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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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#984 6 months ago

I also think this is probably john Borgs best layout and I like the game more than jp. Hopefully the code really gets fleshed out well and they listen to the people somewhat to make this one of sterns best. It's in a really great place at the moment and sld only get better .

#1029 6 months ago
Quoted from Esoteric_rt:

Is this seemingly problematic diverter only on the Premium/LE version?


#1032 6 months ago
Quoted from Ed209:

Those plastic leg protectors are garbage. I’d take them off, they can ruin decals.

They sld b ok as long as the stock stern ones are still also on...however they are not needed bc of the stock ones

1 week later
#1586 6 months ago
Quoted from pinghetto:

I can deal with the mechanical issues... even the nodes failing. But, after seeing the playfields, I'm really leaning to cancelling my premium. I went through this shit with my Ghostbusters and it sucked. Don't need to deal with that again. I thought this was resolved.
Oh well, looks like JJP will get this sale instead.
Sucks cause I really wanted this title. I think my kid wanted it even more than me.

Yep my premium will probably b a nice used huo one down the road as I don't feel like taking a gamble.

3 weeks later
#2578 5 months ago

Joined the club today.... picked up a pro with 20 plays lol... built July 30 has art under lair star post but no pooling and art colors are good with no grain or lines. Game looks really good overall. I still need to dial in my set up angle and side to side, but man the game is so so fast and difficult. If you miss a shot its game over and the flow is great. Probably the fastest pin ive ever played and will definitely make us better players. Looking fwd to learning the rules and the game slowing down some lol. What are the typical fixes to really dial this pin in and any software changes recommended?

1 week later
#3135 4 months ago

Pro is a good buy on this pin imo.. the game is so fast especially the ramps that I wldnt /cldnt even use the button for diverter so not missing that one bit. Disk spinning both ways doesn't really matter eaither and the pro still locks balls but they just come out another way which is no big deal eaither since they go do the disk. . The pro really has everything u cld want and most people will be completely happy with it. I suspect part of the reason so many le's are for sale is bc the pro is much cheaper for basically the same gameplay? . Also for route I'd definitely get the pro considering the issues we have seen with premium/le

#3136 4 months ago
Quoted from Mrawesome44:

Gotta say I'm honestly surprised by all of the Le's up for sale. Are people that tired of the game already?

So many for sale here and other places..

#3144 4 months ago
Quoted from V8haha:

I thought some people might get a kick out of this
I have a pro and LE
Pro outlane VS LE outlane
Factory setup
I guess if u spend more money stern wants you to feel good about your pinball skills
[quoted image][quoted image]

Any adjustment on the left ? Left drain kills me on the pro

#3209 4 months ago
Quoted from freddy:

Recently installed new code on my pro and had two player game come up. Thought this was corrected?
Also Shot left loop and ball stuck behind van I believe on magnet went into ball search messed up a great game I was having!! happend twice on original code Too! Not sure what the deal is here!

No magnets... there is a up post tho. Maybe it's a tad high in the down position and slow shots get caught? Or it's a tad low in down position and ball sits in the hole? . Check the post out first and if it's ok set the game up a little more steeper and that may help also.

#3359 4 months ago

Game is definitely difficult and frustrating at times. It's so fast and if u miss a shot the left outlane will suck it up lol.

2 weeks later
#3686 4 months ago

This game seems to be getting overshadowed much sooner than usual for a new release but guessing bc of the soon after reveal of avengers which does look pretty good. However this is a really good game and I think many will be coming back to this one as soon as the avengers hype wears off once some le and pros start getting in people's hands. Tmnt lay out is very good and the game is very fast and flows well but the game is also pretty difficult bc of the speed ....especially the left outlane. Looks like whatever tmnt that are out there is all that will be for a while do to a big backlog of orders for stern. Seems if u want a new one it may be early next year before it's on the like again? Has anyone else heard this? I know there is very little stock available from distros and seems the price is high if u do find one? Anyhow I hope more people get to enjoy this really good game .

#3702 4 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

I think a lot of people are playing this before it is dialed in. If it's too steep, they just say it's frustrating and does not shoot well. It also did not help that it was number 1 for a while. That causes a backlash. The theme also turns people off. After owning for a few months and ironing out my flow issues I think it is awesome. Top 100 position does not bother me too much, it can be next to Munsters on the list as long as we enjoy it!
Also think the code is pretty good. Wish people would stop bashing game coders, music and animation guys. This pin looks like it is pretty much finished now, there is heaps to do, it mixes things up. And the animations are great, just watch the rocksteady and bebop scene. They are excellent with the nunchucks twirling. And Slash is great as well.
EDIT: talk about frustrating, the right orbit is TIGHT!!!

Left orbit I can never hit and the upper flipper ramp makes me mad lol. Overall its a great pin and one my favorite john b layouts.

#3745 4 months ago

So I'm gonna order shaker motors for stern spike pins.... any real difference between official stern one and pinball life version?

#3768 4 months ago

I have a pro with a beautiful playfield... thank goodness... that's y I waited to buy a basically new out of box pin so I cld c it first. Wonder if bad ones will sell for less than nice ones? I'm guessing it will come up when buying/selling.

#3873 4 months ago

Installed shaker and powered subwoofer this evening and wow.... made the pin that much better. Also the pro is really good this time around and all versions are great ...just depends on what you wanna spend. I like bling and extra features but tmnt pro checks all boxes and wasn't worth the upgrade this time around .

#3893 4 months ago
Quoted from atrainn:

So are nib turtles basically unobtanium right now? I spoke with a few distributors and it seems like Stern pushed the next turtles run back so they could do Avengers. I'm finally ready to order one (preferably a premium) :[

Seems that way... I believe they will run more starting in December and will be shipping out beginning of the new year. There cant be many premiums and pros in people's hands as they only seem to do 2 small runs of pros and one small premium run. They really cut tmnt short by releasing avengers so soon after .

#3997 3 months ago

No issues on my pro ...everything registers as it sld even at warp speed as this game plays so fast. I went to play some of my other pins and they all feel pretty slow in comparison.

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