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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

1 year ago

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Post #4698 Center Ramp non-registering opto fix Posted by spidey (1 year ago)

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#7018 4 months ago
Quoted from Scandell:

Seriously. Ditch the protector idea. Wax and clean your playfield every 4 months and enjoy a prestine machine.

Any solid "how-to" videos for a first timer? I've got a Turtles pin delivering at the end of the month! It's my first pin and I'm freakin stoked!

1 week later
#7070 4 months ago
Quoted from MJK-911:

back in production next week ?

Yes! I’ve got an order for a TMNT being built the week of the 26th! I can’t freakin wait!

1 week later
#7097 4 months ago

My TMNT was supposed to be built this week. Super disappointed with the TMNT run delay. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long. This is my first pin purchase.

#7098 4 months ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

This game needs a code update badly. I can’t see it happening with Dwight focusing on getting Mando code to 1.0. I’m thinking of selling my premium to fund IMDN and then purchase TMNT again if Dwight ever finishes coding this “could be” amazing game.

What code updates are you hoping for?

1 month later
#7262 3 months ago

I'm so stoked guys. First pin!!!

#7290 88 days ago

Hey guys! My TMNT arrived today and its totally awesome. It's all set up and I also installed a shaker motor.

One issue I'm having though:

Usually during multiball, but I'm fairly sure at least once NOT during multiball, the flippers die, the lights kinda go out, and then it comes back to life. The game continues, its just the flippers and lights briefly. I've only played for maybe 30 minutes. My assumption is something is lose and the vibration from the shaker motor is amplifying it.

Thoughts? Has anyone experienced this? Potential code issue? I've not updated the code or anything but I'd assume it's current if its fresh from the factory.

Thanks in advance!

#7293 87 days ago
Quoted from Thomas3184:

Two culprits I have found are coin door tab doesn’t firm press in the high voltage switch or bad sd card from stern.

New card writing now! Thanks!

Quoted from daveyvandy:

Also look for a loose Ethernet cord connection to a node board under the playfield.

Will do, thank you!

#7295 87 days ago
Quoted from Thomas3184:

Two culprits I have found are coin door tab doesn’t firm press in the high voltage switch or bad sd card from stern.

Quoted from daveyvandy:

Also look for a loose Ethernet cord connection to a node board under the playfield.

So I swapped the card and unfortunately no change, BUT, I reseated the RJ45s and found a couple semi lose connectors here and there and just tightened them all down and that seemed to resolve the issue!!! Thanks a bunch for your help guys!

Quoted from plasticbugs:

If you update the firmware, make sure you used the correct firmware - pro and premium have different firmware. If you mix them up, the game will mostly function, but weird stuff like what you described happens. Might want to try to download the latest firmware and update or reflash to shake out the bad juju.

I'll keep this in mind! Thank you!

#7296 87 days ago

Hey guys. I’ve got another minor issue.

The action button doesn’t work. It lights up just fine, however when I press the button it doesn’t register. It doesn’t plunge the ball nor does it work for pizza eating.

Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!

#7299 87 days ago
Quoted from thekaiser82:

Take the lockdown bar off and adjust the leaf switch. My Mando came NIB like this as well.

Thanks for the tip. I’m tried to push it up and down but I have no idea what I’m doing. Do I squeeze it together?

#7305 87 days ago
Quoted from arcyallen:

I'm about 10 pages in but need to ask a current question: Are there any issues to look for on this machine bought today? I'm familiar with Stern pooling and the odd playfield resolution problems. Am I naïve to think these problems are unlikely on a new machine this late in the run? Or are people still seeing these issues?

My TMNT arrived yesterday. It's absolutely beautiful. No issues with the color or printing. I don't see any pooling or anything at all. I had to reseat a few RJ45 connectors to resolve some quirky flipper/power issues during multiballs. I also made sure all connectors were tight on the bottom of the play field. A few were semi-lose. I'm currently working out a non functioning Action Button issue.

#7306 87 days ago
Quoted from Marangsanz:

If you have a plastic shooter lane protector installed, you may also want to check if the switch in the shooter lane is registering. If that switch doesn’t register, the action button will not work (even thought it’s light up).

I don't have any protectors installed, but thanks for the idea!

#7307 87 days ago
Quoted from TheHoss:

It’s a normally open leaf switch. The idea is, the button presses down on that white peg, forcing the large blade down, and making contact with the small blade underneath. This closes the switch/circuit. Your switch isn’t in proper adjustment, so when you press the button down, the two blades still don’t make contact. When adjusting a switch, almost always, the adjustment needs to be made on the small blade. So, you need to bend the smaller blade up a little. Not too much, you don’t want them always touching. Just when the button is pressed.
[quoted image]

So I've played with this a bunch and still no success. Is there a cable I should double check or reseat?

#7313 87 days ago
Quoted from finnflash:

On mine, when you put the lockdown bar on, you have to make sure the button and switch line up or it doesnt work. Try hitting that switch with the lockdown off. If it works you know you have to find the sweet spot for the lockdown bar.

Quoted from rockrand:

If you get desperate maybe ask a local pinsider to help show you basic adjustments !

Quoted from plasticbugs:

To pin down the issue, open your coin door, take your lock bar off and enter the Service Menu (black button)
Hit black button again to enter menu
Hit black button on DIAG selection
Hit black button on SW selection
Hit black button on TEST selection
Close the coin door
Press down the little white nubbin where the action button was
If the Lockdown button doesn't show on the screen, then there is a wiring issue
If it does show, then the leaf switch under the white nubbin needs to be adjusted so that the switch closes when the action button is pressed.

Quoted from PinHead50:

I would take the balls off the playfield and go into switch test, it will alarm if any switches are closed. if there are no switches closed then you can manually press the switch for the glider and see if it shows closed. this will at least tell you if you have a issue somewhere

Quoted from northerndude:

Did you have a distro? If its bad out of the box, i'm sure they are willing to be helpful

Quoted everyone for awareness because I really appreciate your help! This is my first pin and I'm learning!

It's fixed! Ultimately, trying to test it with the Lockbar off proved that it wasn't the leaf switch. I reseated all the connectors on the board from the leaf switch and the button light, and a few extra around it for good measure.

#7319 86 days ago

Can someone explain how to tell what pitch angle/degree your pin is at? I'm using the PinGuy app but it doesn't offer settings to adjust/set/see pitch.

#7322 86 days ago
Quoted from Pinman502:

Make sure you set the PinGuy To play field and not glass then you can set the pitch

Ah! That must be what I'm missing. Thank you!

#7334 84 days ago

My pizza wheel suddenly sounds like it’s grinding. Is this just in need of a lil bit of oil to fix?

#7342 83 days ago

This game is kicking my ass but I'm loving it! Within the first handful of games and some beginners luck I scored a decently high 29million GC. I've come no where near that score ever since. Some games have the ball ricocheting STRAIGHT to the out lanes which can certainly be frustrating. But I'm learning the shots. And every time I manage to do something I've never done, i.e. completing 123 Foot, Max Krang combo, Mashing 40 slices of pizza, Training, or simply completing an episode, I'm overjoyed. I'm not progressing through the game at all lol. But I'm having a hell of a time. This is my first pin, so I'm also developing my skills with ball control.

One thing I noticed, these darn fans are loud af. Do you guys replace the factory fans with something quieter? Also, do you guys keep the game running for hours or just turn it on and off every time you play?

#7344 83 days ago

Awesome thanks! It's crazy how loud these factory fans are.

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