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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

7 months ago

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#53 7 months ago

Mark my words, I will have this game at least ordered by the end of the year. Until then I'll leave this thread alone until I can officially join.

Will be my first pin.

#118 6 months ago

There's something about the multiball coming out of the turtle van that I just need that. Plus I love the art on it more.

#248 6 months ago

Was confused at what the "joke" was. Turns out he just don't like it.

I think it's the best of the 3.

#354 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It is strange. Just get what cha want. No need to justify it in any way. These are all stupid financial decisions. Haha

It's that way in any community. It's all about justifying the purchase.

#356 6 months ago

Might have to make a topper with my sideshow statues.

tmnt (resized).png
#358 6 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

love seeing how many pinsiders are also retro video game collectors. My video game collection is worth way more than my pins

I used to collect any and every game I could find. But decided to only collect and keep the games that I love. With a few exceptions.

#365 6 months ago

I think the LE has the best side and coin art. While I think the Premium has the best glass and upper vertical art (sorry I'm unfamiliar with the terminology).

It does seem weird that the T-molding is red on the premium. Doesn't really seem to fit anything.

#370 6 months ago

It's all opinion. To me the ball stopper on the pro is an eyesore. The glider is great.

The turtle van multiball where the side of the van opens up is freakin awesome and a must have. Plus Krang and the mutli directional pizza spinner add some extra depth.

As well as (imo) the back glass having better art.

But to each their own. I'm just glad the game seems to play well and people are buying it. TMNT lives on!

#375 6 months ago
Quoted from Waxx:

I am confused when people say which one is obviously better but then don't list actual differences. What depth do you think Krang is adding? The Krang loop and combos are on the Pro. It is missing a toy that bobs up and down.

I didn't say it was obviously better. I said it was better in my opinion.

And my whole post was a list of the differences.

#456 6 months ago
Quoted from Huggers:

I'm so torn between this and Jurassic Park with Stranger Things in the background niggling at me. What to get....?! I'm pretty average and J-Park looks tough but I loved Maidens rules. Turtles looks super fast and flowy... Argh!

I mean it's up to you. Did you grow up a bigger fan of Jurassic Park than TMNT?

Have you been able to play both of them?

#490 6 months ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:

enjoyed the stream last night. That co-op mode is going to be a blast to play with my daughter.

That's what I'm excited about. Getting the family to work together to beat our own scores. Sounds like a blast.

#593 6 months ago
Quoted from Napoleon:

I hope the topper for this is good. I love the Black Knight topper. Seems like it would be an easy conversion to Turtles. Just make it Shredder's head that moves around and taunts you. Instead of two identical fires behind him in the plastic, make one side Bebop and the other Rocksteady. The main R&D is already done.

Well now if it's anything less than that I'll be disappointed. That sounds amazing.

#709 6 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

people are complaining about the perfect remake theme song,
but you never heard the german version, its so much better


#941 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Or about $3.60 each from the source (which is also likely unlicensed and where the ebay ones are coming from) if you can wait a month for it to show up.
These are cuter, IMO, and they have all the turtles, but you'd have to order a bunch for the expensive shipping to make sense:

I found some of these that I think look amazing! For $2.99 found here https://geek.wish.com/product/tmnt-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-keychain-key-ring-583879e1e9b293417fffa5a0?hide_login_modal=true&share=web

back side (resized).pngdonn (resized).pngkeychain (resized).pngleo (resized).png
#974 6 months ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:

I thought the reveal with Jack Danger was on the Pro. I will have to check that out thanks.

He did 2 separate streams. I believe the first was on a Pro, and the second was on a Prem/LE.

#1048 6 months ago

Could it because of covid and limited staff? Or is this a pretty common thing with Stern?

#1052 6 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

one of the reasons why i pay a bit to have my distributer bring it into my basement. Anything big wrong hes taking it with him

Yeah unfortunately some of us live nowhere near a distro. So it'll have to be shipped.

1 week later
#1576 5 months ago

But every LE is already made? So if you try to find one you're taking a gamble?

#1716 5 months ago

Cat wants a turn.

#1725 5 months ago
Quoted from Aquapin:

I would love the topper to look something like this:[quoted image]

Those Sideshow statues are hella expensive and only available on the secondary market.

Each goes for about $500. (Except Shredder)

But i would love one that looks like that. Or the original comic book cover.

pasted_image (resized).png
#1730 5 months ago

I think I'd like it to be Shredder or Krang.

#1735 5 months ago
Quoted from djsoup:

Would be cool to have all the turtles on the topper, and then each one gets lit up for whichever turtle is active during play. Light em all up for Turtle Power Multiball!

I don't mind this idea. Maybe them in the background on a building. With Krang or Shredder up front taunting you.

#1805 5 months ago

I'm pretty torn at the moment. I want the features of a Prem/LE. The glider and turtle van especially. I'm not a huge fan of the Prem side art compared to the LE. And to get an LE i'll have to spend about $3K more and go to the used market.

#1837 5 months ago
Quoted from BackAlleyMatt:

Just finished some of the mods for Turtles. They are available in the Pinside store and on our website. We made Turtle shell action button covers. They come in each of the 4 colors of the turtles and come with a clear button with the extension added to it. Also we have Ooze for the shooter housing and coin door. The long Ooze for the speaker panel will be done soon as well. Many more mods to come to this amazing game.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


#1926 5 months ago
Quoted from mahony:

I agree with that. I have watched every single video on TMNT that exists (not really but close). I have read all forums posts regarding TMNT and I'm saving my review until my machine arrives next week. Just saying I would buy a game I've never played, before I would review a game I've never played.

For games, i feel like you need many many hours on it before you can review it. Pinball or video games.

#1927 5 months ago
Quoted from mahony:

Even though I ordered my TMNT PRO a few weeks ago, for some reason it went from Stern (Chicago) to the distributor (Georgia) and now it's being shipped to my house (California) using Roadrunnner freight which kinda scares me based on reviews I've seen of Roadrunner Freight. My closest distributor wanted $500 more than the guy in Georgia, and I would have had to drive 3.5 hours round trip to pick it up.

Classic Game Rooms?

#1938 5 months ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

Anyone by chance have an extra LE flyer for TMNT
stern is out and wanted one to display with my game
Message me if you are able to assist

This banner? I messaged Flip N Out awhile back and they had one. Should be arriving today actually.

banner (resized).png
#1940 5 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

How much was that?

$144 total after shipping.

#2292 5 months ago

Curious how the line of Premiums is going to be. I imagine they'll have the guide issue figured out. As well as art around the posts for pooling.

And hopefully the PF art isn't rushed and grainy.

I'm basically ready to order, but want to see the best route. Been leaning on finding a LE. But if premium has most all the issues ironed out, that will probably what I go with.

#2302 5 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Baxter deserved it either way

How dare you!

#2331 5 months ago

Wonder when the first premiums will start to arrive.

I've very curios how they adjusted things for that run.

#2339 5 months ago

I'd gladly wait an extra few months if my playfield is perfect.

#2368 5 months ago
Quoted from Vitty:

Anyone have a good resource for rules overview or tutorial? I'm having a hard time focusing on figuring it out on my own. Videos preferred as I find written rules lack some nuance and descriptive insights.


nm someone already helped you.

#2548 5 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

All this complaining about how April looks, it could have been worse lol. Here is a sketch you can find buried in the software.
[quoted image]

I actually dig that a lot.

#2673 5 months ago

Sounds like a lot if not most of the premiums have the good quality play fields. That is awesome to hear. Hoping to get my order in within the next month.

1 week later
#3052 4 months ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

I’ve heard nothing. One month so far.

You said you cancelled your order. Yet here you are.

#3190 4 months ago

I dig it. Hope it's not too expensive.

#3267 4 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

Here you go my TMNT fans
This is a complete rebuild using Pinball Browser that uses animations from the 1987 TMNT series.
Pro, Premium and LE all available on 1.21.0
Premium and LE are untested as of now, so someone give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Wow. Amazing work!!! A lot of that looks like it was always meant to be that way.

#3285 4 months ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

Got my Premium TMNT Wednesday! So proud of what the team did on this... Now I just have to learn to suck less at it

Your art puts this pin at another level! I want all 3 translites on my wall. And will probably get a tattoo of some of the characters.

Been a TMNT fan my entire life, and your representation of them may be my absolute favorite.

#3290 4 months ago
Quoted from joelbob:

Thanks for the shoutout!

Any word on the resolution to your playfield?

#3396 4 months ago

TMNT logo on the topper looks to be a separate piece of plastic. I wonder if it can be removed.

#3406 4 months ago
Quoted from johnnyutah:

Looks like the topper has been shown to Stern Insiders. Rest of us should see it soon!

Someone posted a pic of it on page 68 of this thread.

2 weeks later
#3773 3 months ago
Quoted from remf:

They actually responded to mine and is sending a new playfield. Of course it’s unpopulated so who knows when I’ll get around to switching them out...

Do you get to keep both? Or you need to send the bad one back?

4 weeks later
#4276 89 days ago

I'm finally at the point of buying this pin. Leaning towards Premium/LE.

Really want a LE. But would I lose out on warranty fixes and such if I go secondary route?

#4387 84 days ago
Quoted from billrz:

This thread has turned into a tmnt issues thread . Sucks, makes our games look like huge failures. I’ve had zero issues with my le and have well over 1000 games played.
Cowabunga issues thread,not so much hype anymore. Ha

It does kinda feel that way. I'm in the process of getting one. But the amount if things that come up in here does have me a little nervous. Especially with it being my first pin. My lack of knowledge sort of has me a bit worried on if I'll have to fix something right away. But it's a dream theme of mine so there is no other title for me until I have this one first.

But just like with anything, the negative or issues always show up on the forums. The people with no issues aren't going to the forum every day to reiterate that their game is working perfectly.

#4397 84 days ago
Quoted from joelbob:

TMNT is a challenging game but I do feel like I'm improving every time I play it. I have had ZERO issues with my PRO and have no regrets going with it over the Premium/LE.

You ever get a replacement playfield?

#4542 78 days ago

Wouldn't make sense to be all the turtle colors since they don't all use katanas. Would love the other weapons tho. Just pokes out a little to much for my liking. With little kids running around.

Them opening talking about eye in the code should mean they are dropping the topper pretty soon don't you think?

#4584 77 days ago

Well going to cancel my pre-order on that. That's insane. On a topper where you basically will have to remove part of it so the title isn't redundant.

#4611 76 days ago

Well just got my $1,000 invoice from Flip N Out for the topper.

Sad to cancel it. Was thinking it was hard to justify even at $600. But $1000? Can't do it.

#4618 76 days ago
Quoted from protocol_j:

Does this carry a new game mode? It must at that price, right?

It plays PS5 and Xbox Series X games at 4K.

At least that's what I'd expect it to do at that price.

#4651 75 days ago

Stern released the making of video for TMNT.

#4781 69 days ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

Has anyone heard anything about when stern will be doing the next run of premiums?

Closest distributor to me just said the soonest he could get a premium was March. I have a feeling I'll have to go that route even tho I'd love to get an LE but with my standing on Pinside I doubt anyone would sell one to a first time buyer.

March is just so far away!

#4790 69 days ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

If you can find one within driving distance, "cash on the glass" will never get turned down regardless of limited pinside history. Be an active pinsider, make posts, ask questions, be helpful and you will build a good history quickly. IMHO, selling a game is more about the seller's history, but buying (for me at least) not as much as long as the payment details lack sketchy-ness

That's my problem living where I do. Basically no games near me (<800 miles) and definitely no games that I want.

#4793 68 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Why not these guys? Advertising a Premium and says same day shipping...
This dealer's advertising a NIB Prem in nebraska:
Of a private LE still on the pallet:
(should be able to get it with a bank wire transfer)

Those are all avengers.

#4799 68 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Haha. That's what I get for jumping back and forth between threads.
Here's a TMNT Prem from the Flipper Fidelity guy...
(should be able to get this using a bank wire transfer if he'll ship)
This TMNT LE SAYS no shipping, but if you do White Glove legs on service with Michelle he'd have to do nothing, you'd handle it all:
Another TMNT LE that says no shipping that probably would be attainable with the white glove legs-on no-hassle shipping:
You can get a shipping quote for the legs-on white glove shipping here:
Michelle Bianchi
63O-344-3O93 Cell
If you do the legs-on white glove, you have to remind the local carrier to bring the leg protectors (cardboard Ls), blankets and shrink wrap TO THE PICKUP. Make them wrap it in front of the person selling it and have them document it with some cell phone pics at various points as it's wrapped. I've done this legs on white glove as a seller and a buyer probably 10x now and NONE have arrived with issues, but you have to make sure it leaves the seller wrapped properly. Do that and you'll be playing this in your home in 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for all the info. You're too kind. Had to do some googling on what white glove shipping is. The legs on shipping sounded interesting, but if you swear by it I trust you.

Messaged one seller to see if they'd consider it.

And would you recommend escrow.com for the transaction?

#4824 66 days ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Saw this, and thought some people with a TMNT might want it for their machine - a Turtles barstool on sale for $30:

It's $30 off. Making it $49.99. Still a great stool and great deal for that price. Have one in front of my TMNT Arcade1up cabinet.

#4863 64 days ago
Quoted from JackOfPots:

Finally got my replacement glider from Stern installed. Glider now working as designed and am able to fully enjoy some Turtles.

How long was your wait?

#4872 64 days ago
Quoted from smokinhos:

Ok.. so I think I'm done modeling my pro. Maybe a piece of mylar or two. Here's the list of mods and pics for anyone who is considering.. i do have the sewer pipe mod on order, but not doing the flaming building. It just seemed like it took over the playfield and hid the ramps too much. Looks super cool though..
Plastic protectors
Speaker lights
Mutegen container
Clear rubbers install/color flipper bands
Turtle selector
Ramp illumination
Trough illumination
Custom cards
Moved turtle van[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Those are some awesome mods! The turned Van is definitely growing on me.

#4891 63 days ago

So I think I've found one near by(2 hour drive). It's a Pro even tho I was leaning towards a Premium or LE. But is super modded out. For $6K

I'm so excited that I may finally get this game.

#4893 63 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

How modded out? That seems high for a pro.

Upgraded Speakers
Art Blades
Shaker Motor
Krang Toy Mod
Mutagen Tank
Mini Turtle Van on Right Ramp
Technodrome MezelMod
Glider Stopper Mod
Pizza Flippers
Mikey Head Shooter Rod
Flasher Turtle Shells

I may be missing some. He said he has put on just about every mod he thought looked good.

#4913 62 days ago
Quoted from smokinhos:

Depending on how good a deal you can get on a pro.. ive seen them range from routed (w/ Shaker and Krang) to 6200 nib i think. Most used seem to sell between 5200-5500 from what I've seen. So you are pretty close to buying a used machine and paying for all the mods. Shaker, side blades, technodrome, and glider will add up plus all the other mods. As the previous post stated, if you like the mods then its pretty much done for u. It sounds loaded.

I love 95% of the mods. Only thing I'd probably remove as of now is the flasher turtle shells. Some I may have eventually added them to the game. Like the shooter rod and mini van.

But I was planning on putting in most of them. Especially the art blades, shaker motor, glider, and mutagen. The time it would have taken me to do them as a complete newbie basically pays for itself if you ask me.

#4954 59 days ago

The playfield art is the main reason I haven't bought a NIB. At least with used you can inspect the art firsthand.

#4966 57 days ago

What brand of balls do people recommend?

#4974 56 days ago
Quoted from Soulstoner:

I'll be finally joining the club later this week!
Does anyone have pictures of the Stern Side Armor and/or Shooter Rod installed? Considering these for my new machine...

Congrats!! I'm picking mine up on Saturday.

#5007 52 days ago
Quoted from atrainn:

Well these parts turned out great!
[quoted image]

Green armor looks amazing. I'd like to do the same thing but I think I'll have to buy new armor instead since nowhere here will powder coat.

I also have the premium translite for the pro since I like that one better.

#5051 49 days ago
Quoted from BaxterStockman:

Mark my words, I will have this game at least ordered by the end of the year. Until then I'll leave this thread alone until I can officially join.
Will be my first pin.

I TOLD YOU I WOULD GET ONE!!! (Maybe I lied about staying away from this thread.)

Picked mine up this weekend from the original owner. Playfield is perfect! No pooling either.

Looks like I will need to oil up the spinner as I can hear a grinding noise on the spinner.

Also when the multiball starts the shaker (I'm assuming) is really, really noisy. Might have to look into adjusting that. My 3 year old daughter loves the art and the video screen animations. But she tells me it's "too noisy" and plugs her ears when the shaker really starts going off when the multiball starts. I don't know if i need to change the weights or what. Just really loud.

This is my first pin and I am beyond pumped to really start getting into it. Thing is kicking my A$$, but it is soooo fun.

#5077 46 days ago

About to make an order for some shooter rod rubber tips from Marco. What other random pinball parts should I have on hand?

#5088 45 days ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

I LOVE shake effects...this effect at Pizza MB start is shaking along with a super loud grinding sound like the machine is being chewed up. Was thinking it was the motor but its not. Anyways, to each their own. An option to disable or tone down would be nice so all can enjoy it how they like.

Same exact thing with mine. Stern shaker. The rest of the game the shaker is amazing. Just when that mutliball starts it seems like my game is going to break. And like I said my daughter has to cover her ears. I find myself prepping her by saying its going to get a little loud for a little bit so it doesn't scare her.

#5121 43 days ago

Any example of a good digital level someone could link on amazon?

I see some that look like little squares (amazon.com link »)
But I'm not sure those are the best to use or to get one of the longer ones for better accuracy. (amazon.com link »)

#5124 43 days ago

Thanks for the help. I'll probably pick one of the square ones up.

I've noticed that I definitely have been getting some major airballs bouncing off the dimension x and 2X Playfield targets.

I'll have to adjust the spinner it sounds like.

#5128 42 days ago

I couldn't get the app to really work. The calibrating is all weird with white text on yellow. Never gave me a measurement.

I end up giving up on it.

Here is the official stern release of the pizza spinner fix. Though I've heard others use lithium grease and took it apart further.

spinner fix 1 (resized).pngspinner fix 2 (resized).pngspinner fix 3 (resized).png
#5131 42 days ago
Quoted from kpg:

Hey guys, finally pulled the trigger and ordered a TMNT LE yesterday. It's an early one, #10. I've done some digging on this thread, and couldn't find much in regards to early LE builds. Any particular issues I should look for or expect with this one?
I know as an LE buyer they typically have more quirks then the Premium's that are built after the LE's so I hope I get a good one

Pretty sure all the playfields have been good on the LEs. As far as the art print quality is concerned. But it wouldn't hurt to look.

Here's a list of a few things I can remember from following this thread:

1. Look for is pooling under some posts.

2. The diverter in the back sometimes rubs. So it may need some adjustments.

3. The glider jittering and not working could be a bad servo.

4. Lots of people need to oil the pizza spinner.

I'm sure there are more.

#5146 38 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I took mine apart and greased the gears. If oiling the nylon washers does the trick, then just stick with that.
It's also important to ensure the pizza wheel is level with the playfield. Use a straight edge like a rule to check.
The only thing I need to do still is make a ramp cover for the center ramp. Sometimes if shot too fast it does not trigger the opto.

I noticed my pizza spinner when I apply a little pressure to one side it slides and isn't quite level. Are we measuring the resting position of the spinner? Or do I need to make an adjustment to fix the wobbliness of it?

Quoted from joelbob:

I just saw the TMNT armor here. Anyone planning on getting it? Would love to see a picture of it on the pin.

I saw those as well and may pull the trigger down the road.

#5161 37 days ago

I can't make the Lair shot on demand either. Probably going to take a long time. Seems like going off the right flipper just has too much power and I'm too slow to lower the upper flipper to trap it in there.

Oddly enough most of my lair shots have come after bouncing off the post next to the right ramp and it ricochets into lair. Hey I'll take it.

#5172 35 days ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

Lair shot is a pretty easy shot backhanding for me. Its a bit tougher off the right flipper for sure. I love this game! Once you get the shots dialed in the game shines. I keep seeing these for sale and i feel its people not playing it enough to get the shots down. Its in your face speed either makes you super pissed or full adrenaline sweetness which is exactly the kind of game i love playing and the code is so fun when you get into it. First game in awhile i havent sold or gotten bored of quickly speaks volumes to me.

Definitely. I'm only a few weeks into owning mine and I'm slowly getting better at it. Some shots I still struggle with. But I can definitely tell the game is slowing down for me. (Like NFL players say)

This game is bolted to my floor.

#5189 33 days ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

Nice, wasn't aware of that.

It's so satisfying to land the Donatello skillshot doing that trick. I only land it like once every 20 tries, but once you get the hang of it it'll be really nice.

#5199 32 days ago

Has anyone found a figure small enough for it to fit on the Pro Glider mod?

Think these would work?

pasted_image (resized).png
#5264 28 days ago

Has anybody done experienced the differences in the shaker motor after the update? Haven't had a chance to play it yet.

#5273 27 days ago

That was fast!!

PRO V1.41 - December 23, 2020
- Fixed a GI lamp show issue where if you kill HALF SHELL CHALLENGE with the
left flipper button + start button at the right time and then start a new
regular game the lamp effect may continue.

#5293 27 days ago
Quoted from StarWarsTurtles:

TMNT Mods for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Stern 2020. These are on my Pro. Had to dress it up a little and change a few things on it. Some of the Mods you will recognize from Mezel Mods and others. Others are my doing like the Raphael Sia mounted on the left ramp so the the ball passes under it. It is solid polished metal with the handle wrapped in Red and Black with the matching chrome Ramp mount as well. Just zip ties on. Looks like it should have been there. Similar to Deadpools Katana. It is $115 plus shipping. The Sewer Pipe is a work still progress on the right ramp, lit inside. One of the things I noticed on the original game were that there are the four colored playfield lights that correspond to the Turtles at the beginning while choosing them. The 2 Turtle plastics by the bottom 2 lights dont correspond to their colors. I found a set of Turtles that you can mount next to each corresponding light and come with a Sewer Platforms to just silicone them in place. No harm to the original plastics. They are $40 a set and look great as the lights show each one off. The Mousers came with a Samurai Turtle figure.
The DIY Mods that most can do are removing the Turtle Van since it is just a toy on the Pro, drilling it for lights, silicone it at the angle shown which will leave room for the Turtles Parking Only sign that mounts in original Van mounting hole. I just used aluminum rod and a Photo paper sign. You can now see the Sewer plastic that was covered by the van originally. Krang was purchased on Ebay and wired with lights as is common as is finding Raphael on Ebay for the glider. The light up decals on the apron are the originals that come with it as they do light up. I just carefully traced around them and peeled them off and mounted them back on some clear polycarbonate that is about 1/4 larger all around. I then cut out the plastic where they were just a little smaller than the decals, sanded the edges, and back mounted the decals and polycarbonate with silicone. I ran LEDS from the front apron lights to light them up. If you have any questions or comments let me know if I can help you with these. Thats what we are here for! Have fun Modding!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

What size of figure did you search on ebay to get that one for the glider?

#5375 21 days ago
Quoted from Yobits:

Finally received my tmnt LE
After 6 month wait
Sad to say I did receive a poor quality playfield
Build was july,
And distributor would not sell me the shooter rod when they seen it was faulty when they trued to install it
But apart from that plays great
Wife is addicted already
Game is fast and hard
Also can someone please tell me what the loud beep is and how to disable it, not sure what it's for, maybe free credit or something as there is just this loud beep that happens now and again when play has ended. It ignites the volume setting which are low.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I'm so sorry. I thought the LEs were immune from the printing issues.

Can you give an example of the beep?

If it is the Match/Free Credit after gameplay, you can change the Knocker Volume to low. It's Standard Adjustment #44.

#5424 18 days ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

Brilliant! Are those clay? Very talented. My son started sculpting clay and has made some amazing things...he's love the Krang and Baxter.

They look like Neca figures.

I love the Krang and Baxter ones. Wish they were available in my area.

#5431 17 days ago

Been doing a little bit of modding recently.

I added the RGB Mezel Mod for turtle select. Another very easy mod and it looks pretty great.

I'm in the process of adding the Mezel Mod CLIP green plastic protectors and am really loving how it looks so far. Some of it I'm a little scared on how to get to them and may not do them for a while. Removing the wireforms and ramps is really intimidating.

Here is a quick glimpse at it. The green plastic really pops.

I've got a long way to go. But it has been a lot of fun.

I also took some advice from someone on here and bought some flash gel filters to do the cheap version of the color episode mod. I love it. And super easy for a newb like me. To me it is the type of mod that the final result seems like it could have come with the game to begin with. You can see it in action in the video above.

1 (resized).png
#5468 16 days ago
Quoted from RoyalJack:

I tried out Final Battle mode again last night and don't have any spoken dialog in the opening video scene on version 1.41 on premium. Anyone else with this issue? xaqery I LOVE this freaking game!

I was going to say something. I've only played the mode once or twice. Recently mine doesn't have any dialogue during the opening. Thought that was a bit odd.

#5473 16 days ago

I think I'm going to get some HD glass.

What is everyone's recommendations?

VooDoo Glass?
Stern HD?
Something else?

#5495 15 days ago
Quoted from acons017:

Does anyone have the technodrome mod or the RGB Raph ramp light mod from Mezel Mods? Would love to see a video before buying it. Thanks dudes

Here is a video of cycling through the Turtles and the lights that appear. It has the technodrome in it but it isn't blinking during the selection.

Here is a video with the technodrome that shows blinking.

#5501 15 days ago

I really wanted an LE or a premium. I loved the art package the most on the LE. But couldn't afford it and didn't want to deal with all the issues the premium/LE owners have been dealing with.

So I found a Pro nearby. No regrets.

#5510 14 days ago
Quoted from Wallofnoise:

Yep, she says Bar It Up Shop on Etsy. Here’s a closeup daytime pic when I unwrapped it.
[quoted image]

That sign is insane!! Too bad it's completely sold out on their Etsy shop.

#5545 9 days ago
Quoted from Soulstoner:

Green plastic protectors look fantastic! Where did you get that set from?

Looks like the Mezel Mod set.

I'm in the middle of putting them on mine. They really do pop! Just hesitant to get to some of the ones that are under ramps and wireforms.

#5609 5 days ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

I think people bought the game because it’s a great theme and family friendly but realize it’s Quite challenging, I’m assuming kids and wife get Frustrated and they sell for that reason. I honestly love turtles it’s super fun specially when you get into a flow fest with all shots it has, I might get Scold for saying this but I like it better than avengers that’s just my opinion.

This is the first pinball my wife has ever really played. She loves it. And I think it's because of how challenging it is. I think it also helps that I suck at it as well. So we both are struggling together. If I was dropping huge scores on her over and over I doubt she'd be having much fun.

And us working together in co-op is soooo good.

#5615 4 days ago
Quoted from Scandell:

I’m in
[quoted image]


#5650 5 hours ago

Heads up to people wanting to add the Mezel mod green plastics AND the mutagen.

The height of the mutagen on the right side with the added height from the plastic makes it too tall to fit.

Found out the hard way when sliding the glass back on. broke the mutagen at the base. Luckily it was just a tiny part at the base and was easily able to super glue it back on. Can't even tell.

Ended up ordering some shorter hex spacers from Marco so it would fit.

Mad that I didn't even think about it when installing the plastic set. But glad it didn't do much damage.

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