be said for EHOH and JP which I both own. But, it's part of pinball to figure things out.


#241 6 months ago

That front coin box art is awful

#246 6 months ago
Quoted from shaub:

oh..that's what he was getting at? I thought he just didnt like the front artwork of the LE cab.

No - I think the front art on the LE is terrible.

#253 6 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

[quoted image]

Now THAT is some good art!

#307 6 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

Off and on pics attached. Sorry I didn't set the same exposure, but you get the idea. I tied GI into the apron spotlights and the flashers into the big red one on the left.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Man is that candy stripping on the left ramp? I hate that look. Or is it just the pic?

#310 6 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

That's just the reflection caused by the pin stadiums. It actually does not show up in person on that ramp, just kind of an artifact of taking the photo at a certain angle with a certain exposure I guess. You can also dial in the LEDs a little differently to make it go away. I always put mine at 100% warm white white for the GI to give the best feeling for my eyes. But I'm colorblind, so you can't use me as a good reference lol.

Ok so you can’t see that striping in person? Many games suffer from that striping so wanted to double check

#324 6 months ago

yeah I'll save close to 3k+ and go pro vs LE and not even think twice. One of the clearest pro decisions in recent memory.

#341 6 months ago
Quoted from ectobar:

You buy a pro,
You didn't buy TMNT

Ha! Definitely a joke. Now buying a pro JP not being JP I totally get.

As for trading a lot of pins - although I do plan on holding onto turtles longer bc it's one of my fav themes it's all about where else I can spend that money and let me tell you.....3k is a lot of money that can go into another purchase.

Think about this. Would you rather have a 3k or less pin and a pro or just a LE? Not only is the first choice more logical, financially it's a no brainier.

#400 6 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

my brother is pretty darn wealthy and he is incredibly cheap half the time. He buys all his cars slightly used(porches and mercedes and all that but still used). He just never likes to spend a dime he doesnt have to. I guess thats one of the reasons why he has a lot of money!

Sounds like a smart person. Buying used nice cars no question. Cars are the dumbest purchase in the world but they're so much fun!

#402 6 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

What about boats?

Not a boat guy so don't know the market.

Btw pinball machines are not like TV's. You don't spend another 3k to get a nicer tv. The price difference in these games is so insane.... That's why people dispute in the thread.

I'm all about a healthy discussion but ultimately I agree that we're all lucky to have a great game!

#502 6 months ago
Quoted from Rydhia:

Just set up #131 and added some mini turtles I picked up. Game is great so far!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Nice! Where did you buy those?

#505 6 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Day 1 and the game is fun . I am getting a better understanding if it pretty quick.
I had to make an adjustment to the glider as it was not returning to to center and was blocking the ball path.
No dimples as of day 1 . I will update in a day or so. Time will tell.
Have a fun and safe 4th weekend .
Keep Flipping.
[quoted image]

Nice combo. I'm hoping to have the same very soon....tmnt and RM

#636 6 months ago

Damn..... feels like my pro is taking forever. Can’t wait to join the club

#656 6 months ago
Quoted from zeagle:

Do you know something we don't? lol. I'm waiting on my premium hoping that they start making those and they get shipped by the end of the month or early August.

Yeah I'm not sure how that timing is possible considering LEs aren't done yet and pros are coming up next.....

#731 6 months ago

So I'm starting to see people trying to flip their LE. Are we really there? Could have sworn there are still some left if you look around

#736 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Started weeks ago. Standard for popular sterns.

Haven't seen an LE flip unless you're a fool for any recent Stern's. Last I can remember maybe iron maiden but def GB. It's been awhile.

#741 6 months ago
Quoted from manadams:

You don't think any JP2 LE's were flipped? Certain people will panic and overpay because of FOMO. Doesn't necessarily make them fools if they justify spending extra to make sure they get one.

Yes - those people were fools. They paid for no reason. I can understand overpaying for TBL, Rick and morty etc....games you CANT get or have to wait a year plus to get.

JP2 LE was available way after it was released.


Buy Buy Buy!

#751 6 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

JPLe has well and truly earnt it’s flip value. Down here they’re unobtanium and selling for a big premium over list price because no one is selling and everyone wants it.
Tmnt LE has yet to earn its stripes and is selling mostly on looks and theme at this point.

Yeah no one is commenting on Australia. That market is crazy.

#752 6 months ago
Quoted from Mopario:

Put my deposit down on a premium. Have space reserved.
[quoted image]

I like that tmnt banner!

#757 6 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Just saying, early hype based on looks and theme is one thing. Long term performance is another.
As you said, GBLE was a perfect example of a game that had huge early hype based purely on theme and looks. Was a flippers dream. Then fell off a cliff as the game itself didnt live up to the hype.
Not saying TMNT LE will necessarily do the same - it certainly stacks up on looks and (to many) theme, but it's longevity has yet to be established.

I agree but I wasn't commenting on that. I was commenting on fools who overspend on Stern LEs bc buy buy buy mentality gets people all caught up in fake supply issues meanwhile you can pick one up later on for normal price. It's a dealers trick but that's fine. It's all a game.

For tmnt, I said day one this game would explode. I made the hype thread and had to explain to the old timers like o-din that the theme is real deal and watch out. Once I saw the gameplay was great too, along with art, I knew this was going to be a hit.

I personally don't think prem or LE is even close to being worth it (I went pro - super easy decision) and I don't get into the LE flipping but have no problem with people that do. I just didn't know they were all sold out.... For real.

#776 6 months ago
Quoted from cleanandlevel:

how about that Blood Suckers Edition you have in your collection? looks like they got you to buy buy buy that LE.

And for some of the slower folks around here who have trouble following clear points, there are NONE left so yes, that's what's called a SMART decision. RM BSE is an LE that actually sold out for real and I got one.

But thank you for making my point.

#858 6 months ago

So...... Word on the street is pinbrowser has been updated and now works again! If this is true expect a release from me for the pro that rights the wrong....... by putting the Original TMNT theme song into this game!

In fact I'm going to inject the tmnt turtles in time arcade theme song too! Maybe at the end!

technically you can even include original tmnt voice clips into it too!

Game has changed fellas

Good news for jp2 and Stranger Things

#956 6 months ago

Anyone hearing about getting their pro this week? I haven't heard.... Looking like next week.

#988 6 months ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

They are behind now.

Damn what are you hearing?

1 week later
#1300 6 months ago
Quoted from durgee7:

My distributor got back to me a few days ago. He said exports for pro start this week, and home use start next week. The message wasn't clear on whether the production starts or shipping starts. I assume production, so maybe 2 to 3 more weeks for pros to arrive in our homes?

I heard the same. Another week..... again

#1374 5 months ago
Quoted from TonLoc777:

When it comes time for the sound mod people it be great to have this song incorporated into a multiball or before you plunge.

I'll remember this - it will be in the mix I do....along with the real TMNT Theme and go ninja vanilla ice song. Maybe some songs from the TMNT arcades too. I think the theme from TMNT2 and first level TMNT.

#1398 5 months ago
Quoted from protocol_j:

Followup to my previous post with some other contenders that I just couldn't place:
6) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (John Du Prez, TMNT90)
Commentary: Awesome! Righteous! Bossa nova! This is the sick melody that follows Raph's opening "Damn!" after losing his sai. I think I prefer the 90 version to the rearranged one in Secret of the Ooze.
Proposed location: Episode?
7) Shredder's Time Warp (Turtles in Time)
Commentary: For sound effect purposes only
Proposed location: On Dimension X transfer
8- The Damn Dam (Konami, TMNT NES)
Commentary: Obviously this is a joke, but if there's a part of the game you hate and find incredibly stressful, then you may as well throw this in there to remind yourself of the great pain you suffered 30 years ago.
Proposed location: Foot 1-2-3 if you're still on v1.04
The problem of course for you modders will be finding high-fidelity cuts or relying too heavily on chiptunes. I think the "Coming Out of Their Shells" album is commercially available on iTunes and the like. I have seen high quality vinyl rips of the TMNT 90 soundtrack (see ). The original theme which everyone is asking for is just not available at any reasonable quality. The remaster is good enough for me.

Thanks for posting. So no good version of the original cartoon theme?

#1454 5 months ago

So what is the verdict on the lightning in this game and whether pinstadiums would be worth it? Not looking to get into the PS overvalue argument - just want to know if this game is on the darker or lighter side.

For reference I thought JP2 was way too dark and needed PS. I played TMNT but it was very very bright in the building so I couldn’t really tell how this game does in normal or little lighting.

Is there a lot of light show elements in it like R+M? didn’t appear so but again, couldn’t tell for sure.

#1463 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I think he meant the room the game was in was bright.

Yes. You really need to spoon feed some pinsiders.

As for the apron lights - yes they look very good. Just curious if the PF itself (above the flippers is super spotty like IMDN, DP and JP or if you feel like you can see the art well. I even found GB to be lacking although that might just be me being crazy about seeing everything on that gorgeous pf.

#1519 5 months ago
Quoted from ctl723:

I really don't think my game is the only one pooling around the apron/guides/post, so I'd encourage others to check. This just seems to be the same adhesion issue we've been seeing for awhile now. Pulling back the artwork definitely helped, but it didn't actually address the root cause.
I did gently pull the post up (pic attached) and am planning to flatten the ripple before reinstalling. It's definitely clear that the move to a star post was a late stage change, as it also sits on top of the lane guide bracket (which I think even makes it worse cutting into the field since it's torqued down at an angle). I might actually just install the narrower post which appears to be originally intended even though I realize that opens up the outlane a bit. Guess I'll just have to play better!
As far as the apron goes, the solution I've been using for awhile is just putting a black 7/16 OD titan ring on each of the threaded posts and it does a great job of lifting the apron just enough to no longer contact the field. They fit perfectly in the recessed spots on the playfield. If anyone from Stern is reading, please just do this at the factory. It costs basically nothing and will stop the apron from damaging the playfield.
I'm still excited about the game, but between this and the diverter issue it's going to be a few days before I'm able to play it. I'm just really frustrated with Stern's continued lack of any apparent quality control here.
[quoted image]

Damn just reading about this now. Have a pro coming. My jp has no issues. Hmmmmm.

I will tell you, I've been lucky with Stern but if I have the luck of some you guys buying the LE, this would be the last NIB I buy. Too many Stern army loyalists on this website. That is bullshit.

#1698 5 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

I totally disagree with you. Had a Wonka on loan and have a Dialed in, The build quality is no better or worse than Stern. The only player who is absolutely better quality is CGC.

Cmon now. I enjoy games from both companies but lift a Stern than a dialed in and tell me that's the same build quality..... And it's not the tv.

#1699 5 months ago
Quoted from freddy:

Well finally I installed shooter lane cliffys, shaker And mezel radioactive canister before first ball played.( FYI a deep 1/4 socket Will help when installing cliffy).
So I let Mrs. freddy play first game!
She rocked it with achieving Michelangelo champion and high score #2 made her day!
Game is very fun! I want to give a BIG shout out to Marshall @ LSOG. Thanks for the great service and constant communication.I wish all distributors would keep their clients in the loop like you do! A+ service!!!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Mine is on it's way too. Congrats! Any pooling?

#1779 5 months ago

Should be officially joining the club on Weds! Love that pro translite.

#1912 5 months ago

I'm looking to obtain the clearest version of the OG tmnt theme so I can inject into the code. Pm me if you have good suggestions or know where. Thanks

My game will be here today

#1925 5 months ago

So any other ideas of what to put on the pro where that glider is on the prem/le? I know a glider is available to add on but it really does block your view which is another reason for the pro. Something less bulky. You guys are much more creative than me. Any thoughts?

#1930 5 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Have you played an le or premium? I don’t feel it blocks my view on my LE. It’s not that big or blocky and the spot it’s at your not really missing anything for the area it does block

I have (helicon brew has both). It def blocks vs pro. Not enough where I would say pass on the prem/le alone (there are much more reasons for that) although I wasn't anticipating all of the issues that glider diverter would bring along with it too!

#1942 5 months ago

So I received my game and edit - both sets were attached. Keys all good

20200806_152014 (resized).jpg

#1955 5 months ago

So I don't see any issues after initial review. Here is that star post. Can't tell if a washer is under our not. Looks like yes?

20200806_180841 (resized).jpg
#1958 5 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Looks like a plastic washer. Mine is metal but you definitely have something to stop the Star edges from digging in. Art has definitely changed too unless le and pro are different [quoted image]

You're right. I went back to see others with issues and that starpost doesn't look like mine.

Stern is def reading these forums b/c they changed it ala JP2. Good to see. Hopefully no other issues.

My born date was 7/30

#1965 5 months ago

Krang added to pro along with my temporary topper.

20200806_193727 (resized).jpg20200806_193005 (resized).jpg20200806_193015 (resized).jpg20200806_193020 (resized).jpg
#1968 5 months ago


btw - I cant wait to get rid of that music which plays when you're about to plunge. Like a bad porno.

TMNT 2 theme yes
vanilla ice - yes
TMMT 1 1st level - somehow

#1972 5 months ago

shhhhhhhh - the impossible was achieved......in about 10 min.

That horrendous theme imitation will be corrected soon. cheers

#1975 5 months ago

putting the character select music from original arcade into the character select music for the pinball? yes please.

boss music (rocksteady - say your prayers turtles) - going in too.

I have all the music I was looking for. Time to make it happen. Will update.

#1978 5 months ago

Taste of things to come! Character select music from the arcade is in but most importantly, the original theme song is now in the game! That's really all I wanted but I'll end up putting some additional classic songs from the arcade and NES. I'll make the music a little louder in the next version.

Thank you pinbrowser for working with this game. '

Edit- just uploaded so will take a little before 4k.

2nd video theme only.

#1988 5 months ago
Quoted from Swoods5688:

Joined the club last week with a pro. Got it powder coated this week and some of the mods installed. More on the way! Loving this game and all its flow!!!
[quoted image]

I really like the powder! Might want to change the tmolding to match though but looks very nice.

Now you have me thinking! Already have my shadow being done right now haha

#2004 5 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

Please do this! I got to final battle for the first time today, and my score was nowhere near my GC. I feel like the further you get in the game by completing modes the higher points should be for sure. Especially if you complete the modes. Of course it's a huge challenge to implement fair score balancing, so I applaud your work so far

So beating the modes on this game doesn't result in higher scores? I hope that's fixed if so. Really takes away from the point of it doesn't

#2010 5 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

Being the modes does give you more points, I was just saying for my situation the balance was a little off. For example: my GC score I got only to the team up. I would expect that if I got to final battle, my score would be much higher, but it was not.

Oh ok. Good to hear. Like others I'm trying to understand the rules on this one but it really has so much going for it.

#2016 5 months ago
Quoted from JonCBrand:

Yes I play in a dark room and feel that the middle of the PF is dark. Different modes change this I think, only 8 games played. I will likely build another set of poormans stadium lights.

Not to say go ahead and buy but for me, I’m really happy with pinstadiums blur on this. No striping and I can see all of that great art. Compare that top Rick and Morty which is dark too but pins kill that effect.

#2030 5 months ago

So here is the first cut of my custom music (pro model). Has original theme, tmnt original movie and tmnt arcades (1 and 2). Even has vanilla ice go ninja for ninja mb! Still have a few more songs to add but it’s really coming along!

When it’s ready I’ll prob take the same approach as Tim from JP2 so just pm me if interested.

And I’ve been asked about donations..... thanks but I’m not accepting any. Just happy to help. Cheers

#2069 5 months ago

After owning this game my assumption is no question correct - the speed on the ramps is way too fast to effectively use the diverter. It's actually so fast that just handling the ball is sometimes challenging. Just fyi based on owner experience

Thank you Stern for saving me money!

#2080 5 months ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

I just got a Pro. July 30 build. Thinking about selling locally in Philly area. Hit me up if you are interested.

Love this guy.

Seriously though - highly recommended. If I didn’t just buy one, I would be seeing you in 5 hrs.

#2105 5 months ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

The point of the diverter is to not make the change when you have already made the ramp. You need to trap up first and plan your next shot. From a trap is when you need to decide how you want the diverter to feed your ball. It works great this way.

That’s too bad bc that seems to go against the nature of this game which is much more flow than a trap and shoot. I understand your point though. Makes more sense

#2116 5 months ago
Quoted from TonLoc777:

This is awesome! Are you only making this available for the pro? Still would love to hear this for the character select or somewhere for one of the modes

yes - that will be in it somewhere. Not sure yet. Might not be in the first but as I play through the game more, I will add.

This is my current focus - I need to replace this terrible version of april with the TMNT arcade version. Trying to do that now. Testing out my cut, copy, merge, youtube skills haha
20200809_100232 (resized).jpg20200809_111239 (resized).jpg

Edit - success!

#2120 5 months ago

Yes sir!

20200809_124430 (resized).jpg20200809_124537 (resized).jpg20200809_124431 (resized).jpg20200809_124433 (resized).jpg20200809_124542 (resized).jpg20200809_124544 (resized).jpg20200809_124548 (resized).jpg
#2122 5 months ago
Quoted from joelbob:

You are doing God’s work.


Video is a big success. I have the original into and theme playing during game over. It's sick

#2129 5 months ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Are you making this sound/video mod for the LE/Prem?

Originally no but I'm going to atleast offer a version with the original tmnt cartoon theme song and intro video.

#2162 5 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

I'm having a hard time post passing from left to right and I saw that on alot of streams too. The problem is that there is also NO ramp feed from the left flipper to the right one. And there are often situation where you HAVE to shoot from the right flipper. Also if the center ramp is required and you have the ball on the left flipper, the ball feed from the right ramp is so fast that i can hit the center ramp maybe 1/10 from that feed... the right orbits post/plunger is closed alot of times too if I need the ball on the upper flipper. This in combination with those punishing targets and ramp post makes it very frustrating.
I repositioned the bottom post of the left sling shot because it has some play but it didn't help. Any ideas?

I find that hitting a fast right ramp shot - let the ball just go around back to the flippers and naturally it bounces close to or right on my right flipper. Def an opp to trap it this way too.

#2254 5 months ago
Quoted from TonLoc777:

delt31 please for the love of all that is good in pinball make that awesome mix for premium/LE. It makes me so happy hearing the iconic music from the arcade games while playing. It really makes the machine perfect and completes the full package. Name your price kind sir

Hey - I ended up atleast putting the real tmnt theme music and video in the LE as a concession. Not enough time to do both and def don't do this for money, which is why I don't charge or ask for donations although appreciate the offer. If I find some additional time to dedicate, I will let everyone know but for now I need a break from tmnt pinbrowser.

Really been enjoying the game.

EDIT - F it. I'll inject the music from the pro. No guarantees on when but I'll figure it out. You guys need good classic music too haha.

#2363 5 months ago
Quoted from TonLoc777:

Awesome! Really appreciate the dedication. It seriously is a perfect fit and must have mod for anyone that grew up playing the arcade/Nintendo games. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Thanks delt31 for all the hard work. Keep us posted

Updated LE/Prem code is ready to go!

#2376 5 months ago
Quoted from billrz:

Is there a link for me to download it?

Pm if interested

#2549 5 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

All this complaining about how April looks, it could have been worse lol. Here is a sketch you can find buried in the software.
[quoted image]

I noticed the same along with some other sketches buried in the software. I was thinking if using that to replace the horrific April they included in the final code but ended up just pasting in the one from the cartoon!

#2635 5 months ago

So I've owned my pro for a couple of weeks now and just love it. Code is easy to follow and fun, game flow is fast and not to plug but with my custom code, checks all the boxes with old school tmnt. I haven't had any issues noted in this thread and really enjoying it

Could it be more "loaded" - yes but for the price, I'm really happy with the pro.

I also added Mezel glider. I wanted something to cover the pro nub and although I don't prefer the glider, it did the job. Visually with the light it's nice and although it does obscure the view a little I still did it. Super easy install.

Win column for Stern imo. Looks very nice to my jp2! Good job Stern

20200819_145337 (resized).jpg20200819_145340 (resized).jpg20200819_145342 (resized).jpg20200819_145356 (resized).jpg
#2740 5 months ago
Quoted from kh39540:

I agree scoring seems extremely low.
Also, the pizza mech is trash. Shouldn't have to oil that thing fresh out the box. You can't tell me the white wood and all the pre release testing didn't reveal how noisy and clunky that mech is. It is what I would expect on a Chinese knockoff.

it seems to depend on the build. My pizza is ULTRA silent. Never had any issues.

#2845 4 months ago

Anyone feel like the sound is stronger on the left speaker than right? I checked and my right is def working just wished it was more balanced. This was with stock code as well.

#2855 4 months ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Looks like it appears to be a bug. I disable start from the lock bar button on all my games. Others have also reported random two player games when starting with just one player.

It's def a bug. Happens to me too.

#2919 4 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Got the game yesterday. By after dinner (pizza of course), I hated it. Could not hit a thing. Brutal. I find TWD fine, so I can handle hard. But just too fast and could not find the shots.
Then this morning checked the levels 6.9. Took it down to 6.5, huge difference. Getting combos, completing episodes. Having a great time. Can get lair fairly consistently from right flipper. Doesn’t bounce out. Can backflip both ramps. Can post past. My only issue is rejects from left orbit. Maybe hitting ramp exit above or clanking around t-intersection. Will try to slo-mo. If anybody else works this one out would love to know.
I really like this game. At first I found it confusing and not fun to shoot, but dial this sucker in!
Found out what to do with my left over Shredder! You have to take the plastic off underneath or chop his legs. Think the scale is good and it makes sense because he is behind the shredder ramp.
Edit: I just zip-tied his arm to the ramp post.
[quoted image]

I was thinking of doing the same thing with shredder. Nice!

#3043 4 months ago


and the kaneda vs. Kaneda shtick is already getting old.

Stick around though b/c I do love the inside story. Spices up this place.

#3073 4 months ago

Just an FYI -

My custom code for turtles 1.21 is ready for the pro, prem and LE. I even corrected that terrible ralph call out when selecting a turtle for the correct one.

PM if interested.


#3141 4 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Is the premium worth the extra cheddar on this title? Need reliability for location play

Said it day one of the features being released. Pro all the way and as an owner of the pro now and playing both, no question. The fact it has arguably the better art too? No brainer.

I actually wish that wasn’t the case b/c I love the theme so much would have easily spent it but I’m not going to throw it away.

1 week later
#3353 4 months ago

The game imo just plays very fast and will punish you for bad shots. I don’t feel it’s hard as I’m able to progress and I’m not that great BUT it’s not an open shoot whatever you want pin. I really like that about this game and it works well with my collection. I’m really happy with how much of a 1 more game feel it has

#3391 4 months ago

Logo on the topper really brings it down. It's literally right above the translite logo!

#3440 4 months ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:

Is it just me or did TMNT get more exciting after the reveal stream and Avengers got a lot less exciting?

I thought my adverse reaction was going to be booed by the hype train but man, the hype has really been crushed after that reveal. You'll have the usual stern army support it 100% (b/c they support all of the games, even garbage) but you can tell - the fair minded pinsiders - almost all said it was disappointing or not as good as they hoped. I'm in that camp.

3 weeks later
#4000 3 months ago

Man I've owned this game since it was available and not 1 issue on my pro. Sorry to hear so many are having problems. Super annoying when paying 7k+.

And yes the game plays fast but it fair imo

1 week later
#4116 3 months ago

Tmnt Pinball meet tmnt arcade....

I thought why not. Replaced that stagnant picture of the lair. Shoot loop so it can't be too much but it's nice just to see.

#4122 3 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Fun! We’re you able to make changes for the newest code?

Not yet. I don't think pinbrowser works

1 week later
#4220 3 months ago
Quoted from shaub:

Personally, I think the game is fun and has potential. But there's no way I'd say it's anywhere near one of the best coded games ever made. Obviously personal opinion, but there's too much about the game that feels disjointed, separate or lacking incentives.

I agree. I'm a fan of the game no doubt but I wouldn't even say top 10. Solid code for sure but that's it

#4246 3 months ago

In case anyone is interested to see, I just swapped the translite from my pro with a premium I ordered. I actually prefer premium translite, not art and will alternate once I want to mix it up.

20201021_134424 (resized).jpg20201021_134441 (resized).jpg20201021_134446 (resized).jpg
#4249 3 months ago
Quoted from atrainn:

I'm tempted to also order the premium translite since I'm not a huge fan of michelangelo on the pro. His expression is just super weird.

It’s literally the reason why I ordered it. Mike looks so goofy

2 weeks later
#4592 75 days ago

F that topper.

Also don't be an asshole and buy this topper to just feed the beast

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