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TECH: System 3 boot problem

By kguenther6

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I have a Rescue 911 that will not boot about every 10th time turning it on. If I turn it off and back on it will usually boot. But it might take 1 or 2 times of doing that. When it doesn't boot the back box lights come on but no other lights. The DMD does not display anything. The LED on the control board and display controller light up and stay light but they should blink. The LED lights on the sound and aux sound boards do not come on.

I have reseated all the connectors. And I tried wiggling them when it doesn't boot but it does not help. I tested voltage for the CPU at P1 connector at pin 1 for +5V and pin 4 for ground. I was able to test it when booting fine and with a boot failure. Both times it tested at +5.08V so I don't think I have a power problem. Any ideas what to check next?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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#2 6 years ago

Did it ever work properly? How long has it had this problem? You might try adjusting the 5V to 5.1V just to be sure.

#3 6 years ago
Quoted from rancegt:

Did it ever work properly? How long has it had this problem?

I just bought the machine so I don't know how long its done this. Of course I was told every worked 100%

#4 6 years ago

Have you tried adjusting the trim pot on the power supply. When I had mine, it did a similar thing when I got it home, even though it worked fine at the dude's house I bought it from. All it needed was a VERY slight adjustment to the trim pot on the power supply board did the trick. Thats the board pretty much dead center with the giant black heat sink. Next to the connector on top is the trim pot.

#5 6 years ago
Quoted from dieseldogpi:

Have you tried adjusting the trim pot on the power supply

Since I was getting +5.08V I didn't try adjusting it. I'll try bumping it up a bit tonight and see if that helps.

#6 6 years ago

I bumped up the voltage to +5.2V and still have the boot problem. And it seems to be getting more frequent. Any other ideas? Thanks.

#7 6 years ago

I don't have time to dig into schematics right now, but I would look at connectors and capacitors next. Since you just moved the machine, try re-seating the connectors in the backbox, in particular on the CPU board. Also, don't forget to turn your voltage back down to 5.1V.

If the beer can style capacitors on any boards are bulging on top, they need to be replaced.

#8 6 years ago

You also might start a thread for "System 3 Reboot Problem." That might get a few other guys looking at it.

#9 6 years ago

Thank you for your replies. I have tried re-seating all the connectors. That didn't help. I'll check out the capacitors tonight and also put the voltage back to 5.1V. Thanks for the suggestions.

#10 6 years ago

Here is an update of what I've done. I have another System 3 pin Mario Andretti. I swapped CPU boards changing out the ROM chips on the swap. Both CPU boards booted fine once swapped and never failed over a number of retries. But the Rescue 911 board that was put into the Mario did not recognise any of the switches for some reason when it was in the Mario. So I switched the boards back. Next thing I tried was to unhook all the the connectors from the CPU board except P1 (power). It booted fine multiple times with no failures. So I plugged in one connector and got a boot failure. I tried another connector and got another boot failure. I tried a few other connectors and I always got a boot failure when booting multiple times. So I tried again without any connectors except power and could never get it to fail. Any suggestions? I would really like to find what is causing the failure instead of just buying a whole new CPU board. Thank you.

#11 6 years ago

Oops. I just read that the DMD board is needed for the CPU to boot. If its not attached then the CPU LED will do a fast flash. It was probably doing that and I mistook it as a successful boot. I'll start my tests over again with the DMD attached. Any suggestions would still be appreciated.

#12 6 years ago

I see the ground modifications were not done on the Rescue 911. I'll do them and see if that helps any.

#13 6 years ago

What happens specifically when it does not boot? What is on the DMD? What are the LEDs on the boards doing? Try swapping ribbon cables between your two machines, specifically the one between the GPU and driver and GPU and display driver.


#14 6 years ago
Quoted from viperrwk:

What happens specifically when it does not boot?

When it doesn't boot the lights on the back box come on but no lights on the playfield. The DMD does not display anything. It is completely blank. The LEDs on the CPU and DMD driver boards come on and stay on solid. No blinking of the LEDs at all. The LEDs on the sound and auxiliary sound board stay off.

Again, this does not happen every time. It successfully boots 5 out of 6 times.

Quoted from viperrwk:

Try swapping ribbon cables between your two machines

I'll give that a try and let you know.

Thank you.

2 weeks later
#15 6 years ago

An update to my issue. I replaced the U11 chip and so far no boot issue. I was having the problem 1 out of every 4 or 5 boots. But I've booted it about 30 times with no issues so far. Everything I read about U11 problems said the DMD would display garbage but mine didn't display anything. So its a little different than the normal U11 problem. But anyway its working. Thanks to all for your input.


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