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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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Post #1580 Lights rebooting on the back of the machine - FIX Posted by HookedonPinonics (6 months ago)

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#146 7 months ago

I don't know about yall but mine is playing brutal AF.

#154 7 months ago
Quoted from Thegeekyhusband:

Yours? You got one for Ur home or do you have a location?

Location, but it is being set up and tested at home until restrictions are lifted hopefully Wednesday.

It plays extremely fast both in ball travel and ball times, at least in my first ten games and with my skill set. The ramp shots are the tightest of any recent title. The lock shot has a wide entrance but is very narrow at the top. If you don't nail it the ball will rattle out. Hurry ups, etc seem to override the ability to lock but I'm still trying to sort out the rules. It doesn't seem the most intuitive game to me right now but is still fun as hell. I like brutal games like TWD, BSD and BKSoR. I'm not a top 1K player and probably just need some more time to find the shots and learn the rules and what order to try to accomplish modes / multiball / hurryups and stuff.

#168 7 months ago

Had another game session with a little less tequila on board. I found the shots a little bit easier and started having some more success. Game still plays fast as hell, like sometimes it's counting my bonus and I'm still trying to find out where the hell my ball went. Rocket drains off of posts and the 2x target mostly. I've been very pleased that the spinner doesn't seem to have the habit of causing shitty drains which is what is usually experiences with spinners or magnets. The ramp shots are tight and steep, but backhand-able on each side. The lock shot cannot be back handed as far as I can tell. The under-flipper shot is deceivingly tricky and ends up bouncing out a lot.

#171 7 months ago

It is a meaningless human construct. You could shit on a thumb drive and call it version 9 billion.

#183 7 months ago

The only issue I've had so far... A few times the ball has rocketed through the lock shot and not stopped or registered. Only when it really flies through. It really sucks though when the foot 123 shot happens and locks you out of everything else and seems to be worth nothing in terms of points. 150k? Another strange thing is I completed an entire mode in multiball and the value was only 500k. Obviously I need to educate myself on some rules and stuff but it seems like there might be some balance issues.

#202 7 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Watching this game, think this might be Borg's smoothest layout he has ever done.

Miles and miles away from that. It's fun as hell but if you play this and say it's more flowing than munsters or tron you may be on drugs. Those are just two off the top of my head.

#215 7 months ago

The magnetized balls at the beginning of multiball make it feel like a shaker is installed! Really fun opening sequence.

I tried to find out how many balls I shots I had left for turtle power and didnt see anything in instant info. Is that info / number of pizza locks on the display somewhere?

#218 7 months ago

Theres a lot of ramp / wireform in the game that's for sure. One of the more challenging playfield protector installs I've done. Stern is also knocking it out of the park with the layered plastics that are a cheap way to add depth / vibrance to the look of the game. It really is amazing in person and looks better than the photos relay. The colors on the outside of the cab are very attractive.

#222 7 months ago

Yup, playfield-protectors.com I believe. If you have those under your belt you'll be fine, just a bit time consuming and intricate. Be sure to label your connectors before you unplug them as there's a few that don't color match.

#449 6 months ago

I don't have an issue with the lair shot. It's certainly challenging but I don't seem to be having as tough a time as others. Conversely, I cant believe nobody else is complaining about how often the lock shot rattles around and pops out. Two things to help with the lair shot: timing the flipper drop to prevent the ball from bouncing out and teeny tiny flipper pulses to get a ball trapped under the flipper to go into the lane.

#471 6 months ago

The foot 123 override makes me want to punch a baby.

I've been having an issue where a rocket to the lock shot will physically knock the first ball in line out of the lock and not award my lock / mode. Anybody else? Weird issue as it's all opto switches that should see the activity...

#474 6 months ago

Huh... haven't had any airball issues. You check all your posts are tight? Your pizza disc being too low or high can also cause this.

#499 6 months ago

If your airballs are coming from the pizza disc move the disc, don't change the flipper strength. Its adjusted with 2 nuts on the side of the mech under the PF. Lowering the flipper strength is like driving slower because your loose wheel starts to wobble at speed.

#515 6 months ago

Second photo: It's the mylar ring the OEM put in place to prevent wear from the spin of the ball.

#586 6 months ago

Right now Leonardo's perk is light training. If you hit the skill shot at the lair, it awards the skill shot but not training. This lights weapon. When the ball drops from the lair if it hits weapon (50% chance it is lit on that side?) or 1-2-3 (100% chance it is lit on ball 1 if you hit the skill shot before rolling over it) you are LOCKED OUT from the perk you picked.

Please also consider adding the left flipper plus start button back to attract mode feature.

#628 6 months ago

It's the yellow inserts in front of the ramps. Although they are rarely lit since often things in the game lock you out of mode progress.

#767 6 months ago

The green looks really good! Would like to see what all green looks like if anybody has already done it.

#782 6 months ago

I have had issues when booting the game with the door open. Boot with it closed, then open, pull interlock, and go to menus.

Interlocks are dumb. They did without them just fine.

#813 6 months ago

The scoring on this game makes 0 sense to me. Multiball seems to be the only thing that scores any points. Started and finished a mode today with less than 1M on the ball.

#883 6 months ago

Training shot: if you get it in there and it is caught under the flipper you can do super fast flips and it'll work it's way up into the lane.

#907 6 months ago

I used the plain Marco's pinballs which are the only ones that have done well in LOTR and Goldeneye and they are already starting to get magnetized (and right beat up looking as well). That multiball intro seems to really do a number. Going to try Ball Barons carbons next although they haven't stayed unmagnatized well for me in the past but they look the best by far.

#909 6 months ago

All of the ones I've gotten for myself as well as the Carbons we got for Richmond Pinball Collective have ended up causing trough issues due to magnetization. I guess it's possible we got in on a bad run. Planning on giving them another shot now that they've rebranded them (even though they might be exactly the same). There is no doubt his ninja chrome's are the best pinballs for non-magnetized games and I'd like to just get all my pinballs from the same place if possible.

#938 6 months ago

The usual 5 (GC and 1-4) and high score for each turtle. No mode / other trackers yet I don't think.

#1148 6 months ago

The diverter: there are only two things that could be loose and causing the diverter to hit the ramp. The first is the phillips head screw that holds the diverter flap in place. After removing the coil from the back panel you can access this straight on with a screwdriver. The shaft of the diverter is flat so you shouldn't have to do any alignment.

The other element is what holds the plunger linkage to the cam. It is a large female hex bolt on top and a phillips head screw on the bottom. There is a small flange on the bottom of the bolt that fills the hole in the linkage. If this part is loose the linkage may be holding the threads on the phillips screw. You *may* be able to tighten this with just the bolt but I think in most cases the phillips screw will turn with the bolt. To get them really tightened you either have to get the cam out which leaves you with a nightmare of having to get the spring back on the cam, or taking the backboard off and fastening the plunger with the cam in place. The backboard plastic can be removed with the front mounted wood screws. The backboard itself comes off by removing the four screws from the back of the backboard to detach it from the L brackets, the. 3 wood screws that fasten it directly to the playfield. All this talk makes me wish I took pictures while doing it. Sorry, my bad.

Was going to try to remove the van and called Stern who directed me to attack from the back. It was way easier to get the backboard off than I had imagined.

#1178 6 months ago

First step try unplugging and reconnecting the plugs on those boards

#1237 6 months ago

If your diverter is hitting your ramp you most likely have loose or misaligned components. Putting felt or whatever on your ramp is addressing the symptom, not the problem. Tighten your diverter flap and plunger / linkage to avoid it completely detaching.

Started having some very intermittent scrachiness from the bottom speaker. Haven't started messing with it yet if anybody has already seen / resolved a similar issue let me know.

#1248 6 months ago

1) diverter flap phillips head screw
2) hex top / phillips bottom linkage to cam connector

After removing the coil from the backboard you should be able to access the diverter flap screw straight from the back IIRC. The link / cam connection you might be able to tighten with just a wrench if you're lucky but chances are the phillips holding in the bottom will just spin. You might be able to grab the diverter flap and plunger and wiggle them around and figure out what's loose. If that nut comes all the way off it will be a real PITA to get in place again. Here's a thought though: the reason it's a pain in the ass is it needs to be tightened in place due to the cam return spring being fixed to the turtle van. Would it work to remove that spring, tighten the cam / linkage outside the machine and put it back in using a traditional return spring that goes around the plunger? It wouldn't be a big deal to get the cam back in place and the diverter flap installed that way.

#1275 6 months ago

PRO V1.10 - July 21, 2020
- Fixed an issue where the background screen may go black.
- Fixed the

- Added more shaker motor effects throughout the game.
- Added Adjustment to allow the owner to set which game mode is default.
- Choices are:
- STANDARD - Normal play
- COMPETITION - Randomness removed
- COOPERATIVE - Shared progress and scores
- COOP + COMPETITION - Shared progress and no randomness
- TEAM PLAY 2V2 - Players 1 and 3 verses players 2 and 4
- TEAM PLAY 3V1 - Players 1, 2, and 3 verses player 4
- TEAM PLAY 2V1 - Players 1, and 2 verses player 3
- FINAL BATTLE CHALLENGE - Stop Shredder from taking over the world
- Defaults to STANDARD
- Added an adjustment to allow the owner to turn off the option of TEAM PLAY.
- Its called ALLOW TEAM PLAY
- It defaults to YES
- Added an adjustment to allow the owner to turn off the option of FINAL
- It defaults to YES
- Added Final Battle Challenge Game Mode
- You can play the Wizard mode instead of a normal game.
choose FINAL BATTLE CHALLENGE and press start.
- Added a High Score Champion for Final Battle Challenge. The turtle pictured
is the turtle used to become champion.
- Added an adjustment to change the difficulty of the BATTLE CHALLENGE
- It defaults to YES
- Added an adjustment to allow the owner to change the difficulty of Ninja
Pizza Multiball.
- If has three setting:
- EASY - Locks are always lit
- MEDIUM - Locks are lit for the first multiball. After that you
start with zero toppings and cannot lock balls until you have
- HARD - You always start with no toppings and cannot lock balls
until you have 5.
- It defaults to Medium.
- This is added to the difficulty installs
- Added an adjustment to allow the owner to change how many right ramps are
needed to start Turtle Power Multiball.
- It defaults to 4.
- This is added to the difficulty installs
- Added increased scores for successful training. Your current training level
now adds a percentage of every score award to all score awards. You will
receive +10% per level earned.
- Added an adjustment to allow advancing toward Episodes and starting
episodes while FOOT 123 is running.
- It defaults to YES.

- Slowed down how fast the turtles change at the start of the game.
- Added BALL SAVE LIMIT AT START adjustment to the difficulty installs. It
will range from 3 to 1 ball as you go from EASY to HARD.
- Removed LANE CHANGE BATTLE AGAIN from difficulty adjustments.
- Reduced the scoring for Pizza Eating Contest
- Increased the bonus values for successfully completing an episode
- Pict-O-Pops will not light FOOT 1 2 3 if you have already completed it.
- Reduced the scores for end of ball bonus
- Added lights at the start of ball one to help show which features are
available if you choose the current turtle selection.
- Improved the debounce timing on the center ramp opto.
- Tweaked the strength of the training ramp flashers.
- Increased the scores for TEAM-UP

Moved to system 2.53 -
- Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.62.0
- Update TARGET_GAME_TIME adjustment to ensure a minimal ball saver even after
the target game time is met.
- Do not display LOCATING NODE BOARD at boot when coin door interlock switch
has disabled node board power.

#1282 6 months ago

My high is 40m. Mine plays pretty brutal as whoever adjusted the sling switches at stern knew exactly what they were doing.

#1424 6 months ago

tiki_tilt will be streaming the pro tomorrow at 2:30EST on twitch

#1434 6 months ago

Call / email stern. It's likely something to do with connectors. In the meantime reseat every connector involved and check the wires to make sure 2 connectors didnt get switched or anything. Reference the manual.

#1442 6 months ago

Tiki_Tilt streaming the pro on twitch.tv starts in 15 minutes. Stop in and talk pinball and IPAs.

Edit: Got to the wizard mode on the last game! Co-OP pinball is amazing.

#1450 6 months ago
Quoted from zeldarioid:

Will be forever sad (for this reason and others) that I went through a “let’s melt stuff” phase when I was a kid, and that my collection of TMNT, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, etc toys got caught in the crossfire :’(

Every one of my GI Joes was destroyed by black cats. A great deal of fun at the time...

#1485 6 months ago

When playing the other night I had a mode & I think ninja pizza multiball lit and had the ball fly straight through the lock shot 3 times in a row on direct hits. 4th time worked. Anybody else had this issue?

#1744 5 months ago

What bigger post rubber are you talking about using? Do they make fatter rings for star posts?

#1759 5 months ago

Lair twice then hit the target

#1761 5 months ago

It starts when you hit the playfield target. As far as I know the button on the pro only eats pizza and launches the ball.

#1828 5 months ago

The magnet seems to be rough, my carbon steel balls have definitely started to magnetize but not sticking yet. Just got some polaris in to try to see if they can stay non magnetized.

#1857 5 months ago

It's challenging but not that hard. Try it from a rolling backhand, right near the end of the flipper. If that fails work on your timing to drop the left flipper when shooting it from the right.

2 weeks later
#2566 5 months ago

Yeah dude that left outlane should have a star post.

#2670 5 months ago

Anybody else having their speakers occasionally get all crackly, but just for the duration of a callout?

#2770 5 months ago

The same as deadpool?

They both have modes I guess...

#2896 5 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Got the game yesterday. By after dinner (pizza of course), I hated it. Could not hit a thing. Brutal. I find TWD fine, so I can handle hard. But just too fast and could not find the shots.
Then this morning checked the levels 6.9. Took it down to 6.5, huge difference. Getting combos, completing episodes. Having a great time. Can get lair fairly consistently from right flipper. Doesn’t bounce out. Can backflip both ramps. Can post past. My only issue is rejects from left orbit. Maybe hitting ramp exit above or clanking around t-intersection. Will try to slo-mo. If anybody else works this one out would love to know.
I really like this game. At first I found it confusing and not fun to shoot, but dial this sucker in!
Found out what to do with my left over Shredder! You have to take the plastic off underneath or chop his legs. Think the scale is good and it makes sense because he is behind the shredder ramp.
[quoted image]

Don't know if this is what you mean but the up post will stop a left orbit shot from going around if a shot is lit at the center ramp in order to feed the upper left flipper.

1 week later
#3148 4 months ago

Does the cowabunga being partially lit all the time mean it's a bad LED board?

#3317 4 months ago

Just updated the code. Never had a problem before with the lair up post capturing balls between the playfield and plastic above, now it's happening every time. Was there a change, or is anybody else having a problem?

#3343 4 months ago

To clarify my issue @xaquery:

When the ball enters the lair when it is not lit it goes right through, the post stays down for about a full second. When lair is lit and it shows the training fanfare, it only lowers the post for about .25 seconds and traps the ball between the post and plastic. This only started with the latest code update (pro model). The switch seems to be working fine in test and the post mech is not binding or anything like that. Nobody else having this problem on the pro? Does your post stay down for the same duration for lair being lit and unlit?

1 week later
#3529 4 months ago

Here is a 4 second video of my lair shot up post trapping the ball under the plastic. Can someone start a training mode and let me know if the post is not being held as long as it should be? This only happens when training is lit and shows you what shots you need. The switch seems to be working as it should, and this started right after the latest code update.

#3536 4 months ago

Theres a lot of crap over there I can try. What are you looking for in particular? Does your post go back up that quickly?

#3539 4 months ago

6.5ish, the bubble is centered. It doesn't make any sense to me that the post stays down for way longer in every other instance. I'll do some testing to see if it's hesitating. Does your post go back up that quickly during training? Every other instance on my game it stays down way longer.

1 month later
#4669 80 days ago

Anybody else having trouble with the lair post coming up to soon and trapping the ball under the plastic?

#4674 80 days ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

only had this happen once or twice but both occasions there were 2 balls int he Lair during a multiball. I had an issue with the Stern factory balls becoming magentized and getting caught up in Pizza Parlor and those 2 times in Lair. Switched to Titan balls. Sounds like you may have a different issue though.

Yeah it's when a single ball is in there. Weird thing is that it holds the post down for a decent amount of time most of the time, but during some sequences (especially starting training) it only holds it down for a split second and pops back up and traps the ball.

#4754 76 days ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:

Not sure if it’s my pizza spinner or not but ever so often I shoot the pizza parlor and it doesn’t register the ball. Could this be due to the ball catching some air or maybe a bad switch?

I used to have this problem and it seemed to just go away, I figured a code update fixed it at some point, are you up to date? It didn't make sense for it to be jumping the switches AND the post at the end.

#4774 75 days ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

I sometimes actively try to start 123 foot so I don’t go into turtles multiball so I can get to another mode! So it’s definitely helpful sometimes like weapons stop multiball progress I like that part of it

This is good fucking intel. Never thought of that! Makes Donatello a more legit turtle to pick.

#4804 74 days ago

I tell everybody that plays this to prepare to be frustrated the first 10-20 games before you start to jive with the geometry. It's a lot like BKSoR in that regard.

#4853 71 days ago
Quoted from CKrueger:

Does anyone with a Pro have issues with bounce outs at the pizza parlor (center captive ball where you start episodes)?
If I have a ball or two locked, anything but a very soft shot will immediately bounce out. No issues if there’s no ball locked, so I’m sure it’s a “Newton’s Cradle” effect. My Star Wars Pro had a similar issue on the Hoth shot at times.
Before I tear the top side of the game apart, has anyone managed to fix this issue? Or does anyone even HAVE this issue?
Apologies if this has been discussed... I’ve been blazing through this thread, but it’s pretty big!

Are you up to date on code? Not saying that it will fix it but I did have that problem and it just went away on its own after one of the code updates.

2 weeks later
#5080 52 days ago

The game shakes like a bastard during ninja pizza multiball with no shaker installed. Disable yours and give it a shot. When the balls are being spun around on the pizza spinner the shit is nuts. A shaker on top of that probably makes it really crazy.

1 week later
#5142 45 days ago

Putting my pro on the market. Correct playfield and a playfield protector installed before the first ball was played. Shooter lane cliffy as well, looks and plays brand new with none of the potential out-of-box playfield or other issues to worry about. $5500, will donate to pinside if it sells.

2 weeks later
#5367 28 days ago

Mine had a similar problem with not registering pizza parlor shots, and would even feed out a previously locked ball, not register a lock or start an episode like you're describing but the issue went away a few code revs ago. Are you up to date?

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