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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Club(Stern 2020): Cowabunga! It’s Pizza Time!

By Tuxedomask23

1 year ago

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#6140 7 months ago

I joined the club yesterday, adding a low play TMNT Pro that I bought from a local friend to the collection. I didn't have time to put any plays on it since I set it up. I look forward to playing it today after I get out of work. This is a fun looking playfield layout.

20210227_065823 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#6252 7 months ago
Quoted from bossk4hire:

Picking up a pro tomorow!

Congrats! I picked up a pro 2 weeks ago from a friend who bought it NIB but didn't quite gel with it. I played it when he got it and I really liked the way it shot/flowed so when he mentioned selling it, I was like "I'll take it". So far I'm loving it!! I love it so much I figured I'd buy this armor for it, which I'm installing as I type this.

20210311_180121 (resized).jpg
2 months later
#6599 5 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Never going back to silicon. Lol

I've personally never liked the feel of silicone. I've got rubber on everything for this reason.

#6603 5 months ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I agree...especially Superbands. Sure are pretty, but man...almost unplayable. I do have to say that Pinball Life's "Perfect Play" is an exception. I tried a set out awhile back and they are great...very close to real rubber. Maybe a little grippy at first, but after a few plays they break in (or more likely get slightly dirty) and feel great. Worth a shot if you are ever interested in something that looks better and lasts longer.

I've tried them all. Titans and Perfect Play get the "bounce" more correct for me compared to Superbands, as you noted. The thing that still throws me off is the coefficient of friction between the steel ball and silicone just feels different to me versus rubber, and it throws of my shot trajectory off the flippers. This trajectory change may be slight in some cases, but it's enough for me to notice and I have difficulty compensating. Now if I just made a wholesale change across the board on all my games to Titans or Perfect Play, I'm sure I could compensate for this trajectory change, but man... I've got so many pins I've have to make that change to, it would be a pain.

2 weeks later
#6743 4 months ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I spent my Memorial Day weekend replacing my grainy playfield with a beautiful new one. I’ve done a lot of projects over the year, but this was my first completely unpopulated swap.

Nice job! They do get easier the more you do them. That being said, I still don't exactly look forward to doing them, LOL.

#6748 4 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

From what I can tell this looks good?

Your playfield looks good to me.

#6787 4 months ago
Quoted from dinot:

Thank you. Weird thing is that this pin was a spur of the moment purchase (couldn't find what I wanted....a friend had this available for sale so I just bought it) and it has become my favorite pin.

That's how I got my TMNT Pro, LOL. I buddy recently bought both Deadpool Pro and TMNT Pro at the same time. He never Jelled with TMNT Pro, but I played it as soon as he got it and I had fun with the layout. He told me he was going to put it up for sale, and I bought it and have been having a blast with it since. It's interesting how all our individual pinball tastes differ sometimes.

#6820 4 months ago
Quoted from elcolonel:

I may even trade for another Pro. Had Pro and regretted selling. Bought Premium and it is much harder for me. Love the game, just had more enjoyment from longer play times on a Pro.

I've got a HUO Pro I'd trade with cash for a Premium, but you're 11 hours and 717.5 miles away. We're not super conveniently located close to each other.

3 weeks later
#6950 3 months ago
Quoted from dashv:

It’s rare. But somehow usually when I am having an awesome run.

Happened a couple of times to me. Sucks

1 week later
#7041 3 months ago

Hello Fellow TMNT owners. I was cleaning my TMNT Pro and giving everything a visual inspection, and I noticed something odd on the right side of the left ramp entry area. There's a loose rivet installed in the stainless ball guide right behind the stand-up target that's not doing anything on my machine (see pictures, rivet is circled in red with an arrow). I can't believe Stern would just install a rivet in a hole here for no reason. I suspect a bracket/brace or something may broken or fell off.

Can you please look at your machines and let me know if there's supposed to be something behind this stainless ball guide that's missing on my TMNT?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Jeff R.

20210716_225213 (resized).jpg20210716_225230 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#7104 79 days ago
Quoted from Taygeta:

Scoring and the game freezing bug associated with Turtle Power definitely need addressing.
Still love the game, but it’s the next game on the chopping block if Godzilla turns out to be amazing.
It’d be a shame to get rid of a game I love just because of code, but I’m not waiting years for an update that may or may not ever come out.

Fixing that freezing bug is #1 on my list. It's so annoying and has destroyed some pretty stellar games I was in the middle of.

2 weeks later
#7172 62 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Ha...just wait until you go through all the work to get to Neutrino Pizza Party and then get an instant cheap drain. Now THAT is a burn it with fire moment!

Yeah... that sucks. Getting through all of the training requirements to qualify it, then instant cheap drain. Pretty much every time I get there.

4 weeks later
#7350 33 days ago
Quoted from BaxterStockman:

Anywhere else a good source to buy the default flipper rubbers? Pinball Life trying to charge me 16 bucks to ship 6 rubbers. What?!?

I prefer the black flipper rubber (and all natural rubber branded "PRW" for that matter) from Marco Specialties. That being said, shipping isn't exactly inexpensive from Marco either.

2 weeks later
#7412 18 days ago
Quoted from arcyallen:

I've seen similar issues, but they involve balls. I think this is likely an opto issue.

Yeah, my first thought was "This sounds like what happens when my TMNT's balls become magnetized and start hanging up in the upper lock". Obviously in that case, demagnetizing the balls or replacing them fixes the issue for me. The balls don't have to be heavily magnetized to cause this issue for me. Luckily, the machine tool shop where I work has a demagnetizer. I'm always bringing pinballs into work, LOL.

1 week later
#7472 11 days ago
Quoted from NoSkills:

Does anyone else find their balls magnetize super fast in this game or do I have an extra hidden issue?

I have it happen with mine. Luckily, the machine shop I work at has a demagnetizer, so I just bring in the balls from TMNT every once in a while and demagnetize them. That spinning magnetic pizza seems to really have to power to magnetize balls in a hurry. Cool feature though.

#7502 8 days ago
Quoted from PinHead50:

Anyone else see that the new QR reader might be able to block game mods such as the 1987 graphics after its hooked up to the net.... That would suck

I'm pretty much thinking all the custom graphics and audio packages might be toast with this.

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